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The Ascension Opportunity of 2012

Here are parts 1, 2 & 3 and El Morya's Winter Solstice message which is part of this series as per Andrew:

Please go to the website, in the Articles section, subgroup Andrew Smith you will find Parts One and Two.  I would also recommend El Morya's Winter Solstice Message 2011 as its part of the series.  If you go to Andrew's blog also on the website, there is a new summary which relates to all this.

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Winter Solstice Message

Part 1.I

The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12

By Master Quan Yin

November 2011

Greetings, this is an aspect of Quan Yin rather than the Catherine you are used to, although we are all of the same lineage, the same multi-dimensional Being.

The work this afternoon involves quite different vibrations, wave frequencies, new colours and perhaps new insights. We are opening the door to your deeper participation at a much higher level of consciousness.

The period that humanity is going through (and you are going through as members of that great collective group) is immense. Here and there some guidelines of explanation are being circulated about what's happening. They are being read by a few people and understood by even fewer. With so many busy activities being required of most individuals in physical form, it is challenging to keep track of the key essence of each day, the truth which is there. And yet the situation is such that you need to rise to that challenge of maintaining and extending your understanding each day.

It's like there's a new dish or almost new menu being presented by the Spiritual Hierarchy to each of you when you wake up in the morning hours. It is almost as if the world is being re-programmed in the small hours on a nightly basis, although there are not any signs up saying so, let alone major notifications in the mass media. One of the objectives of this communication is just to say it as clearly as possible – "Each day is becoming more and more different from its predecessor than you have ever experienced".

Taking a broad view, this is very much in the category of "Good News" for those within humanity who have aspired to a much more harmonious life on the Earth: a life where things work out well and lovingly as a normal feature of engagement with individuals and all the other dimensions of Livingness, where every activity in which you engage has a built-in joyfulness. Millions have aspired at various times to be part of such a world – a rather smaller number are still holding that belief and truth within their hearts currently.

So this message is for those of you who have voyaged successfully to this point on the eve of a gargantuan change with your heart's aspirations intact. We're going to show you a place you've not been to before, or at least not for a very long time.

Let us envisage a beautiful grassy valley – a shallow valley rather than a steep sided one – dotted with wild flowers, with a variety of quite mature trees as well as some younger ones. There is a small river, more the size of a brook perhaps, running along the base of the valley, twisting and turning as is the way of running water – knowing where it has to go in the end, staying with its course.

There are several comfortable wooden benches near the brook of the sort that have curved wooden backs, so that you are fully supported. You find yourself looking around at this beautiful valley – the air is full of the deepest fragrances. In the background you hear a great diversity of joy-filled birds singing from their hearts. Sunlight radiates continuously with a gentle temperature. While you're taking in the whole scene here, you are invited to sit down on one of these most comfortable benches, still surrounded by this total beauty. So please do that now.

You become aware of a new rhythm flowing through your body – it comes up through your feet, up through your ankles, through your legs to your hips, into the abdominal area, flowing up the spine, filling the chest , moving up through the neck to fill the head, down the arms also.

Then you notice the change in frequency – a pulsing energy. You notice outside that the colours in the sky appear to be in synchronicity with these energies you feel pulsing upwards through your body. In some way, the colours and shades are moving in accordance with this pulsing energy within you. Even the birdsong changes and joins in this unified expression. You feel wave after wave of this joy-filled energy.

With so many overlapping frequencies, you see a kaleidoscope of colours changing each fraction of a second. As you sit there, you are totally part of this experience of vibrant life energy. It's like you are immersed in the deepest music yet it's a music without notes – tiny pulses, thousands of them, producing harmonies beyond anything you have ever heard previously. Within your mind, colours come and go in tune with these musical impulses. You are truly at one with all the energies of this enchanted valley.

Now you are invited to choose a thought related to one of your deepest aspirations. Bring this thought and aspiration into your mind and hold it there lovingly. Then see it very gently extending down to your heart centre, so that it exists strongly in both areas. As you embrace this aspirational thought, it develops some structure, taking on some kind of texture.

You notice that the energy flow within your body seems to have reversed; instead of the energy flow coming up through your feet, you power coming from aspirational thought – your new creation – seems to flow downward through the legs, out through the feet out into the valley. It begins to take form in this magical place because you are one with the whole valley; its inhabitants and all its energetic patterns and frequencies.

And so it responds to your new creation. Although the birds singing are still themselves, they respond by putting out their higher vibrational patterns in perfect alignment with your new creation. The murmurs and the bubbling sounds from the brook also change to harmonise with your creative energies now spreading throughout the whole valley.

You can even feel the trees as Great Spirits, smiling as they give their energies also towards the manifestation of your creation. For them it is second nature to respond in this way. Within the rays of the Sun, you notice the change of emphasis there also, an overtone difference, it seems.

You see and feel your creation coming into a visible etheric form, one that you can feel clearly, gradually becoming more visible. You notice that the energy is still flowing from your head and heart continuously and steadily, going out into the valley, finding its way to all the parts it needs to go to – bring this creation into fruition.

