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Benjamin Fulford: Message to the World

Posted on September 3, 2011 at 12:15 PM

Benjamin Fulford is a journalist who was given protection from the Elite by a global network of Asian dragon societies and represents them.

Seiryuu by Vyrilien

Here is the link to the video [I was unable to add it here directly]:

Benjamin Fulford Message 30 August 2011

To Western government leaders (France, England, United States, Canada and Italy):

"And I believe that the sooner you realise that your days are numbered the better it is for you. This is your final warning. Thank you."

End of message:

"My fellow humans. You will be free soon. You're going to be born into an age of wonder. Many, many good things will happen. Once these murderers are out of power [approx. 300 old men, he says] you will find so many wonderful things in your life. I guarantee you this. This is not pie in the sky. This is real. Thank you."


I'm not sure if this is an error in the message but surely it was not the cabal itself who forced them onto the ship and held the meeting: "The meeting was forced onto the ship by the cabal that is now ruling France, Italy, England, Canada and the United States" who were confronted with evidence that the cabal "was planning genocide, was planning to murder more than four billion human beings through disease, war and starvation. And a consensus has been made to overthrow these criminals."

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Ben Fulford Delivers an Ultimatum to the Cabal

3 September 2011

By Steve Beckow

Benjamin Fulford delivers an ultimatum to the cabal which controls the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy and Canada.  One of the interesting statements he makes in this Aug. 30, 2011 video is that the white hats are in charge of “the Pentagon and the agencies.”  He states that the cabal intended to decimate the population through wars, starvation, and disease and had been presented with unequivocal evidence of these intentions. Thanks to Krystael.

Ben alleges that President Sarkozy engineered a honey trap to topple Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He names the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission – “a few hundred old men,” including Bush Sr. and Jr., Henry Kissinger, and Sen. Jay Rockefeller in particular. “Your days are numbered. This is your final warning,” he says. Good for Ben.

For those readers new to the worst of these allegations, here are Matthew Ward and SaLuSa on the subject:

“There is truth in the claims that the dark Ones have always planned to drastically reduce the population numbers, but they have been severely set back through our actions.” (SaLuSa, Sept. 11, 2009.)

“Depopulation by any means is an Illuminati goal.” (Matthew’s Message, Sept. 24, 2008.)

“Evidence of this new flu effort and other Illuminati activities to drastically reduce the population is being amassed and eventually will completely eliminate that dark group’s long control through fear, ignorance and economic slavery.” (Matthew’s Messages, July 18, 2009.)


Fake Western Union Transfer from the 'UN'

The following email (from a fake ‘Western Union’ website) arrived in my junk mailbox on 31 August 2011. Fulford mentioned that funds for the foundation he is thinking could be set up could only be sent via Western Union because this is the only financial institution that is not controlled by the Global Elite and they block all other routes. Whoever sent it could use some English lessons!

(No Subject)‏

From:    Western Union Money Tranfer (  

Sent:    31 August 2011 22:47:38



Microsoft SmartScreen marked this message as junk and we'll delete it after ten days.

  We wish to inform you that we have processed your first payment of $5,000USD.This funds was given to you by the United Nations in conjunction with the BANK OF ENGLAND to support individual's due to the worldwide economy meltdown.Sender Name: Raymond John, MTCN 0534-12-(4 digit code).To track payment use before going to pick it up


  Your email was luckily picked among others from an electronic ballot just conducted,though we have provided you with only Six digits of the MTCN because of security reasons so please contact me as soon as possible for the last 4 digit code.We have been mandated to send you the total sum of 300,000USD through Western Union. so therefore, you are Required to send Us Your Name,Address, Phone number for more information.


Congratulations once again.


Frank Amos.

+(44) 7045 721 601

Fulford's Clarification RE his article 'Only one man now stands between humanity and freedom: Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Black Pope' (18 April 2011) in which he mentions that money for the suggested foundation could be "sent care of Tomomi Matsuzaki in New York city via Western Union or any other method. The security question would be to ask her 'who is Kiro.'" (or perhaps he was just testing the Elite to see their reaction):

"After sending this newsletter out a concerned reader in Europe called and expressed concern that this week’s newsletter sounded like one of those “give me a million dollars for expenses and you will get a trillion dollars later,” con-jobs. We assure you this is not the case. We do not promise any return on your money. We also promise not to do anything illegal or unethical. The reason we mentioned Western Union as a means of sending the money is because it is not under the control of the BIS or the international banking cartel. It is too expensive and bureaucratically difficult to set up a foundation in Japan at present which is why we had to start in this manner. However, as the reader pointed out, there could be legal ramifications. He offered to help set up a proper, legal foundation. We appreciate such help and would rather operate within the system. Nor do we wish to exclude anybody associated with the legal part of the existing system. The problem is that as long as Peter Hans Kolvenbach is ultimately in charge of the Western banking system, he will act to freeze our funds. That means the new financial system will never get started.

I am a journalist not a banker and not a lawyer which is why I solicited advice and help from readers. The foundation must only and strictly be used for the greater good. We are operating in uncharted territory here which is why we asked for help. This money is NOT for my personal use which is why I did not want to use mine or anybody else’s personal bank account."

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