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Posted on November 14, 2012 at 8:50 AM

A gift from three Christmases ago...


Ashtar Teleconference

1 December 2009

Channelled through Susan Leland


Well good evening, and it is so delightful to be back here. You know, we feel the emotions that you feel, in a bit of a different way perhaps, but still we can feel and register them in our beings just as you do, and the loving feelings and thoughts that you are beaming, Beloved Family, is the greatest welcome anywhere in the universe, and we are so excited to be here with you! Even though we are never really apart or away from you, we still really look forward to and enjoy these times together. And we are at your service at any time that you choose to connect or contact any of us, your guides or any of the masters or angels or any of those in the realms of the fairies and the elementals. Talk to your plants, talk to your kitty-cats and puppy dogs, go to the zoo and talk to the wondrous creatures who are there. They welcome your love, t hey welcome your communication, they welcome connection with you and they, believe it or not (and we hope you do), are as excited about all of these events as you are. Because they know that it’s all coming together, all of the different visions that we have co-created with you.

And we have told you in the past, your past that is, it’s a done deal. This is what is going to happen, this is what is going to take place, this is what it’s going to be like. Well, we are happy to say, it is. You may not have quite realized it yet, particularly if you are in a situation which is an uncomfortable one. Yes, we know there are many who have not sufficient funds at the moment to keep the roofs over their heads, or to feed their families, but there is always a way if you will just stop and find a place of joy within you. Not joy over the situation, but something that can raise your vibrations a bit when you get down in the dumpies. Do your creating from that space, because you are greater than the body that you see when you look in the mirror. You are a citizen of the universe, and of all of th e dimensions, and you are headed for a great dimension, we can’t recommend it highly enough, and that of course is the 5D.

Now many of you will say oh this is lovely but I choose to go higher, and that’s perfect then, alrighty. But for those of you who want to stop there and rest a bit that is perfect too, and then there are those who still have the mission connections, the ties that is, to well, come back to help their brothers and sisters who are still mucking around in the tarpits, as beloved Kryon used to describe it, of 3D.   So you’ve got your choices. Aim where you want to be.  Ascension is not just some kind of a concept that seems, you know, quite abstract, airy, 'Oh well, yeah, they can talk about it but I am not seeing it happen.' It is happening and you’re all feeling it. Some of you may have had a few of the latest go-rounds with the Ascensionitis symptoms manifesting themselves during the month of November. You know why? Because that was a preparation month. That was the month that was. As of today we are in December.  'Merry Christmas,' as the great Claus loves to say. 'Ho Ho Ho!' It’s Real!

You might want to watch some of the old movies. You know there is the one where the bright young man proves that there is a real Santa Claus, that Santa Claus is real and his name is Kris Kringle, but anyway, you can look them up. Watch the movies because they have heart. Feel good, play some music, it doesn’t have to be you know, 'jingle bells” or anything like that.  Just play some music that you especially love while you go about your busy-ness of the day. Now is the time when it is more important than ever that you allow all that you have been, all that you have been creating, all that you have been inspired to do and be, to come forward into your NOW moment, and the next one and the next. If you put it in the back of your closet, get it out and dust it off, because it’s here. You heard it, you heard it from the beloved ones, those 'A' people. They are a lot more than people, let’s call them the 'A Masters,' shall we? Yes, talk about citizens of the universe, they do get around. So, we are here to tell you Yes, Yes, Yes! If you have some doubts, shake them off, test, do some kinesiology, get out your pendulums, or your ouji boards or whatever it is you need if you need a device, but most of all go down into your hearts and see the reality that is! And know the truth and do it with compassion for all of those who maybe have made the world dimmer for you, because those who choose to remain dim lights as it were, are going to be out and away from your life.

Some already are and some have yet to be, but as you count days, let’s just say not many, no dates as usual, that of course, is known to all of you so there’s no surprises there. Now as to specifics, I know you want specifics, well let’s just say that there is a new breath of air blowing particularly in that place you lovingly and joyfully and in a fun kind of manner refer to as ‘Across the Pond’. There is a breath blowing there that is such a bright light, it is never going to be dimmed. In other words, it will not be stopped. It will only continue to glow and glow and glow. And it is not just for the people of what you call it 'merry old England,' it is for the people of the continent of Europe, and then it will sweep its way into the Middle E ast and into the Far East as you call it, your geography is wonderful is it not. And of course it’s already burning brightly in the lands of Australia, Canada, your neighbors to the south (some of them), and there’s just not any place in the world that is not going to be infused with this reinvigorating kind of light. It’s the light born of love, it’s the light of the twin flames coming together, it’s the light that sets the world free. And we are not just talking about freedom from slavery of the body, we are talking about freedom from dogmas of the mind which have enslaved. We are talking about abundance.  Now you may be wondering why we are spending so much time on that.  Well it is simply that that is one very, very real sign if you will, or guideline or guidepost that points the way to what is happening. So you see it is not going to be just the United States of America, it’s going to be worldwide. It already is!