This is an important glimpse, or vision if you prefer, of the creation process used by the Divine Feminine in its many activities within your Earth as well as many other places within the Universe. We are bringing this understanding to your attention to help in this huge adjustment that individuals on Earth are currently facing, even those who have been on the Spiritual Path for many years. They are facing this enormous adjustment to much higher levels of consciousness, which are opening up at an exponential rate.

At these higher levels of consciousness, the abilities to create and manifest are unlimited to an extraordinary extent, compared with what you are familiar with in the 3rd and 4th dimensions of consciousness. The old saying "Be careful what you wish for because it may come true" is going to be amplified in its importance some 1,000 times. Your creation will begin to come into being almost immediately you envisage it, which can be a most joyful way of living – a joyful experience once you have mastered the very necessary degree of self-discipline. Without this self-discipline, it can be, shall we say, an exciting ride down the rapids of one of your rushing mountain rivers. Since some people choose to do that for fun, it's not a terrible thing in itself, provided you have trained yourself for that kind of experience. Otherwise it can lead to difficult consequences.

We are planting this understanding and now bringing it to the forefront of your attention so that you have the opportunity to work with it, play with it, internalise it a little before you find it is the normal way of operating in the New Earth. This will enable you to proceed in relatively calm waters.

So now you can see your creation before you – its yours! You can return to this valley by just using the name Quan Yin to call on me and the right level from which I am speaking now will respond, as you keep the picture of the valley in your mind. The whole process starts and moves forward – we have created it that way.

So there's plenty of homework here and we're looking at a transition to this much higher level of consciousness within days and weeks, although the Gregorian calendar does not really relate very precisely. It's more likely to happen in stages –rather irregular stages – with sudden surges of energy around one particular aspect and then, perhaps, another balancing inflow from another angle. We do guarantee that you will wake up each morning, from now on, feeling quite different from how you felt the previous day, even though you may have to encounter some of the same people – yet they will not seem quite the same. Sometimes they may seem to be significantly different as they themselves move forwards on their Path of Evolution.

The one outcome you can depend on is that the whole process of creating the New Earth will move forward to the manifestation of its designed framework and energy flow.

Part 1.II

The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12

By Master Quan Yin

November 2011

As we move forward into this world which responds so directly and harmoniously to the procedures of inspired creation already outlined, it is vital to maintain a methodical meticulousness as to how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and aspirations are allowed to go out into the world of New Earth. There is not going to be the "fail-safe" buffer of time delay and resistance, with which we are used to interacting in the third dimensional world.

The new set-up is both exciting and demanding for each individual human who opens to the opportunity of Ascension to these realms of higher Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. Without this "fail-safe" buffer of inertia, and without the complex pattern of motivations and constraints from your individual karmic package, creative energy from your heart-centre manifests into Fifth Dimensional structures without let or hindrance. And your creation (and its successors) will inherently contain the harmony, inter-dependence and joyful co-operation of the New Earth.

With that degree of creative ability available, a person may well wish to practice being still in both mind and heart-centre as a normal "state of being", other than when a creative design is being worked on actively and then manifested. It's rather like switching off your car engine when the vehicle has no need to move forwards or backwards. In this way, when the creation faculty is engaged, it is not going to be mixed up with a multitude of other thoughts and feelings from other projects and/or contexts.

Whether you are in a male or female body, it is essential to develop the inner feminine because that is the source of your individual creative ability and power to manifest desired outcomes. So in the White Brotherhood mystery schools during the last several thousand years, a female initiate learned the inner power of masculine projection, while a male initiate had to master both feminine receptiveness deep within their body as well as learning to use the power of projection from the integrated mind and heart-centre.

As you welcome each day within this intense stage of the Earth's (and your) journey of Ascension, you are invited to feel and inhale the new energy of the day upon awakening. In this way, you will be most able to appreciate the very real unfolding of the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness and the birth of both your New World and the New Earth.

Part 1.III

The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12

By Master Quan Yin

November 2011 

One of the many challenges built into this process is that each individual person Ascending needs to lovingly come to terms with the understanding that Ascension is an individual Spiritual process. Family connections, friendship patterns and other inter-relationships may be strong in the third and fourth dimensional worlds. However, once the karmic energies pulling individuals together in one-on-one or group partnerships have been fulfilled into neutrality (a condition of Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness), the remaining "heart to heart" relationship related energy flows may not require a continuing daily interaction. The phrase "love you always" will take on a new meaning at the Fifth Dimensional level, as it will be straightforward to send and receive loving energy at a heart level indefinitely, without the third and fourth dimensional need for close physical proximity.

Naturally, each parent who individually commits themselves and prepares for Ascension also wishes that their children will ascend in similar fashion. But whether or not a child is ready and willing to move up to a radically new dimension at this time is determined by the child's Higher Self, rather than by family loyalties and perceived obligations.

