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Obama vs Israel

Posted on February 16, 2015 at 2:40 PM

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel." - David Ben-Gurion, Former Israeli Prime Minister



Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, has declared that the choice facing all members of Congress, and by implication, their voters, is this: “To stand with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu” or choose “partisan interests and stand with President Obama.”

And why is this happening? Because of the power of AIPAC. Because AIPAC controls 100% of Capitol Hill: the US Senate and the US Congress. Because US Senators and Congressmen owe AIPAC as without AIPAC they can’t get elected. It is time to ‪Shut Down AIPAC‬ to end the ‪‎AIPAC‬ ‪occupation‬ of ‪‎Congress‬ that supports the ‪Israel‬ occupation of ‎Palestine‬ and now ‪America‬

“Jews are also rapidly gaining control in Congress. In 1976, there were virtually no Jewish political action committees [PACS]. In 1986, there were more than 70 Jewish PACS. In 1972, there were two Jewish senators and 12 Jewish representatives in Congress. In 1986, there were eight Jewish senators and 30 Jewish representatives. In 1986, more than 50% of the budget of the Democratic Party was paid for by Jews, with Jews paying 25% of the Republican budget (Source: American Jewish Congress).” - Rev. Ted Pike ('The Other Israel: the Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy,' documentary, 1987).



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