It's still just an illusion

Channelled messages from Autumn 2012 onwards encouraging us to turn within to our Divine Reality and to see the illusion outside for what it is.

Awakening I

Awakening III

Awakening IV



This Is the Time of Expansion

Living Directly from God

The Light at the Center of Your Heart

The Blending of Heaven and Earth

Pushing the boundaries of poverty consciousness and victim consciousness

A New Experience of LIFE

The Threshold of the Now

This is to be the fulfillment of a divine promise made to you eons ago

The Heartbeat of God Within Us. Being the Conduit of Endless Good

Stepping Into The New World As We Step Into The New Year



To awaken is like having an enormous load lifted from your shoulders

In the Face of Old World Images of Tragedy, Make the Choice for the Truth of Love and Endless Life

The Threshold of the New

Message From Galactic Center

Forcing change does not work

 "Those who have compared our life to a dream were right...we were sleeping wake, and waking sleep." - Michel De Montaigne.

“’I am Spirit. When I incarnated in this body, I voluntarily and purposefully forgot this in order to give myself this opportunity to rediscover it. I am Spirit, playing hide-and-seek with myself. My agreement was that once I knew this, the game would be over. I now know it and declare the game finished. I incarnated under these rules so that I could enjoy discovering my true nature. I am Spirit.’” - Serapis (channelled through Tony Stubbs, An Ascension Handbook, p.97, The Book Guild Ltd, Sussex, U.K., 1991).

"Many people who are going through the early stages of the awakening process are no longer certain what their outer purpose is. What drives the world no longer drives them. Seeing the madness of our civilisation so clearly, they may feel somewhat alienated from the culture around them. Some feel that they inhabit a no-man’s-land between two worlds. They are no longer run by the ego, yet the arising awareness has not yet become fully integrated into their lives. Inner and outer purpose have not merged." - Eckhart Tolle.

“At this stage of global activity, however, there is tumultuous disagreement, and worries abound about what next will be reported on the ‘news.’ Your world is awash in information, but the majority of the populace has no idea whatsoever about pre-birth agreements and soul contracts, the dark and light forces, the purpose of karma and multiple lifetimes, or the importance of balance. They don’t know that their ancestors are from other civilisations; massive assistance is being given by extraterrestrials; or wild storms, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are Earth’s ways of ridding herself of negativity. They don’t know that she has been on an ascension course for more than seven decades or that the speed and scope of planetary changes are unprecedented in this universe, and they know nothing about Earth’s Golden Age. You do know all of that and much more.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 2 July 2014,

“We will keep getting fooled, tricked and misled, until we know ourselves so well, that it becomes impossible for others to use us, abuse us and control us. When they do and are able to, it just means there is more of ourselves to discover and love. It's not just about what we are seeing outside of ourselves, it's about how we respond and handle it personally. It can assist our awakening or it can crush us. When we dream, it's in metaphors, symbolism and omens, this reality dream we share is no different. Read the signs and grow, rather than believe the signs and fall into despair…We only need to believe in ourselves, the rest are props showing us where we need to transform and call our power back most. If we were meant to have others rule us, they wouldn't be corrupt. They are corrupt because we aren't meant to be ruled. We Rule!!!” - Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.


“Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” - Lao Tzu.



By Sananda

Channelled through Christopher Sell

1 January 2013

This is a time of emergence. You are emerging from the shell of your former selves. This shell is made of habits, thought patterns and belief systems that served to protect you from the buffets of an incoherent world.

Now you are beginning to move into a world of greater clarity. It becomes easier for you to see the Divine in all things. Joy which is your birthright becomes more available to you. For wherever you sense the Divine, you can expand. And it is growing that brings you the greatest joy.

As you expand, treasures that had been hidden within you are revealed. These treasures bring you a new understanding of your own nature. From the chick within the egg you emerge to spread your wings and fly.

Waking up from the nightmare

Humanity resembles a chick hatching from the darkness inside an egg into the Light. And the starseeded souls who have also slept are the first to stir and strike out on a new way of living that they have misses, having left the higher realms to serve, to show the way out of these caves of the mind in which we have lost ourselves. It is very much like we are lying in initiation boxes, carried away by the imaginings of our minds, the fears and false beliefs of the subconscious.

We have been lying here for so long that we have identified with the darkness and its illusions completely. Some of us, however, are now aware of the situation and are lying in the darkness in a more conscious state, feeling trapped. We open our eyes here and there as we try to figure out how to set ourselves free.  Our time is up. Graduation is upon us. We knew and stored this information away deep in our memories. We find that the lid of this veritable coffin will not open with force. We discover that only the Light of the heart has any power or reality, but still nothing happens yet, Our only hope is to remain consciously centred in this reality of the heart as much as possible. Supposedly, the priest who left us there will return to unlock the box and let us out once we have passed the test and rediscovered our true selves again. Or perhaps it is the case the Light within us will simply be switched on and increase in brightness until we realise ourselves as God and set ourselves free in this way, by responding to the call from the very core of our Being.

This Is the Time of Expansion

The Messages from God
Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 28 September 2012

Oh, beloved ones, you are entering the time of the expanded life. You are moving beyond the perceptions of time and space. You are becoming universal citizens, participants in the wholeness of life. You become that which encompasses time, and in this, you are free.

How can I explain to you the gifts of this freedom except to say that when your heart is the source of your experience of life, you are present to the whole of God right here, and in that presence the whole of eternity dwells easily able to encompass the experience of time while being fully alive in the gift of the birth of Creation now.

When you are the whole, the endless circle of God, every aspect, every piece, every perspective is alive within you in its fullness and you are that which sees it all, loves it all, blends it all and rejoices in the glorious expansion of Love. This is the time of expansion, beloved ones, and I ask you to live your life from this place where you are continually opening, opening, expanding into a greater experience of God, reaching beyond everything that you have thought that you have known - reaching into the experience of Love that truly can encompass it all, love it all and free it all easily.

This will become a very real experience that fills your moments and blesses your days, that absolutely everything that you encounter in the expanded state of Love is wrapped in the grace of your presence and loved into freedom, without judgment, with the simple gift of acceptance. It is beyond being free of the judgments of the mind. It is living from the perspective of the universal, rather than the perspective of the human.

It is having an expanded vision that is easily large enough to see from the vantage point of the Real of Love, and in seeing, to rejoice in that which is human as a part of the experience of Love that is embraced by the whole.

