I have come across some information that talks about there being much more DNA to activate. I offer it here for anyone who may be interested in investigating!

Please note: since posting this information I have learned that material channelled through Karen Danrich 'Mila'/Mila Sinoski (now known as Lilliya Nita Mahalani at is Illuminati disinformation from dark intelligences intended to lead people astray)





DNA & the Indigo Factor


 Unravelling the Mysteries of the Creator

 "I have read that, in Atlantis, we had 15,000 strands of DNA active and that, now, the genetic programming that restricted our consciousness, as well as subsequent changes that have occurred through our individual experiences, is being reversed. In other words, our full consciousness is being restored. It is continually expanding now and will become less and less limited." - Antraeus.

“At this time and in the coming six years, over 40 million ascending children are destined to be born between 1024 and 2200 strands of DNA or higher. Most will take their ascension to 3000 or 6000 strands of DNA within early childhood and before the age of 5. No part of the world shall be left out. All civilizations and cultures shall reap the benefit of such incoming births. Such children shall weave a dream for a new future that is less filled with strife, natural disasters, food shortages and economic catastrophe.

It has been determined that adult ascension is limited in what it can command in relation to the collective human consciousness. However ascending children will weave a powerful united force that can shift the future from one of great travesty to one of greater joy and movement towards unity for all of the human species. Such children will trigger the ascension of the adult population within a 100-mile radius, allowing humans that can ascend to 1024 or 1800, or 3000 strands of DNA due to lineages and holographic birth nature to accomplish this task. In so doing, humanity will quite naturally move towards a gentler way of being and towards unity.

By 2006, there will be enough ascended adults to redistribute the power global wide. This shall augment a shift in all nations, and those nations underpowered and impoverished will begin to create the means to reconstruct to a foundation of greater balance in which the needs of the entire population for food, shelter and clothing can be met. The redistribution of power shall also augment other nations of greater means to share with those with less to a greater degree than ever before. This shall bring the end to deaths by hunger potentially by the year 2009, and the dismantling of all nuclear armament by 2014. A new era is ahead beloved, and now is the time to allow this to be so.”

- The Tao (through Karen Danrich ‘Mila,’ ‘Intentions to Keep on Track in Ascension And Support the Global Ascent of Earth,’ 19 August 2002,


Thousands of DNA strands (or particles?)

By Antraeus de Herschia

“The fully conscious human being has twelve strands of functional DNA. Beyond our double helix are ten additional dormant soul strands. When these are finally activated we will experience a total expansion of our consciousness and fully access our light bodies. Originally there were over 2,000 particles in our DNA that allowed these higher spiritual abilities to function. All strands are not positioned within the physical part of our biology either, as many reside on the plane inhabited by our higher mind.” - Mary Mageau (‘Light Body Activation’: 

“As we sleep we are gradually embodying more strands of DNA, changing from a carbon-based body with 2 strands of DNA into a crystalline body which has access to 15,000 strands of DNA, because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. But it is not just we humans who are changing into crystalline, but all life-forms, including the Earth herself. All the fish in the sea, the flowers and trees in your garden, the birds in the sky, even your pet dog or cat. Everything is changing.

A very small percentage of adults have already embodied up to 5,000 strands of DNA (currently as of January 1999) and have moved into a fourth dimensional awareness. The majority, however, are still in the early stages and embodying the first 12 strands of DNA. This physical state of being is completely dependent upon our current level of consciousness. As we lift our perceptions to embrace ever increasing levels of truth and higher thought, we embody further strands of DNA. This entire process is managed by our I AM presence or higher self, so we are in extremely capable and loving hands, and must therefore, learn to surrender to it.”

- Susanna Thorpe-Clark.

Lady Agape and Lady Rize explain that many people are in the process of moving ‘from twelve strands to 1,024 strands of DNA’ and even beyond:

“At one time, ascension was prevalent on Earth. This was a time shortly following the seeding of the human species on Earth by the Sirian Race some 200,000 years ago. When humanity was first seeded on Earth, there were two classes of humans brought forth, a spiritual elite known as the Mahavishnu and a worker class known as the Bodhisattva...The Mahavishnu had a body with 15,000 strands of DNA. This DNA comprised a special structure, nervous system, a brain cavity three times larger than your current human form, and circuitry long lost in human history on Earth. In ascension, the Mahavishnu, which began with 15,000 strands of DNA, modified his or her form with an additional 25,000 strands of DNA to complete the ascension. In a complete biological ascension, the form of the Mahavishnu ended up with a semi-transparent appearance (semi-etheric form), and the soul and form became ‘one,’ allowing the form to move into the etheric realms along with the soul…There are many in human form who are also embarking upon the journey of ascension. Approximately thirty per cent of the world populace is beginning their journey from twelve strands to 1,024 strands of DNA, which is the first phase of resurrection in ascension. Lady Agape and Lady Rize further estimate that there are another 5,000 globally embarking upon attaining the state of the Bodhisattva or embodying 5,000 [possibly 5,024] strands of DNA, which is the second phase of resurrection. In addition to this, there are only a handful of humans who have already attained Bodhisattva who are now embarking upon the journey to the state of the Mahavishnu. These are the path cutters who will cut the path for ascension so that the multitudes can follow.” (Channelled through Karen Danrich/Mila Sinoski, ‘Thoughts about ascension and ascended masters,’ [1]

So, complete Ascension involves the activation of 40,000 strands of DNA – or thereabouts. I found some further information on the obscure history of human DNA channelled from ‘the Herb Kingdom’ also through ‘Mila’ (Karen Danrich): “The Tibetan Root Race holds records of the fall in consciousness from a fully conscious state or 36,000 strands of DNA to 15,000 strands of DNA. This fall preceded the era of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, who attempted to ascend back to full consciousness, but failed due to the misleading of the false gods into a dead-end path of another fall in consciousness instead.“ (‘Chinese Herbs For Ascension,’ 22 September 2004, In another Mila transmission, the Earth Mother states that, “1800 strands of DNA is the bare minimum of initiation required upon a biological level for any species to begin the process of synthesis in one's personal evolution.” (‘The Nature of Synthesis,’ channeled through Mila Sinoski, 15 December 2000, So, Ascension, it appears, is very much related to the number of DNA strands that the individual is able to activate both through attaining a higher frequency of consciousness and increasing this Light quotient by sharing one’s energy and wisdom with others. [2]

A Bodhisattva is said to have 5000 or 6000 strands, so I read elsewhere. Consider the following hypothesis: that if the DNA expands in proportion to the degree of activation in the chakras, twelve strands may equate to the opening of the heart chakra and awakening to the Christ level of universal consciousness and…

1024/1800 strands      - Throat Chakra

3000 strands               - Third Eye

6000 strands               - Crown (Bodhisattva)

12000 strands             - 8th Chakra (Soul Star)

