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Message from Pagan Warrior Thor

Posted on August 30, 2012 at 9:45 AM

By Kryon

(and Thor who takes over during the channelling)

Channelled through David Brown

27 June 2012 : Riga, Latvia

[posted 28 August 2012]

Greetings dear ones for I AM Kryon of magnetic service.

Once again it's beautiful to be here in Riga, in Latvia. The weather is much warmer this time and life is beginning to happen. The spring feeling is here and the love begins to flow.

Once again, we are approximately six months away from the 21st day of December 2012 and many changes are coming to all of you, without exception, on a personal level on a European level and on a global level. All the changes are for the good; they might not look good in the moment but the love will come. Many people in power will begin to lose their power and the vacuum they'll leave will be quickly filled with people moving to a more loving and caring reality. We are entering into a new phase of evolution and evolve is love spelled backwards and forwards.

Evolution means that things will change permanently and always for the better as opposed to revolution. Revolution means to go round and round in circles, from one despot to the next, one crazy government to the next. And human consciousness is changing; the lights are going on all around the world. Hearts are opening and love is flowing; the love is flowing towards a fairer and more honest society. There are those who want the status quo, but the status quo will lose this time; there are too many things in the favour of new consciousness. The secret to the shift is to be at peace and let the evolution happen on the inside of you. The more energies that you allow to flow through you towards your inner world the more harmony and peace will come to you and your world.

It is for you to take care of your personal world and your personal life and let the big picture change. Many of you are becoming quite proficient at healing yourselves and others and the information and the knowledge about healing is going to become clearer; you'll understand yourselves much better and understand the art of manifestation, you'll understand why your relationships don't work and you'll be given the knowledge to make them work.

The love will flow. The love is already flowing for many people and love will become mass consciousness. Your world is going to change in a very big, big way. And those that stand in the way will be swept away as if they're trying to stop a river in flood.

The lights are going on inside of many, many, people's hearts all around the world. The second wave of people is waking up and becoming more and more conscious. Men around the world are really realising that the government is what it says it is: Unconscious men and women in power governing and controlling the minds of others, moving the money of the poor into the hands of the rich, without love or integrity. And this also will get worse before it gets better. And the worst it gets the clearer it will be to see, and all will see this game, and all will slowly but surely begin stop playing the game. Society as you know it will begin to crumble as if a snake is changing its skin. Society will dissolve and transform into a different way of being; there will be an explosion of consciousness unparalleled in human existence, and the new age will be dawning.

This will take time, a few years perhaps, but there will be those here on Earth who'll lead those in the dark into the light, those who understand the way and the path. Consciousness will flow from one man's heart to the next, like a pebble in a still pond radiating love and consciousness, supporting each other and working with each other. The old world has been about separation, conquer and divide, and this energy will slowly but surely release, and the new world will begin to take place, a world that you cannot imagine at the moment. But nonetheless this world filled with love will come, for this is your essence, your essence is love, and you are beings of love, light and vibrations. Slowly but surely your human body will begin to change vibration and you'll shake away the old negative energies, and all that will be left is love. You'll become whole and complete and the love will flow. Once you're whole and complete you are Christ Conscious, a fourth-dimensional being, and expect other shifts of energies to come. A world of your dreams; one thing is for sure, you will never ever be the same again. Life will become soft, and gentle and loving and you'll all become powerful, loving and unafraid. You'll be totally fearless, without fear you'll create a society based in love, almost utopian. It will be another world and each human being will go step by step addressing their own consciousness and their own problems.

The new world is coming and you are all being supported by spirit and your spirit guides. Your connection to father sky will become more and more intense. You'll connect both to the universal mind and to the universal heart. And the heart and the mind will work in unity. You'll be loving and living, living and loving. Things will begin to go your way and the past will be gone, dissolved forever. As this new phase of planet Earth begins some will be sour but they will soon get over their sourness when they begin to see the new world manifest.

So allowing your hearts to open a little more than they already are… allow love to flow from your heart into everybody's heart in the room… and allowing your heart to expand and letting your love flow around the world… closing your eyes and going deeper and deeper into your bodies… scanning your bodies and feeling your bodies… just observing your feelings, your emotions, and let your feelings and emotions let them come and let them go…

And now let's take your bodies on a journey into the future and into the new world… on a journey to experience the new world… where you can activate your heart and your mind… and help you understand the new world and what is like… at the same time dropping deeper and deeper and deeper in your bodies… just allowing your vibrations to go higher and higher… and allowing the vibrations of mother Earth to go higher and higher… just allowing the feelings in your bodies to come and let them go… and allowing the love to flow… just like the Daugava flows through Riga… sometimes more and sometimes less… but always, always, always flowing… for as long as you can all remember… the Daugava’s always flowed… and the love has always flowed here in Latvia.

So feel your country and feel your land and let your country and your land speak to you… and let those who have walked before you also speak… your Pagan ancestors… for they to flow through your cells and your DNA, they flow through your blood line… they knew how to live with the Earth and they knew how to live through long, hard, cold winters… and they knew how to survive. Let this energy speak… for they are here to bring the Earth to the sky… they are here to bring Latvian wisdom to the world. Before the dawn of Christianity these peoples knew their God; they didn't think about of God or believing in God, they knew their god and they trusted their Gods… let them bring this trust and this knowing to your bodies… let them bring their knowledge and their wisdom to you… their healing skills… and let the vibration of this old knowledge and old wisdom flow through your hearts to the tips of your toes… to the top of your head… to the tips of your fingers… and beyond your physical bodies… and into your auras… releasing what no longer serves you… and just be in the company of your ancestors… your ancestor that were whole and complete… that knew the way forward and that knew the cycles of life… that knew the ebbs and flows of the sea and the sea shore… that knew the cycles of the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets… they were much more wiser and knowledgeable than we are today… they could live with the Earth… live with their hearts open and allow consciousness flow through them.