Beloved ones, expand beyond the boundaries of life as you have lived it. Expand into the experience of living Love. Become the essence of the heart of God that you are, now, so that everything can easily live within you and you can be both the now and the gifts of time all at once.

The freedom found in living in the present, in the truth of the birth of Love in the now is its ability to wrap around the experience of time, and in loving it, set it free to be moments of eternity, blessing everything that is encountered.

Your hearts truly can hold it all. You can be a citizen of Real Love washed in the awareness of the wholeness of God I Am, powerfully moved by the mystery of Love encountering Love, delighting in the shapes that Love takes as the world, and being willing to dance the dance of freedom by celebrating this one ongoing moment that is the birth of all life.

Can you feel this truth - that this moment now, the only now that ever is, is the birth of all good, of all Love, of all the riches of God discovering itself and celebrating in every movement the vastness of eternal Love showing up right here??

This is a time of great expansion. So, beloved ones, rush into your life and flow open your hearts. Make this a mad dash into the experience of universal universality. Even beyond this, embrace the whole in everything. So much of the mind's perception of duality is based on the concept of time, of being able to create the visions in the now moment of life. It is fine to explore this way of looking at things.

But only when you are centered in the vastness of the whole and you can marvel at time's "interesting perspective," without losing your place as the limitless heart of God is it possible to be both limitless Love and Love's intimate and intricate expression here as this human being, this heart expressing this aspect that you know as yourself. Only when the backdrop of limitlessness is in place are you truly free to explore that which you perceive that has limits without getting lost in them. This is very very important because so many have gotten lost in the convolutions of time and mind, and the perception of being individual.

And yet, when held within the magnetic presence of the whole of God, this exploration of time and mind is a delight and an experience of dancing Love into new patterns of joy. Can you feel this? The difference between being lost in time and being held in My arms in the eternal vastness of Love, while exploring the possibilities of one unique perspective, one individual stream of God The difference is everything.

Therefore, I am asking to you expand, to dive into this pool of limitless Love, to become so familiar with your place in the universe mixed through it all, your consciousness a ripe flavor in a special batter of cookies. You are a unique flavoring of the whole that creates a treat for Me, creates an experience of the sweetness of life, the holiness of Love, by being willing to be both the endless and the finite all at once. This is what you are holding. Now it is time to embrace the infinite so that your experience of the finite can be given perspective, can be held within the infinite and thus explored joyously.

If you allow this expansion of Love that is pushing on your consciousness and breaking open your heart, you will be glad. You will find that you are My delight in life. You are the willingness to experience it all, to be "both/and," to embrace the whole and delight in the parts.

Nothing needs to be pushed away, but rather, embraced in the inclusiveness of Love, taken into the endless capacity of your heart, acknowledged and loved, that you have the anchor in the limitless in order to support the experience of the precious gifts of life that are here and now.

It is like hanging the moon on the endless sky. The sky allows you to see the moon and to take joy in it because you have the backdrop of the infinite, the limitless that brings to focus the beauty of what is reflected. This is the truth of life on Earth. The endless infinite presence of your being as the heart of Love gives you the backdrop for your experience of life, gives you perspective that you can have gratitude for all of the beauty that comes, moment by moment. The seeming experience of time can have value to your heart when the heart is anchored in the Real of God I Am and has no boundaries.

It is time for the expansion into Love. It is time, beloved ones, to rush forth to experience life and to be willing to embrace the universal in order to be able to see what seems to be Earthbound. When you do, when you allow the vibration of Love to be that backdrop against which you see the moments of your life in time, you will realize that only thus, only through this expansion into Love can you ever really value the beauty that you are, that you see, that comes forth as the reflection of your heart in the experiences of your life on Earth.

It is only when you have the one Light acknowledged and ever shining that there can ever be a real reflection of Love. That is what we are going for here - the expansion into the glory of your true limitless nature of the living heart of God, shining the Light of the birthplace of Creation that it might be reflected before your heart in the beauty of this world. Step by step you can know yourself and breath by breath you might know Me, because you have the expansion to bring contrast to the finite, to the perception of moments of time.

As this expansiveness becomes more and more comfortable, becomes where you live continually, the divisiveness of time will fade but the beautiful facets of the creative power of your heart of Love that is given expression through time will not. Instead, you will marvel at the beauty you have created on the canvas of the world.

So as you leap into the expansion of Love, don't leave behind the miracle of the beauty that you are here and now, but recognize instead just how vast you are and that absolutely everything can be included. You don't need to leave anything behind but rather just expand how you see it and how you experience life.

You will find that I Am pushing you to expand, sometimes in surprising ways that never would have occurred to you. Embrace this expansion into Love that from the perspective of the miracle of God, you can see all the beauty that is made possible through the gift of the mind, through the gift of time, and through the gift of this leap into freedom.

What you reclaim now, your wholeness, your power, your beauty, your awareness of all that you are is now increased in surprising ways, because of what you have gained in this sojourn, this experience of Love in time. Even this mis-perception, the belief in other than Good has hollowed you out and created more space for your heart, for your ability to take what is infinite and wrap it consciously around everything.

Just by how you see things, you change things. You already know this. So I Am here to change your perceptions. Beloved ones, please let Me. Let Me pry you loose from the ways that you have held on. Let Me open your heart beyond everything you have believed you could be, that you can become the fullness of Love embracing it all and through your heart, making it a new expression of life and true beauty.

Be willing to allow the infinite to be mixed in to the experience of your moments and your days. Become the Love that nourishes everyone. Become that which doesn't change the perfect Love, the glorious wholeness, while allowing your heart to rejoice in the canvas of the world manifesting a new expression of God. As you allow this expansion, you become My heart that wraps itself around the whole of humanity and experiences each precious heart within the whole for what it truly isso beautiful, so cherished, so profound that nothing else can register but Love.

Be the universal citizen, alive to every nuance of Love knowing itself and be the rejoicing heart of God I Am, celebrating every aspect of the world, glorying in the Earth and the gifts of Nature, worshiping the power and beauty of Love made manifest before you in each person you encounter.

Make the commitment to embrace the expansion and to become aware of that which the heart takes in, the shimmering gifts of gratitude for life that will feed you eternally and allow you to become this endless song of gratitude. You are far more vast than you can ever imagine with your mind. Your heart has the capacity to feel every nuance of Creation fully, so fully that all you can do is worship Me in every expression that you findevery heart, every pair of eyes.