The love and protective instincts of the parent can best be expressed by advising/briefing each child about what the Earth's Ascension means for them, in whatever terminology works in the context of that child's level of development and the particular parent/child relationship. The parent can also send higher frequency energy to the child as a kind of "homing signal", which the child may or may not use to raise their consciousness.

Ultimately the child's Higher Self and the Lords of Karma will have the final say on whether the child is ready for the Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness or whether they need to experience one or more further lifetimes on an available planet still at the third/fourth dimensional level. We all knew before we incarnated into the current lifetime what were the patterns of possibilities and probabilities within our destiny pattern and the degree of opportunity to Ascend to the Fifth Dimensional New Earth. Then the exercise of freewill by the individual determines the pathways of experience and the outcomes within the karmic patterns of destiny.

The older the child, the less influence the parent can bring to bear (no surprises there). Every child who has completed the first 13 years is Spiritually an adult, whatever their ongoing needs for support and nurturing. The children under 13 are more susceptible to the parental influence and more able to follow a parental Ascension if that is happening.

The love and caring an adult individual feels for other adults, whether they be partners, friends or relatives, can also be expressed by the advising/briefing process about the rapidly approaching Ascension opportunity, should that other adult be open to hearing and responding – obviously a freewill decision. But an enlightened adult can certainly send higher frequency energy to the other person in a "homing signal" role, which can make a real difference in Ascension outcome in borderline cases.

Feel free to implement any and all of these practices in these vital days prior to the Earth's completing its Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. You may call on me by name (Quan Yin) for help and insight in making your own preparations to move forwards and upwards.

Blessings to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Part 2

The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12

By Master Quan Yin

December 2011 

This is something of a sequel to our communication earlier this month about the Ascension opportunities of 2011/12, which you have all read.  We are conscious that, since this previous message, your world has moved closer to the brink of financial collapse.  Concurrently, the great Earth being you know as Gaia has moved further towards the culmination of her Ascension to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D).

This is most certainly a time when a wise student on the Spiritual Path pays attention to the practical provisions for your family’s physical support during this time of transition, along with the attunement to the higher levels of consciousness which will enable you to be part of the New 5D Earth.  The old 3D Earth is in the process of being released by Gaia and will end up as a somewhat inert mass, quite similar to the current 3D Mars.

An important part of the day to day preparations to come through these challenging times marking the final implosion of a rotted societal structure, is to learn to co-operate far more closely with like-minded individuals.  By forming groups and examining in detail what it would be like to live together in community, you are coalescing a powerful energetic vibration which will facilitate your stepping into a higher consciousness of existence.  You more clearly recognise the priority of a service-to-others orientation in your life, phasing out any past pre-occupations with self-gratification.

This co-operation and movement towards closely shared life experiences is of the utmost value and relevance for surviving the decline and failure of supply/distribution systems for the basic necessities of life.  But it can also facilitate the first steps of bringing 5D energies into your daily experience and beginning to incorporate them into your lives on a more permanent basis.

The Ascension of the Earth to 5D marks her re-entry into her family of planets within your Solar System and an end to her hitherto separation.  For the human individuals living on her surface, there is a corresponding change from the isolated person exercising their freewill “to obtain what they want” to a more enlightened being attuned to higher consciousness and sharing the joys of living with those all around them. This fundamental shift is well underway and there’s no way it’s ever going into reverse.  The old 3D Earth will go into relative oblivion without either lifeforce or human inhabitants.

So a committed community group can move towards a deeper integration by sharing their lives week by week on a grounded physical level, with plenty of opportunities for mutual service, support and real caring.  They can also come together to learn and practise the attunement with higher consciousness, which will facilitate their passage to 5D and subsequently living on the New Earth.

Our introduction in our previous talk to the creation process of 5D living illustrated the unlimited possibilities and potential when you have broad access to the divine power, coupled with a joyful harmony and alignment with all the other living beings in your vicinity.  By maintaining this continuous alignment, you avoid the almost inevitable opposition to any creative proposal put together on 3D Earth, stemming from the absence of shared values and understanding.  Without any sense of loving consideration, this results in a morass of rivalry, destructive competition, power plays etc.

Within what is loosed termed the “New Age” movement, there is a very great need to step beyond self-gratification, self-aggrandisement and other expressions of ego, which impede (often severely) the opening up of a love-based Spiritual attunement.  These are fundamental requirements if you want to grow towards the 5D consciousness of the New Earth.  Instead of a person priding themselves on how much more they know and understand compared with their peers, a love-based individual (with a sense of shared camaraderie) will find often subtle ways to share the insights which have helped them develop a higher perception of human life, and the etheric realms.

At the 5D level of the New Earth, an individual’s experience of living is like being part of dozens of communities simultaneously.  It is vital that an individual has developed a strong inner sense of self, along with a clear mind, before precipitating themselves into this multi-dimensional arena.

At the 3D level, an individual has the opportunity to go deeper into each situation, event, relationship and/or challenge, because things do not happen simultaneously.  They also do not happen instantaneously, so there is time and space to address the individual components of a situation, as Master Rakoczy has explained in the context of using the Violet Flame.

