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2012 Peace, Love and the 11-11

What Will Happen At The End of 2012?

The 2012 Winter Solstice Event

The 13th Gate

What is Really Happening and Going to Happen in 2012


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2012 Peace, Love and the 11-11

By Archangel Indriel

Channelled through Bella Capozzi

7 November 2012

❤ Dear Souls, it is I, Indriel. I am your dear friend and protector, and I am most honored to have had the pleasure of guiding you thus far, along your road to Ascension. I love each and every one of you unabashedly and beyond measure. Together with the whole of the Angelic Realms, I am filled to overflowing with joy at your unparalleled successes and we are quite beside ourselves; enthralled, victorious, as another threshold has been crossed. Indeed, with the re-election of one of your own – a fellow Light Warrior – to the office of President of the United States, you have made a statement and set a precedent. You have joined as one to show the world that the Light cannot be extinguished. It cannot be dimmed.It only grows brighter and spreads farther. So, take this as a sign that the American people are waking up and humanity cannot be fooled any longer. Regardless of where you reside on the planet, this is a significant event for you. It is the tangible proof which you have been asking for, proof that progress is being made.

❤ So now, it is on to the next phase. The 11-11 is just around the corner and for those who are only now coming into awareness, it shall herald the onset of a most miraculous and mind-boggling series of awakenings.  Dear Warriors, it is now that the truly exciting work begins! For you it shall be a lightening, a well deserved relief, both energetically and physically. Expect to gain a finer clarity of vision and a series of energetic upgrades which shall come in gradually, as the portals open up. Youthful vitality, a lessening of the old, nagging Ascension symptoms, a vibrant luminosity to the skin and brightness to the eyes. As your physical bodies ascent slowly begins to catch up with the steady increase in your vibration, you may expect to feel and see these as obvious changes as the year of 2013 progresses.

❤ You may also expect to experience tremendous changes in the areas of personal lifestyle, career and life-purpose. Know this, Beloveds, that you did not incarnate here to pass your days doing inane tasks and to be bound, slavelike, to such baser states of struggle and competition. The incoming energies and the portal openings of 11-11 mark a kind of beginning and ending all in one. The 3rd dimensional paradigm is clearly at it’s end. Much of it’s remnants are exiting through the portals, and thereby leaving space for something far grander to take it’s place.

You who have been working at clearing and processing away the toxic programs of the past – both within your own vessels and planetwide – have laid the foundation for the 5th dimensional New Earth paradigm to lock on and begin to manifest itself, unhindered, as a perceivable reality. Plan to experience a progressive freeing-up of your resources and the pressures you have been facing in your daily struggle for survival. Thus, you shall be free at last to listen to your heart, follow your dreams and be truly fulfilled as you do your true life’s work. You cannot comprehend this, can you, how this shall feel? No, we think not. We think, in fact, that it shall be a most startling surprise!

❤ As I said before, the old world is collapsing in onto itself, and therefore it is necessary for you to find a new place for your energy to take root. This new point of connection would be Gaia’s magnificent Crystalline Grid. Latch onto it, feed from it, nourish it in return and grow together with it as one new construct. Partner up with Gaia, Beloveds, and be as one in Divine synchronicity. She wishes to assist you in your transformation, in the same manner in which you have been assisting in her in hers.  The 11-11 is time of detachment and reattachment. Some say it an unlocking.

Do not let this pivotal opportunity pass. You must plan to take it very seriously. Amend your schedule and set aside time to participate in the one of the many global meditations taking place. In fact, participate in more than one. Mark this day as a high Holiday, and make your spiritual evolvement priority number one.  Involve your friends and loved ones. Spread the word to any who shall listen, as this is a day of Unity. Gaia is ready to take her next step, and she wishes for all her blessed children to go with her.

❤ You have crossed over the threshold, out of 3rd density, and are well on your way to the 5th and ever higher. The only job you have left to do is to love. Love everything and everyone; every person, animal, place and thing. Absolutely nothing else matters now. There is truly nothing at all which is more important. For it is love which shall propel you the rest of the way. Only love can melt the hearts of those who don’t believe. You are tasked to make this the primary thing to focus on from here on in, perhaps the only thing. Love is all we are and all we aspire to ever be, and it is from this platform of unconditional love that all is created.

