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Posted on February 28, 2014 at 1:15 PM

St. Germain: “We Are On To The Next Phase – Announcements And Disclosure.”

By Indian in the machine

24 February 2014

Dear world,  

Many readers will see this headline and they will scoff with disbelief… and why is that?  It’s because they don’t believe that it is possible that the Light is the dominating force on the planet.  The truth is that the Light is the dominating force in the universe… and earth is now joining the party.  

I have shared St. Germain’s message and a message from Archangel Michael and our Heavenly Father that give further insights including the need to prepare for the changeover.

When the banks close… please no panic… how about celebrate, that the changeover is almost upon us.

When the rest of the system crumbles, how about party like it ISN’T 1999, and will never be again.

Instead of feasting on the death and destruction to come, how about getting up-to-date, and helping others to do so?

Our family are here, making themselves known… this isn’t about cute little moments where they briefly appear in our skies… nay… this is leading to a full blown reunion with many different lifeforms, who have come to witness and participate in our transformation and restoration.

We are on the verge of disclosure, announcements… spaceships in our sky… arrests of public figures on all levels… all of that and more, is supporting the ‘magic trick’ of ascension.  The events to come have a purpose… it is the springboard to ascension (where humanity goes from a carbon-based species, to a crystal-based species, catalyzed by the photon belt, which is a large band of gamma radiation our solar system goes through twice every 26000 years, humanity is now splitting into two species, those of 3D and those of 5D…. by the way, if all this sounds crazy, that may mean you are in 3D walking the earth, not really clued in, still believing the illusion is more real than what is:" target="_blank">" target="_blank">

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