A major task for a Spiritually inclined individual, on the eve of the Earth’s Ascension, is to find alternative ways of living within each day.  In this way every endeavour at work, at home or in developing co-operative undertakings with friends and fellow travellers on the Path, can become at least a partial replica of the energy patterns awaiting you at the 5D level. 

This new approach requires an ongoing self-monitoring to identify, challenge and replace old 3D patterns of thinking, speaking, hearing and taking action, with attributes of a 5D essence.  Then each day you can certify that you have advanced to a higher level in terms of these “nuts and bolts” of interacting with life itself.  The key values of love, compassion, empathy, clarity of perception, focussed actions and creativity are integrated into each moment – all these require the initiate to be fully engaged with their incorporation into daily living.

Alongside your personal endeavours, our team from the Divine Feminine will work with each of you every day (and even more at night) to raise your vibration directly through the impregnation of higher frequencies.  These will be selected to be in accordance with the advancing refinement of the Earth’s vibratory lifeforce and, simultaneously, to be of a level that you can absorb harmoniously, maintaining a functioning balance with the place you reached the previous day.

We offer this personalised intervention with a full understanding and recognition of the great effects it will have on each individual who has the courage and determination to ask for this help.  You need to be sure in yourself that you really want to complete the evolutionary stage of 3D living and move up to the next class level of 5D. 

At this juncture, it is not an opportunity which you can “try before you buy”, let alone decide halfway up the ladder of Ascension that living at a much higher vibration is “not what you really want to do.”  You either commit fully to Ascend or stay at your current paradigm.  And we have built in the safety measure that, if you are not ready for this great leap forward, you will not feel drawn to seek our help and involvement.

If you decide that you are sure that you wish to participate in this Ascension process, then you call on me by name Quan Yin and state in plain language that you wish to engage with and take part in our programme.  You then need to make a personal commitment to self-monitor yourself continually and move towards the 5D pattern as previously described.  You can count on our response and enfoldment.

It will be beneficial for individuals, who have made this commitment to Ascend, to get together regularly to attune to the 5D energies in a meditative state.  We are making our recording of the 5D creation process available to act as a reliable tuning signal.  Invoking the Quan Yin energy directly is also effective, as we respond by flooding the room with 5D energies to be taken in and absorbed.


At an initial stage of our plans for humanity at this time of the Earth’s Ascension, we envisaged the formation of physical communities, akin to self-contained villages, to provide a beneficial framework which we would use for Spiritual enhancement of the community members.  By living together in one location, there would be a multitude of opportunities for individuals to grow by loving service to the greater whole.  With enough commitment and cooperation to achieve community objectives, the whole enterprise could be elevated to the 5D level.

Some have asked why these planned communities never really manifested at a physical level.  We have observed that each individual, who expressed interest in joining a community, was targeted by negative energies, which abound in the astral planes surrounding the Earth at a 3D level.  This is nothing new – the course of human life on Earth has been described by the Hermetic (Hermes Trismegistus) as the “University of the Negative”.  His teaching emphasised learning about positive-negative polarity and learning to recognise what’s going on within each situation.

Each student within this paradigm has had to either develop a deep inner strength and focused will, with which to move forward with their life endeavours, or be overwhelmed and fall back.  The power of the negative forces at this critical stage reached unforeseen levels and only a few would-be founders of these communities had their resolution unaffected by the onslaught.

It became clear that the community energy and framework which we had envisaged was blocked at the 5D level because of the opposition running rampant at the 3D level.  This phenomenon had also occurred at the conclusion of the Atlantean experiment, when the remaining land was sinking, and we were addressing alternative ways of living.  And then there was all the derision heaped upon gallant Noah, while he prepared by building his Ark.

It is at the end of such an era (or cataclysmic cycle) that we provide for a splitting of the dimensions through which humans are evolving.  This happened at the end of Atlantis and it is happening now.  This provision is described fully in Vol. 2 of The Revolution of 2012 and it’s how things are – it’s what’s available.  The Golden Path takes the committed student to 5D and provides protection from diversions and distractions of all kinds.

The key to your most positive evolution and your ascent along the Golden Path is your personal decision to join the Ascension journey or go your own way.  It is up to you to make a conscious choice looking with open awareness at the opportunity being presented. 

Should you desire further assistance, Andrew is available for us to communicate through to bring our message and energy to you, your friends and/or your group during the next weeks.

Blessings to you all,

I am Quan Yin.

Part 3

The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12

By Master Quan Yin

 February 2012

Greetings, this is Quan Yin returning to talk more about the Ascension opportunity which is there for all humanity at this time.

In our two previous expositions, we have drawn your attention to how different are the energies comprising Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness on the most practical level, let alone how they are on the higher aspects of the esoteric.  We have shown you the extreme degree of interconnectedness of all life forms, although these are only “extreme” when looked at from the point of view of Earth’s third dimensional 3D level.