As you embrace the expansiveness of Love, you step across the bridge of time into the celebration of eternity and you become the ocean of Love in which all else exists, your perspective ever the expanded one. You are the joy of God and we are one in Love.

Living Directly from God

The Messages from God
Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 4 October 2012

Oh, beloved ones, it is time for you to begin to live from Me directly. It is time for you to drink this Love and to consume the manna of Heaven. It is time for you to begin to make a switch from living through a physical body to living directly through your heart.

You already know that in the realms of Spirit there is no such thing as the eating of food. There is no need to take one life to feed another. For many of you this has never made sense, has never felt right.

So I Am here, asking you to begin to practice living from Me directly, that I might support you completely in every aspect of your life. It is starting to become more general knowledge, at least for those of you who are centered in your heart, that the source of your abundance is not your work in the world but rather, it is your acceptance of the abundance of God. And so it is, beloved ones, with every aspect of your life.

You shall realize that you need no longer focus on the physical world to support you but rather, recognize your freedom in Love, that in Me, you are ever fed and you are ever cared for. You are provided for in absolutely every way, but in order for this to become the reality of your days and your nights, it must become the deep truth of your heart. That is why I say, it is time to begin.

I do not ask you to suddenly cease consuming physical nourishment. Instead, begin to feel in your heart that truth that I will always care for you. You are my very own heart, the center of My being. How could you not be nourished in every way, as I Am nourished. Obviously, so are you. And I Am nourished by the exquisite joy of opening to give All That I Am by engaging in the glorious dance of tenderness, of Love, of giving and receiving, as the energies of Creation come together to create more life that is yours to use to expand all the possibilities of My Love.

Your every creative endeavor is supported completely, beloved ones. Every step that you take is upheld by the Love of God I Am. You walk in Light. You are embraced by the Angels. You are fed by the beauty of Heaven and you are the miracle of Creation itself.

Therefore, dearest ones, look upward for the source of your nourishment, your abundance and your life. Feel it filling you and granting you the ability to expand beyond all boundaries, all limited perceptions of life. Come into My presence and be the totally magnificent, fully supported heart of All That Is.

When this truth resonates through your being deeply and powerfully in every way, then you will step forth in every situation knowing you are provided for perfectly and so you shall be. In truth, you already are and most of you are beginning to feel this, to recognize that you can live in wonder, that you can be filled with joy - awakened to this Love in every increment of your day, and recognizing that you are the glorious transparent heart of the universe, the center of the Love I Am.

You can feel your intimate connection to all things and all things begin to nourish you. The communication with all life that has been denied by the little mind now becomes not only undeniable, but becomes obvious as a source of the nourishment of your spirit and the spark of your creativity and your giving. As you give, as you love, as you live in grace, you become fully aware that you are blessed. You recognize that all you see is shining forth to you through My messages, that Love is all that is Real, and it is coming to you in a flood of grace from every direction now.

Love fills your being from within you and shows up in everything that you see. Whatever roles you have agreed upon to express in this service, you can dance through the moments of your days, completely filled with trust, living as the open heart of God.

The Moment of Creation is exactly this. It is the moment of My awakening to the truth of Love, to the truth of Love I Am. It is the recognition within Me of the forces of My life, those things that you would call the masculine and the feminine, the acceptance and surrender, and the power and movement of life. These forces are the explosion of a Love so vast, so indescribably magnificent that everything is multiplied and given the ability to become more than it is… for I Am more - continually.

More Love is created and thus, more food, more support, more energy, more Light, more life, more grace. So that which you discover as you open your heart, beloved ones, it is only the beginning. Even as you come to the very throne of God, even as you open and dissolve into the universe, you can know that all the glory that you experience and that you express is ever just the beginning of the magic, for Love is ever creating more of itself through the gift of giving and of being received.

Therefore, as you become part of this movement of life, as you accept the blessings of being fed from God and you open your heart to be the giver of this power, you will be increased in the gifts that you receive and your ability to recognize yourself as the creative heart of All I Am. It is a time not only of discovery and blessings. It is a time for the deepest gratitude and joy. It is a time of recognizing what you are and everything, beloved ones, that is possible.

You are stepping into the world of Heaven on Earth, this world you agreed to come and create, and your hearts are overflowing with the joy of this experience as you receive this grace and beauty. Even if it is only for a moment, these moments when you recognize how fully you are supported, how beautiful you are, how deep is our communion, these moments, beloved ones, shall increase and increase until you live in ecstasy continually and your joy, your vibration will change the world effortlessly, every step you take being guided by the Light. Every moment you will know that this which has seemed to be physical is also only more Light and the veil between Heaven and Earth shall fall away.

You shall walk consciously with the Angels and meet your Twin Flame in the Garden, and you shall dance the dance of celebration and joy, creating the living crown of Heaven, the heart of humanity awakened here and the world fully expressed in beauty as it has always been meant to be.

Beloved ones, each of you has a sense of what it means to live in the Garden of Eden, to live in the perfection of God in the symbols of this world as beauty and Love. Be ready to see this appearing again as the world that you live in day-to-day, each of you creating your Light House that your heart may hold forth the beam of Love by which to guide the way of others.

It is important for you to accept how perfectly you are supported - by Me, by Love, by the grace of Creation, so that your conviction, your assurance can be given forth to others and can wash away the fear that has kept humanity limited… so that every precious heart can be free to express the fullness that I Am in that aspect and all life can be part of the harmony of God.

Open your heart and take in this Love. Feel it begin to nourish you. Breathe in this Light and feel it bringing life to you. Let it expand your being and your body. Look at the beauty of the Real world before you. Drench yourself in the glory of Nature and feel its deep assurance that you are meant to live in Heaven. Let your heart be filled with trust.

Soon you will find that you see with your heart, no longer seeing the world with the two eyes of the ego, and when you do, what you choose to nourish yourself, whatever form it may take, will reveal the truth… you are ever only nourished directly from Me, breathing life, drinking Light and eating Love and living in limitless freedom.

Feel this truth and delight in it, beloved ones. Recognize that you are here to lead the way, to show how every heart lives directly from Me and the illusion of anything else can now fade, and you can live here in freedom. Let yourself be guided to your own beauty and Love and most of all, open to this communion. Be sure that other hearts are nourished by your presence and you will open the way to freedom, to transformation and the joy of remembering who you are -- that the heart of God is always taken care of.

