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Excerpts from ‘Starseeds and Walk-ins'

Christ Initiation

The Seven Christed Qualities to Ascension

Archangel Michael's Triple Bubble of Protection‏

Christ by Illuminati MS guy

The Son of God


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Reappearance of Christ Consciousness on Earth

(channeled by Nada-Yolanda)

"Have you not been sleeping long enough?"

"I go now,
yet always I remain.
I am,
yet I am but you.
In silence,
you have come to hear Me.
In silence,
you will come to know Me.
Listen well,
for I am your own highest self.
I am the Self of all.
I am the Christ,
the only begotten of the Father,
and that is who you are, always.

Remember, allow.

Blessings upon you."

- Jeshua (channelled through Jayem, The Jeshua Letters).

Excerpts from ‘Starseeds and Walk-ins'

According to ‘Starseeds and Walk-ins,’ all ‘candidates for Ascension,’ including starseeds, must “go the Path of the Divine Mysteries in humble surrender and in love.”

“At this end of a world cycle we are living in times of Grace. This is the time (leading up to 2012 or so) when the Christ-Consciousness (divine Love) is returning to Earth in order to 'open up the Way', the Way that leads back into the divine Universe. Whenever the Christ Consciousness reappears on Earth, a very special opportunity for liberation is given to the race of men, but such grace can only be received if we give up everything that has not yet led us to liberation; if we drop everything that has not worked for us with regard to attaining Holiness; if we give up all ideas, hopes, desires, convictions and notions about the spiritual life in order to simply receive the Grace that is being offered, and so to ultimately attain Holiness and divine Accomplishment…

Starseeds, like humanity, may take advantage of today's great spiritual opportunity by remaining open and humble. By doing so, and hence in being lifted up into the Body of Christ themselves, they may take back to their respective civilisations the experience and grace that they have received by being here.”

There then follows this ‘suspect’ dismissal of the validity of beings whom we know as ‘Ascended Masters.’ In fact, they do not call themselves that but they do belong to the Great White Brotherhood while other Christed beings are members of the Galactic Federation of Light and are also here to assist humanity at this most critical hour. The Ascended Masters do not claim to be individual but speak of themselves as multidimensional beings who are beyond description. The adoption of a human persona which they may once have had on Earth is merely a vehicle of expression for our convenience. My understanding is that we do not lost our individuality as a result of Ascension but gain a greater awareness of our true individuality, which is an expression of God in the form of the I AM Presence. Always we are evolving to a greater degree of God-realisation and this involves transcending ourselves to increase our consciousness through being One with a group. For example, there are said to be 144,000 Ascended Masters working towards planetary Ascension from the Inner Earth. To this end, they have formed one (golden?) energy which means that, while they may still express themselves individually, they are also simultaneously one indivisible whole, pooling inspiration and sharing the same awareness.

Q. There are many starseeds/walk-ins here who are already ascended masters in other star systems. They have volunteered to come to Earth at this time primarily to help humanity ascend.

A. It really doesn't work that way. Your concepts are false and are misleading you entirely, for you are still thinking in terms of space and time, which are both of the illusion.

Please let me explain. Christ Consciousness is the very lowest level of enlightened Consciousness; the very first rung on the Heavenly Stair, if you like. Everything below Christ Consciousness is unenlightened, i.e., of the illusion. That is why Jesus demonstrated the Way to Life that must pass through the Christine Gateway.

In order to help another ascend, one must have ascended oneself and so hold the Keys to Life (as Jesus did, for example, and there have been many other Christed ones before him), and so be able to open up the Way for others. Now in Christ there is no time or space; Christ is the timeless ONE - not past and then, not here and there. Therefore, do I need to say more regarding your interpretation of the Ancient Wisdom when you speak of ascended masters (individual, separate beings!) who, if they have ascended must be One. Do I need to, therefore, explain why Christed Consciousness does not come from all over the galaxy (space) in order to help others ascend?

No. Christ - or Divinity - is preparing to enter the fields of darkness (Earth) today from within; it does not come from anywhere else but right here and now. And it is ONE, not many masters.

The so-called 'masters' that we may have read about are still on the Path leading to Deliverance; they have not yet entered through the Christine Gate, for if this was so then how could they be individual men with names and personal characteristics all their own?