15000 strands             - 9th Chakra

There are various levels of Ascension which range from activating twelve to 36,000 strands of DNA. According to an article channelled by Mila there are said to be 36,000 sets of cells, 36,000 scarred segments and 36 planes of reality. [See ‘Ascension Re-Defined']

"As we sleep we are gradually embodying more strands of DNA, changing from a carbon‑based body with 2 strands of DNA into a crystalline body which has access to 15,000 strands of DNA, because only crystalline substances can exist on higher dimensional levels. But it is not just we humans who are changing into crystalline, but all life‑forms, including the Earth herself. All the fish in the sea, the flowers and trees in your garden, the birds in the sky, even your pet dog or cat. Everything is changing...A very small percentage of adults have already embodied up to 5,000 strands of DNA (currently as of January 1999) and have moved into a fourth dimensional awareness. The majority, however, are still in the early stages and embodying the first 12 strands of DNA. This physical state of being is completely dependent upon our current level of consciousness. As we lift our perceptions to embrace ever increasing levels of truth and higher thought, we embody further strands of DNA. This entire process is managed by our I AM presence or higher self, so we are in extremely capable and loving hands, and must therefore, learn to surrender to it...The window into the fourth dimension opened at the end of 1998 and many of the first wave are currently moving through and embracing up to 5,000 strands of DNA. They will continue to progress through the initiation stages of the fourth dimension gradually, taking on more strands of DNA ready to step into the fifth dimension when that window opens, currently estimated to be sometime during 2007. This window will remain open for the next 60‑90 years, at the end of which time the Earth and all those still then living at a fourth dimensional level will make their Ascension." - Susanna Thorpe-Clark (

Foot notes

[1] Please note: this is the only source I have encountered which refers to thousands of DNA strands. The majority of teachings refer to only twelve.

[2] According to universal law and/or the natural expression of divine love which is intrinsic to eternal Being; or, as Einstein put it, "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful..." (Ehlers, Liebes Hertz!, p.162).

Art by Guillermo Esparza

Ascension Re-Defined

Ascension Re-Defined:


By The Source of All

Channelled through Karen Danrich 'Mila'

6 July 2001

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Lilliya Nita Mahalani(Mila)

Please go and check out what she's doing since she is always engaged in interesting, though somewhat complex adventures

Communication is convoluted. One human says one thing and another human interprets what is said to mean another. The confusion is the result of a multitude of problems, one of which is differing cultures, which create different languages that have little cross over in understanding. Cultures dictate "norms" or constants for those raised under such circumstances that are different from the norms of yet other cultures, and often understanding is based upon such norms. Therefore some of the misunderstanding between fellow humans is indeed cultural.

Even inside of a similar culture, there are differences between locations of upbringing, or towns, cities or regions. This too creates misunderstanding between those of different regions attempting to communicate. Each misunderstanding is a reflection of a different energy signature or symbol behind the words, which give words a different meaning to a different culture. One example of such a thing is known as "slang". Indeed, the slang may be so unique that those outside of the culture may not understand at all. One example of this type of slang in Hawaii is "Pigeon". Pigeon English has become a known language amongst the locals in Hawaii, particularly of Hawaiian descent. Outside of their culture, one would be hard pressed to understood exactly what was communicated, although Oa has been studying a Pigeon website just "in case"!

If one examines the symbols behind any given language, they will discover that they are different between languages. One language may have a word that defines "friend" or "enemy" or "lover", and yet the symbols behind the words will be different. This gives the concept of such words a different nuance for each language. However, it also means that one culture may not totally understand another. One area that this is clearly seen is in humor, as often that which is humorous in one culture is missed entirely by another.

At this time, the Earth Mother is attempting to standardize language global wide, not only for humanity, but also for all species upon Earth. It is only as language is standardized that all may understand one another with ease, and therefore all may work for the common goal of ascension of the whole known as Earth. It is through the Language of Light that language shall become standardized. Indeed, this language has already been embraced by all ascending species, including those in human form that are choosing to ascend. In so doing, there is a common language which is seen as a series of symbols with movement, color, vibration and sound that all humans shall embrace as they themselves ascend, or one's future ancestors ascend related to one's lineages (see the Language of Light upon our web site for more information).

For each dialect of humanity, those that are ascending are beginning to infuse the Language of Light into the language that one inherited at birth, or for those that are multi-lingual, for whatever languages that one understands with ease. In so doing, behind all words global wide for the human species, the Language of Light will one day be the common underlying symbol.

And what does this mean exactly? We will give you an example here to assist. We will take the word benefit. In the language of light, the word benefit translates into the symbols of unity, freedom and truth. One could say then that benefit means "any action that allows unity, freedom and truth to reign between parties or in a group". The word benefit, regardless of language, will have the same three notes of the language of light related. Therefore benefit will mean the same regardless of language.

Each word in any language has a set of language of light tones behind it. One may choose to bring in the language of light tones for one's own language of birth, or if multi-lingual, for all language that one speaks. Because the language of light is unity based, there are some words that will cease to exist within the vocabulary, as all destructive thought-form has no associated symbol. In choosing to only speak in words associated with the language of light, one ceases to exist in the destructive or separatist paradigm that humanity currently dances within. This occurs gradually as one ascends and leaves behind the extreme polarity that came to be in the numerous falls in consciousness and genetic material for all species upon Earth.

What happens as you choose to think only in the language of light? As this is chosen and comes to be made manifest the further that one ascends, the destructive paradigm ceases to exist in one's experience. Because aging, illness, death, abuse, pain, anger, fear, and deformity are all the result of vocabulary associated with separation, such experiences cease to be a part of one's reality as all thought-forms are transmuted in the act of ascension. In so doing, the body gradually restructures itself based upon the new thought-form one is embracing to a regenerative and unity based biological system, bringing an end to aging and disease. From such a system, one's outer experience of the world likewise restructures itself as one only attracts others of like "resonance". What this translates into is that the further one moves towards unity, one only manifests unity based experiences in their day to day life, as this is the foundation of thought-form one is working from.

May The Forest Be With You by Jessica Fortner


One's thoughts create every experience in one's life dance. Most in human form do not realize this or recognize this as so much of human thought-form is so intertwined and enmeshed that one is hard pressed to see where one's own thoughts end and another's begin. This can be clearly seen in family relations, where sons or daughters find themselves thinking just like their mother or father as they too begin to raise their own children. The thought-form mom or dad utilized in child rearing repeats the next generation down, and generally without change.

Much of the psychological movement that has been analyzing the discord and difficulties within human relations over the past century has come about as a result of the increasing awareness and the beginning of an awakening for the human species. This movement or awakening, which shall enter all areas of the human dance in the future, has paved the way for a new thought-form to emerge again within the human species. Therefore the movement known as psychology, along with metaphysics and spirituality, has birthed yet a new evolutionary cycle of the emerging unity paradigm. Over time the new paradigm of unity-based thought-form shall begin to override the old paradigm based upon separation. One will begin to see in the coming decade the unity paradigm reflected back in many areas of the human dance as a result of its prevalence again in all ascending species upon Earth.