From the perspective of the 5D level of consciousness (and we are talking to you from a much higher level of consciousness than the 5D level), it seems absolutely normal that all life forms co-operate with each other, generously support each others’ needs, their new endeavours.  However, given the current situation which exists with humanity and the surface of the Earth in general, we realise that this is quite a big step up in both understanding and consciousness.  In a society where competition and rivalry, along with the use of the sharp elbow are normal ways of going through the day, it is indeed a massive change that is required of any individual who desires to be part of the New Earth.

We wish for you and encourage you to make the effort to be part of this transition, which the wise ones on Earth have looked forward to for tens of thousands of years.  This isn’t something which has just popped up in the last few years or, indeed, in the last few decades – its part of a great evolutionary plan for the whole Solar System.

The other planets made their transitions quite some time ago, leaving behind their 3D experience.  Yet the Earth (Gaia if you like) chose to stay at this more basic level for her own reasons – for her own evolution as she perceived it then, as was her right to do so.

Because the planetary interaction within your solar system is so interconnected, the absence of the Earth participating has been causing more and more distortions within the operation of your Solar System.  Although some of your planets like Jupiter have evolved considerably further than 5D level, others have had to stay down because of their closer connections with the Earth.  This interconnectedness is not just a handy phrase or a “nice to have” feeling – this is about the very lifeblood of the Solar System, the flow of energy between and around the Sun and her planets.  It is vital to have the Earth participating at at least the same level as the planets still at 5D level.

The Earth (Gaia) has come to realise all this and is now moving very fast in her own Ascension to catch up, after a rather slow start.  This has made the challenge for humanity a lot more substantial – with the planet herself being very tardy, it has been much less urgent for humans to consider making this evolutionary step.

There are so many other things to do in your Western society.  We don’t need to call them “distractions” as there is always a validity in all the actions which humans choose to do while they’re incarnated in these magnificent and beautifully designed bodies.  Its not all that surprising, given the on-going need of the human subconscious to continually re-create past conditions until it’s told at some point to do something better.

Humans are finding it so difficult to wake up to the urgency of their individual need to change the way they are focusing, the way they are approaching each day, each week and each month.  The life energies are not the same as they were last year and definitely not the same as the year before that.  The rate of change is closer to an exponential rise in energetic consciousness.  But there’s no big sign up in the sky saying so.  There are very few individuals who are fully conscious of the speed of this Ascent – we wish it were otherwise.

Well, this is a long explanation why at this particular moment in time we are asking those of you who have some understanding of the situation facing humanity to find the courage and communication skills to put out this message in the very best way you can to those around you.  We know that, given the lack of consciousness of many of them, it is not the easiest thing to get across.  

But, as an expression of caringness you have for those close to you, around you and those you interact with, we seriously ask and suggest that you take the bit between your teeth and make an effort to find ways to plant a few seeds in other people’s understandings, however many times that you’ve tried that in the past and been disappointed or felt rebuffed, as you’ve experienced people not responding.

You, as individuals, are getting stronger each day so we’re asking you to have the courage to use that new strength to take a few risks in communication.  This may be what you don’t want to hear.  It’s not an easy thing to approach even those who believe they’re “on the Spiritual Path” as well as those who believe they’re within the New Age generation of people who’ve taken at least an alternative approach to life.

We don’t underestimate the determination that it took to go down one of the roads much less travelled than the mainstream.  But there isn’t an awful lot of time left so, for the sake of those you care for, let’s try and get some understanding across.  Sometimes, talking or working-in some understandings about the “heart-opening” can be something that people can hear without being too shocked.

It’s a vital foundation to open the Heart-Centre.  It’s also absolutely necessary in addition that each individual has to have had at least a little experience of what these higher vibrations of the New Earth that’s coming actually feel like.  They need to have had a chance to incorporate them within your body’s musical repertoire of all the notes, tones and chords with which it is familiar. 

You have to add these higher expressions of sound and every other sort of vibration.  So as the Earth finally breaks through to her full 5D level and the whole of the surface of the planet is flooded with this beautiful energy as it is, then some humans at least have the chance not to be overwhelmed by its immensity.  A little experience beforehand can make all the difference.

So we are focusing in these next three months of February, March and through the end of April as a first time period - as a planning framework if you like – to have groups taking place in different areas where we can introduce this energy, these extra vibrations.  We can do this formally or informally but we do need to be invited along in some form.  The group needs to be capable of listening, of creating a space within themselves to hear these new vibrations, this new “music”.

Another challenging concept, which we are working hard to get across to humanity, is that as the Earth ascends to her 5D level, the old 3D planet Earth remains in existence.  This is just like the old 3D “hulk” of what our scientists think remains of Mars.  This is the counterpart of the current 5D planet with its thriving population.  It’s not that the 3D Earth in a matter of weeks suddenly becomes 5D.  It’s more like the 5D Earth opens out of the original planet, rather like an astral body separating from a physical body.

So choose to be part of the 5D Earth as it opens out – we’re trying to show this to you visually – this etheric image pulling out of the rather dense physical 3D Earth that you know so well.  But if you individually wish to go with the higher vibration version, you have to register and sign on, you have to exercise some will and say “That’s the version and level I want to be connected to”.

