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Portals of Ascension are approaching

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 1:05 PM

'Portals of Ascension are approaching and you have to make your very own decision NOW!'

By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Marc Gamma

20 November 2013

My beloved humans, this is your Archangel Michael speaking to you. I’m coming with another message to you and just alike Raphael before I shall be accompanied by our heavenly Father.

As from now on our heavenly Father will accompany me with all my messages and transfer to you his energy, his knowledge of ascension to you too.

Beloved humans I am aware of the fact that for the time being it is not at all easy for you to build up these huge energies flaring down on you. This channel has sensed himself what does it mean to digest these energies after accepting and assimilating them.

In fact it is the matter of very powerful energies which are being accumulated the opening of which were triggered by the last Full Moon. And these energies are flowing now towards Earth to you. And thus with each new day a bit more and more until eventually reaching their maximum amount.

And moreover: they will carry some sort of new pattern, some kind of potential of change and love hitherto unseen and unknown at all.

You will be bathed in these energies, enveloped and you will be washed away if you forget to ground yourselves firmly to Mother Earth. How many times we asked you before to memorize this grounding measure and still there are some people left which reading our message do not want to or are not able to comprehend what we are meaning.

Please, believe it we are telling you nothing else than the truth! Believe in our words when we want to assist you ! But never let your ignorance lead you there where you will not be able to acknowledge our saying.  Since it is by ignorance solely which will ruin you since now has come the very time for you to make your own decision.

Most of you have already decided and thus defined your further road you want to turn in now at this crossing. Still there are quite a lot of humans left having not made their individual decision and on that part of human mankind time is running out and all those are facing a huge problem. We do not have more possibilities to wait for you endlessly. We do need your decision and this has to be done in some simple and clear way.

We shall leave this topic now because we have dealt with it several times before and we do not want to repeat any more in the very same way. If you comprehend our messages you have already made your decision.

If you did not decide yourselves until now we likewise understand and accept your behaviour but – in such case your train of ascension has already departed from here.

For the next topic of this message it is the turn of our heavenly Father and I shall now hand on to him the Sceptre:

My beloved children here on earth, this is I, your heavenly Father.

Again it is possible that together with one of my children I may be able to inform you. And again I shall be able to reach into your very hearts with all pertaining updates of time to come.

I shall now open up officially to you what you will be facing shortly.

The “Super-Portal” is in the process of opening itself up and here I am stressing the fact that this opening will be executed step by step since some sort of full opening in some single step would overwhelm you and asking too much from the endurance of your human bodies. You would burn up, you would not been able to survive it. Everything which is to come now will carry such a strong and powerful energy that it will dissolve all parts and matters entailing and keeping what still belongs to the old matrix of duality.

All these energies will be affected on various levels. One or the other have sensed these changes already and those asking themselves what it is that is happening presently – they have comprehended that the very great change has arrived at you now.

This is the very change – being so immense and huge – so powerful and transforming – that you will ask yourselves after a few days what it was hitting you right into your heart. And I shall tell you that it is my love – the very love of your Divine Creator – which has pervaded all of you. I also shall tell you that it was the energy of change and transformation that hit you right into your core and also – when looking back you will ask yourselves:

“Is this still the very same person standing there – was it really me ?”

You will look back and you will notice that your old Ego will not be able to be kept up in that new energy and that you have to leave your old Ego behind. I am talking in pictures so that you may understand what I mean here.

Now I shall turn over to my son again and he will continue with everything which still is left to be submitted to you.

With my huge love to you

Yours heavenly Father.

After you could take your bath in all the Love-Energies of our Father -  please ground yourselves again shortly before receiving more pieces of my information.

My next piece of information will surprise and encourage you too but also is to show you that you are to be challenged again. You are shortly before becoming aware of the very portals of ascension. You will – very soon – be able to perceive with your own eyes portals of ascension so that you may get prepared for everything following now.

It will be entirely easy to notice these portals of ascension. During the next days some images will be captured into your sleep and these images will differ to each and every one human being since each one of you is imagining these portals of ascension in a most individual and differing way. And this is quite alright in this way. However there is something common to all these portals of ascension. They all will lead you to your very personal and individual Ascension!

And this is the interpretation of the above: “No-one here on Earth will experience an equal and same alike sort of ascension and there will be no-one too being able to compare his individual experience with somebody else’s. It all is unique, and singled out for each single human being. This experience will define and shape each one of you – will also open up your eyes and transmit you to the very places into which you had directed your eyes since long ago. Ascension is imminent now but it will be some process proceeding over a certain period.”

Such individual ascension may be done within some few days for some of you whereby for others it may play off within some weeks. Those needing some more and lengthier periods still have to fulfil some certain tasks here on this planet just like this channel and they will have to exert some more patience in the remainder of time.  They are the ones switching the light off – so to say – in order to clearly show to all remaining here that ascension has been finalized then. All those still remaining here under the old dimension of duality will have to take a completely different turn in due consequence to their decisions made or not made.

Please try to understand my words in their inner sense of it since we love working and expressing ourselves in images or parables so that you may understand even better what we are submitting to you here.

Concluding this message I want to express my thankfulness to all of you. Thank you for what you have done so far and once and again you may pad yourselves on your shoulders and become cognizant that you have made some terrific progress. Step by step we shall accompany you and stepwise you will be approaching your very individual portal of ascension. Cease your very chance – just become aware of it and then just go ahead !

Yours Archangel Michael


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