Now for those of you who may have begun to doubt Obama, you know that there is a relatively small but very vocal group out there who are doing anything and everything they can to hang on. They’re disseminating lies and untruths, taking things out of context and making it seem as though Obama is the reason the world is in such trouble. Stop please, and remember this started long ago. It actually originated on the continent on Europe, long ago, before you came into these bodies, well, there’s a few of you who have been around longer but we’ll just leave it at that. So it is to correct, to turn-around, to put into balance, to bring into harmony all that has been out of balance, enslaving and demeaning and diminishing to the human spirit for so long. Obama, once again we want to remind you, is giving those of his advisors or inn er circle whatever you want to call it, enough rope to you know what.  And also, be advised there are those who have been either consciously acting as double agents all along, even some since before Obama came into office, or have come to the light and are now, shall we say, ready to spill their guts and tell all that they know. And it’s coming out perhaps in trickles. Now you have probably all seen somewhere in your lifetimes the image of a dyke in the land of Holland, part of a system of walls that hold the sea back from flooding the country because Holland, or the Netherlands, as you know, is a low-lying country.  Parts of it are actually below sea level so the people ingeniously built these dykes, and they have them elsewhere, dams they are called, in the United States of America. And you have all seen some courageous individual putting their finger into the dyke and pretty soon, especially if you watch the cartoony version, they have all their fingers, and then pretty soon all their toes and all these little leaks in the dyke and, of course what has to happen is eventually the dyke falls apart. Well now picture the typical dark hat being, let’s take a banker, let’s take one of these CEO’s, you know, the ones who have already been rounded up or being rounded up, and they are doing everything they can to survive because they know that if that dyke, which is the wall of lies and entrapments and snares and so on that they have created for you, Beloved Ones, that wall is breached, they are on the other side of it trying to hold it together, and they are going to be literally swept away.

So picture that and send some love light to the dark hats and invite them to simply get out of the way, come to the light and feel better. Doesn’t it always feel better when you tell your neighbor that you accidentally ran over their prize rose bush in the driveway? Doesn’t it feel better when you go and tell them that that was you and you feel badly and you will help them plant a new rose bush or whatever it is. Contrition is a beautiful thing and there are many, many who are wearing the dark hats who are now wishing that they weren’t. They actually have opened to see that there is a better way. So give them some support and encouragement even though they may still lack the courage. And that is what it is, the courage and the determination to find a way to turn off the programs that they volunteered for original ly, but they have been overwhelmed by them to the point where they no longer have control of themselves and the way that they live their lives.   They are so programmed they simply have to do what their programming dictates. And if you have any inkling of pity, don’t pity them. After all you have been a co-creator of the entire scenario, probably wore a dark hat, well, let’s say you did for sure at some time or other, but not to the extent of these ones. You may have done something dark in a previous life. If you haven’t forgiven yourselves, do so now.

Time is short, time, time, time, we keep talking about time and we keep telling you there is no such thing, but this is a time of year where the world really stops and thinks about things like peace on earth, feeding the children, having everybody have some abundance and so on. And that is entirely appropriate. It makes no difference what you are celebrating, whose life you are celebrating, or what observances you choose to observe. It’s all about Love. It’s about opening your heart and letting the Love shine in. And that’s why we are telling you if you are feeling depressed, if you are feeling down in the dumpies, watch one of those feel-good movie shows, or it might even be the Charley Brown Christmas, whatever. Just enjoy yourselves.  Let up on yourselves. Give yourselves a break, Beloved Ones.  The whole world is breaking up in front of you. You know where you are headed. You know that you are here to chart your course this time. Listen to your guides. Listen to yourselves. They are your highest guides you know, that innermost part of you that you may think is way up in the clouds somewhere but it’s really right there in your heart. Listen, and be guided by that.  Your cups literally runneth over. And if you don’t have evidence, if you don’t see as many zeros in your bank account now as you would like to see, you can put them there with your intent, joyfully expressed. You can put them there if you will acknowledge that it’s already there for you. Maybe you haven’t had that doorbell ring and that official packet come to you yet, but it’s there.


The universe has infinite abundance for you, so treat yourself, give yourselves the gift during this holy, holy season of the year. Allow your guides to come close, let Sananda give you a hug. Accept a rose, or as many as you wish, from Mother Mary. And be joyful, and when you get daily news because it’s coming out on a daily basis, the arrests, the removals, and all of the other things that we have been telling you would be happening, thank yourselves, Beloved Ones, that you are getting the information.  Thank all those who are participating and just beam out some love.