This is the power of language, for language defines the consensus reality known as Earth. As Earth and all species therein modifies language, all behavior and the biological foundation underlying all species upon Earth shall shift. And this indeed is what ascension brings forth, a gradual movement both in biology and behavior towards the unity paradigm. For those who are ascending, one cannot afford to have a violent or evil thought, for it is the equivalent of intending evil or violence into one's own life dance! Mila clearly learned this lesson last year, and has decided that any random thoughts, even about others, focused upon negativity of any kind are no longer permitted in her field. In declaring her boundaries, so it has come to be, as she can see how she manifested her own difficulties with cancer with her own focus upon certain thoughts in the year past.

Many of such thoughts came from the forces of the dark that wished to manipulate her, which would incessantly douse her with pictures and visions of the demise of another. She would push such visions and thoughts out, but sometimes not rapidly enough to not allow them to become an intent for her own reality. This is how powerful your language is beloved. Focus upon death, disease, demise, and you shall live to experience such. Focus upon love, light, laughter and unity, and this is what you shall live to experience.

One will therefore be very careful of what materials one chooses to read or engage with as a result, once one recognizes the power of one's thoughts. Anything negative is not what an ascending being should focus upon, particularly about others or about other nations. However, an ascending being still requires analyzing their own inner state of being or negative thought-forms, so the focus that would be placed outside of self can go towards one's own analysis of one's internal state of being instead. After all, it is in the analysis and choice to transcend one's internal state of being that one ascends.

Here we would like to differentiate between focusing upon one's own negative thought-form patterning, belief systems, karma, curses, spells, hexes, machinery, and the like that requires transmutation in ascension vs. focusing upon others or the news. As one focuses within and uncovers one's own discord, one becomes at choice to transcend. Generally, simply the intent to transcend is enough to bring such forth, particularly when accomplished before falling asleep or upon awakening in the morning. Such will require focus with the intent to transform, transmute and then subsequently integrate the new unity patterning and thought-form in lieu of the disunity based one. As one so accomplishes this task, one moves increasing towards an internal state of peace.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


In order to embrace the thought-form of the language of light in full and down to a biological level, one must also allow for biological ascension. There are many spiritual beliefs that do not include biological transmutation. Unfortunately, such beliefs only bring about the reversal of polarity, not the moving up and beyond or out of the current paradigm. Evolution requires that one move up and out of any given paradigm. That which simply reverses the polarity from one opposite to another is not evolution, nor is it therefore ascension. There are many teachers of ascension who think that reversing the polarity of a life from disease to health or poverty to wealth is ascension. This is not ascension, as one is still in the loop of polarity, which means that in the next incarnation of one's ancestry, the opposing extreme shall indeed be experienced yet again.

Ascension brings about the end to all extremes; not only for oneself, but also for all future humans born of the same lineages that one holds. Each human has extremes that are associated with their particular make-up, which is the result of the genetic inheritance one received at birth. One may examine the following examples to see where they themselves in their life dance exhibit extremes of one sort or another. Know that some areas one will not experience as an extreme, and therefore one is inherently more in the middle already from birth in regards to such thought-form. We invite you to take the time to really meditate upon each of the following categories, circling the thought-form appropriate to one's true persona from birth.

One may also wish to go back in time and think about how one was as a child. For often after the age of 15 as the personality takes over and one assumes a persona that is not directly related to one's inheritance, but rather an adaptive means of getting along in the world or with one's family and friends. This adaptive means of getting along is also known as the personality. The further one ascends, the more one strips the personality becoming their authentic self, which is related to one's birth persona. Only as the birth persona is seen for what it really is can one then modify it, coming out in the middle road or path or into unity.

The authentic self in ascension is comprised of an ego and negative ego, plus areas that one has already come to the middle path or embraced unity. Those areas of one's persona that have yet to be modified are considered ego or negative ego in nature. Ego based extremes in one's persona are self serving, wish to inflate oneself above all others, or wish to be in dominion or control over the truth or destiny of others. Negative ego based extremes in one's persona are other-serving in nature, where one subordinates, defaces oneself, or allows another to control or define one's truth or destiny. All humans are a composite of thought-form that is unity based, ego based or negative ego based. In ascension, the ego and negative ego based patterns are transmuted and brought into the unity paradigm a little at a time.

The following is a short test that one can take to determine which thought-forms one has yet to modify in full in one's own ascension. Know that such thought-forms listed below are modified in full as one attains Bodhisattva in evolution. Therefore, the extremes are modified in layers and over time, and one will discover that they address the same extremes in oneself again and again as layer after layer of separatist thought-form is transmuted in the act of ascension. (See the "Language of Light" section of our web site for further definitions and the actual symbols of each of the unity-based word below.)




 Never begrudges









 Accepts or Loves

 Rejects, Hates, Fears




 Breath of Life



 Non-Conditional Love






 Divine Union






 Non-Conditional Governance


 Is Ruled






































 Me or Separate

 You or Together



































 Relishes or Savors


 Sexual Energy









 Dance of Life

 In group

 Out group










 Unseen Worlds



 Unspoken Worlds



 Underwater Worlds



 Worlds Upon the Land



 Human Species

 Blind Faith or Trust


 God Goddess All That Is

[Download the above chart as a 1 page PDF file]

[Download Polarity Checking Charts]

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


In examining oneself based upon the extreme polarities listed above which are related to the 48 main tones in the unity based language of light, one can begin to assess where the polarity within requires unification to the middle path within. Mastering thought-form is not something that has been well written about by our channels, for it is hard to define or describe, and yet is an internal experience amongst all whom are ascending. We will attempt to define mastering thought-form from our own channel's experience of such in her ascension.

Long ago, Mila learned a technique in psychic school known as "deprogramming". Programs were seen clairvoyantly as beads of cause and effect linked together based upon like experience or emotion that could be erased as the karma was released. Erasure is a manner in which vibration is applied to the chain of cause and effect dissolving it in full, along with all karmic contracts held therein. The beads of cause and effect are filled with pictures of present life experiences, drama or trauma along with past life experiences that are related from one's own ancestry. As one releases the emotional trauma that is both past life and present life, the beads of cause and effect dissolve into the new thought-form that is unity based, which enters the field in its place.

Let us give you a more elaborate example of this process. Let us say that one holds the polarity of failure in their life expression. Relationships one has attempted to manifest have failed, business opportunities have failed, and one feels unworthy as a result. This is a true past experience of Mila who had numerous failures in her life dance before ascension. Over time, Mila would examine the cause of failure or feelings of failure as recorded in her field. Within all such "programming" were memories of being told that she was not good enough, was not beautiful enough, did not spell well enough, did not write well enough, or could never do this or that. All such memories were related to her mother's gift of being invalidating. The invalidation had recorded over time in her field and form, and linked together with other past life experiences of similar nature, in which whatever experience was made manifest left Mila's ancestor feeling less then, belittled, invalidated, under-accomplished, unsuccessful, and the like.

