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SaLuSa and St Germain on Our Role in the Truth Coming Out

Posted on June 24, 2011 at 5:17 PM

SaLuSa, channelled through Mike Quinsey, 24 June 2011


You may be different to most people, but you are certainly as normal as anyone else. The Golden Rule is not to force your opinions or knowledge onto another person, and rather wait for them to approach you when they are ready.


As we mentioned recently, in the not too distant future Lightworkers will be called upon to share their knowledge. Once the truth starts to come out it will result in many desiring to know more, and we visualize centers opening where information can be found. Naturally quite advanced Beings will come forward with their knowledge, and you will have a number of the Masters leading the groups that will be formed. At present there are numerous people that claim to have the truth, but it is too fragmented and unreliable to completely serve others. If it is going to be accepted, the truth must equally serve all people and be sufficiently reliable to withstand scrutiny. With our backing we believe it will carry the “ring of truth” and we can support it with absolute proof if necessary.


You will understand that disclosure is vitally important and soon to fully enter your information highways, and it is one thing to go ahead with it but another to handle the “knock on” affect that will follow. The door will open wide and years of secrecy will be revealed, showing how your governments have covertly used you as pawns in the wars that have crippled your Earth. You have also been kept down and not allowed to benefit and progress from advances that would have vastly improved your quality of life. However, once we can all get together and prepare for Ascension, you will gradually be lifted up out of the conditions created by the old regime.

Wake up Call: Galactic Federation, 23 June 2011



I will give you an example. I am St. Germain standing forth in this moment with the Federation and offering you a bit of news. There will come forth a group of people who will tell the world in no uncertain terms that they will see before them what they have only, till this point, felt to be something that has been shown in films and told of in books, to be real. This subject will be seen as more than the fabrication of unearthly beings who are to be feared, or who come with lots of power that can be used against anyone that stands in their way.


I tell you right now that these have all been myths to promote the fear of what is destined to come to the human race. The fear that has been set into place will not stand. In the face of the tremendous amount of love and grace that will be showing itself to the world, fear cannot stand. The truth of what is awaiting your eyes and hearts will be so recognized that even the most indoctrinated of ideas that brought on the fear idea will melt away, and only the truth will be seen and felt.


We encourage you to see within that which is going to be shown to you. Allow yourself to touch in with the family connection that you have with what you will be seeing. You who read this will have a connection with those who do not read this. That connection will be to spread the word, to reach out to the one beside you who utters in fear his unheard truth. Those who are not in contact with their inner selves, as well as those beings who will make contact will be receptive to a look of love, an energy of truth that you convey to them. You will be the bearer of truth that can help to open up their own bank of treasure that they have kept locked within.


We will all come to you in the open and we will bring a splendor of love to you all that cannot be mistaken. The way will be made clear for us to come and in that instant of recognition much will be known and forgiven. We will bring the love of deepest respect for what you have gone through. You will find that in the times to come it will all fall into place and there will be a smooth rebuilding of your world. It all begins in your hearts and souls, my dear ones. We are all in this together and it will be that way from now on forth. It has always been, and now you will see how much you have added to this in your dreamtime and in the richness of who you really are.


Stand by and await the mirror that will show you who you really are and how loved you have always been.


Thank you dear Galactic Federation, & St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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