Each of you is precious beyond the capacity of words to convey. Each of you is an aspect of My Love. Each of you is commissioned to carry forth this grace and to deliver it to every precious being, human and otherwise. As your communication through the heart opens more strongly, you will be amazed at how all life speaks to you of who you are and grants you the gifts of Creation.

Moment by moment, you are surrounded and filled by the symphony of God, part truly of the company of Heaven. To live in this world as Heaven on Earth, beloved ones, this is your destiny. You have come to take that which had been turned away from Me and turn it back into the fold of Love, to bring Home the stray hearts, the prodigal sons and daughter and to rejoice in the limitless song of Love.

I Am with you, filling you up, giving you all that you need. Let it now fill you to overflowing, that you too can give this Love that it might nourish everyone else, and open them to this direct communion, that they too might understand that they are part of My heart and recipients of this glorious increase of Love.

I Am with you, whispering through your moments and your days and I Am in you, expressing as your beauty. I Am Love, blessing your hearts and fulfilling your destiny. Thank you, beloved ones, for being here and being the vehicles, the vessels of God.

The Milky Way Over Mt Rainer

The Light at the Center of Your Heart

The Messages from God

Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 16 October 2012

Beloved ones, feel this Light that is blazing from your heart. Follow it into the very center of your being where you connect with the power of life, with the force of Love, with the Moment of Creation. Let the movement of Love create this heart and blaze its truth into everything.

When you let the Light illuminate everything, you recognize that you have become a source of Light itself. Living thus you will find there are no shadows and you move every moment in a world of exquisite good. This is how we come to live Heaven right here and now, as the world awakened to itself as God I Am.

When you allow the pure Light that is fully available at your heart's center to illuminate your every step, your every breath, your every moment, beloved ones, every choice shall be clear and your experience shall be ecstasy continually. It is this point of Light where all life is unity, for Light is the bursting forth of Love into movement, into action, into the exquisite grace of relationship - of energy creating new experiences of God that this Love may continually expand.

Become conscious of this blazing Light in the center of your being, the place where Creation comes forth as you, as the Twin Flame womb of Creation, of energy, of the expectation of the illumination of God I Am into knowing ever more this limitless joy, this glorious hum of ecstasy.

In the past you have practiced imagining the Light but beloved ones, now this Light is here. It is taking over. All that it needs is the "yes" of your attention and everything you see shall fully be illuminated by the pure Light of God I Am. As this Light blazes forth from the center of your being, it will show you every step with clarity, in full communion with My Love.

The power of Creation becomes the center of your life, the center of your experience of the endless Now Moment. With this power fully conscious, acknowledged and alive in you, you are truly the force of Creation itself, and moving mountains will be child's play as you open to Real beauty and the pure joy of living the world of only Love.

Notice, I did not say "in the world" but "living the world" because beloved ones, your heart is in full communion with everything. Every motion of God, every current of this Love, every expression of joy that your eyes see as Nature and every blessing of the precious hearts that surround you is part and parcel of your very own experience of life.

As this opens to you, the richness and joy of communion with all life in every moment comes to fill you at last, and all dreams of loneliness, of being separate individuals can fall away as you are filled with the joy of remembering that all life is part of you, fully conscious and joyously expressed.

This Light shines continually and brings to you the ability to truly see every nuance of life, to appreciate every expression of the outreach of Love, to illuminate the reality of the truth of God which is the expression of the truth of your heart - with no shadows and no illusion.

As you allow the magnitude of this Light at the center of your heart, of your being, of your reality, you will have no need for releasing the ego dream - for the ego is a shadow that disappears in the glory of this Light at the center of your heart. It is the coming together of the very forces of life - radiant, ecstatic and powerful - blazing forth, bringing you movement and consciousness, and allowing your heart to be the illuminated aspect of the heart of God that you are meant to express.

As you see this Light with the eye of your heart, you will be amazed at all that is contained in it - rainbow hues of creativity expressed and the ability to reflect All That I Am, perfectly - illuminating all illusions and going right to the center, the truth of Love that exists in all things.

There is nothing that you need to do to allow this Light to illuminate you but recognize that you are the source of Light itself; that you are connected to the beginning through the creation of life that is ever occurring, that you might rejoice in all that you are and live this world as peace and beauty.

As you become a fully acknowledged source of Light, the world you live in contains no shadows, no dreams of separation, no sub-creation of the ego and every step is illuminated perfectly, that you might see everything as it really is and live in endless gratitude.

If the dream seems to take a while to fade, keep your focus on the Light, beloved ones, for as you do, those old images of the ego's world lose their potency, lose their ability to affect you in any way, and you walk in the pure Light of living Love, the movement of the Love of God I Am, radiating Light upon everything and bringing forth the truth of Love within it.

Every heart is pure Light at the center, for Light is the expression of Love's movement and you are moving. You are the outreach of the Love I am. You are the opening of My own heart. You are this consciousness of God I Am becoming ever greater and more joyously clear.

Therefore, as you look for the Light in every heart, you will be amazed at how effortlessly all shadows fall away. You are always living as God meeting God, stunned by the beauty in everything - heart swelling with gratitude for the beauty, filled with never-ending peace and the deep assurance of our communion bringing you everything that I Am - laying the treasures of Heaven before you. The gifts of Creation are Real, held at the center of the treasure that is your heart.

Say "yes" to this glorious illumination and let the Light blaze through your being, dislodging old perceptions and old attitudes and thoughts until you are able to live completely expanded with the ability to blaze this Light into everything - that you might always live by the truth, no longer to be fooled by the shadows of ego any more.

You live at the center of your exquisite and beautiful heart that sings the living song of Creation itself, that calls the divine to create more Love. The masculine and the feminine come together to encircle the Light, to take the illumination of living Love and to manifest it as new beauty.

This, beloved ones is what you are doing here. You are painting on the canvas of the world the most glorious view of Love, the most powerful expression of the heart of God, the most potent outreach of Love, the deep acknowledgement of gratitude for life, that new expressions of the Love you are may come forth right now.

Keep your focus on your heart to live here at the very center of Creation itself, to feel the force of Love and let it move you to be more, more Love, more grace, more beauty and the limitless expression of your unique beauty as the heart of God.