Mila found that there were layer upon layer of memories linked together of this nature. She chose to release each layer through conscious intent. In so doing, sometimes she would cry and cry over the experience of one ancestor or another, as so painful was the recall of their life dance. There was memory upon memory of such a nature, with over thousands of lifetimes related to any one extreme polarity in our recent examination of Mila's ascension records. It took Mila much of her ascension to process her fear of failure or fear of success in full. However, each layer transcended allowed more of her dream of an ascension teacher and healer to emerge into her reality. So it is for Mila, so it is for all initiates that choose to ascend, one ascends into the potential for their life expression one layer at a time.

Another example from Mila's experience has to do with the balancing of masculine and feminine within. Mila like many humans wanted a loving partnership. She recognized that there was lifetime after lifetime of abusive relationships in her ancestry. Each set of abuse scenarios caused Mila to desire to be independent and sovereign and not "needing" of anyone. She would equate this with the "lone ranger" side of herself. Indeed she manifested many relationships that did not honor or care about her to prove that she could ultimately rely upon herself, including the father of her son whom rejected her and the pregnancy shortly after conception.

Over time, Mila released all karma and ancestral experiences that were the underlying cause of her need to be the "lone ranger". She chose to transmute such patterning within. Low and behold, she then manifested relationship after relationship with the opposing kind of partner, one that would be there for her, but also wished to own or possess her. The dance of ownership in one of such partnerships came to a head when he slapped Mila around over her own expression of free will, having gone out dancing with the "girls" one night. At this point Mila recognized that the opposing pole of the possessive male was no better than the one that rejected; both were equally distasteful to experience. Also in this moment Mila determined that there would be no other man in her life until she came to the middle road and could have an unconditionally loving partner.

Moving from the man who rejects to the man who possesses is an example of ascending into an opposing polarity for a time. In the choice to continue to ascend Mila could come out into the middle road of unity and later create a unity-based partnership. Indeed many years of ascension did transpire, along with her awakening and movement into her role as a teacher of ascension. Oa did show up at one of her Intensives, and two weeks later had relocated to California to be with her. This was only possible because Mila had come to the middle road, which afforded her a partnership that was non-polarized. Indeed Mila and Oa are much alike and where they are opposing, they counterbalance each other's weaknesses. This has allowed for a harmonious union that could ascend together, which was Mila's intent all along.

Creating one's dreams in the physical is a wonderful reward for all the hard work and inner processing inherent in the choice to ascend! Whether one's dream is an ascending partnership, a job that one loves, or the recovery of one's health, ascension makes each of these possibilities a potential life experience as one ascends out of the polarity thought-form at cause of one's current predicament. As the unity foundation becomes one's main modality of thought-form, one's life expression follows suit, allowing joy to emerge in all areas of one's life dance.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


Where does the unity based thought-form come from? Well, one's own ancestry lived in unity once long ago. One simply brings into present time another state of being experienced before the extremes in polarity occurred within one's ancestral records. All that is required to dissolve the beads of cause and effect locking in a particular polarity of expression is intent, or the desire to do so. The intent to transcend causes the old thought-form to dissolve and the new thought-form to be brought forward into one's life expression.

In the beginning and before genetic modifications began in Mila's ascension, she dissolved layer after layer of cause and effect in her field. This unified enough of her thought-form to allow the unity-based thoughts to begin to enter her field. Soon it became apparent that she could go no further in her "deprogramming" without integrating new DNA from her own ancestry. She recognized this and chose to begin to bring in genetic material from her ancient past. This is how the early template for ascension was constructed, and later shared with others.

At first Mila thought that there would only be 12 strands of DNA to master full consciousness. As the 12th strand was integrated, she recognized that she was a far cry from unity, and chose to keep going. The further she went the more genetic material became available, as archive after archive from her own ancestry opened up. How did she open up each archive? She accessed such knowledge through the intent to along with the continued desire to ascend.

The further Mila went, the more complex the programming for disunity appeared. Often times and in her more recent ascension large psychic machinery would be uncovered in her field. Such machines hold in place a particular polarity of thought-form that does not allow for the unification of the two related extremes. As each machine is dismantled along with related spells, curses, hexes and karma, unity has come forth to deeper and deeper levels in Mila's conscious awareness and understanding.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


Many may choose to ascend only part way to unify the early extreme polarities within. Yet others will continue to ascend until full consciousness is reached in which all polarities are unified to the middle path in full. The choice to continue to ascend is up to each initiate, and those that cannot accomplish such a task in this given life shall bear witness to their choice to ascend in future ancestors yet unborn. In such a manner, all humans shall live to witness the ascension of the whole of mankind.

Unifying poles within oneself requires releasing the karma that locks a particular polarity in place within the field and consciousness of the form. The karma is indeed cause and effect that is strung together and sometimes accompanies energetic machinery of one sort or another in one's field. As the cause and effect is dissolved and the related machines are dismantled for each layer related to a particular pole of a given polarity, one balances the polarity and comes to the middle

The machinery itself holds in an imbalance of energy related to a particular thought-form. All energy seeks to balance itself and therefore any imbalance would have to be held in place in some manner. Such imbalances are held in place by what can be seen clairvoyantly as psychic machinery. All psychic machinery is related to a particular experience that was traumatic in one's past life ancestry that left one with a particular belief. The belief is indeed a machine that is located in the auric field and in the genetic encoding, which continues to perpetuate the thought-form in one's current life expression from the time period that the trauma was experienced.

As one ascends, such thought-form becomes activated, as thought-forms are held in vibrational layers like an onion around one's form. At each level of ascension, the next level of extreme polarities emerge as one accesses the vibration that one's ancestry experienced a particular trauma. This occurs as the related machines are activated and begin to run again. In so doing, the beliefs from another time begin to take precedence over one's current life dance. One literally ascends into the experience of one's own prior ancestors and may even manifest a circumstance that is related in order to better understand. This is known as ascending into the opposing pole of a particular thought-form.

Ascending into polarity occurs as one transmutes one end of the pole of a particular thought-form and then enters the other extreme. Most of the time, one enters the other extreme only for a short period, and then ascends above and beyond it without too much life threatening damage or too much drama and trauma. Mila has experienced recurring difficulties with manifestation and gathering as each layer of poverty karma surfaced to be cleared, which would create a temporary experience of poverty in her life expression until the karma was cleared in full. Then manifestation would resume with ease, and without negatively impacting her overall purpose or needs. Each time Mila has hit a period of poverty issues and then manifested the experience of "not enough", she chose to keep on ascending and then subsequently ascended out to the other end to a deeper level of unity, which has translated into a deeper level of abundance.

