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Ascension Is Happening

Posted on September 7, 2013 at 1:45 PM

Return of the Golden Mean by Bernard Xolotl

By St Germain

Channelled through Méline Lafont

1 August 2013



I can give you the comfort and the certainty that ascension is happening and achieving at this time.  And I can tell you that a lot of people have stepped into the new world, 5D, 6D, and even higher.  They are all here and they stay here to assist all of the ones who are still learning and going through the process. 

And even they who are already in the higher consciousness are here as well at the same time because they keep on evolving as well.  We all do.  The comfort that I can give you is that you are not alone.  Nobody is abandoned.  Everyone in incarnation, every soul, every heart is surrounded by guides of light. 

You are never for one split of a second alone. Never!  There is always someone watching over you, guiding you, helping you, every step you take.  Loving you, embracing you, caring for you.  And as I know, ascension at this time today, now that we speak, has been achieved already in a high level.  And as it continues to grow, Earth will become a star again, you all will become light bodies again and this is happening now. 

I can see the first changes coming in.  You will too at some time because as you know it always takes time for the lower planes to take on forms and to manifest into the creations.  The comfort that I can give you is that this form of ascension that we have achieved now today, as we speak, has never ever been reached before. 

Not during the times of Atlantis, not during the times of Lemuria.   You have reached an even higher state and each and every one of you who are here on Earth are part of this.  Each one of you who are now on this Earth, even the unawakened ones, are high light beings. 

You have all achieved a high consciousness before coming down and descending on this Earth because you all agreed to be here and to play this game of duality and to help Gaia and all of the other beings that are here for the first time or are here to learn and evolve and ascend – each and every one of you are a part of this. 

And each and every one of you are ascending on your own pace, time and way.  Even the unawakened ones are taking in energies and they will access it whenever they feel they need to do that or are ready for that.  This Earth looks like a magnificent light ball at this time.  She truly is so beautiful.  She is.

There is less density, there is more light.  The majority of Earth is engulfed by light and love.  And these energies are here to stay my friends.  These are not coming and going.  They are here to stay because they are part of your consciousness, the collective consciousness on Earth and Earth consciousness.  The grid is formed, she has been stabilized and she has been reinforced on at this time. 

And when that is fact, nothing can come through anymore of darkness.  First, all darkness needs to be removed from Earth, and that means all the dark aspects of yourself, from your being.  And when this is fact, then we truly can speak of all darkness being removed.  But first, let things play out, for yourself and the collective. We truly are almost there.  Almost there, in the sense of all the dark being removed. 

We have achieved ascension in the 5D world.   Officially, yes!  This has been achieved with the Merkabah and etherically this has been achieved a few months ago already.  But now, the portal is really on the physical level.  So rest, integrate well, love yourself and with my last words of comfort, know that I love you and I leave you all now with all my heart and blessings. 

It was truly an honor to speak to you all.  I thank you so much for this opportunity Andrew and humanity and my beloved friends, for you all are my friends.  I love you so much.  I leave you now.


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