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The Threshold of the New

Posted on December 31, 2012 at 12:45 PM

'Winter' by Karl Bang

By Sananda 

Channelled through Christopher Sell

24 December 2012 

Welcome. You are entering a new time. The Earth and your Solar System with it are moving into a new volume of space that has characteristics you have not known before. There is an openness here, in that this space is not overlaid with the memories of past hurt. Such memories have been held by all of you; they have formed part of the frequency patterns that make up your energy field as a human being. It will take time for these energy patterns to leave entirely, but increasingly over coming generations there will be an influx of souls whose energy fields are able to resonate easily with the clarity and openness of the spaces your Solar System is advancing into.

For you this time offers healing and release from past pain. It takes practice (and some degree of patience) to effect this release. To help you the light entering your world is seeded with the new. By this we mean that the light itself is gifted with limitless potential, a potential that is triggered by the human heart. Your heart through its generosity to yourself and to others releases a balm that warms the seeds of light to release their gifts. These gifts of the new offer many wonderful ways that you may use to transmute old patterns whose time has passed, so that the energies of which they were formed may become new connections of love. For whatever pain you have felt has always at its heart been an expression of a belief in separateness. And when that pain is healed there is always an experience of connection.

It is characteristic of the new space and time you are entering that connection is easier. Often in the past your thoughts have flowed out to the Universe only to loop back as if constrained by a gravitational field. The greater clarity and openness you are moving into means both that you can communicate with the Universe and that the Universe can communicate with you more easily and more fully. In this time the souls of the stars offer you their gifts. Each star soul brings, and indeed is of itself, a gift from the Source of All. Each of these gifts also exists within you, and as you open your heart to the souls of the stars and the gifts they offer, so the gifts within you are awakened, activated or strengthened. You are becoming once more citizens of the Galaxy, and the consciousness that is the Galaxy welcomes you with open arms.

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