With one's deepest polarities in one's birth chart and genetics, one may go from one extreme to the opposing extreme again and again until the two poles are unified in full in entering a state of Full Consciousness. Much like a spiral that moves up, one moves from one side of the circle to the other. Each side of the spiral represents the two poles of any given thought-form. Over time, the spiral lessens and lessens and then eventually becomes a straight line. As the spiral becomes the straight line, one has transcended the polarity in full or unified the two extremes within.

One can liken the straightening of the spiral to the straightening of the DNA. The DNA with any lower level of information other than 3000 strands per tube and 12 tubes with a total of 36,000 segments in full causes portions of the DNA to spiral. The spiraling DNA lock the polarity in the physical cellular structure of the form. Wherever the spiral exists within the DNA at any phase of ascension, such genetic encoding does not allow the crystalline structure to emerge in the related part of the form. Wherever the form is not crystalline, such cells fail to do their fair share or job to sustain the overall well-being of the form. Some cells are held in decay, and yet others in scar tissue that is locked in time and space due to an emotionally difficult moment in one's current life or one's past life ancestry.

The emotionally difficult moment is recorded in the cells, and the cells continue to live in a state of disunity until the emotional trauma is released in full. In ascension, first the emotional trauma is released in the etheric body, etheric grid work, subtle bodies and chakras. As this occurs, one may re-experience the emotions from a difficult time period in one's ancestry or earlier life experience. Then as the trauma is released from the DNA, a new set of DNA, which is crystalline in form, can be added to the etheric grid work in place of the traumatized DNA.

The new crystalline genetic encoding does not spiral, but rather holds a straight line from the grid work of the etheric body to the cellular structure of the form. This allows the line of information in the DNA to become unity based. (See "The Crystalline Cellular Structure" in Ascension Transmissions I for more information on the crystalline form.) As the DNA is transcribed in a straight manner from the etheric grid work to the form by the angelic kingdom and divas, polarity ceases upon a biological level, therefore allowing the cellular structure to support the health and well being of the form. As enough of the cellular structure becomes crystalline, one begins to transcend polarity in one's behavior and life relations simultaneously.

Why is this so? The Crystalline cells are a unity based cellular blueprint, which precludes polarity. All spiraling DNA is polarity based and leads to birth death and rebirth, which is not a regenerative structure. As the polarity-based thought-form behind each strands of DNA is altered, the DNA ceases to spiral and become straight instead. Straight DNA translates into a regenerative structure in the physical as polarity ceases, and therefore birth and death cease as a biological experience therein.

In ascension, one must transmute all segments of DNA. Mila and her beloved Oa have transcribed 36,000 segments thus far in their experience of ascension causing such genetic materials to cease to spiral but flow in a straight line, leading to the experience of unity based biology. They have done so through the conscious intent to bring forward another type of biology from their ancient ancestry.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


There is no time and space. Time and space is an illusion. One's form lives simultaneously in all time zones that one's ancestry has ever lived within. One's form is also a living record of all experiences within one's ancestry, including the unity-based biology experienced in the original seeding of mankind upon Earth.

One will discover that the average human at only 2 strands of DNA is divided into a minimum of 144 different time zones, each of which is related to personal or planetary cataclysms with records of great trauma recorded therein. Personal level cataclysms are those that are related to the experiences that lock pain into the biology, whether such pain is caused by physical injury, emotional abuse, torture, rape, incest, violence upon the battlefield, or any one of a million possible other painful experiences in one's past life ancestry. Global cataclysms are 18 events that affected all of earth and were Nuclear in nature, with large atomic bombs detonated often causing a nuclear winter of all of Earth. Mankind caused 12 of such events since the original seeding and the remaining 6 were solar in nature but impacted Earth nonetheless.

Therefore, for the average human, 12 of the 144 time zones include those incidents related to global cataclysms that occurred due to nuclear annihilation, the most recent two of which were the bombs exploded over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. All humans bear a record and injury from this travesty in recent history regardless of whether or not one's ancestry was in Japan at the moment of explosion, as the human race is one race. The remaining 10 incidents of like kind occurred during other periods of the rise and fall of man, including the first major incident some 30,000 earth-years ago (120,000 human years) detonated in a war between the Annanuki.

These 12 time markers are present and recorded in the human form and genetics splitting the average human form in 12 different time zones. The other roughly 132 time zones the average human is divided into are the result of extremely painful memories in one's personal ancestral experiences. Each area that time has split has caused the genetics to spiral further and further into polarity. Each time zone holds cells in the form in great pain and as such they are locked in a genetic pattern of decay, death or scar tissue in the form.

Scar tissue is far more extensive than the current human medical science or medical system understands. Each place within the genetic structure that is missing information equates to a scarred set of cells. The average human with only 2 strands of DNA is 1/18,000th of the genetic structure of the original seeded race. This equates to 36,000 scarred segments of cells within the human form, each of which fail to do their job to sustain the whole of the health and well being of the human form along with the life span. It is no wonder given this that the average human lifespan is less than 100 years at this time as a result.

Each of these 36,000 sets of cells can lock in disunity and polarity based behavior or belief or thought-form in the human dance. Those that choose to ascend will require bringing to unity each region locked into another time zone within the form from past or present life trauma into present time. This is accomplished as one releases the pain and karmic contracts held in place in the record of the trauma, freeing up that which has been held in time and space in the vibration of pain. It is the vibration of pain that splits the human form into 144 time zones.

Pulling the entire body into present time is not a short or rapid journey beloved, it has taken Mila and Oa nearly a decade to accomplish to a level that over 98% of their field exists in present time. So it is with them and so it will be for each that chooses to accomplish this in their current life dance. One can measure where they are based upon how much of the form is in present time. For those attaining 1024 to 1800, roughly 30% of the form exists in present time. For those as 3000, roughly 40% of the form is in present time. For those attaining Bodhisattva at 7500 strands, roughly 60% of the form is in present time. For those attaining Mahavishnu at15,000 strands, roughly 80% of the form is in present time. One may make one's own measurements therein through muscle testing. (For tips on muscles testing, see the charts and graphs section under "Messages from the Earth Mother".)

Coming to the middle road on any particular thought-form brings about the relinquishment of the related emotional charge from another time in one's history. The relinquishment of the emotional charge allows a particular portion of the auric field, subtle bodies, grid work and chakras to come into present time. It is in moving into present time that one becomes free, free of the past. As the past is freed, one is then capable of moving in a new direction that is no longer based upon the karmic contracts and agreements from the past. It is the overwhelming sense of freedom that often causes initiates to keep on ascending, for such a joyous experience the freedom is. One is freeing oneself for all ancestors that ever lived in the pain and the prison of the fracturing of time.

Earth too is healing her fractured time. Earth is fractured into 1024 separate time zones. This is gradually being healed through the release of cellular pain held upon the land. Over time, time shall be unified in full upon Earth. This is anticipated to take the coming 15 years of continued global ascension to accomplish, and as it is accomplished, Earth shall be ready to enter the photon belt of the Great Central Sun.