The vast majority of 'masters' who 'channel' themselves through mediums today are actually unenlightened imposters who may well believe that they are Home (which, at best, may be just the 'home' of the spiritualists' Summerland) and even convince the gullible public that this is so, but they are not yet in Christ Consciousness and so also Know nothing.

Christ is One and It is about to transmute this Earth and bring Home all who are ready to surrender everything to Christ and so dissolve in Christ. It is that simple. To complicate the simple Truth is to create more illusions for everyone.

An individual being, be it a master or anything else, is actually just a bundle of karma, which has no true Substance, no Reality. A separated being is an illusion. Therefore starseeds and walk-ins are also of the illusion, i.e., un-Christed.

Christ Initiation

By Master Jesus

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

1 November 2010

From a blazing white and golden light I emerge and walk forward to stand before your presence, through my gaze I absorb your beauty, the essence and truth of your being and soul. In honour of you as a beacon of the Creator's light I kneel down before you and take your hands in mine. With love, compassion and truth I gently kiss the back and front of each of your hands and draw your hands to my forehead. I allow the love and peace of my being and mind to embrace you completely now, letting my energy flow and connect with yours. We are one and will remain so eternally.

Allow all inhibitions, doubts, fears or insecurities to fall away, you are held in the arms of the Creator always, you are safe and I am here to guide you to a greater unity with the Creator's soul. There is no greater experience than to experience a complete unity with the Creator, to be and exist as love, bliss, peace, harmony and pure luminous light. If you are prepared for this initiation then I will lead you forth through the gardens of the heavens deep into the heart of the Creator.

                You may ask why I have come forth to assist you in achieving an initiation; the answer is true and pure, now is the correct time for energies to be integrated and a new awareness to develop. Now is the time for a greater truth to be accessed and anchored deep into your being not only to aid your own spiritual ascension but the raise in the vibration of love on the Earth. This initiation is simple as are all teachings and insights drawn from the Creator's soul, it is to assist your greater embodiment of the Christ consciousness and to activate the Christ within your being; the pure presence of love.

                From my heart I manifest a small golden flame of light, like a jewel it is so beautiful and like the sun it is so vibrant and warming. I hold this golden flame of light within my cupped hands, it is so precious to me, it holds and represents the very truth and purity of the Creator. A vibration that is so fine and quick in speed, it holds the cosmic light of the Creator, the love of the Creator and the very essence of the Creator. Before you is a concentrated energy of the Creator's heart.

Let your glaze become fixed upon this golden flame of light.

Let your body breathe in the golden light so that it embraces you entirely.

Allow your mind to adopt the glowing purity of the golden flame of light.

Allow yourself to become one with the golden flame of light, your body, being and mind is harmonising with this light. You are becoming the golden flame of light as the flame is becoming you. Relax into this existence knowing that you are uniting with a powerful aspect of the Creator's love.

I give to you this precious golden flame of light as a gift from the very depths of my soul. It is the Christ consciousness, the purest form of love from the Creator's soul that I offer to you. The golden light retains a high vibration of love but also encourages you to act, speak, hear, see, move and relax as love on the Earth. Permit love to be your guiding light, your teacher, aspect and soul. Let the golden flame of Christ consciousness light surround you completely. The more you accept the Christ light into your energy the larger the golden flame grows around you, entering into your surroundings and reality.

Hold absolute faith that the Christ consciousness flame of golden light is now working with your body and energy systems, transforming you into a complete beacon of love and the Christ light. A deep healing and shift in your energy is occurring as you accept and breathe in the golden light. Know that this is true and that you are completely deserving of the love and transformation that you are experiencing.

You may wish to affirm,

'I hold faith in the love of the Creator and Master Jesus as a complete healing for me now.'

Let the golden light become concentrated at your heart chakra, feel the light almost as a liquid light molten burning through any barriers and limitations that have been created by you because of your fears of embracing and existing as love. The Creator's embrace can be overwhelming and overpowering when we have not allowed ourselves to be accepting in the past. Now is the time to affirm your acceptance and willingness to accept the loving embrace of the Creator.