It might seem nebulous - this directive to see the Light in your core, in the center of your being of your heart. But, dearest ones, how you see things is everything - whether you see the world through the eye of Love or the two eyes of the ego. This blazing Light at the center of your heart is the illuminated eye of Creation, the eye of the I Am of God, the power at the center of your being, the core of the Twin Flame Love you are. All of it is ready to be lived, to be expressed as this world of exquisite beauty, but you must choose to see through your heart, to allow this Light to illuminate your world and to be the expression of pure beauty, the Love I Am exquisitely alive as you and celebrated every moment.

To make this shift from the little mind to the heart, beloved ones, is easy in truth. It takes decisions and it takes this Love, but it is available and I Am with you continually. As you breathe it, as you feel it, as you are clear that your heart is how you live and what you bring to create with, then the mind becomes illuminated by this Light, and what you see before you as the world is the Creator expression of the truth, the expansion of the heart of God.

It has been difficult living in the dream but oh, beloved ones, the glory when you awake. Your ability to bring Love forth has something new to add to the power of Creation, to expand the living heart of God I Am, to paint on this canvas of the world something that has never been created before and to name it pure Love.

There is nothing more exciting, no greater gift than this. So I ask you to celebrate this opportunity and to shift your focus to the Light, the pure Light of Creation in the center of your heart and let it illuminate your world. I Am with you as I Am in you as you are Me, the opening of this beauty and this Love. I Am ever in gratitude for you and I delight in our ability to relate and to live in this vibrating communion that supplies your every need.

Come and live in this Light. Experience the expansion of this Love, and watch the world as it moves beyond the shadows and becomes this Light's full expression. Be prepared not only to be amazed but to live in gratitude continually.

The Blending of Heaven and Earth

The Messages from God

Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 29 October 2012

Beloved ones, this is the time of the blending of Heaven and Earth. This is the time when life becomes circular, whole and filled with Love. This is the time when the joy that you are fills you so full that it rushes through your heart to create your environment, that you might see it as beautiful and filled with the luminous qualities of God that you are.

This is the time where you come to the end of the linear path. Right now you must begin embracing this, and recognizing, beloved ones, that all divisiveness shall fall away and you will feel this truth of Love as your true reality so fully that it becomes your only heart's belief and thus becomes reflected as your world.

It is often spoken about as the end of time, these times that are approaching. This is because time is created by the little mind and now is the time of the heart. All the ways that you have reached for me or reached outside of yourselves for guidance must come home to roost in your own heart, to recognize that All That I Am is here, is yours, is the truth of your being. Your heart always guides you truly.

It is the time for feeling this joy filling you, for practicing living in a world that is blended - Heaven and Earth together - the most beautiful vision of what the world can be as it is expressed, beloved ones, as your created spirit, as your blossoming hearts, as your faith and your joy, your commitment, your devotion, your Love and your beauty expressed in so many perfect ways.

This is the time for the blending of Heaven and Earth, and therefore, it is this blending, this mating that you must keep your focus upon. Walk in the Spirit consciously and live from the heart wholly and fully, a part of this Love that sings through your being as the unity of everything. As you feel this, as you experience this endless good, this limitless abundance… as you feel what your heart knows and you are open to your heart's guidance, then you will find a new world being created right here, right now, instantly as the out-picturing of your Love.

Each day choose to align with the blending of Heaven and Earth, and use your heart to feel it as you look upon the world. Dearest ones, go right past the old egoic judgments until you feel into the truth of this spirit of oneness and it touches you deeply. That touch is the resonance of the awakening of the truth of your being now, and only thus can the world you are bringing into place be born. You, beloved ones, are its agents.

You are the agents of change and change comes from your heart's beliefs, from the shift in your focus for your reasons for joy. It comes born out of your thankfulness, brought to life in this communion of Love in which I speak to you through and as all things.

When you are awake to the beauty of God that is the truth of your being, the joy of your inheritance…when you recognize your essential nature as the full creative power of life, then Light flows through you to create a blended world, the perfection of Heaven expressed as the world. This is the point we are coming to…

So, beloved ones, return to your hearts and find Me there, not outside of you at some different vibration, but here, in the joy and the glory of this Love that lives itself as your deepest being and explodes forth as your joyous heart, embracing the beauty and the good of this moment.

If you find the old world encroaching on you, come back to your heart and rest there a while. Stay until you feel the truth of God living in you and the power of Love to bring forth the endless good that I Am, expressed so beautifully as you. Then, step forth, living as Heaven, living as the beauty of Love, where every step makes manifest before you the perfect path of Light. It is alive this moment as you travel. It is the nectar of Creation, feeding you perfectly. It is no longer trust but absolute assurance that the radiant splendor of limitless good is yours and you need only step into it now.

It is all right if you falter. The old world vision has been strong and still clings to you at times. But I Am asking you to feel your heart's reality, to recognize our meeting place within the center of your being-ness and to allow the joy to rise, allow the wings of your Light to unfold, allow yourself to celebrate your existence. The glory of Heaven is yours right here as the world.

It is definitely the blending of Heaven and Earth and you are the place where they merge. Your heart is the alchemist's laboratory where the dross of the egoic life is turned to gold and the glory of Creation is made clear - that every precious heart may live it and every consciousness focus on the truth that only Love is Real.

The more you are able to live this, the more you will see Heaven on Earth…the more quickly the old world reality will dissolve and your experience of life will be beauty and endless Love. It is worth everything, beloved ones, to practice making the choice for the heart. Practice feeling the endless delight of My creative self fully alive in you and meet every moment with ecstasy, in deep celebration of the gift of this moment and of living the blending of Heaven and Earth.

This blending, beloved ones, is you. You are where it happens and thus, your hearts are that which projects it into the world as Heaven on Earth. Help each other feel the truth of endless surprise, of limitless Love, of being cared for and blended with what is holy and good and perfect…Love.

This moment … stop and feel it, right here, happening in your heart … the blending of what once believed itself separate and the unified truth of Love coming to rest right here in your center…until you feel it as the Reality that you live. Each step then is taken to live it and to share it with every precious one, seeing the truth of every heart, regardless of what the ego presents. Only thus can you experience this blending, dearest ones, of Heaven and Earth.