One must be in present time, more or less, to enter the Great Central Sun without combusting. For Earth, this requires unifying all 1024 separate time zones that Earth exists within. For the human species, bringing the form to a minimum of 3000 strands should allow enough cells to be in present time that the overall form does not combust upon entry. Natalia views initiation 3000 as relatively easy to master for those humans who so choose to ascend, and indeed there is plenty of time to accomplish this to be ready for the impact at the point of entry.

What is the purpose of the photon belt? The photon belt is a band of energy that prevents any vibration from passing through that is non-resonant with the Great Central Sun. Such vibrations will be forced to separate. Those who are not in present time shall simply combust because they are not ready for such a shift. Many changes are occurring as the consciousness of the Great Central Sun adjusts to the energy flow of Earth in preparation, and the hope is for an effortless transition that allows Earth to move forth in her choice to ascend and return home therein.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


One manner of assessing if one is still in polarity around a given thought-form or set of thought-forms is if one is emotionally charged about anything, whether it be something one reads in the newspaper, or a particular event in one's life, or an event in the life of another. Such emotional reaction is a sign that one has not brought the related thought-forms to the middle road of unity yet. Each initiate will create a set of experiences that will allow one to see first hand where one has yet to modify their thought-form from polarity into the unity paradigm. In so doing, layer after layer after layer of modification can be intended to then become a living expression of unity within.

Moving towards unity is a gradual process that takes many years to accomplish. Beyond one set of polarity is another beyond it, and therefore one shall continue to balance the poles of opposing thought-forms again and again until a particular bandwidth of thought-form has been transcended in full. And then it is on to the next, as there is always more, and there will continue to be more to balance until one moves to full consciousness, into the 4th dimension, and eventually into the 5th dimension in full.

Often one is conned into thinking they have arrived, when indeed they have not. Sometimes it is forces of the dark that con one so, for if one believes that they have arrived, one will cease to transcend, and then such beings can then continue to manipulate one's dance. Keep on going until there is nowhere to go, and this means one will have arrived into the next dimension! Mila and Oa know that they have not arrived, that there is so much more to do, and to share. They are not stopping, nor should you or anyone that desires to ascend in this lifetime.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


Long ago, Mila described the 16 planes of reality that she had come to understand in her own ascension. She has since come to understand that there are 36 planes of reality to transcend to enter full consciousness, and 144 planes to transcend to move into the 4th dimension, and 1024 planes to transcend to move into the 5th dimension. Mila has not entered 4D yet and begins the process of soul infusion this year. This is a tedious and slow process, soul infusion, for there are still so many inclusions of scarred cells in her structure, and if she were infused too fast, she could die instead of transcend. And so this will be a laborious process and it may well take over ten years for her to enter 4D in full.

One must remember that one's ancient ancestors who ascended began with a cellular structure that had not been compromised. In so doing, they did not require the resurrection necessary in the current human dance in order to soul infuse into the next dimension. For those ascending in present time and beginning with only 2 strands, one pieces together the puzzle of the ascending form a little at a time over a many year period.

The pieced together human form at a fully conscious vibration is not the same as the form one's ancient ancestor had, and therefore is not the best working material for ascension from a pragmatic point of view. However, it will be in the few that do ascend from 2 strands all the way to the next dimension that all of the details of the human karma can be revealed, and therefore it is vital to Earth that a few master this; as it will be from a known understanding of all karma that all karma can then be released by all ascending humans global wide.

For most humans, future generations will be born crystalline. They will mature into healthy and strong bodies that will not have as many difficulties ascending into 4D and later 5D along with Earth. However, the pathway must be cleared and this is the job of the forerunners, to clear the path and carve the map that mostly will be administered in the womb, as this is truly perhaps the easiest place to ascend as the cellular structure is still forming. And so we envision that the generational form of ascension shall be the most likely form that humans at large shall experience.

In transcending the first 36 planes, one transcends the polarity of opposites in full. Each of these 36 planes are addressed and integrated in ascension, the first 18 in mastering the first 1800 strands of DNA or Initiation 1800, the next 12 in attaining Bodhisattva or 7500 strands, the next 3 in attaining Mahavishnu or 15,000 strands, and the final 3 through ascension to Full Consciousness or 36,000 strands of DNA. One can see in this that the first 30 planes are smaller in size, and the remaining 6 very large in size, as only 6 planes are addressed in the initiations from Bodhisattva to Full Consciousness.

This inequality in the size of the planes surrounding Earth is the result of polarization of energy into the unconscious and nonphysical realms, which has lead to a depletion of overall chi in the physical planes over time. Indeed, 90% of the chi for any human form or Earth at large exists in the six outermost planes of reality. This polarity has caused most of the chi surrounding Earth in the physical to know extreme lack. The extreme lack of chi in the physical has resulted in the experience of aging, illness and disease in all species therein. As the energy is balanced between all planes that one resides within through ascension, one then ceases to experience lack of any kind, and aging illness and death cease simultaneously. This occurs as all 36 planes are integrated and transcended in full in returning to a fully conscious genetic structure and energetic field through ascension.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


One can liken these 36 planes to 36 separate parallel lives that one is living concurrently upon Earth. The first 18 planes are expressed in extreme opposites. It is in mastering 1800 that one unifies extreme opposites in their life dance. One can equate extremes to the thought-form of positive and negative, black and white, yin and yang, male and female, right and wrong. As one ascends to 1800, one has unified such extreme polarities of thought-form within and has taken their first steps towards unity therein.

In those just beginning ascension, the 18 planes are split into 18 parallel lives, one of which mimics one's current life dance. Planes numbered 1 and 18 are identical to what one experiences in the physical. Planes 2 through 17 will provide a series of opposing experiences to one's current life dance in the physical. If one is healthy in their physical life, one will be diseased in at least 2 other parallel lives. If one is married in their physical life, one will be single or gay upon at least two parallel lives. If one is free in their physical life, one will be imprisoned in one form or another in at least two parallel lives. Sometimes such forms of imprisonment can include a sentence in prison, or sometimes a life in a wheel chair as a paraplegic. If one has a job in their physical life, one will be unemployed in at least two parallel lives. If one has a home of great extravagance or knows great wealth, one will be homeless and in great poverty in at least two parallel lives. If one has a
preoccupation that they love in the physical, one will have at least two parallel lives with jobs that they hate. If one has become the boss or CEO in the physical, one will have at least two parallel lives as an employee to just such a kind of boss or CEO.

Each of these parallel lives balance an extreme polarity as expressed in one's current life dance. The variations are unique to each human, however they follow a particular pattern that is the result of the bending of thought-form in the human expression. As thought-form began to bend and later spiral, polarity was created. Polarity is opposing forces in which one particular experience or expression is desired more than another, and some expressions are not desired at all or considered a horrible outcome for a particular life dance.