You may wish to affirm,

'I open my heart to the loving embrace of the Creator,'

Imagine, sense or acknowledge your heart as a flower head lifting to the sun and basking in the warm and loving light. You may feel some discomfort as light flows both into and from your heart chakra. As you open your heart chakra with the presence of the Christ consciousness around and within your being you are aligning on a new level with the energy of the Christ, with my soul and with the soul of the Creator. Know that this is a release, activation and an alignment.

This may take time and patience but while this integration occurs allow yourself to repeat for an appropriate period of time the affirmation, (ten to fifteen minutes may be appropriate),

'I am Christ.'

As you repeat this in your mind or out loud let the vibration and energy of the words pulsate throughout your entire being, like a wave of active energy surging through and around your being, increasing your vibration and Christ or love quotient. This will be extremely powerful if you allow your focus to be strong and secure. You will be affirming your embodiment and acceptance of the Christ energy, existence and light.

As the energy and alignment builds you may feel golden light showering and shimmering onto your being and your heart chakra blazing with bliss, freedom and love. The energy will begin to flow from the very depths of your being into your current manifestation on the Earth, you are activating your Christ self; the aspect, energy and source of the Christ or Creator love that already and naturally exists within you.

Allow yourself to affirm with power and devotion,

'I embrace and welcome eternally my Christ self, Christ energies and existence as the Christ consciousness on the Earth.'

This is a transition that will take time and development, focus and attention in your daily light. Envisage yourself as the energy of the Christ walking upon the Earth free from ego or superiority, simply embracing and sharing the love of the Creator; the Christ consciousness. You are more than worthy of this existence even as you go about your physical realities and routines on the Earth. Every moment of your life can be sacred, pure and loving if you allow it to be, connected to and aligned with the core heart chakra energy and consciousness of the Creator.

When you are ready I wish for you to send your golden existence and energy deep into the Earth as a symbol of anchoring the Christ energy and your Christ self into your physical reality and presence on the Earth. Only you can decide whether walking your path as the Christ energy is appropriate for you and your soul, but I am here to embrace and guide you always,

I am your friend and brother,

I am Master Jesus

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light

Daybreak by Markus Grunau

The Seven Christed Qualities to Ascension

By Tony Stubbs

Before we talk about embodying the energy of Christ Consciousness as a necessary part of ascension, let’s define what it is. Christ Consciousness is aware energy of a particular frequency that fosters the sense of unity among all beings, matter, and energy. As we enter the Photon Belt, the frequency of our mental, emotional, and physical bodies rises to the point where we approach the frequency of the Christ energy.

We’ve always been able to tap into this energy during meditation or those all-too-rare peak moments when we feel connected with everything and in love with everyone. That is our true state, but then some aspect of the hologram we call reality creeps up on us and the sense of unity dissipates.

In that experience of unity, you are tapping into the Christ energy, that particular frequency at which consciousness knows it is one with All That Is. Soon we will live there, but until then, experiencing the Christ energy requires us to take a few steps toward it.

We can identify seven steps that we can tackle in any order or all at the same time. The latter works well, because each step interweaves and supports the others.


How important is all this to you? Do you yearn to embody Christ energy as the number one driving force in your life, and have the Christ Consciousness overlay every aspect of your life?
We are all familiar with the caricature of someone who goes to church on Sunday and returns home to beat the children and argue with the neighbors, or the congregation that discourages new members because they are somehow "not good enough." This happens even in the lightworker community, sad to say, when we forget that who we are doesn’t end at our skin but stretches infinitely within All That Is.

How keen is your desire to overcome any limiting, myopic beliefs, to come out of the dark closet of separation, and embrace the glorious light that you really are? It can be scary at first, but as you explore the joyful freedom of unity, the love you feel dissipates the fear. But you must want it as much as you want your next breath. Are you ready?


Are you ready to put service to Source above service to self? Why did you incarnate here? Was it to amass personal power and wealth, or was it to serve humanity and the Source in whatever ways your life skills allow? Are you worried that service to Source would require a lifestyle of poverty and giving up the good things in life? Do you believe that you cannot serve and experience abundance at the same time, or that only martyrs to the cause can serve the Source?

