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You Live in a Safe Universe

Posted on September 10, 2012 at 3:55 AM

Message from P'taah

Channelled through Jani King

September 2012

Q: P'taah, who are you and what do you mean when you say 'we'?

P'taah: In a way that which be I -- the I AM of this energy -- is not separate from the I AM-ness anywhere. So you may say that as I speak forth, it is not only I that speaks forth, but that which be the consciousness of many beings in their own I AM-ness who are part, absolutely, of this energy.

You know, beloveds, it is that the humanities love to have a label, love to have a delineation. Well you know outside this dimension of reality, there is certainly the uniqueness of what you may term to be your 'personality self'. Each and every one of you is a fragment, a jewel of consciousness. So are we, however there is also what is called a wondrous blending and a merging of consciousness. The truth that we speak forth is not my truth; it is our truth. It is called Truth of the Universe.

Q: We've heard much about Earth changes and there's lots of fear about that generally. Can you talk to us a little bit about Earth changes and what you see with that or what that's all about?

P'taah: Indeed it is absolutely so that there will be grand change upon your Earth and there is much fear about what is to occur. However, as we have said many times before, you create your reality absolutely. Now you may understand that the changement to come forth on your planet is likened to a grand birthing. Certainly you may call that which be the changes to be the birth contractions. You cannot have a birthing without the contractions. However those contractions may be as dramatic or as simple as you will create it and they have been occurring and will continue to occur for some time.

So, it is that we would say it behooves you well to be in grand celebration every time you come into the hearing of that which has been a change - that which is called quaking, that which is called volcanic, that which is called movement of waters, etc.

You live in a safe universe - you live in a safe universe! - and you create your reality, absolutely.  It is to know that as the Earth is shifting and changing, it is mirroring the shifting and changing of the consciousness of the humanities because you and this grand Goddess called Earth, called Planet Earth, called Starship Earth, harmoniously and synchronistically will move into this new dimension.

So it is that as you are celebrating the changes of the Earth, in truth what you are also celebrating is the expansion of consciousness of humanity. You are grand mirrors for each other, you and the Goddess Earth. She is grand and wondrous, to be sure, and there is nothing the humanities can do to destroy her. It will not occur. All right, beloved? You create it absolutely. It may be however you desire.


Q: I get these surges where I feel really excited about everything. I just feel like jumping up and down. Fortunately, I work alone so I can really get excited.


P'taah: Indeed, beloved, that is what is called the Grand Expectancy. You know this time is so exciting and many of you are experiencing within the breast of you a surge of soul memory - memory of where you have been, memory of what has already occurred in your eons of time before, memories of other lifetimes and in a way, you may say, memories of the change.


You see, beloved peoples, the change, in a fashion, has already occurred. We have seen it. And for that which is called the surges, the expectancy from the knowing of what is to occur, it is to celebrate it absolutely, beloveds. It is to be as the dolphin - to be in spontaneous and joyful play. All right?


Q: A great many people I communicate with feel these things, too, but there are many that don't. I love them so I try and align my fear - that maybe they will climb on...


P'taah: Beloved, this grand journey and this change is about love. This change is love. Do you really think that anybody will be left behind? This is about completeness. This is about wholeness. This is about unconditional love. Nobody will be left behind, beloved, so it is to allow everybody their sovereign right to their journey. That which is called the en-LIGHT-enment may happen in the blink of an eye and the timing of it, for anybody, is about their journey. All right?

Q: So my pushing is not holding my own journey in honor?


P'taah: It is not being in honor of their journey. It is exactly the same as knowing that what anybody else thinks of you is none of your business. (Laughter)  

Nobody will be lost and that which is called love, beloved, is eternal, unto infinity, as  are you. You are eternal. It does not start and end here. It is eternal. You are grand and wondrous Masters. This is not IT, really! This is not It. This is simply a game you are playing and you can do whatever you desire to do. You have the power.




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