In reality, all humans know all things when the sum total of all 18 parallel lives is added up. The problem is that humans do not remember their parallel lives, let alone their past lives and ancestral memories. As such, and in not remembering, one can think that they have a "better life" than another, only to have the life of the other upon another plane of reality. One will only draw into one's life dance representatives of self upon another parallel plane. Therefore, if one is healthy and has a friend with cancer, one has cancer upon a parallel plane. If one is free, and one works with handicapped children, then one is imprisoned to a handicap oneself upon a parallel plane of reality. As a matter of fact, there is nothing that one draws unto themselves that one doesn't know or understand intimately upon a parallel plane of reality. It is for this reason that judgment is always self-judgment. For if one judges another, one only judges themselves in a parallel experience or in a parallel behavior upon another plane of reality.

As one integrates these parallel selves, and one may utilize their life dance as a mirror for what such lives may be like, one shall eventually transcend extreme polarity. Extreme polarity causes one to bounce back and forth between the thought-form of good and bad, right and wrong, and black and white in one's assessment of self or others. Shame is one of the underlying vibrations of such a thought-form of extreme polarity. Only 1800 strands are required to rise above this form of extreme polarity, and then one is faced with unifying the next set of poles. This occurs as one moves on and masters Bodhisattva level evolution.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


It is perceived that many humans may ascend to 1800, and do so with ease. The map to 1800 has already been opened, and upwards of 30% of the world populace is embarking upon this portion of the evolutionary dance in present time. In so doing, the first stages of healing the disunity in the human dance at large shall emerge in the coming decade. This shall occur as those who have ascended to 1800 affect all of humanity at large by forcing a restitution of the extreme poles that humans at large live within. Such extreme poles are most exemplified in the concepts of extreme wealth and poverty between regions or nations. We see now the potential of the end of poverty and hunger global wide in the coming fifteen years as humanity ascends into a new way that being that no longer allows for such extremes. We say potential, as such an outcome will depend upon how many accomplish the goal of ascension inside of the map that has been carved and released.

One manner in which such extremes may be resolved is in the re-empowering of underpowered nations. Such nations, as they ascend due to the ascension within the humans incarnate therein, shall naturally find their own power again. For ascension brings about the retrieval of power lost over time. In so retrieving their own power, such nations may devise their own plan and execute the plan to enter the economic dance by providing goods and services sought after by yet other nations. This shall create employment and finances to then supply such nations with whatever they lack, including food and shelter. This is one potential outcome that Natalia sees for human ascension in the decade ahead and those peoples and countries caught in extreme poverty.

Ascension is not about solving the problem of another, or going to fix a problem from the outside in. Therefore ascension is not about sending food to those that are starving, or providing impoverished peoples or continents with food, clothing and shelter. Ascension brings about the gradual emergence of unity awareness, and from a newfound state of unity, one seeks to provide for oneself whatever one needs. If one is related to an ascending nation, the nation itself as enough humans therein ascend will seek to provide the populace with the populace's need, and do so from within their own dance. It may well be that ascending humans within such nations will pull together to devise the plan that creates the goods, services and related employment income for their own people, and that the profit from such endeavors then provides the required food and shelter therein.

Ascension is about movement towards sovereignty and unity consciousness. Sovereignty is the understanding that everything that one requires to evolve or sustain oneself comes from within. Unity is the understanding that each sovereign member of the whole contributes to the whole and receives equal only to their contribution. No one receives a free ride, each must contribute to the overall needs of community, and in so doing, the needs of all are provided for. For multiple communities, this translates into each community becoming self-sustaining and then may share of their goods and services of greater diversity between communities to enhance the dance of the whole.

In sovereignty and unity, one will discover that one manifests one's own reality, and therefore has the power through ascension to change any undesirable dance to another outcome. For ascending nations, the same applies, and each nation will find their own solutions to their own dilemmas as they too become sovereign in meeting their own needs through ascension.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


In Bodhisattva level evolution, one embodies the Language of Light in lieu of polarity-based thought-form altogether and in so doing, integrates 12 additional parallel lives and selves that any human in polarity and below 7500 strands exists within. Although one has unified the first 18 planes and parallel lives and extreme polarity in the initiations to 1800, there is still polarity remaining for the initiate at 1800 strands, which is refracted through 12 additional parallel life selves.

From 1800 to 7500 strands, one addresses diseased, decayed and dead cells in the form. The disease and decay equate to the thought-form of birth, death and rebirth. Birth and death equate to energy that is either moving or has ceased to move and stagnates. Stagnant energy is known as the seven Kumaras of the vibrations of pain, death, suffering, lust, judgment, greed, and fear. As such, transcendence to Bodhisattva allows the polarities of joy and pain, life and death, hope and suffering, ecstasy and lust, acceptance and judgment, greed and poverty, along with love and fear to be more greatly unified within.

Within the additional 12 parallel lives, one will find examples of each of these seven sets of polarities in opposing forces to one's current life dance. If one is the optimist in the physical and basically joyful and hopeful, one will be the pessimist in the nonphysical with some manifestation of pain and suffering or depression therein in one to two parallel lives. If one is alive in the physical, one will be ill, dying or dead in one to two parallel lives. If one has little to no sex in the physical, one will be a wonton lustful human with many partners in one to two parallel lives. If one is relatively accepting in the physical, one will find that they are highly judgmental in one to two parallel lives. If one has little in the physical, one will find that they have a load of possessions and wealth in one to two parallel lives. If one is fearful in the physical, one will find that they are certain and confident in one to two parallel lives. And so it can also be the opposite of the above, as each human will have a unique set of polarities as expressed upon the multiple planes of reality that all humans reside.

As one integrates each of these 12 planes and related parallel life selves, the polarity or extremes related to the seven Kumaras are unified to the middle path or road. As one moves more to the middle path, certain extreme expressions in the human dance can most definitely be transmuted, particularly extremes of health related disorders such as disease, or great difficulties in manifestation, or the desire for a beloved and partner to dance one's life with. Therefore, one may experience a greater level of joy in their life dance after completing Bodhisattva level initiations than prior to the choice to ascend, for as polarity ceases, peace and joy become the foundation of one's physical plane life.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


One will find in the process of unifying the poles in moving towards Bodhisattva in evolution, that one may even experience the opposing pole for a time in their life dance. If one has been able to manifest, one may find that for a time, manifestation ceases and they experience the opposing side of the coin. If one has always had a partner or been married, one may separate and experience being single for a time. If one has owned property, one may choose to sell the property and experience renting for a time. If one has had a job, one may take an early retirement and experience being job-less. If one has spent the majority of their life raising children, one may move out into the job force and work again. Why does this occur in ascension, this movement into the opposing polarity within one's life dance?

To balance the two sides of the pole, one must understand the opposing side of the coin. Sometimes the only manner to understand the opposing side is to experience it for a time. We have seen initiates manifest a temporary health problem to experience what it feels like to be diseased. As they transcend the temporary health problem, such humans have greater compassion for those that are diseased around them, for now they have experienced such a dilemma first hand. We have seen initiates manifest a temporary problem with monetary flow. Such initiates develop greater compassion for those that have lived in poverty, hunger or homelessness as a result of such an experience. We have seen initiates leave a long-term marriage and experience being single. This too allows such initiates to develop compassion for those that perhaps have never been able to manifest a life partner, or feel very lonely and isolated.