It’s a matter of living the paradox: walking the line between your divine nature and your human nature, fully conscious that you are both a Christed being and spark of the Creator, and a human ego crafted to operate in duality and separation. We are each at a crossroads every second of our lives. We can choose to serve the big picture of ascension or the little picture of personal gain and profit. Are you ready?


Most of us incarnate into a scenario in which we take on limiting beliefs about who we are, such as that we’re separate individuals striving to "earn or learn" our way out of here. We may even believe that being mortal is a punishment of the sins of other lifetimes.

Few of us are imprinted from birth with the truth that we are magnificent sparks of the Creator on a field trip to explore some aspect of being. We become mesmerized by others’ beliefs and fall into the traps of duality, separation, limitation, and fear. This forms a rock-solid barrier to allowing the energy of Christ Consciousness into our fields and keeps us small, separate, and fearful.

The big question here is whether we can rise above duality, limiting beliefs, and human fear, to allow the Christ Consciousness to move through us. Can we look beyond the hologram we call reality and see the holographic generator behind the scenes? Can we see the operator who is programming the reality we call the events in our daily lives?

The law of dharma states that we each have three obligations: to know our truth, to live our truth, and to share our truth. To know, live, and share. Are you ready?

Maio Fegalactica


Who’s in control of your life? Ego or spirit? You or someone else? A wise man once said, "What other people think of me is no concern of mine." Do you allow other people to run your life with their expectations of you? Is there any place where you do not allow Spirit to run the show? If something happens that casts you in a poor light, is what others might think of you your first concern, or do you thank Spirit for revealing some insight to you?
Mastery is that quality that allows you to operate above the expectations of others so that you’re free to follow your spirit at every turn. That may infuriate the rest of us, but that’s our problem. There is no higher calling than the voice of your own spirit. Are you ready?


Is there any part of you that believes that anything on the material level has any real significance? Are you able to let it go? How attached are you to things? Do you take pride in possessions, or do you regard them simply as tools in your service to Source? Would a new computer give you the fastest machine on the block, or would you see it simply as a tool for disseminating your truth? If Spirit said, "Give everything away and join the Peace Corps," could you?

Attachments to anything or anyone automatically block you from Spirit and from embodying the Christ energy. A Zen master once told a self-important would-be student that the master could not serve him tea because his cup was already full, and to return only when his cup was empty. How empty is your cup? Do you have space in your beliefs and your being for the Christ Consciousness, or are you already so full of attachment that there’s no room?
When you are the Divine Fool to whom nothing matters because you know that you’re doing everything in some life or another, then you’re detached. Are you ready?


Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people. Who decides? Spirit. Spirit will do whatever it takes in its quest for knowledge and understanding, and if that takes the rise to power of cruel tyrants, or the death of a great teacher, so be it.

Can you rise above appearances and trust that the big picture is unfolding exactly as it should? Can you trust in the perfection of the divine plan and flow with it to play your part? Can you accept that everything that happens in your life is part of a larger game plan that you helped design? Are you ready to allow Spirit to work through you?

Do you rail against what is, trying to manipulate yourself and others, to turn the tide back, or can you allow and embrace what is as what is, flow with its perfection, and seek the understanding within it?

For those of us brought up in the Western world, this is probably the most difficult step. Are you ready?


Are there any remaining blocks, fears, or judgments that prevent the pure unconditional love of the Christ Consciousness from manifesting in your life? If so, are you ready to ditch them, or is there still a payoff for you in running fear and judgment?
Fear and love are often cast as opposites, but really fear is simply low-frequency energy that prevents higher-frequency love energy from flowing freely within your being. Get rid of the fear barriers, and you will experience the love.

You can’t "love" anyone. All you can do is get out of the way and let the love of creation flow through you. Neither can you bring the energy of Christ Consciousness into you. All you can do is remove the barriers to it and it will fill your entire being. Are you ready?

Tony is the author of An Ascension Handbook, and served Oughten House Publications as editor-in-chief. He directed the program for helping new metaphysical authors get their books published. He is now a freelance consultant to authors and small publishers. He is a speaker at the Universal Lightworker Conference. He can be reached at (925) 461-2401 and <>.

Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Daily Protection from Archangel Michael's Triple Bubble of Protection‏

By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

15 August 2011

“As you breathe in the gold of the Spirit, the shining treasure of unlimited consciousness, you become the acknowledgement of that treasure of Love that is All That I Am, interacting in this heartfelt moment.” - The Messages from God (channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, ‘Your Heart Is the Cathedral of Love. In Which Every Life Meets Its Creator,’ 29 January 2013,

I hope that you will enjoy experiencing the magnificent energy of this new bubble of protection. You are truly deserving of this protection because it is a celebration of your growth and devotion.

I am Archangel Michael, I will always be here to protect and love you.

With the blessings of the Creator,

I am Archangel Michael

I send waves of beloved angelic love, like a shimmering magic dust to shower over your being. I am Archangel Michael and it is such a tremendous delight to bring my love, energy, light and wisdom forward to connect with your energy.

So many changes of a positive nature are occurring on the Earth now. We, on the inner planes can see that the light upon the Earth is becoming brighter with each day; this is due to your focus and devotion. We honour you for this and send our thanks. We are noticing that the angelic presence upon the Earth is also increasing; this is because more and more people are becoming aware of the energy of angelic beings and how we are willing and able to assist their reality. We have always been selfless beings of light, guiding and assisting humanity, but it is far more difficult to guide people when they are not conscious of our presence. The conscious awareness of angelic guides has amplified and we are being called to be of assistance in vast numbers by humanity at this time. It brings such love and delight to our soul and means that we can work with humanity in a new integrated way where our presence allows humanity and the angelic kingdom to become closer to the Creator's light. It is so important to invite angelic beings into your reality to be of assistance and guidance, as well as invoking angels to support the Earth; the mere presence of more angelic beings on the Earth invited by humanity increases the light quotient of the Earth. We are all one after all and there is so much energy and love that we can share with you. We are described as beings of selfless service but we see your souls in this way also, we are all working to become truly united with the Creator's soul.

I encourage you to invite the angels and archangels to be a constant presence in your life, allowing yourself to be consciously aware of their influence.

There is a very special purpose for my communication today; to me it is a celebration of humanity's growth and awakening. In the past I have shared with you a shield of protection which has been created by my energy and which you can ask me to place around your auric field to ensure your safety on all levels. This shield of protection was composed of an electric blue bubble of light surrounding your auric field, then a platinum bubble of light. The electric blue bubble protected you against negativity from the Earth such as electrical appliance, negative thoughts and chemicals. The platinum bubble of light protected you from any negative energy from beings that may not be focused on love or the purity of the Creator. The platinum bubble ensured you created appropriate light vibration connections for you and protected you during your spiritual practices. I would then, if needs be, place a shielded bubble of light around you which would ensure that only vibrations and energy of love where allowed to penetrate your energy or being. This was a very secure and strong protection which was needed while people were awakening and exploring energies. This protective triple bubble of light can be used or called upon whenever you wish; it is particularly effective in physically dangerous situations or to block the fear of others in entering into your consciousness and energy.

At this time of humanity's ascension I have been advised by the Creator and feel it in my soul that a new protective bubble is needed, one that isn't so strong and also protects by aligning the person with the light of the Creator, Angels or Ascended Masters. The previous protection was almost like a metal shield surrounding you, where the new protection will allow your energies to breathe, be free and requires you to hold a greater sense of mastery over your being and responsibility over your actions.

The new triple bubble of protection will consist of a pure white bubble at the very edge of the person's auric field. The pure white light almost acts as a filter dissolving negative thoughts and emotions that are sent to the person or created by the individual. It also has a radiance which aids connection with the Creator and guides as well as drawing positive energies and soul energies from within the person's being. Therefore when the person feels like they need protection, they will not so much be shielded but their own inner power and light will be activated to be of service to them in the most appropriate way.

The second bubble of protection remains the same electric blue light due to the harmful energies of the Earth still remaining present with the power of weakening the auric field and energy of the soul. It is due to this that the electric blue light must remain present in my protection. The electric blue light will protect you from electrical energies, chemicals and the negative consciousness that is created when humanity focuses upon similar thoughts, fears or outcomes. The electric blue light can appear almost as a barrier of light in order to ensure protection.