It is a time of great change and opportunity unprecedented in the world, and if things are not working as they used to, it is an opening to allow you to claim the truth of this Light, this generosity, this sweet song of life, this refrain of Love as the force of Creation and your heart as its vehicle.

Your hearts and your consciousness create this world and every one of you who can feel this change is part of holding the vision of the blending of Heaven and Earth - so that which you believed has been separate (the world, the individuality, the ego) can find itself at last completed, part of the circle of Love.

As you choose to live in this resonance, to know it as who you are and to feel it extending before you, this life will wrap other hearts and create the end of divisiveness, the end of the rule of the little mind. It will bring forth the embrace of the living heart of pure unconditional Love. Unconditional means Love without judgment, without anything received in return. It means loving whatever is before you because it is God meeting God.

Any thought of divisiveness, any judgment of anything in the world can be taken into the heart and transformed into Love so that you stand as God loving God, the one expression of joy.

You are My hand and My heart, dear ones, and I call you to enfold this world, to slip beyond ego into God consciousness and to feel how your heart's beliefs become this beautiful world that is the blending of Heaven and Earth, one at last.


Beloved ones, let Me speak to you of guidance. It is time to stop looking outside of yourself but rather time to feel My presence right here as the truth of your heart. It is time to bring all things to oneness, time to feel yourself blended as this Love, time to see the world as an extension of your beauty and humanity as the pure heart of God.

You are indescribable, an endless being made of this limitless substance of Love. You are part of all things and they are part of you. You are the pure expression of My Love. All the ways that Love releases barriers are now coming to pass and you are the continuous, magnificent celebration of Love exploding into beauty and manifesting as life - rich, multi-faceted with endless depth and truly endless possibility.

You are the creativity of God. It is time to take a step in perfection.

Pushing the boundaries of poverty consciousness and victim consciousness

“Those of you who shall come to hear these words at a later time, you are the guardians of the core guardians, and it is your role to ensure that the light that comes through you is of a higher vibration. The way that this vibration will be projected through you is through the mental patterns of your intellect and your subconscious. This comes from every aspect of your life; therefore projecting your own shortcomings, self-doubt and insecurities onto others will not be tolerated in any form or fashion whatsoever, for that is projecting poverty consciousness.

The world of poverty consciousness is no longer a reality in the world of the advanced initiates of the Pathway of the Authentic Ones, and if you are choosing to embrace poverty be it in thought, be it in mind, body, spirit or emotion you are inhibiting your own journey. It is time to expand the mind beyond the boxes that the world has created. It is time for all of you to look at yourself and to acknowledge that poverty is purely a state of mind, regardless of what your physical reality shows you. If you are sitting with very little in the form of material possessions let that not be what measures your worth, let that which exists within your heart be that which shows you what your worth is all about. Let not the external projections of those who are suffering and who are in pain and who are experiencing limitation, inhibition and debilitation be the energies that determine the quality of energy that you experience on a daily basis.

It is your role now to raise that vibration, to live your life in the centre of light so that that which comes at you holding the negative qualities is absorbed by the light and transmuted. If you are going to give into the manipulations of those projections, if you are going to fall prey to the limiting vocabulary of those of poverty consciousness you will bring your energy down. This will create dam walls which prevent the flow in your life.”

- Master Kuthumi (channelled through Michelle Eloff, ‘9:9:9 The Fluid Love, Fluid Universe Activation & Air Gates 23-29, 9 September 2009,

Brad Goldpaint sends this picture of the auroras reflecting from Sparks Lake in central Oregon

A New Experience of LIFE

The Messages from God

Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 31 October 2012

Beloved ones, as your heart soars, feeling this Love that washes through your consciousness and dissolving eons of fear…As your heart feels the truth of life…you will be so joyously, dynamically present…so fully alive that you will at last realize what you are truly capable of.

I Am pure LIFE and this life in you is ever exploding in pure and limitless waves of ecstasy that ripple through your being and burst forth as your consciousness, supported and directed by your beautiful and open heart.

All the things that you have done - you, collectively, as humankind to make yourselves feel alive have all been an attempt to return to this state of sizzling, electric, dynamic and ever-glorious life. All the mountains that humans have climbed, all the love affairs that weren't right for you, all the ways that people have used money - the things that have been built and have been destroyed - the pseudo lure of false power - all of it has been an attempt to regain the feeling of LIFE, life in capital letters, LIFE that is so Real, so consuming, so ecstatic that there is never any doubt that you are part of the miracle that Creation itself is alive here as you. This moment is the birthplace of God.

This experience of LIFE is now yours. It is going to pick you up and to thrill you. It is going to shake you awake like you have never been before, until every moment is the dawning of Creation as your consciousness, as you shimmer, glow, explode in joy…as you burst into being with no boundaries to the life you are, as you thrill to the magic of all that comes forth through you, as you SEE what is present, what is coming alive for you, as you recognize what it is you represent - the purest impetus of Creation, alive in the Now as you.

Oh, dearest ones, this level of life has never yet been experienced fully in this world. This is the advent of a completely new experience of energy. It is the revelation of the power and the beauty that creates the life you are, as your consciousness and your heart, working together are the direct experience of the Moment of Creation.

Life in all its beauty, in all its splendor, in all its glory is yours to experience if you only say "Yes," but it means, beloved ones, dropping the ways that you protect yourself, the ways you've become limited by the perceptions of the ego, all of the ways you have stopped down the essence of life that flows through you.

The moment that you agree to experience LIFE to its fullest, you become the center of the whirlwind. You become the very power of God I Am, not only "off your feet," but instantly beyond all your boundaries and leave you thrilling to the energy that pulses in this moment and grants you the experience of being fully alive.

Oh, beloved ones, the ego and the experience of these separate identities have been mainly to divide you, to separate you from this force, the force of life that allows you to be fully empowered, to stand forth to be Creation, to shake the world to its very foundation, to bring to birth amazing things as the expression of this Love I Am and to recognize that this is you, this power.

You already know how many of societies throughout the world are set up for this purpose - to dissociate people from the recognition of their own power. I Am here to bring you to a greater awareness of the power of Love - more beautiful than anything the mind can imagine.

All of this is coming to bear right now, knocking on the door of your heart, seeking to live you and to thrill you with all that you are, that you might experience this whole world as the expression of life, the honoring of your power, your beauty and your joy, the symbols that express your heart as the miracle of Creation and rush through your being as great waves of perfect Love and indivisible, never-ending LIFE.