Attaining Bodhisattva is about learning compassion, and then extending compassion into one's daily life towards all other humans and species that one dances with. How can one understand and have compassion if one has only known this polarity or that one's entire life? It is not possible beloved. And so initiates and their souls devise a means by which one can gain compassion for all other human dilemmas upon Earth, and sometimes in so doing, one creates a temporarily difficult time for oneself to experience, grow and learn. The difficulties are temporary as long as one ascends through them. If one recognizes the spiritual lesson underlying the creation, one will more rapidly rise above and beyond it, as the entire purpose for the manifestation will have been fulfilled upon from the point of view of soul.

Initiations are spiritual tests. Spiritual tests are first passed in the nonphysical and have to do with dreamtime understanding of compassion and unity awareness. Such tests also measure the initiates growing field and changes in the aura, chakras, subtle bodies and grid work surrounding the form. Then the tests must become physical. Soul devises a series of experiences that shall test the initiate as to their embracing of compassion and unity in the physical. Sometimes such tests are very difficult and challenge one right on down to the very core of whom and what one thought oneself to be. However, what occurs following the passing of such a difficult test is that the fabric of one's truth is strengthened.

For those who are ascending are moving into a leadership capacity for others in human form. Therefore the testing must be difficult, for how is one to lead another if they are not extremely strong and will not sway their hopes, dreams and aspirations to the will of another non-ascending human or group? How is a new civilization to be born otherwise beloved? And so the tests are difficult to pass to reach Bodhisattva. And so they should be lest we create non-compassionate ascending masters. And what is the point of such?

Many have failed in the experience of SSOA. Such failures are not wrong, and such individuals have an opportunity to try again, particularly now that a better map that resolves many of their difficulties has been carved. The spiritual path is not for everyone. The spiritual path requires commitment, dedication, and a placing of one's spiritual aspirations and goals above and beyond all else. Those dedicated to the path of mapmaking know that there is no other purpose for their life expression upon Earth. And indeed with such a level of commitment, there is a grand chance that such humans shall succeed at their goal, mastering Bodhisattva and moving on to Full Consciousness if one so chooses it so.

Our channels will attest tot the fact that the testing leading to Full Consciousness was even more difficult than any test to Bodhisattva. The very core of them was put to the test to assure that Mila and Oa would only move in the direction that supports their personal ascension, human ascension and global ascension in all that they do. Many left their association as such folk caused a problem that would have affected Earth's choice to ascend otherwise, and so their life has become a rather solitary journey at this time. However, the purpose for which Mila and Oa stand is most important from their point of view, and they are willing to release anything and everything to see Earth and human ascension forth, for nothing is more important in their eyes.

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan


So beloved, what are you willing to let go of to ascend? What are you willing to let go of to have greater freedom in this lifetime than 30,000 years of imprisoned ancestors? What are you willing to give to other humans and Earth? Will you move with those needs that sustain your ascension along with global ascension? Or will you move onto a detour of one sort or another that leads to death instead? Neither is right or wrong, and those that do not ascend in this lifetime will witness the ascension of their future ancestors.

For the mapmakers, time is of the essence. One must not tarry, for there is little time to bring the map forth before humanity shall lose their opportunity for a greater awakening. And this requires those that know in their heart that this is their role to move forward and ascend. For Mila and Oa, along with many in their program, there is no other reason to exist.

We invite you to come dance with us if you know you are a mapmaker at heart. Please join us in our collaborative endeavors to anchor world peace through the release of human warfare karma at our Masters Conclave this October. We also invite you to consider our Group Mastery Program, which endeavors to carve the remaining map to Bodhisattva so that the pathway may be opened to the remainder of humanity no later than 2003.

The further one moves into unity, the more that one's life dance changes as so few are embarking upon this journey at this time in human form. It is the goal of Natalia to rectify this through the administration of a blueprint for ascension so that more in human form shall be able to follow the map carved such that ascension may take hold global wide. To the degree that ascension can take hold, to that degree the coming 25 years of cleansing shall be easier for all to bear.

For those ascending in the density of large human populations shall hold a higher vibration and assist Earth in moving her energy. As the stuck energy points upon Earth's surface move, there is no build up of pain that would cause a physical cataclysm such as a hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption or other disaster to cause the energy to move. It is Earth's conscious choice to allow this period of cleansing to be as gentle as possible, and through the intervention of the One Source outside of time and space, changes are coming forth to make this so.

We hope you have found this information of use in your personal path of ascension. We honor each that has found their way to our materials. We hope that they have served you well, and that you master unity in this lifetime.

Until our next communication,
The Source of All

Art by Toke Aoyama, Japan

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    “My whole teaching consists of two words, meditation and love. Meditate so that you canfeel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, if you can move without any effort, you have learned the greatest thing in life.” – Osho (Come, Come, Yet Again Come).

    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

    "The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears." - Osho

    “Whatsoever you are, there is nothing wrong with it. Love and relationship has not to be destroyed; only meditation has to be added to it.” - Osho

    "The head is a marketplace, the heart is the shrine of being. All that is beautiful and true arises out of the heart, never out of the head." - Osho

    “I do not ordinarily make prophecies, but about this I am absolutely prophetic: the coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational, and more and more mystical. The second thing: After a hundred years people will be perfectly able to understand why I was misunderstood — because I am the beginning of the mystical, the irrational. I am a discontinuity with the past. The past cannot understand me; only the future will understand. The past can only condemn me. It cannot understand me, it cannot answer me, it cannot argue with me; it can only condemn me. Only the future…as man becomes more and more available to the mysterious, to the meaningless yet significant…After a hundred years they will understand. Because the more man becomes aware of the mysterious side of life, the less he is political; the less he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian; the less is the possibility for his being a fanatic. A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual, because only with freedom can this garden of humanity be a rich place.” – Osho (The Osho Upanishad).


    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." ~ Laozi

    "All the fish needs is to get lost in water. All man needs is to get lost in Tao." ~ Chuang-Tzu

     "There are many paths to enlightenment.
    Be sure to take the one with a heart."
    ~ Laozi

    “Giving to others selflessly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.” ~ Laozi.

    Laughing Owl


     is the best cocktail
    (St Germain)

    “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



    Love is

    Love is all

    Love is all there is

    Love is all

    Love is



    Don't be a stranger

    It's cold outside, There's no kind of atmosphere, I'm all alone, More or less. Let me fly, Far away from here, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun.

    I want to lie, Shipwrecked and comatoase, Drinking fresh, Mango juice, Goldfish shoals, Nibbling at my toes, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun, Fun, fun, fun,In the sun, sun, sun.

    (Red Dwarf theme tune)

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