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Truly, what you are waiting for is worth every disappointment you have ever had

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 2:20 PM

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman

29 April 2013

Hello. This John with Saul’s message for Monday April 29th 2013.  I have been tired and irritable these last few days and have had difficulty making a connection with either Saul or Jesus, and that is why there was no blog post last Sunday.  So I decided to share with you the whole experience.  I started receiving this message last Friday and got very little.  Sitting during the weekend did not help, and finally I managed to unblock or release my irritation/anxiety today.  And so we have a message.  Enjoy!

Saul channeled Friday April 26th 2013 1.10. pm.


Me: Good afternoon, dear Saul.  Thanks for your last message.  My energy, motivation, and tiredness have been rather up and down lately.  Anyhow, please start dictation of a message to post tomorrow night on our blog.  Thanks.

Saul: Good afternoon, John.  Just relax and allow, and I will help, then we can start – there is much to report that will uplift you and our readers. (break from Friday 1.20 pm thru Monday 11.15 am)

Me: Well, I didn’t get far with listening to you!  What’s going on?  I feel disconnected, tired, useless, a waste of space.  It’s not a case of “poor little me” even if it sounds like that, more a case of “no one home,” a kind of emptiness, waiting, but for what I know not.  So, dear Saul, if you can get through my block, your input would be most welcome.  Please talk, and help me to listen/hear.  Oh, yes, I’ve also been feeling angry, irritated, and nothing sparks my interest.

Saul: Dear John, relax.  All is as it should be, you are just resting, as you need to do, because on other levels you are very busy.

Me: What does that mean?

Saul: The new energies flooding the planet are very energy intensive and many of those who are consciously intending for humanity to awaken are feeling tired and dispirited at present, because these new energies are tiring for bodies which are still adjusting to accommodate them.  Do not be alarmed.  The necessary adjustments to your physical bodies that will enable them to ascend are taking place just as you and God intend.  Many who made that intention before incarnating for this human life cycle, however, are now unaware of that commitment.  But at deeper levels of their being they still hold that intent very determinedly, and it does add immeasurably to the power that is right now changing humanity’s collective intent so that awakening can occur.

In fact, there are only a very small number on Earth at this time who wish to maintain the old order of “divide and conquer” or “suppress and control.”  They have been ably supported by many who believed that they would make personal gains from a relationship with those who seem to hold the reins of power. However, those supporters are just deeply asleep, and their true intent, like the vast majority of humanity, is to awaken, and they are now stirring in their sleep, and coming out of their state of unawareness of God’s Love for all of His creation.

Those who know that they are Light-bearers and wayshowers are finding it hard at present, partly because they expected that by now they would have ascended, and partly because of the demands they are making on their bodies as they continue determinedly holding the intent for humanity to awaken.  Your success is divinely assured and your efforts are divinely honored.  Keep holding the Light and demonstrating love in action and know that what you are doing could not be done by anyone else – you are utterly irreplaceable.

Truly, what you are waiting for is worth every disappointment you have ever had; in fact, infinitely more than that!  Otherwise it would not be an awakening but merely a temporary moment of intense joy.  When you awaken you will be shocked and inspired at the same time because what you will experience is way beyond anything you can possibly imagine.  Even those of you who have had moments of enlightenment, upliftment, stunning but brief spiritual revelations, will be amazed and overwhelmed with joy.

Yes, those inspired moments of brilliant light or understanding that a very few of you have experienced were sent to you to grab your attention, as they most certainly did!  However, do not think that they were rewards for unstinting service granted to a few specially chosen ones, as that is most definitely not the case.  All are equally deserving in your Father’s eyes, and only He knows why some appear to be so favored.  There is infinite Wisdom behind everything He does, everything He offers, and everything He demonstrates, and you all know this, so rejoice in the wonder that has been revealed from time to time to some of his earthly children, while remembering that you are all One, and what is given to one is given to all.

There are none among you who do not know that you are divine beings created in Love for eternal happiness.  It is just that your illusory state of existence has temporarily hidden this divine truth from you.  Let go of your doubts, of your worries, of your fears that suggest to you that maybe there is no God, no immortality, no divine Reality, because that is to support the unreality of the illusion which you are, with enormous help from those in other realms, in the process of vaporizing, dissolving, completely removing from your minds and memories by awakening.

You have experienced many setbacks, but your victorious ascension is inevitable, so when doubts, anxiety, fear, or exhaustion arise, place yourselves in that place of inner peace where you can release all attention to the outer unreal world and allow the soothing balm of that inner peace to envelop and comfort you, and remember . . . God has your backs, always!  You are, therefore, invincible!

With so very much love, Saul.


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