The third bubble of protection that completes Archangel Michael's triple bubble of protection is of a golden light. This is actually the Christ Consciousness light which has been sourced at this time from the angelic kingdom, it is an active love energy that will create and attract the energy of love. The power of love is becoming well known now on the Earth and so it is the appropriate time to allow the energy of love to act as a protection for all. The energy of love will dissolve negativity of all kinds and will also bring situations about to allow negativity, chaos or fear to be resolved in a harmonious way. The golden bubble of protection also hold wisdom which will be appropriate for the individual and will inspire the individual to work in a more loving way, to radiate love from their heart and soul therefore increasing their level of protection.

The new triple bubble of protection of a white, electric blue and golden colour is far lighter in its vibration and charged with such sacred light, it is akin to a cocoon of light that supports the individual's process of spiritual growth. The bubble is a radiant light and so protects the person by enhancing their light rather than shielding their light. You can see that the new triple bubble of protection requires for the individual to be more aware of themselves, the energy around them and what they are creating. This protection has been bought forward now to enhance the light of humanity but also because humanity has reached a stage where they are more responsible and in control of their reality and spiritual development on the Earth. The more humanity and lightworkers master their being, the protection that we offer you will alter to be appropriate for the growth that has occurred.

You will notice that the shielded bubble has been removed as this would almost make your energies invisible and felt very solid, if you find the need to aid the shielded bubble for the time being to the new triple protection you may ask me to achieve this for you, it is appropriate in times where you feel in danger. I feel that the shielded protection is not needed in most cases as souls realise that they can resolve all negative situations with the power of their thoughts and radiant light.

Many of you may ask why you need to ask for protection when you believe that you are always safe and protected. My answer to you is that if you ask for protection you are increasing the vibration of light around your auric field which naturally allows you to move with greater ease through your reality, it also ensures that your auric field isn't torn by negative thoughts that you or others create. Another reason is that most people are not yet consciously aware twenty four hours a day and therefore the mind and energy field can be susceptible to negative influences, thoughts emotions or fears without the person being consciously aware. If you were to go for a walk on a windy and rainy day, it is most likely that you would put a coat on to protect your body and skin, allowing you to feel more comfortable. If you are travelling through your daily routine where you are meeting people, hearing sounds and music, seeing adverts and picture, entering into different building where numerous different energies may have been collected and eating food that may have the consciousness of another embedded into it then it seems to be appropriate that you place a coat of protection over you to ensure that you remain balanced and in your energies or power at all times. My triple bubble of protection is simply an added energy, like a coat, that will safeguard and protect your energies wherever you are whatever you are doing. This doesn't mean that you can put your life or energy in dangerous situations. You must always be conscious of your actions and thoughts and their implications in your life. My bubble of protection is simply a thin coat to ensure your protection and boost your light.

It is my wish for you to practice using my triple bubble of protection in the morning or before meditation. Allow yourself to then sit in the energy to see if it is appropriate for you. I will offer you an invocation to assist you in anchoring this new triple bubble of protection into your energy.

'Beloved Archangel Michael, I call upon your energy, light, guidance and protection now. Please surround me in love and place around my auric field and being your new triple light bubble of protection. Surround me in a pure white bubble of protection, a vibrant electric blue bubble of light and a sacred golden bubble of light to ensure my protection on all levels of my being at all times. Ensure that I only experience the love of the Creator in my reality and energy. I am safe and protected always.

Thank you.'

I hope that you will enjoy experiencing the magnificent energy of this new bubble of protection, you are truly deserving of this protection because it is a celebration of your growth and devotion.

I am Archangel Michael, I will always be here to protect and love you.

With the blessings of the Creator,

I am Archangel Michael

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light

Blood Sun by Aztil

Christ by Illuminati MS guy

(From MySpace back in the day!)

He died for our sins.

He used white magic! Doesn't mean you got to be crucified if you use white magic. Yahweh already did that for us!