From the Heart of the Universe, I am Indriel. I come in devotion and peace. And I love you.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

What Will Happen At The End of 2012?

‘Negativity and the Shifts of Ascension’

By Mother Mary

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

11 June 2012


The Earth and the souls experiencing the reality of the Earth have been evolving predominantly through negative experiences. It is through negative experiences of pain, hurt, confusion, unhappiness, discomfort that some people search for something to heal their energies and so allow the vibration of love to flood into their heart and being. When a negative experience occurs it is often that this can raise the vibration of the Earth because of the compassion and love that flows from many who witness the negative experience. For much time humanity has evolved and grown through negative situations to experience love. It is most likely that a negative situation in your reality may have thrust you onto your spiritual path of ascension and greater awareness, this is the same for many people, so it is important to realise that negative situations and people are simply a perception of the mind.

As we move closer to the end of 2012 I know that everyone is wondering what will truly occur on the Earth, what will happen to you and those around you. I must say that we on the inner planes are aware of the greater plan of the Creator but we are unsure of how the stronger energies of the Creator anchoring will affect the Earth and the Creator's universe, so there is an air of suspense also on the inner planes. The shifts of 2012 will mainly be influenced by your perceptions, awareness and understanding, also the plans that your soul has previously created for you for this time. Of course, energies will be shifting and realigning on the Earth and from the Earth with other aspects of the Creator. Such changes in energy are occurring all the time in your reality and so it is something you are constantly experiencing. It will just be that at the end of 2012 you will be more conscious because you are expecting something to happen and of course there will be the magnification from the Creator of the energies on the Earth. The energies of magnification descending from the Creator is the catalyst for everything on the Earth and so will allow for all energies, experiences, situations, qualities and thoughts to be amplified. Even with the amplification you may or may not experience the shifts it all depends on your perceptions and also the role you are achieving. Many of you will be asked to anchor higher vibrations of the Creator, others will be asked to stabilise the slower more physical energies of the Earth while others will be asked to oversee the integration of the new energy into the Earth's energetic structures. If you are managing the stability of the Earth's energies your experience may be different to another who is anchoring the Creator's energy of magnification, but everything will be divinely perfect. The energy shifts may take several years to truly integrate and experience them on the Earth, but these shifts although they may seem small will be immense and vital for the further evolution of humanity.

If you are holding positive energy then this will be magnified and enhanced within your reality, those who are holding onto negative energies will feel these negative vibrations enhance so much until they surface to be released.  The most beautiful thing that could occur is that the cycle of learning and growing into love through negative situations and pain will fall away and a new way of evolving will manifest. Many will find that they no longer need negative situations to learn about themselves and to expand their love but are able to develop spiritually, emotionally and mentally through experiences of a neutral nature or a positive nature. If you contemplate this for a moment, it is so large in the shifts and changes that this can make to the world. Due to everyone realising consciously or unconsciously that they do not need to create negative experiences to grow but can create neutral or positive experiences, evolving with the same strength we will find that people no longer feel the need to harm or hurt themselves or others and so negative situations will simple dissolve becoming fewer. There will be those who find it difficult to break away from the repeated patterns and habits of negativity but with support and love from others these bonds of negativity will soon dissolve. We may see for some time that karma will still be present especially in the realities of those holding onto negativity as unresolved energies unite themselves and dissolve eternally.

I believe that it is appropriate for me to point out without creating any fear that the shifts occurring now and at the end of 2012 are simply energy shifts, it is what you make of it that creates the true process of evolution and ascension. In truth your own focus, intentions and understandings are essential, without these then in truth anything could be created and could occur at the end of the year. Begin to take time to feel within you what you sense needs to occur and what you need to focus upon, then place firm intentions in place. Intentions of love, peace, harmony and many beautiful outcomes when energised by many and a united consciousness will create the ascension process that you so desire and have been waiting for within your heart and soul.

There is a need to send your compassion and love to those experiencing negativity and those creating negativity, understanding that they may be guided to achieve this to play out a greater outcome. With an understanding that this way of learning is coming to an end and that a new cycle of spiritual evolution is dawning, a spiritual evolution that is born from love for yourself, others and the Creator. Know in your heart that the cycle of pain and fear are being broken and new cycles will manifest to shift the reality of all.

The 2012 Winter Solstice Event

By Jeshua

Channelled through Richard Presser

14 January 2010

“These energies open the doorway to humanity’s visible preparation for 2012.”- Richard Presser.

