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Attempted Murder of Two Radio Show Hosts Within 24 Hours!

Posted on May 4, 2015 at 5:40 PM


I rarely post negative news but Jeff is one of the great heroes of the truth movement and I wish him a speedy recovery

29 April 2015

Stew Webb was run off the road after a high speed car chase with two vehicles following him and trying to ram him on Saturday night, April 25th. This occurred after he noticed a woman he recognized as trying to kill him in the past sitting a few booths away from him while he was listening to music and meeting one of his friends. The woman was trying to hide her face but Stew quickly recognized her as one of the people involved in trying to murder him in the past! Stew left the establishment soon after recognizing the killers and then a high speed chase began which resulted in Stew being forced of the road before he was finally able to get away!

Jim Fetzer reported in the interview" target="_blank">below that Jeff Rense was hit by some type of psychotronic weapon that made him lose consciousness. His car went into a five foot ditch and rolled over several times! He was put into intensive care at the hospital with several broken bones. He was told later that the crash was unsurvivable but because of a stunning number of coincidences he did survive! God protected Jeff Rense because it’s truly a miracle he survived this accident! I urge everybody to pray for Jeff’s full recovery! He is now at home recovering from his injuries. Jim Fetzer is very concerned at what may have caused the attempted murder of Jeff Rense and Stew Webb and explains more in the ground breaking interview below.

I urge everybody to pray for the safety of all those spreading truth. One of the biggest secrets I was told by a Holy man is to pray for your enemies and ask God to bring them to salvation so God is allowed to step in and correct them. I’m asking everybody to stop what you’re doing right now and pray for all the enemies of humanity that are doing this evil such as trying to kill Stew Webb and Jeff Rense. Ask God to step in and correct them and bring them to salvation! We must never forget to pray every day in this battle against evil. Always spend some quiet time with God every day and talk to him – he listens to everything you say! Play positive praise music such as that from as the demons must flee from it!


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