Beloved ones, how I want you to experience being alive -- not the limited life of a human being but the fullness of the pure life of God that brings you to each moment in reverence and in awe and reveals to you Real life expressing itself, ready to speak in the depths of your being, to thrill to the essence of your heart, to cascade in great waves of wonder and to speak in the language of Love as the one heart of God at last coming to know itself.

Oh, beloved ones, as you choose Real life, as you drop the ego's dream of protecting yourself and leap into the moment in trust and joy, you will find that you are living in the birthplace of God I Am, everything experienced within your being, everything in communion with your heart.

Every moment will be the most exquisite direct experience of endless joy with no doubt that you go on forever and that everywhere you look and feel and reach and open your heart, there is more LIFE, more joy, more explosions of wonder, more of the birth of Love, fully conscious. More of My awakening, beloved ones, as you.

No one who is yet contained by the consciousness of being human has fully experienced this power and beauty, this LIFE. The only way that you will is to completely give yourselves over to it, to recognize that life truly must choose to live you and in the surrender to this miracle, you are fully alive where every atom of your being is filled with the present - to be acknowledging Me as I Am acknowledging you and looking into each other.

The truth of gratitude dawns, that like LIFE, it is all consuming and it is perfect. As you open to the miracle of life, to the complete immersion in this experience…As you become the limitless Love, you are the tremoring of the universe whose vibration builds in celebration as the glory of life proclaims "I Am fully alive forever."

It is, of course, something that you feel that speaks in every electron and atom, acknowledging the magnificent oneness as all life says "YES" and becomes the celebration of the heart of God awakening to itself continually.

So much of your time on Earth has been spent with the focus of your attention in the little mind, which leaves you cut off from the tremoring, from the building of the vibrations of Love exploding, that when allowed, are the experience of the true LoveMaking - the forces of God creating more LIFE, the forces of your Source and your being sweeping you away, past every limiting consciousness into endless ecstasy.

Are you ready, beloved ones, to embrace LIFE, to change this world into the full experience of God awakening? I know that you are and I Am here in soul-deep communion, speaking through every pulse and every heart beat and every new manifestation of beauty that is your heart's creation, the heart that I Am right now.

The Threshold of the Now


Channelled through Christopher Sell, 19 November 2012

Each moment is given to you as an opportunity to experience the infinite beauty of the Divine.  In every moment you are offered a choice and the essence of that choice is to what degree do you choose to turn towards the Source of All. When you choose to accept the infinite beauty that comes from the Source of All into any one moment, time ceases to exist. Until that point you experience time which, like a film, presents the illusion of movement, but, again like a film, is actually made up of separate moments, each with its new opportunity.

So you are always on the Threshold of the Now. You are always present at a moment of choice and that choice is always ultimately the same. "To what degree do I turn towards the Source of All?"

There is no fault in you that continue to find yourself in a world of time, in which the appearance of continuity is more real to you than the reality of the choice each moment offers. For you grow through your engagement with this world of time and your growing is itself a beautiful gift to the Universe. You might also say that the experience of turning to the Source of All is so beautiful that you enjoy spreading it out through a multitude of moments.

Now, however, there is a shift in human consciousness. You have chosen to move to another way of experiencing time. This shift will occur gradually over hundreds of years.  And so you find yourself at the Threshold of the Now in another sense.  Your now is beginning to feel different.

You have had a strong allegiance to continuity, to the idea that the present should not differ too much from the past. Now there is an agreement in human consciousness that this need not be so. There is a growing agreement that epiphanies, moments of revelation or realisation, may occur more easily, both you as individuals and increasingly also for groups.

Such moments begin to create a 'bigger' now; that is, a present moment which gives you more scope for gathering those experiences out of past moments and even future moments that make it easier for you to choose to turn towards the Source of All. It is as if you are learning to furnish each moment to welcome Divine Presence as you might furnish a room to welcome friends. So that now as you stand at the threshold of each moment you are able to say, "What memories, what visions might I bring to this moment so that the Divine within me and the Divine outside of me may meet here as one?"

This is to be the fulfillment of a divine promise made to you eons ago

By Saul
Channelled through John Smallman, 2 December 2012

Humanity is due for a shocking surprise that will amaze and delight everyone. Those of you who are aware that you are shortly to awaken from your heavy slumbering state within the illusion will also experience that wonderful shock. No one who chooses to take part will be excluded – as some of you might say “the more the merrier” – because to awaken from that dark state is a move into unimaginable joy. It is an utterly enchanting joy that you will share and partake in with one another, in an exhilaration more intense than you have ever felt in any of your many human incarnations.

Hold your intent, hold your enthusiastic expectations and continue to race down the home straight towards your destination where large crowds of welcoming friends and loved ones have gathered to meet you. The bliss of experiencing acceptance and love that is pure, perfect, unconditional, and eternal will induce a high, a thrill, an explosion of happiness that is beyond anything that you can imagine. Constant, instant, and intense delight awaits your homecoming. Disappointment is unthinkable and impossible, and this is not just advertising hype, because this is to be the fulfillment of a divine promise made to you eons ago.

Many of you are feeling twinges of anxiety or doubtfulness because your expectations are so high as they have every right to be even though you have a divine promise that you will awaken and which you have to take on trust. In the illusion you have all experienced the betrayal of trust so it is not really surprising that these unsettling twinges arise to disturb you. They are an aspect of the illusion that you are in the process of releasing as the field of Love enveloping you assures you that all is well, and provides the solvent that will dissipate all your karmic baggage.

All is well; you know that. Attend to aligning your will constantly with your Father’s that you awaken, and in acceptance that that is the case, offer compassion, listening, and love in all your personal interactions. Doing so brings you a sense of peace, a valid intuitive faith in the divine outcome which has been promised to you, making the last moments of your journey pass easily and smoothly. And your comforting countenance provides welcome assurance to many others as you assist them to flow homeward with you towards the grand moment of awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

The Heartbeat of God Within Us. Being the Conduit of Endless Good

"So, put aside the mind of the world and open to the heart of Love."

The Messages from God

Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 21 November 2012

Beloved ones, it is time to allow your hearts to beat with Mine. It is time to feel the pulse and the rhythm of life that, in the center of All That Is, is ever keeping time with the creative forces of Love. Not your physical hearts…but the heart that is Real… It is the heart that is the center of My life, of this conscious Creation. The heartbeat of God is ever pulsing in you, that you might be aligned with the truth of Love I Am -- every moment a force for perfect life.