“This is an event of great power. It is the first important event of this New Year,  a year which, in and of itself is a year of great power, a year of great change, a year of great preparation for what awaits humanity at the end of 2012 and beyond. And so, as we have seen with so many events such as this over the last two years in particular, this gateway will be utilised to bring forth important new energies to assist in the preparation of humanity and the planet, so that all is in readiness for that event you know of as 2012. As you know, an event such as this, where you have a Solar Eclipse is a particularly powerful gateway; much more powerful than, for example, an ordinary new moon or indeed more powerful than an equinox or a solstice. It is indeed a powerful gateway, a powerful event and there are other alignments which are also important in setting up the pattern, you could say, that is enabling the energies to come forth at this time, however we will not go into those other supporting alignments. Some astrologers have spoken about these other alignments and these can be searched out if it is of interest to the listener.

However, what is important from our perspective is what these energies are about and what they will do to assist in the preparation that I have spoken of, and these particular energies open a new doorway for humanity. They begin the process in earnest that will unfold between this date and the end of 2012. They begin in earnest the steps that humanity needs to take to be ready. They begin in earnest the clearing of the control patterns that have been so thoroughly entrenched by the dark upon your planet; the control systems that have been in place to control finance, to control oil, to control energy of all sorts upon your planet; to in truth control the majority of the wealth which is available, the majority of the resources. All of that infrastructure will begin to unravel and unravel quickly as result of these energies.

We mentioned with one of the earlier recent events that it would be like disconnecting such behaviours from the electrical grid, as if they no longer had power. Well, this event does even more than that. It adds a positive force for the, shall we say, destructuring of this power structure and the bringing forth of the knowledge and understanding and the spiritual underpinnings to the majority of humanity relating to what is unfolding at the end of 2012. These energies begin in earnest that preparation process. They give an enormous boost to the opening up of the processes that are required to prepare for that event you know as 2012.

As we have spoken about before, there are three key steps that need to be undertaken. The first is to acknowledge your Creator. To acknowledge your Creator is the owner of the particles that have been used to create your soul. To acknowledge that the Creator has loaned those particles to you, has created your soul, you could say, and so you need to acknowledge this relationship.

The second is to clear all of your negative karmic past energies and the third is to rejuvenate your physical body; and it is time for the evidence of how to go about this work to come forth in the world and then, on the basis of that evidence, for this work to begin in earnest. And these energies provide an enormous propulsion, you could say, for this work to begin. It is an enormous propulsion for this work to begin in earnest, and so I say to you, it will not be long before you see this evidence of rejuvenation be present in your midst. It will not be long and when it comes forth, the process of clearing your past karmic energies and beginning the process of rejuvenation for those of humanity that have chosen this path, it will all begin in earnest and with great speed. And so I cannot emphasise too strongly the power of this event to begin the extraordinary transformation which will occur upon your planet between now and the end of 2012, that appointment with destiny, you could say, that occurs at the solstice of December 2012.

And make no mistake; there are many who are saying that that event at the end of the Mayan calendar, the timing of the ending of the Mayan calendar is but a general marker of this time. It is not marking a specific event, and if anyone has truly studied the Mayan calendar, they will know that that is a calendar that contains great accuracy. It continues to forecast such events as this one; that is, eclipses and of course the solstices and equinoxes. It continues to forecast these events with great accuracy and so its ending on that date is no accident. It, too, will be an extraordinary gateway, a gateway that will make events such as this one look like a Sunday school picnic, to use your vernacular. The power that will come through that gateway is unimaginable. It is not smeared out in time. It is an event that will occur over three days beginning on 21 December. It is not smeared out over time. It is very specific and very focused. That is the nature of these gateways and you will understand this if you have been listening to these messages for any length of time. So make no mistake, it is not a smeared out event as so many are saying. It is very focussed and so is this event, this solar eclipse, this annular solar eclipse which is bringing forth such energy from your sun. Your sun is acting as the primary gateway, as I said assisted by other alignments in the cosmos.

And so I suggest that you watch what unfolds in the coming future. Much will unfold as a result of these energies coming to your planet. And so it is.”