Their energy is here this night, this very night, to speak with love, with honour, and with dignity… you in this room are the ones who stand upon these people's shoulders… and it is them that bring this message to you, through Kryon:

The message is to live your life with simplicity, don't be seduced by the material world, it is to love each other, to love the spirits of the trees and your forests, for in turn these spirits will love you and they will bring consciousness beyond your wildest dreams… You will once again come to love the Earth… we know that the Earth plane is changing… but, it’s still your home… don't hurt your home, love your home, and love all that are in your home… that are under your feet, that hold you and guide you, and let you feet connect deep into the soil… your time will be different than ours, but your consciousness is lower than ours and this is due to change… we know first of all that your consciousness will reach our level of consciousness… we were always whole and complete… we wouldn't allow parts of our communities to move low levels of consciousness… our Kings loved their people… our Shaman loved their people… there was no hierarchy, we were all equal… we all loved each other, we all held each other and we all supported each other… our hearts are were connected and we knew we were all interconnected… anything else is a lie it’s not the truth… then came peoples from the South, they brought in another God, they broke our people and stole our lands… but we understand that the loving God, our God, had another plan than the one we imagined… our essence is in your heart and our lands will be returned to us through your hearts… and love will once again flow as it used to… human beings will once again have integrity in their hearts, and will no longer have leaders that speak constantly with forced tongues. Our leaders were always like butterflies… they’d always gone through the process of metamorphosis… your leaders are like caterpillars, eating up every single thing that possibly can… doing whatever they can to keep your consciousness low… this was never part of our consciousness… our leaders were always the sage, the wise ones, the old ones that had walked their path and had become whole and complete… we could see this in their eyes… we, their people, revered our leader's consciousness… we honoured and respected our leaders… for our leaders were worthy of honour and respect… and we know that this kind of leadership is returning to this Earth… loving and conscious men and women will lead this planet back into consciousness… what is happening at the moment, we see that it is unconscious men and women that are leading this planet… and leading it deeper and deeper into an unconscious world… when you go past the winter solstice this will begin to change… the people of this world will realise that they have been tricked, mass consciousness will begin to understand the failure of their leaders… they'll begin to understand that the Roman Empire still exists… but it’s hidden and it controls the masses in secrecy… but the masses will become more and more conscious, to such a point where that they can’t be fooled… and to such a point where they will not give their power away… there is no room for fear in the new age, it will not exists, and neither will unconsciousness… you will find your path back to the Great Spirit… and you will be on your path back to love… and you'll recognise the journey of life… we realise that you will be in different dimensions but we had the fourth dimension many aeons ago… we were whole and complete, we lived with love, we lived with sun and the moon and the stars, with the planets… and with the Earth beneath our feet… we could walk in the coldest of winter months naked… we could sleep on the snow and the ice naked, for our connection to Earth kept us warm… kept us loving and kept us free… we were wild, we were free… are hearts were crazy and beautiful… wouldn’t you just love to share something like that?

Our bodies were physical and young, without aches and pains we lived our lives, we loved our lives… we were loving and passionate about our lives and we loved our Gods and our Gods loved us… but we knew the day had come that we had to move to another world and to make way for another consciousness… but the time is coming when our consciousness returns and we are incarnating once again… and we will change the world, we will make it what it once was and we will move from that fourth dimension to the fifth dimension… creating this world of love, of passion, and of joy… for I am a great Pagan Warrior and my name is Thor… and I bring love and I bring thunder to this world… and, as we speak, me and my people are incarnating back into this world… we look forward to the joy and the fun of bringing the new world down from heaven to Earth… I love you all… I love you just the way you are… I love in your pain and in your sadness… and I love what you've done for this Earth… and you will come to love us… for we are the warriors of the new world and we are flowing through your spirits on our return journey back to this Earth… one thing’s for sure, you will never ever be the same gain… we have been speaking on behalf of Kryon… and to let you know what is happening in this new age… so allow your hearts to open even more than they already are… staying loving and connected with each other… for your physical bodies are descended from ours, and you carry our knowledge and our wisdom… this Knowledge and wisdom is being activated in your physical bodies… and you'll begin to wake up to new knowledge and new wisdom… a new state of being…

This is the mighty Thor signing out, I am handing back to Kryon… so once again just allowing your energies to rise higher and higher… higher than you ever been lifted before… we’re allowing the energies of Mother Earth to rise higher and higher… and just allow your energies to go higher and higher… healing and releasing… merging and flowing with the love… and allowing your upper heart chakra, the chakra between your throat and your heart, to connect and to open… allowing this new age activation to flow through the chakra into your cells and your DNA… allowing your body to awaken to the new age… feeling loved and safe and secure… just let the feelings come and let them go… and now you are now at 80% of it will be like in 2012… and the energies are rising…

And now moved from 85% towards 90%... just allowing your energies to go higher and higher… feeling the flow of energy through Mother Earth… and from Father Sky through your crown chakra… allowing yourselves and your spirit to move into the future… allowing your mind to activate to fourth and fifth dimensional levels… you mind and your heart… and just knowing that you'll never ever be the same again… and moving now to 95%... and in the next few moments it will be 100%... and just allowing your bodies to feel whatever it feels…. and this is that would feel like on December 21, 2012… just allowing the energies flowing through your bodies… healing and releasing… and just knowing that you will never ever be the same again… and just take some time to be at this level of energy… and allowing yourself to travel through time and space… you'll be guided through the fourth and fifth dimension… allowing your bodies to wake up at to energies… and let the feelings come and let them go… continuing on your journey to wherever you belong.

Go well and God bless Dear Ones for this is Kryon signing out.

Thank you all.

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