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Posted on May 5, 2013 at 5:40 PM

 Excerpt from the April Cobra Interview With Alexandra Meadors

30 April 2013

Cobra - At the beginning of the conference [in Zurich Switzerland] there was quite a bit of opposition from the Astral plane. We made a big breakthrough. We managed to activate the Zurich Vortex. we have been working with our Ascended Master St. Germain with the transformation of the financial system in Zurich. We are working with some of the major banks there, like UBS bank and some other banks. As you can see that work has positive consequences and has sped up the process significantly also for other parts of the financial system…


A) - I agree with that. Let’s jump to current events that are going on in the banking system. First of all there’s Britain – being stripped of it’s triple AAA credit rating. The huge faux-pot of the Cypress banking scandal. Russians pulling out significant amounts of money. Trillions of dollars instead of billions. I want to ask how you see this impacting the rest of the world? there’s an awful lot of commentaries putting warnings out there to get your money out of the banks. There’s going to be a run on the banks. Apparently Italy, Spain and Portugal have been severely affected by the Cypress event. What is your take on that?

Cobra - Actually, the Cypress event was a test. Cabal choose a small island that doesn’t have a big/official banking structure to see if they can get away with stealing money from the people. (Wow) The past run wasn’t successful for them because the people said “no”. Now they tried upper middle class because there wasn’t so many people in that upper middle class. These are the ones that got hit. The major investors in Cypress were the Russian mafia. They made a deal with the Russian Mafia and they were able to get their money out. The cabal has realized the mass population would not happily agree with that kind of scenario. I would suggest people get their money out of the banks right now, immediately. Put some of it in Gold and Silver simply because if you have money in the cabal banks they can use it for their purposes. It is not legally yours. It’s not your property any more. You are lending your money to them. Energetically speaking you are giving your power away to them if you have your money in their bank.

A) - Are you alluding to the fact that If they try any other major banking scandals will it be between now and May 25h. Are you saying that?

Cobra - No, no, I am not saying that. I am not expecting any drastic changes in the financial system between now and May 25th. There might be revelations of scandals coming out. I’m not expecting a major planetary meltdown at this point. That’s not what’s going to happen. Even if that doesn’t happen yet, it’s good to have your money in your own hands. To have your own power. You’re not giving that to the Cabal. Your money in their bank is financing their wars. This is something we would like to prevent.

A) - Good point. When you go into gold and silver it is a portable wealth. Something you can carry with you at all times. It’s liquid.

Cobra - It’s liquid and quite cheap right now.

A) – Yes, so with that said – What is going on with all the changes of the pricing of gold right now. The fact that it had the biggest 2-day drop in 30 years. Who is manipulating the market and prices right now?

Cobra - The Rothschild based cabal is manipulating the gold prices. They dumped their paper gold certificates to artificially drop the price, then when the price dropped they bought physical gold as much as they could cache. Everyone is asking where that gold is going. The gold is going to the Cabal banks, especially in Hong Kong.

A) – Especially in Hong Kong. Interesting. There was a comment that Rothschilds have withdrawn from all commodity trading. Is this part of the whole scheme in trying to manipulate and trigger certain events in the market to cash in or?

Cobra - It’s a smokescreen. Rothschild’s have officially stopped with the gold trades years ago they “so to speak” officially stop with commodity trading. But in reality they are still doing so but not directly in their own name. They have intermediaries that do trades in their name for them. They want no public exposure in their financial sectors.

A) - How does George Soros play a role in this. He’s been reportedly asking to withdraw large sums of money from Bill Ackmann. I was wondering what you thought of that?

Cobra - Big relocation of wealth on the planet happening right now. those at the top know exactly which things will bring profit and which won’t bring profit and which will not. They are relocating assets right now.

A) – Putting the message to everyone to exit the system. You’re in agreement with that? You’re suggesting to pull money out of banks?

Cobra - Yes, it’s a very clear system for some time. The time to exit the system was 5 or 10 years ago. When the stock was in it’s prime it was a very good time to exit. People who sold their stock at that time and bought gold are very wealthy.