Mother Mary

“My son Jeshua has provided you with a wonderful overview of what is unfolding and I want to reassure you that, whilst this message from my son carried great power and great clarity, it is not a moment that should generate fear in anyone. There is no reason to fear. So much preparation has been done. All of the mechanisms are in place that will come forth to ensure that every last human being that chooses to ascend will have access to the necessary tools and opportunities.

All will be made available. It doesn't matter whether you have money or you do not. It doesn't matter where you are located on this beautiful planet. It doesn't matter whether you live in a third world country in great poverty or you live in great wealth and great richness in one of those so-called Western countries or elsewhere, because the opportunity will be provided to you.

And so what Jeshua spoke about is simply the beginning of this process. It will unfold, it will change in its nature, it will be driven forth by many people as these events unfold, so have no fear. Do not be concerned that you might miss out because you do not have the financial wherewithal to purchase access to some event or whatever. The nature of this will change. Initially it will come forth in a restricted manner and you will see it come forth and it will receive great publicity, but please do not think that you will be neglected, that you will be overlooked, that you will miss out.

And do not get caught up in the fear-mongering that so many wish to put forth. Do not be concerned about those who wish to wage war because, as Jeshua said, their activities will be rapidly disempowered. Do not be concerned about the politics in any particular country, about the agendas of various governments because, again, these will be dissolved where they are about manipulating people. And where the individuals are those who are truly walking a spiritual mission to assist humanity by taking on political leadership roles, you will see those beings step forth and begin to unfold what they in truth have come forth to unfold.

So do not be in fear. That is my message to you. Trust that all is in hand, all is well and all will unfold to support you in this extraordinary time that is, in truth, about to begin in earnest with this extraordinary solar eclipse.

I leave you now. This is your Mother.”
Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

The 13th Gate

By Sananda

Channelled through Petra Margolis

10 May 2007

I greet all of you as I bring you the news of the opening of the 13th Gate.

Not much is known about this Gate at this time, since it has been sealed for more then 25.000 years.
Some people know about the 12 Gates of Jerusalem and the 12 tribes of Israel, they are connected in a spiritual way because the group overseeing this process is also the group overseeing the process of the Gates. We will explain more about them and the connection later.

These 12 Gates have a physical place on Planet Earth, and an etheric place on Planet Earth.
These Places are what we call the initiation spots of the 12 Gates.
You can go there etherically or physically and we will tell you more about where those physical places are, but for now this is more important.
At this point only the etheric spots have been activated, and now even the 13th Gate is open though not yet activated.

The Gate was opened by a very special friend of mine, Isis.
She was the one that closed the 13th Gate so long ago because of the misuse and she sealed it with her own seal.
Now the time has come where she was able to reopen it and she will be activating it very soon, as many of you might understand this is depending upon certain timing and frequencies that have to be available on the planet.

The 12 Gates have been used by many people, they were usually High Initiates as you call them and it would take lifetimes to complete one of them. At this time more and more people are able to go through them since time is speeding up and the frequencies of the Planet Earth are getting higher because of all the work you have done.

The 12 Gates has never been common knowledge and even at this time it is mostly known by High Initiates, although these initiates have been working on helping to get more and more people to go through them in a much faster way than was ever possible.

One thing I would like to mention is that the Skulls, you all know about the Crystal Skulls and many people are still confused about their meaning and how they work.
These Skulls are connected to the 12 Gates and sometimes will be there to help you adjust your energies to the Gate.

The 13th Gate is also connected to your 13th chakra, Christ Consciousness and I Am presence.
Going through this Gate will also bring you more into the Galactic Consciousness.
This is now within reach for each and every one of you.

To explain it a little bit more, when you go through the 12th Gate there will be a path or connection leading you to the 13th Gate.
This is different then going from Gate to Gate because the 13th Gate is of a much higher vibration than your Planet Earth at this time. But it can be done in this life time.

And believe me if I say this is only the beginning.

Actually we expect that many of you will be able to go through the 13th Gate at a very vast pace and you will be able to reconnect with your Christed Self and I Am presence fully.

The 13th Gate for your Planet Earth has been opened as well and will be activated next year.
We expect many people will be ready at that time to go through the 13th Gate so we will keep you informed about this.

Why is the 13th Gate so important at this time?

It is a big step for Planet Earth and the people upon it. These energies have not been available in a long time. You have all been working very hard to bring so much more light to the planet and at this point there is enough to actually have the Gate open again and offer it to you for further initiation and growth.
This Gate allows you to grow spiritually so much faster and will bring the ascension of your physical body so much closer in an easier way.