Why is Christ designated as the symbol of spirituality? Because Jesus was the most distingushed member of the "Magician's Fraternity" (the Magi), prepared specifically for his mission to make Christ incarnate in himself. Jesus and Christ were two different persons; one was human, the other divine. Christ is a superior being who is on an advanced step on the scale of evolution, which a human being could reach in perhaps millions of years of evolution. Let us conceive of Him as an extraterrestrial spiritual power, which we could call an "Archangel". This "Archangel", due to his very lengthy evolution, possessed perfect and powerful spirituality. Jesus was long prepared for this role, to be able to resist an extremely high vibration in his physical body. This vibration could only manifest itself for brief moments, as its intensity could destroy the nervous and cellular systems of Jesus' body. Christ was the One who performed miracles through Jesus who provided the matter for his manifestation. The "Magician's Fraternity" remains hidden, as it has a right to its own privacy, but some of its members have intermingled with ordinary people, motivated by the wish to show homo sapiens the road to a higher life. Magicians know, however, that knowledge of "Hermetic Art" as an instrument to reach spiritual heights, is only for the "elite" and not to be divulged. Nevertheless, the fraternity of initiates provides the opportunity for any person with sufficient merit to join the Hermetic elite of "magicians" or stellar men, if the scope and intelligence of his efforts allows him to do so. The science of the magicians is called "Hermetic Art" in honor of Hermes Trismegistus. According to tradition, he arrived on earth from outer space, approximately thirty thousand years ago, anointed as Great Master Supreme of the Initiative Fraternity. Inspired by his light, Egypt became great and wise, and the great sacred science of the priests was called "hermeticism". In those days, only by means of great sacrifices and trials was it possible to belong to a Hermetic initiation school. The great majority who succeeded in entering such a school faltered along the way, lacking the moral and spiritual courage to overcome the multiple obstacles, temptations and trials with which ISIS, mistress of the mysteries of nature, evaluated the true worth of those who aspired to the supreme knowledge of absolute truth. It was in one of those schools that Jesus made himself a Hermeticist, and reached the highest degrees of initiation. Because the time is right, we will divulge the mystery of Jesus the Christ and the causes of the moral suffering of humanity, according to the teachings of the "Magician's Fraternity". This moral mystery stems from the "adoration of the golden calf"; in other words, from the submission of the human being to the god of money. In honor of this god, he must give up or sacrifice his spiritual possibilities to be able to subsist. Those who possess adequate means of subsistence generally pervert their potential spiritual values in the process of gaining social position at the expense of the consumer market. The spiritual or moral quality of the individual is worth very little, as the need for money leads him to lower and prostitute himself for the golden metal which buys honor, respect, love, fame and power. The money god is sitting above the world, and whoever wishes to enjoy his gifts must adore him. The real power of money is not only material, but it is principally a hidden force, as the coin is not worth anything in itself; it is only a symbol of human effort or work. By a strange paradox, although work is intrinsically noble, money, the result of this effort, is under the control or influences of a satanic or diabolic power. We invite the reader to meditate on what he could do to corrupt human beings, if he was Satan; what means or tools would he use to instigate crime, greed, war, fratricide and decay of moral values. It would be difficult to imagine something more adequate than gold, neutral in its own condition, but diabolical when handled crookedly. Does Satan really exist, or is he only a myth created by the masses to explain certain things? If a person believes in the existence of God, then he must believe there is a "devil" or Satan, as a counterpart of the supreme creator. Because absolute unity does not exist in life, the mere existence of something leads us to the affirmation that its opposite is also real. There is no light without darkness, no good without evil, no truth without falseness. Death follows life, and life follows death. God then would be the supreme creative intelligence, and the "devil" the destructive intelligence. In the ancient Qabalah, the "devil" has been symbolized as the shadow of God. Therefore, just as the Great Creator has his angelic throng, the demon also has his infernal legion. William Blatty, in his book, The Exorcist, refers to this legion when he presents the phenomena of "diabolic possession". The gnostics had it wrong that the material quantum universes are evil, but they had one thing rite. The fallen angels - The Archons.

The Son of God

Note: I do not recollect where I found this. The only information I have is that it is either a book or chapter titled, ‘Reason for Reincarnation.’

The Absolute, or God, is all-encompassing, is All-There-Is.  What is all-encompassing can have no opposite.  It is the ONE.  The ONE needs to reflect its SELF in its SELF to know its SELF.  Thus it creates an extension of its crystal SELF, the Christ SELF, to gain cognition of itself in its reflection.  What reflects must receive the image first which it is to reflect.  Thus the Son of God is born, the Christ-SELF - the Christ, created in the image of "the father".