As you may have heard a number of times already, the 3D Earth is a freewill zone.  This is quite different from planets at a 5D level and upwards as, within these more advanced societies, there is an instinctive understanding within each person of what they need to work and focus on – and so they naturally do what’s needed, with great joy and great satisfaction.  It’s not that they don’t have any freedom of choice – it’s just that they continually choose to exercise their freedom by doing what’s needed by the Godforce, the Living Spirit.

Meanwhile, down at 3D level on physical Earth, people do whatever they feel like, depending on how much they are separated from the “Greater Goodness”.  So when it comes to the splitting of the dimensions - the 5D Earth pulling away from the old 3D residue (or hulk) - humans wanting to be part of the 5D version, to be part of the New Earth with everything that implies, need to say and affirm every day that they do indeed want that.

We’re not asking you in anyway to reject all the things that you have valued from your experience of living on the “old 3D Earth”.  You wouldn’t be the individuals you are if you hadn’t had some positive experiences, recognising and being involved with the beauty that does exist on this “old version”.  A key realisation is that all that beauty is moving to be part of the New Earth also.  It’s not that you’re losing any refined part of what you valued in the earlier, denser version of Earthness – its going up to 5D also and will be able to expand to even higher levels of beauty and illumination.  We’re inviting humanity - every person - to make the transition also.

We recognise that at this time only a very modest number of individuals have any awareness of what’s happening.  This situation was not what we were working towards, it was not what we were envisaging, but we always knew it was a possibility, given the way humanity has been going.

In the last 2,000 years particularly, the battle between positive and negative has tilted somewhat towards the negative series of outcomes.  Through all these difficult periods, there have always been those who upheld the Light through whatever challenge has been presented and we salute them for that.

Those of you who hear this message of today we regard as part of that special group of human individuals who have upheld the Light, in this lifetime particularly.  You knew this when you reincarnated at the beginning of this life – you knew that you had a special role to play.  The fact that you have reached this moment here in this room today (or have otherwise made your commitment to be involved) is validation that you have not forgotten, you’re still aware of this major part of your life purpose.

And your expression of your life purpose needs to be very strongly orientated to this great act of service in helping others wake up to the truth of what’s happening now.  We’re not asking you to do it on your own.  We have set up the energy structures so that, if you call upon us for help or assistance, we can be there quite directly, whether or not you can feel the presence of our team.  That awareness sometimes needs repetition – a number of different experiences before you open up to internalise the energy which is being presented to you.

During the next three months, we would like to see groups opening up in other areas in addition to Somerset, Shropshire and London where these are happening already.  There is only a certain amount we can do from our side.  The 3D Earth’s energy structure has been put together so that souls who reincarnate here can choose, if they want, to be completely disconnected from the Spiritual Realms as we live and know them. 

And many souls in successive generations have chosen to make that disconnection to discover what it is like and continue to do so until some, at last, reach the point of saying: hmmm, there may be something in the other ways of living and doing things.  Then gradually they can find their way back and begin the process of reconnecting to Spirit.

In one sense there is all eternity for that process to continue but there isn’t “all eternity” if you want to stay on the same planet.  As the Earth’s moving up now and if you want to take a lot more of “all eternity” to complete this process of moving away from connection to Spirit and then in your own time coming back again to reconnect, then you will need to do it on another planet, of which there are a number currently available.  They may not be as beautiful as the Earth but they function adequately at a third and fourth dimensional level.

That’s the best response if people ask “well, what’s going to happen to all those people who don’t sign on to make this transition or don’t want to do what’s necessary to reach the 5D Attunement”?  These people can continue to take time to just work out their evolution as it unfolds – they just need to be on other planets to do so.

It is one of the obsessions within modern humanity – the fear and misunderstanding around death.  Within the Ancient Wisdoms, the teachers going back thousands of years have always said “There is no death”.  In fact, the Spirit leaving the body is often a very joyful experience for the Spirit for they realise that they are part of a wonderful Light existence and energy structure etc. 

What is often not yet fully understood is that, as the physical body begins to change after the Spirit has left, its life energy just goes into other forms.  You may have seen in some country churchyards how there are beautiful trees that are transforming the energy from the physical bodies that are buried there.  They transform it into a whole new lifeform, as their roots pull all the nutrients from the formerly human body that is no longer needed by its previous user – the Spirit who graduated.

Now we’re not holding our breath that humanity is suddenly going to change its misunderstandings around death, but it does help if those who are working with the Light do fully understand the process themselves.  Sometimes if you witness somebody passing over, you can glimpse this joy.

Other teachings describe how death in this realm is regarded as a birth as the Spirit comes back into the Spiritual Realms – so it’s a joyful event.  And from the point of view of the Spiritual Realms it’s a bit of a death when you go and reincarnate in this rather variable experience known as being “alive on Earth”.  It’s just a relative framework of observation and understanding.

But its really helpful for your own understanding if you’re trying to come to terms with this yourself about what happens to people who don’t make this big transition to 5D Earth, the New Earth that’s forming.  None of this process involves the permanent cessation of a particular human being, around which humans might reasonably have some emotions.

