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Birthing the New You

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 12:30 PM

St Germain

Channelled through Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack

15 March 2013

This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.

It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

"Dear Saint-Germain, I want to live a life of spiritual purpose, but I also want to enjoy my time on Earth, too. I am trying to do both, but it's such a struggle. I don't want to give up now. Can you help me, please?"

My friend, there are many in the world like you, who are here to experience life on Earth in a new way. You have come to remember the Truth About You – that you are a Child of God, and God also – and then to live your life that way. You are opening to the broader range of experiences that is possible for you, when you consciously choose to engage your Divinity. By embracing your oneness with God, you begin to live life as the New You. This is the Soul-centered you.

Living as the New You is not about having a perfect life. It’s not some angelic ideal, and it’s certainly not about being free from faults. It’s about living with the simple awareness that You Are God, also – that God lives in you, as you. When you live this way as your Soul does, you can immerse yourself in the physical world, but still remember your origins in Spirit. You can express your Divinity in every moment, while enjoying your humanity to the fullest.

The New You is Soul-centered. It is you, focused upon your Divinity, while living your human life to the fullest.

Deconstructing the Old

When you take up life as the New You, you come into conscious relationship with your Soul. As you do, you are confronted with everything you once believed to be true about yourself that is not, and by any fictions that you have used to define yourself until now. If you feel that your life is coming undone when this happens, it is because your Soul is deconstructing your old identity in order to birth the New You. Nothing will be excepted.

For example, if you once considered yourself to be a good partner because you lived to fulfill the expectations of others, your Soul will encourage you to release this. As a consequence, you may no longer know how to respond as a “good partner,” or even what it means to be one. But if you allow your Soul to assist you in this, eventually you will find yourself relating to others, and to yourself, in ways that are more loving and honorable.

No More Leaping, No More Ladders

Completing the transition from the old to the New You may challenge you. It can defy your beliefs about who you think you are, and about the purpose and meaning of your life. To embrace the New You, you must be willing to let go of all that is not real, and all that you are not. You must dispense with the self-deceptions that have allowed you to function in a world conditioned by fear, and not love. This is what your deconstruction is about.

How do you feel when you read these words? Are you ready to relinquish control over everything you imagined yourself to be, in order to experience Who You Really Are? Or is this just one more thing you have to work at? Be still and go within for answers. Ask yourself if this is yet another leap of faith, or if something else might be going on.

Perhaps this is not about leaping into the unknown at all, and that living as your Soul does – in this body and in this lifetime – is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Maybe you are not throwing yourself into another endless process, but you are done with processes altogether. What if this was true?

Consider that you no longer need to climb the ladder of spiritual attainment, hoping to reach the top. Perhaps there is no ladder at all. Have you ever stopped to contemplate this? Ask yourself if ladders are even necessary, or if they simply materialize before you each time you doubt yourself? Each time you feel that you aren’t good enough, or believe that you haven’t done enough to deserve a wonderful life.

If you’ve had enough of ladders, and the need to perfect yourself to feel better about who you are, then answer these questions honestly, because ladders place the appreciation of who you are, always just out of your reach. When the illusion of climbing no longer compels you, then you can give yourself over to the spontaneity of birthing, instead.

Birthing the New You

Birthing the New You heralds your re-emergence into the world of expression. It is your Spirit in motion again, but it’s not the striving that you knew before. Like childbirth, you may be anxious or worried about what is happening. But if you can relax, then it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The best thing to do is trust yourself and your Soul to ensure an easy delivery.

Remember that the expectant mother does not labor throughout the delivery of her child. Instead, she rides the waves of her contractions. She pushes, when it is time to push – and rests, when it is time to rest. She breathes in a conscious and rhythmic way, and this assists her in staying calm. This is not striving. This is allowing. And this is what you shall do, as you birth the New You.

With the coming of the New You, you will begin to notice greater freedom in all areas of your life – from your relationships, to prosperity, to the way your body functions in healthier, more balanced ways. Although you may feel discomfort from time to time, you will find that good things appear more frequently in your life, and with greater joy and stability, as you continue to embody the New You.

Rest assured that this transition will be very natural. It requires no great effort on your part. Just remember Who You Are in Truth, and remind yourself to hold a focus on the light and love of your Soul. This is all that is really necessary.

Allow the New You to emerge into this reality. Permit this birthing to take place, and know that you have made it possible through the clarity of your choices, and the love in your heart.

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