The Christ represents the 2, for now there are two aspects of the One (1).  The 1 contains the potential 2 within itself - the 2 contains the 1.  Without the 1 it could not be.  The understanding which arises from the cognition of the One in the reflection of its extension, the Christ, is one of being of ONE Spirit, of being wholly Spirit, is the Holy Spirit, which becomes the 3. 

This is the TRIAD of God, which is ONE.  We may express the same principle as Power - Love - Justice.  Justice being the understanding, which recognizes the Oneness of Power and Love as PURE BEING, therefore INNOCENCE.

The Father and Son are ONE.  The Christ is the Christ-SELF of the God-SELF, the crystal SELF of the ONE God.  The Christ-SELF carries God within itself as the number 2 contains within itself the 1.  And here, a mind limited to a fallen state of consciousness already creates division and sees Father and Son as two, instead of as two aspects of One, as Creator/Creation, as God unmanifested and as God manifested.  The Son aspect of God, the Christ, is the Father expressed, journeying through its Creation for the purpose of experiencing its own potential.

The Son, the First Principle, was told by the Father to go out and create.  The Son contemplated the thought or better, formed a mental image, the Universal Mind.  To quote Ramacharaka in his work "Gnani Yoga, the Yoga of Wisdom":  "the Universal Principle of Mind is the Great Ocean of Mind Stuff, from which all the phenomenal Universe is evolved.  From this Universal Principle of Mind proceeded the Universal Principle of Force and Energy.  And from the latter proceeded the Universal Principle of Matter."  Thus we see matter is a creation or "by-product" of mind.

The Son of God is one singular Being, the totality of God expressed.  It is both male and female, but for ease of expression we remain with the traditional "He".  He explores his own Creation, therefore also the densest realms, which are those of matter.  Matter is not restricted to the physical; the physical is merely that part of matter which vibrates at its slowest frequency.

As Spirit is Light, which is the highest frequency, it can only experience matter, the low frequency, on the level of that frequency.  Therefore it must enter matter to "view" it from within.  In order to do that a vehicle of matter had to be created - the body - through which Spirit could relate to the realm of form. 

So a process was initiated, which proceeded over eons in linear time, the process of Spirit gently and lovingly raising matter's frequency to prepare the realm of form for its coming.  This process began with the subtler bodies first, approaching slowly the denser frequencies. 

Spirit sent forth fragments of its consciousness, tiny particles so to speak, to enter the world of form for the purpose of preparing and quickening it.  Spirit animated matter, thus plant life and animals came into being, biology in short. 

There existed, however, the risk that these particles of the Christ's consciousness would lose themselves in the world of form and would assume and identity of their own.  This is precisely what happened - consciousness fell from its origin, lost the connection with its own SELF. 

This fall occurred long before these atoms, or particles, of consciousness entered the densest part of Creation, the worlds of physical form.  We are the particles, imagining ourselves to be separate Beings.  It is an imagined identity, as there is in truth only One Being.

The Soul is the first and immediate cloth or vehicle the Christ SELF uses on its journey of discovery through its own creation.  It is the one "robe" it will never shed.  Without it, it could not "hold" thought.  Thought would simply pass through it, could not be stored (for want of a better word).  Spirit took on the cloth of matter to experience the realm of polarities, to develop the body and to learn by contrast. 

The use of the term "soul" from here on should be understood in its traditional meaning of Being and no so much in its functional aspect as a "robe" for the Christ-SELF.

The reunion with its Source does not rob the soul of its individual frequency or flavor.  Its individuality is never to be lost, but its state of separation is.  In order to enter to world of polarities, it had to enter as polarities itself.  Therefore, it had to divide itself into its polarities of male and female energies.  The "soulmate" of any soul is, in effect, its opposite polarity, although in the ultimate analysis everyone is the soulmate of everyone, for all are expressions of the one God, the one I AM.

A soul is always present at the physical conceptions of its body, but its entry into this body may be delayed up to a period of one year in our linear counting of time from the moment of conception.  The instant Spirit, the Christ SELF, enters this world of polarities at the moment of physical birth, the moment it partakes of the reality of the realm of polarities with its first in-breath and out-breath, Spirit forgets its origin and purpose.

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    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

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    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


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    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

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    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

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