We’re talking about being able to accept that some humans incarnated in their bodies at the present time really haven’t got a clue about what’s going on.  It’s about accepting that some other humans incarnated have a potential still to come to understand and realise what’s going on with regard to the Earth’s Ascension, and still make a connection to it.  These are just different perspectives on the same actual event.

We are also aware that with the growing turbulence in the energy on the surface of the Earth, which is going to continue to increase during these next several months, that it is particularly challenging for you as individuals, who are Attuned to the Light and a higher Spiritual Reality, despite everything that has happened in your lives to date.  We recognise that in these turbulent times that it needs a great expression of will for you to maintain the necessary equilibrium and balance so you can be some kind of working example to those around you. 

But that’s exactly why it is so important that you do so:  to maintain some sense of calmness, of joyfulness, of a practical creativity, while having the ability to empathise  with what those around you  in the street, in your social circles, with your work associates, even with those you meet in the shops or with the providers of services etc.  All those you come in touch with are going to be challenged to the core by the turbulence as the Earth moves higher and higher at a somewhat unreasonable speed, but its what she has to do anyway.

So we’re offering once more our assistance on a daily basis or more frequently – by the hour if necessary – to help each of you to stabilise and maintain equilibrium whatever the external circumstances.  We’re not underestimating some of the situations you will be presented with, or have already been presented with and have had to find a way through them.  The only way you can go seriously astray  is by not asking for Spiritual help from the broad Spiritual Hierarchy.  We’re not just talking about Quan Yin and Associates but the broader involvement of the various teachers and teaching traditions, with which some of you have had contact.

It is difficult to do it on your own  - we’re not going to say it’s impossible.  For example, there have been the old sages within the Taoist tradition who had such a deep connection to Nature that, in human terms, they seemed to live and grow spiritually in isolation.  In fact, they did it by aligning so closely with the powerful and illuminated life forms within the natural kingdoms, they just Ascended anyway.  And if you attune to the teachings of Lao Tse or the original thoughts of Chuang Tze, you can get an essence of that alignment. 

For most of you, however, living in a Western society where undistorted nature is rare, (although you can gain inspiration from interacting with any form of Nature and even more with growing things, seeing life coming into being before you); however it may be simpler and more reliable to develop the relationships with your group and/or one-on-one with the teaching Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Questions & Answers

The Ascension Opportunity of 2011/12

By Master Quan Yin

February 2012

How long will it take in Earth time for the Earth to complete her Ascension?

We’re in a process which it is very hard to fit into the Gregorian calendar with which you measure time, but it would seem to be more a matter of months rather than years for the Earth to complete this process.  There isn’t a great deal of time left (as you conceive of time) and many of you, who have woken up to this process, can feel each day the energy shifting – it’s moving very fast, increasing exponentially.  If you got used to the rate of increase last week, then you need to redouble your openness to growing faster next week.  We’re not exaggerating.

This is a time to go beyond anything which you thought possible.  You are strong beings, you can be amazed at what you can actually do in this situation, particularly with our help.

It would be good if you can learn to risk “sticking your heads out a bit more”, even while knowing the accumulated reactions that mainstream people carry with them.  You will find that as events continue to unfold – not just the strange weather but the financial system going into more and more disintegration, you will find that people will be opening to hear a little more, particularly with regard to reconnecting with Spirit. 

So give some thought to this, how you can work into your discussions and conversations with people some thoughts about some of the fundamental causes of what’s going on.  Perhaps mention some things you and they can do so as not to feel total outcasts or alienation from the whole Ascension process.  Do some homework, make some preparations, tryout talking with people who have good hearts.  Just see how much you can get across to them, without being overly too serious or sad about the whole thing.  And that’s quite a combination!

Why is it so important to convince other people who are deeply committed to believing the opposite.  Have not people already made their choices?

In some cases there is still a possibility – we’re talking about a minority.  But, from the Earth’s perspective, she needs there to be a number of somewhat opened Light individuals remaining on the surface of the new 5D Earth to build the new civilisation.  Sheneeds it and humanity’s convenience is not the first priority.  Yes, we are well aware that many individuals are probably unreachable at this time but not all.  You will find, as you have noticed, the children can be helped particularly.

Most adults don’t talk to children very much or at all, as you know.  Any adult with a cheerful heart who can focus in and perceive what the children feel is “really going on for them” at a particular time, can establish a connection with them.  And the children say “Gosh, there’s an adult who actually relates to us”.  That’s something really special.  There are opportunities there.

Children are much more likely to be able to make this Ascension than their parents or other adults.  Hopefully some of the children will be able to lead their parents forwards but they need some encouragement, they need a few seeds to be sown.  They need to have a little reinforcement of their residual beliefs from when they came into incarnation – that there are some cheerful things and there are some positive ways of dealing with situations: love-based solutions rather than those based on fear motivation, for example.