And by the way, we would like to say it is time, as you measure it and as we observe it, don’t think that we don’t observe or are unaware of time just because we tell you there is no such thing.   It is time for Peace on Earth. Get ready. The Galactic Federation has no intention of furthering war anywhere on Planet Earth, and neither does Obama. Disregard whatever you might be seeing in front of the news cameras. More and more truth is coming out of there by the way. This is the last hurrah. It is necessary that those advisors, the hawks, as you call them, in the military, and in the congress, and yes, even in those groups which are there to put pressure on through their various contributions, parties, trips and so on and so on and let’s not forget blackmail, become visible.  We have to ld you here and there about some Sexgate operations and believe me, they are the masters at that. It is time for them to literally be flushed out. It is time for them to rattle their sabers, and shoot off their guns that have no bullets in them any more, and yes, you’ve even got a couple talking about going behind the scenes and pushing the 'N' button and those kind of things. We are neutralizing. We are minimizing damage and be advised again that those who leave their bodies during these next, shall we say, during these next days, are doing so willingly as a final testament to the inhumanity of war and the warmongers.

They give graphic testimony not only about what the war is really about, but about those dark hats who insist on following their programs and continuing in senseless, mindless wars. And yes, the Stargates have always been at the heart of the situations.  Put an onion in your hands and if you don’t have one handy just imagine it. Now the outer layers of the onion say, 'The American way - liberty, freedom, we gotta help those people out, let’s go kill a few million and we’ll help them out of their misery,' and those kinds of things. And then peel some back and then see 9-11, USS Cole, those kinds of incidents. Peel it back and see the dark hats sitting around, 'Well we can make so many dollars if we could get the country behind an invasion of this particular country or that particular country. Now let’s get the generals in on it and let’s get this war started, shall we?' And then look at another meeting and see their greed, 'Oh, if we go to this country and topple the ruler well, we can get all of it’s wealth.   We’ve got the oil, we’ve got the minerals, we’ve got the gold, oh, goody, goody, goody, and of course our soldiers can have a blast - rape, pillage and plunder, yeah, alright we will turn them loose and while we are at it we’ll make robots out of them, perfect killing machines. Oh this is going to be glorious. And we’re going to really, really make even more money.'

Well come to the very innermost layer of the onion now that you have peeled all of that off, and what have you got? You’ve got Stargates, you’ve got portals. You see, the dark hats have not only just wanted to control Planet Earth, they wanted to get out into space and control that. 'Oh boy, what if we could conquer the solar system you know and then go beyond, be the big power - the empire.' Does that sound familiar? You, Beloved Ones, have stopped them, you and the other Lightworkers of Planet Earth, because you invited the Galactic Federation to come and help you change it. So while you are at it, give yourselves a bow and tell yourself that you have exercised your divine right to chart the course. And you have not only charted the course for Planet Earth, but for the solar system, the galaxy and i ndeed the universe beyond, because you are showing the universe that Love is the greatest power, and that Loving Intent can undo any situation, no matter how hopeless it seems to be. And so we honor you Beloved Ones, we honor you! We salute you for your bravery, for your dedication, and most of all for the Love and the loving hearts you are. Stay tuned. And so it is. Salut!"


Greetings to all in this beloved company. I am St. Germain and I am here to tell you my bank is open.  We are at the moment working with the various governments and their departments, to be sure that the gold, the real gold, not the fake gold, is properly, fairly and evenly distributed and made available to back the new currencies which are printed. Some are already in circulation, some are in safe and secure storage places. There is more than enough gold now on Planet Earth to carry forward with the distribution of abundance. We know that you have been waiting a long time for this to happen, as you measure time. You must understand that compared to the history of the planet, it is but the blink of an eye or less. Nevertheless, it is real and it is happening, and I echo what beloved Ashtar has said to you, it is you, you family, and the Lightworkers of Planet Earth who are all family under the sun WE ARE, who have called this forth, who have said, 'Enough! We choose freedom, we choose abundance, we choose to revive the ways of Lemuria, the ancient ways that are so appreciated now and so welcomed now,' loving, caring and sharing with each other across the planet and soon, very soon, Beloved Ones, beloved citizens, very soon with your neighbors throughout the galaxy and beyond. It is all coming about. You may have heard that there are technologies waiting, even machines waiting, cars and other means of travel which are self-sustaining and non-polluting. This is true. You may have heard that there are medical advances, miracles you can call them, compared to what you have now that you know about that is contained within the traditional system of the West. And there are those who understand these technologies and who are ready to stand forth and make themselves known to you, to use them, to help you to create your own wellness, balance, perfect health, and yes, rejuvenation.

