THE BRITISH CROWN = Jesuit Controlled since ...

The Queen is Jesuit controlled by The Bischop of London ! and from The Jesuit Headquarters ...

"The Queen is Jesuit controlled by The Bishcop of London !

and from The Jesuit Headquarters in London

As a Dame of Malta Queen Elizabeth took an Oath to be loyal to The Pope who is controlled by The Jesuit Superior General.


when the jesuits were banned in more then 80 countries in 1773 by Pope Clement XIV, the jesuits had to flee and King George III of Britain gave them shelter , its since King George III that the Jesuits control the British Crown,they had controlled Britain in the past throug the house of Stuart but they were banned.


Pope Clement was murdered and the jesuits took over the whole papacy in 1814 by a another papal bull written by Pope Pius , so its since 1814 that the Jesuit Superior General is the most powerful man in the world."

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