And this is where stories can help raise the consciousness.  In stories, everything is possible; that’s why children love stories.  And there are some adults also who have not forgotten that particular form of magic. 

So however frustrating it has been talking with adults in the past, we’re asking you for the next period of three months, to reach out when it seems there’s a possibility of connecting.  It may or may not go anywhere but there’s no judgement about that. 

The results of this kind of initiative to even a very few individuals can be very beneficial for the new community of the New Earth, which you are in line to be part of.  We’re definitely not asking for any preaching.  Rather just use that subtle moment when one can work in a new understanding, a new way of looking at situations.

So we extend our blessings to each of you here in the room, each of you hearing this recording and to each of you who reads the transcript.  We are available for any of you who choose to be part of this great Spiritual Enlightening, which is unfolding deeper and deeper each day.

I am Quan Yin.

Winter Solstice Message

By El Morya

Channelled through Andrew Smith

24 December 2011

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya.

At this turning point in the seasons, when the old year is expiring, the energy of the New Year is beginning to engage with the Earth and humanity.  As we have mentioned on previous Solstices, a new devic energy brings in the patterns and evolutionary structure of the next 12 months.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, of which the White Brotherhood is a part, has worked comprehensively to lead, guide and support the Ascension of the Great Spirit of the Earth (Gaia if you will) to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D).  We have gone to great lengths to help those members of humanity, who have ears to hear, to wake up to the full implications of the Earth’s Ascension for those currently incarnated on the surface of the planet.

We have noticed that, while quite a number of Spiritual aspirants would welcome the new experience and conditions of living at 5D, only a modest number are giving their personal Ascension a priority within their current choices for each day – unfolding into weeks and months.

The vital understanding about making your personal Ascension to be part of the New World and New Earth being created, is that it requires each aspiring individual to affirm each day their ongoing wish to make this vast transition.  In the Revolution of 2012 Vol. 2 you have been taught about the separation of the two diverging paths.  You have learnt about the magical power that has been created in the Golden Path to enable the genuine aspirant to go through the necessary Initiatory processes, that we have established for you, to attune to this great leap in planetary Consciousness.

Now is the time to focus on this process of connecting to enable each Initiate to be fully at the level required for them to be within the 5D energy while being able to function as a balanced individual.  The experience of being exposed to the refined 5D energetic vibrations and power, while still being individually at a 3D or 4D level is not recommended.  Terms like “shock” and “overwhelming” apply.

The popular “New Age” belief that one can just float up to the required level without doing the specified work is a major misunderstanding.  It would be like going to a major London railway terminus and just getting on the first train which took your fancy (like priorities and/or indulgence within the day) in the expectation that you will get to the 5D world anyway. 

In fact the process is much closer to Harry Potter’s initial experience at Kings Cross station where he had to pass through a brick wall in order to find himself in the alternative reality from which the train to the wizard’s school was waiting to depart.  Harry fortunately listened to the guidance of how to pass through the brick wall and was open to meeting the special requirements of his journey to Hogwarts.  Had he not been willing to take in the instructions and then project himself towards the brick wall, he would have stayed within the constraints of his prior reality.

For most of you, the Ascension to 5D will be of no less magnitude than Harry’s leap into the unknown.  If you listen to the guidelines and follow what’s required, we in the White Brotherhood along with the Angelic Realms, will make sure you move up the Golden Path to 5D.  But we need you to “sign on” in terms of your overt commitment and clear affirmation daily that you want to make this extraordinary journey.  If you have questions about what to do, feel free to ask us directly and/or through Andrew Smith.

We have been asked repeatedly about the timing of all aspects of the Earth’s transition to 5D: when the physical earthchanges are happening, when Gaia will have completed her transition to 5D etc.  Unfortunately, the Gregorian calendar and its units of timing do not fit the various combinations of markers that the Spiritual Hierarchy use to record progress towards a multidimensional  evolutionary goal.  However, when all the “ducks” are lined up in a row, it will all unfold swiftly.   

Rather than worrying about being able to forecast the unforecastable, we suggest you take on board the realisation that, when Gaia has energetically reached 5D, there will no longer be life-support energy available for humans and other lifeforms still attuned to 3D and 4D levels.  It will be just like you see in Nature when there is a substantial ecological change in the growing conditions available: maybe temperature and/or humidity, rainfall, sunlight etc.  Without the required combination of conditions, the plants and trees cease to function and just fade away.

There is no judgement of any aspect of these species departing being in  some way “right or wrong” – it’s just that conditions changed.  It’s the natural way.  For individual humans, choosing not to do what’s necessary to make this arch transition of Ascension, they will find it impossible to sustain their old life on Earth.  They will move on to other planets which are available for all who wish to continue with the curriculum of 3D and 4D.  Just like within a school structure, students only pass on to a higher grade when they have completed their various studies in the previous classes.

Whatever your decisions, implicit or explicit, know that our love for all humanity is eternal, even as different parts of the species evolve in their own time to higher levels of life expression.

We leave you in the name of the Heart, Head and Hand.  Blessings to you all.

I am El Morya.

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    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

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