That is what it is all about at this time, we all know how much you are looking forward to 2012 and to be honest some of us think it might be even sooner than this.

2012 or the ascension means many things to us and one of them is your physical body will have become a Diamond Body of Light.
It also means that many people will be able to stay on Planet Earth in this Diamond Body of Light and help the many that have not yet understood the importance of ascension for your planet and the rest of the universe your Planet Earth is in right now.

For now we tell you that you can ask at anytime to be taken to the appropriate Gate for you at this time and there will be many beings standing by to teach and help you go through them.

I leave you with Love in my heart for all of you and until we meet again very soon.


What is Really Happening and Going to Happen in 2012

By Melchizedek

Channelled through Petra Margolis

6 October 2009

There is a lot of information going around about the coming ascension in 2012 and much of it is exciting and some of it is scary.

I, Melchizedek would like to give you some explanations and information of what is going to happen.

Yes there is going to be an ascension of consciousness for every human on earth whether they want to or not. The earth is ascending and will be going into a higher dimension. She will however go higher than the 5th dimension most of you have heard of. The earth will move beyond the 13th dimension, which means the earth will not be physical anymore.

There are stories that once the earth ascends, many will die. Some of them will tell you that if your physical body is not ready it will be destroyed during the ascension of the earth. This is not true, there will be a safe place created for those who are not ready to move on with the earth in the higher dimensions, and we expect this to be most of the earth population at this time.

The ones that have made the choice to complete planetary ascension and move into cosmic ascension will be the new teachers coming or staying on earth after the ascension and they will have full knowledge of the pathways to return to source.

At this moment your earth is preparing for her ascension and many are assisting her as she moves forward on this path. Some will try to interfere as always and this is mostly done through misinformation.

There is a time frame for the ascension of the earth and it is at the end of the year 2012, the beginning of 2013. But do not forget, the earth is already ascending at this time. Her frequency is being raised.

The time frame is where many will be present to open the gate, portal or doorway that will allow the earth to move beyond this dimension into a new timeline and release her of her physicality.

At this moment the merger has begun of the earth with her non physical part and this will continue until she has been completely merged with her non physical part. Her energy, spirit or soul part so to speak.  Just like humans are becoming one with their spirit, their soul, so does the earth. You have to become the whole before you can completely ascend.

Some lightworkers have now been disconnected from the cycles of time, meaning they will be able to work on themselves and the earth from a space without time. This allows them to stay out of time and they will not be influenced by time frames, sun cycles and many more of these earthly 3d influences. They are preparing for Cosmic Ascension and with that they are preparing to hold the energies for humanity to go through the process of the ascension of the earth in a safe way.

They will be the ones holding the energies for the safe return of all that have not made the choice at this time to complete Cosmic Ascension.

Once the earth has passed through the portal a new set of dimensions will be created. Actually they will already be there since these dimensions are being created at this time by the ones that have stepped out of the cycles of time. All humans that have not chosen the Cosmic Ascension path will be returned to a planet earth that will be similar to the one you are on right now. The only difference will be that you will start in the 5th dimension (which is still physical) instead of the 3rd dimension. From there you will be able to step onto the path of completing Cosmic Ascension.

Now we do need many to hold the energies for this process and this is why your universe is in a “no rules” time cycle at this time. Many of you are here to be part of this and some have heard the clarion call, many have not. Many are still thinking of only planetary ascension and all that they are doing is following the energies that are coming into your universe. I would like to remind you that you have already finished planetary ascension in a previous lifetime. And in this lifetime only one simple process is needed to complete it again for this lifetime to have the physical body ready to step onto the Cosmic Ascension path.

The energies coming into your universe are ready to be integrated; all that most people are doing is accepting them and letting them flow through. You have to become one with everything, every part of you, and every part of you in this universe and beyond. This is not accomplished by just accepting the energies coming in. I would like to remind you about the path of many of the masters you are looking at for answers and guidance. They spend many lifetimes learning and becoming one with all that is. Integrating each and every part on themselves to finally ascend within the light body. At this moment we are aiming for complete cosmic ascension beyond the dimensions, beyond your universe. This means ascension with the physical body, which means bringing in each and every part of you into the 3rd dimensional physical body. Your 3rd dimensional physical body will become one with all that is. Your 3rd dimensional body will become the lightbody for ascension.