(A) - Hind sight is always best isn’t it?

Cobra - If you have an understanding of how the system works it’s not that difficult to know what to do.

A) – What is your opinion of Fed reserve bank. Are they bust? bankrupt? busted? Is this all a smoke screen as well?

Cobra - There are a few things with Fed Reserve. They really don’t have any gold there. They still have some imaginary money, monopoly money, quiet money, paper money. They can always print more.

A) – Of course – they are still printing the hell out of the money.

Cobra - Yes they can still do this to a point, to a certain degree.

A) – Too bad we can’t stop that printing, then the system would definitely come down since it depends on being in debt.



(A) – The announcement of the 180 nation BRICS alliance went down last week or the week before. They said they wanted to start a new development bank to replace the IMF and the World bank This was supposed to be a signal to show the cabal and the mafia that they weren’t going to work any more with the NATO controlled states. . What do you know about that and what are the implications with the108 BRICS alliance?

Cobra - There is some development in that area – especially through asia. This alliance is now expanding and Syria wants to join that alliance. It’s a very good thing. But the cabal is preparing counter measures. One of the latest developments is they wanted to bribe Putin and get him on their side.


A) – That’s interesting. Did you see the article on Japan and Russia burying the past from WWII? (Yes). What do you think is behind that? Does it have something to do with BRICS alliance?

Cobra - It’s part of this process. Yes.

A) – A whole lot of changes of which continents and which countries are aligning with which?

Cobra - It’s a general trend that all non Rothchild’s controlled countries. Not everyone except the western world are aligning is with the Eastern block or so called BRICS.

A) – Wow. Is it true that Rothschilds and Rockafellers are war with each other.

Cobra - They will always be at war with each. They are not friends. They have the common goal and that’s all about it. ? ?



A) – You have told us in one of your posts that the resistance movement has been removing the physical gold out of the hands of the cabal in 2012l. You said they were hiding a few trillions in Liechtenstein. Is there any way to shut that down?

Cobra - Yes, but that’s not gold. It’s paper assets. This is not gold.

A) - Is the strategy more to watch them bury themselves?

Cobra - The strategy is to expose them. To expose their off shore accounts. To expose where their money is. It will just unravel. One will lead to another and the whole structure will just one day unravel. We are close to that

A) - Very cool. A lot of people want to know our opinion about Bit-coin. It’s been pretty controversial. There were radical price swaying, and it dropped very significantly. Now they’re sighting it might go up 360% rise in the price.

Cobra – Bit-coin is a very interesting currency because it gives you anonymity. All the transaction I would say are the most safe and anonymous of the currencies. This is the most this is why cabal wanted to crash it. This is why they manipulated it down. Now we will see how high it can rise again. My predictions is it can recover. It has value. It gives something to people that they can’t get any where else. It is quite complicated to use but it’s very safe.

A) - It really makes sense because if everything is a flip of a switch on a computer. There’s so many articles how things are rigged digitally. How everything is rigged digitally. How is bit coin not going to NOT fall into that category?

Cobra - Because it is not controlled by the cabal. The way it is structured gives you safety. Is in a way that it is safe from mis-use. Of course it is not 100% safe, but it is much better than the current banking system.

A) – Just because it is a digital currency, they are nervous about.

Cobra - Even in the new financial system we will need digital transmission. You are not going to carrying your earnings in your back pack, I suppose. – need digital.




A) – I wanted everyone to know that there is a list of over 1400 elite resignations, arrests. You can go to that list

Cobra - Maybe you can put a link on your site. It’s impressive list. Many are resigning since the beginning of last year.

A) – What happens? Do galactic beings show up at their front door and say?

Cobra - It’s simply that the ship is sinking and the rats are escaping. It’s a psychologically natural process when people realize the game is over. For those that are smart enough, they quit.

A) – It’s just such a massive number. It blows me away.

Cobra - Massive numbers of people are involved in this


Transcribed by DaNell Glade

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