You may have heard that there are ways to clean up that which remains to be cleaned up in the air, the water, the soil of Mother Earth. This is true. We are here and we are already utilizing these technologies on your behalf because you have welcomed us to do so. You have asked us to free you from the pollutions and the poisons that have been spread over, on and below your planet by those who sought only to gain in power and wealth from so doing. The clean up has begun because you have welcomed it. We could not do any of these things and even more that we are prepared to do without you, Beloved Ones, calling it forth.   You have literally been the creators of these changes, and as I look out upon this audience, my heart overflows with joy. Feel the lavender light, welcome it - the blue Violet Flame. I share it with you in infinite quantities. It is yours to use whenever you choose to do so. I, St. Germain, am your Brother and I AM with you always in love and in honoring of you. Even though I am quite busy these days with all of these meetings which, by the way, are going wonderfully well, and in some cases even accelerating the timelines for the sequential flow of events, I am with all of you. I welcome your invitation to come in and be a part of your beings. I am ecstatic when you call forth the Violet Flame to use for the highest of purposes and with respect and love and I AM One with You.

We are One in this grand adventure. I, too, have had lifetimes here – you may have heard of some of them. I, too, have been in preparation for this very moment just like you have, and I am here to assure you that the experiences that you have had, no matter how painful they may have been, have been a treasure, because it has brought you to this point.   Indeed your experiences are priceless because it has prepared you for this coming together and this moving ahead into the Golden Age or what you call Ascension completed. There is nothing that can stop you now unless you choose to stop yourselves. There is nothing that will stop the forward motion of Planet Earth into Ascension status.  You have heard that those who are not ready will have another way of existence or will be removed, but you, Beloved Ones, have spoke n. You may not even be consciously aware that the sorting hat was put upon your head and you chose Ascension, but you did.

So stand tall, hold hands, hug each other and say to your brothers and sisters on this journey, 'Well done, Beloveds, well done!' You all deserve medals, only we call them lights. You all have the colors of Ascension in your fields and you can opt out if you choose, but we encourage you to stay along for the ride. The freedom train is where you belong and perhaps we should say the freedom ship. Enjoy the ride. Honor yourselves, take care of yourselves, help others with compassion, compassionate loving, and stand tall in your lights. Greet yourselves every morning or whenever you arise from your slumbers. Take time out to greet each other even during the busy times of your days, and come back and be with us fully as you prepare for your needed rest. Come aboard if you wish. You have earned it Commanders, you have earned it, beloved brothers and sisters of the light and we salute you as us. We are indeed One and the greatest adventure this universe has ever seen. Thank you for being here in this company. Thank you for being who you are. And thank you for being One with the All That We Are. Namaste.

National cash register 1902 by Captain Geoffrey Spaulding on Flickr


I AM Maui, and I come with great joy in my heart from my heart to yours. I am the Spirit, yes, of this precious island, this Lemuria island, but I AM Eternal, and I AM Spirit of Joy. Sometimes I do a prank or two, it is true. Some call me the trickster, but there is much more to me than that which has been put into writings, stories and legends. I AM heart, I AM Love, I AM ancient. And I Love this island of Maui and indeed all of this Lemuria, and I welcome all of you to come. You can come in your dreamtimes, you can come in your bodies - just come. It’s not the modern world that you come to savor and enjoy, it is the all of it. It is the Lemuria. It is the history/herstory, as Ashtar says, of this place. It is what took place here.  There have been wars, there has been greed, there has bee n conquering, and most of all there have been happy people.

The people of Lemuria were happy and joyful. They sang, they danced, they loved their lives and you will find a great resurgence of that here. The people are so beautiful and they are so loving and it is indeed a beautiful sight to see all of the different colors of skin together in joy, together in enjoyment and there are gatherings here where the ancient wisdom is conveyed through the traditions that even now are being revived and spread. We invite you to come, not just for the sunshine and for the wonderful waters, and for the beauty of the land and all that Mother Earth has provided here, we invite you to come home - Lemuria is home. We invite you to come and join with the ancient Lemurian you are, and with all of the others. We invite you to bring yourselves here in your thoughts, in your dreamtimes and if you fly out of your body, come and ride a surfboard with me. That is what is so important about this land for you, each and every one of you, whether you have any memory whatsoever of being here or not, it matters not, I am here to assure you that you have been here at one time or another.

So this is a part of your homecoming. Lemuria is alive, there are portals here as there are in the other places in the world where Lemuria is re-emerging, and so we invite you to partake of the love, the energies and the memories. They have a way of awakening up here, and it take very little, perhaps even just a song. And so I say to you, we are all one under the sun and we welcome your visits. And for those of you who are drawn to this place, as these five have been called home, we welcome you to come and stay and be a citizen of this Golden Age Lemuria. So we send out the loving waves to all of you and from our hearts we say to you, 'Mahalo Nui Loa.' And so it is.

Mahalo to Deborah Urquhart for this timely transcript.

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