So here is my question for all of you at this time. Have you made your choice yet? What are your plans for the future?

I know times are hard; many distractions have been placed upon your path, as you chose to do so. Now it is time to step beyond this and create your own future. Leave the distraction behind you; find your place in the 3rd dimension without distractions, or without being influenced by the distractions. This is a real possibility for all of you.

The only way to change the world, and we cannot say it enough, is to change it from within. This means you are the ones that need to change; you are the ones that will have to create a new future for you. Don’t let yourself be pulled down by all that is happening around you. Yes, these are hard times, yes many are living on the edge, and yes you can change the world one by one. This means look inside for the change. Do not look outside for the change. You have to change from within.

There are many teachers out there and many will be able to assist you on the Cosmic Ascension path. But discernment is needed as many also do not know what is needed for this path, they are still attached to the old teachings, or will try to find new teachings, but if they are not the path of Cosmic Ascension they will not find them. Some will tell you about Cosmic Ascension but they are in fact still working on planetary ascension. This is why discernment is needed. You will have to find your path among the many paths that are available. This is why you follow your heart. But you can only follow your heart if you have made a complete commitment to your heart, yourself and the path of Cosmic Ascension.

You are all a very important part of this process as the earth is preparing for her ascension and can use all the help she can get to raise her frequencies. And you are also very important for the ones that have not chosen the path of cosmic ascension at this time, as they will need a safe place to stay when the earth ascends.  Only the ones ready for cosmic ascension will be able to hold the energies for that safe haven.

Then for the many healers out there, you are important in many ways as you have chosen a path of healing for many. Do not forget that the most important part of healing is to heal yourself first. Raise your frequencies as many of the healing modalities now available will require that from you. And do not forget the path toward Cosmic Ascension as you focus on healing. The only way a physical body can completely heal is by moving it beyond the physical dimensions.

2012 is near and we are already at the end of the year 2009. This is your opportunity to step beyond the physical and become the creator of your own life and future.

I am Lord Melchizedek


At a time of great change it takes work to go beyond the aspirations of most to consider still higher levels of integration. We are blessed by the fact that Gaia/Vywamus, as TwinFlames Ascending, are choosing to go through the 13th Gateway, out of purely physical existence, into the pure light realms of the formless from which we originated. There is no limitation there, and whole new expressions–never before possible become available.

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    “Whatsoever you are, there is nothing wrong with it. Love and relationship has not to be destroyed; only meditation has to be added to it.” - Osho

    "The head is a marketplace, the heart is the shrine of being. All that is beautiful and true arises out of the heart, never out of the head." - Osho

    “I do not ordinarily make prophecies, but about this I am absolutely prophetic: the coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational, and more and more mystical. The second thing: After a hundred years people will be perfectly able to understand why I was misunderstood — because I am the beginning of the mystical, the irrational. I am a discontinuity with the past. The past cannot understand me; only the future will understand. The past can only condemn me. It cannot understand me, it cannot answer me, it cannot argue with me; it can only condemn me. Only the future…as man becomes more and more available to the mysterious, to the meaningless yet significant…After a hundred years they will understand. Because the more man becomes aware of the mysterious side of life, the less he is political; the less he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian; the less is the possibility for his being a fanatic. A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual, because only with freedom can this garden of humanity be a rich place.” – Osho (The Osho Upanishad).


    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." ~ Laozi

    "All the fish needs is to get lost in water. All man needs is to get lost in Tao." ~ Chuang-Tzu

     "There are many paths to enlightenment.
    Be sure to take the one with a heart."
    ~ Laozi

    “Giving to others selflessly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.” ~ Laozi.

    Laughing Owl


     is the best cocktail
    (St Germain)

    “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



    Love is

    Love is all

    Love is all there is

    Love is all

    Love is



    Don't be a stranger

    It's cold outside, There's no kind of atmosphere, I'm all alone, More or less. Let me fly, Far away from here, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun.

    I want to lie, Shipwrecked and comatoase, Drinking fresh, Mango juice, Goldfish shoals, Nibbling at my toes, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun, Fun, fun, fun,In the sun, sun, sun.

    (Red Dwarf theme tune)

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