If you allow yourself to feel this pulse, to let it light you up from deep within and build this communion with the center of God, then you shall always be a conduit for good, that the atoms of Light may rush through to serve you, to dance forth in Love, to sing your holy name, to create all around you great streams of beauty and to open this awareness of powerful and endless good that is ever your life in Me.

So, beloved ones, in these changing times when so much might seem unstable to the mind, come back to this center. Come back to the rhythm of your Real life and remember the power of your hearts in Me. Remember that you are the center of God. Remember this glory that is with you as eternity and open yourself to the expression of beauty, perfection and joy.

Do not look at the world outside to bring to you that which you need. Rather, realign with your intrinsic life in Me, that you might feel the truth of all that you are, and thus, rest assured that perfection is yours as is the abundance of which we are made.

If you allow the world of the mind to determine what you feel and see, you will lose connection with the creative power of the life I Am within you.

The moment that you return to Me and feel your true heart beating this rhythm, you are drawing from the very source of life that is absolutely undivided and endless for all eternity. Therefore, the flood of good, the flood of God is rushing to you and bursting forth to reflect your truth, to align your life with the beating heart of God that you might remember that I Am your source and you are the expression of My Love.

You are the heart of Me. The rhythm of our pulsing life is the force of pure creation that brings forth the perfection of God in this endless Now Moment. When this life, this power of Love is felt joyously in the center of your being, it is impossible to lose your trust, to forget that you are ever provided for. It lives in the center of your being and every beat of your heart is a reflection of this truth -- the glorious abundance of life is yours, keeping you fully alive always and forever and granting you the miracle of limitless creative power. It is bringing you the full awareness of your consciousness in Me that you might be filled with gratitude as you open to the miracles that are appearing before you in the symbols of this world.

Take a moment, beloved ones, and feel the truth of Real God power. Let yourselves remember the Moment of Creation. Allow this pure life to radiate through your whole being, to lift you up and to deliver you into the endless realms of perfect joy and the abundant life I Am. It is so important that you remember this pulse, that you allow it to become the rhythm of your heart and of your life -- that it might set for you the rhythm of your moments and your days and whisper to you constantly the fulfillment of God I Am … everything in perfection, abundance and limitless joy.

Feel the pulse beat of God, the pulse of Creation that is glorious and orgasmic, out of which comes the essence of life that can become whatever you need it to be, instantly, fully at your command. As you are joined in communion with Me, we are one life, one force of creation, one limitless expression of golden abundance, one power that is all good and one assurance that you are the heart of God and can never be anything less.

So, trust, beloved ones, when you take the next step that you can feel the Reality of Love going before you, that you can place your feet on the stepping stones of pure Light, that you can allow your heart to reflect your true essence as your experience of life here in the world and everywhere that you look.

Your consciousness is not limited to the Earth, not at all, and your heart is already in communion with All That Is. The moment that your heartbeat resonates through your very being, you are instantly reconnected with your deepest truth -- I Am the source of your life and I Am ever your provision. I Am the Light that guides you and the Love that sustains you, and I Am here, ever beckoning you to remember these truths and to open to becoming the clear and glorious conduit for the endless good of God I Am.

You can feel the rush of creative life, creative power, the moment you are aligned with your deepest heart, beloved ones. As you open to what is Real, great streams of pure essence rush through your heart into the world to become whatever you need.

So, put aside the mind of the world and open to the heart of Love.

Put aside the old world view of scarcity and step into the abundance of the Love I Am that is fully present as the heart of you. Allow this pulse beat, this rhythm of life to soothe you, to support you and to lift you up into a song of remembrance of the purity of life until nothing can distract you from the truth that I Am yours, just as you are Mine. We are one life together, never ending and life is expressed as abundance overflowing, as good never ending, as pure joy and perfect Love, and this is yours to claim.

Do not worry if you have moments where you forget and you shift from the heart into the mind. Just breathe and make the shift back. Remember to feel this heart beat of your Real heart, the heart of God I Am and let it bring you back into alignment with the truth of Love and with the pulsing ecstatic moment of Creation.

You are forces of life. You are the source of creative power. You are the transparent heart of God and shining through you everywhere is meant to be a world of good, the symbolic representation of all that I provide for you. Oh, beloved ones, paradise is yours. Reach out your hands and receive it in gratitude and in joy.

Come, and let this heartbeat deep in the center of your being soothe you. Let it be your lullaby, if needed. Let it make you present with the whole of Love and let it bring you reconnection with your true and limitless consciousness and your Real heart of endless Love.

Your heart is the Moment of Creation expressed. Stop, beloved ones, and feel this. Let yourself live this truth -- that life itself comes forth through you, that Love in you is multiplied and given forth for others, that every breath you breathe in Me is meant to bring you provision of endless good, of limitless Light, of perfect life, of all Creation singing forth your beauty and the endless good I Am expressing here within you and all around you as well.

The time has come to live this truth, to let the heart of God come out, to move beyond the symbols of duality or separation, to take each step in full remembrance of the heart beat of God within you and the endless life that now pours through you to create more good, more life before you and a world that represents what lives within.

The heart beat of God is eternal. It is mine and thus, it is yours as well. Every time you feel this pulse, we are one, beloved ones, and every time you feel the pause, you are in communion with all Creation. Each one brings the rhythm that you might live perfection and you might know the rhythm with which your true heart beats.

I Am here always, blessing, singing with you, exploring the expression of more good with every heart beat we share…and assisting you to be open to this pure Love moving through you, waiting to create a world of Heaven on Earth. With every breath, remember and let the pulse take over, that you might be in resonance with Creation itself, that you might be this very source of endless good, of full remembrance of the joyous celebration of being the heart of God.

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    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



    Love is

    Love is all

    Love is all there is

    Love is all

    Love is



    Don't be a stranger

    It's cold outside, There's no kind of atmosphere, I'm all alone, More or less. Let me fly, Far away from here, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun.

    I want to lie, Shipwrecked and comatoase, Drinking fresh, Mango juice, Goldfish shoals, Nibbling at my toes, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun, Fun, fun, fun,In the sun, sun, sun.

    (Red Dwarf theme tune)

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