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The Photon Belt Part I

The Photon Belt Part II

Grand Cycles & the Photon Belt

Sceptical article on the Photon Belt

Photon Effects

The Photon Belt and the Ascension Connection

I AM the embodiment of Christ!


"Earth has, in fact, now entered the Photon Belt fully. A protective field has been established around the planet so we are not feeling the full effect of the Light. It is being released in more accelerated waves now. But there has been a long process of releasing it gradually in order for humanity to adjust and create a relatively smooth transition with minimal side effects." - Antraeus.


The Photon Belt Part I

An Article by Virgil Armstrong 81995

Lately there has been much talk about the Photon Belt and the accompanying manasic radiation, both scientific terms for this spectacular coming event.

Science first admitted knowledge of this phenomenon in 1962, 33 years ago! As for us, the public, awareness oft his event came much later, and sadly, only to a very small number of people. Even when I first heard of the Photon Belt, I was inclined, through ignorance, to give it little credence. In fact, my first reaction was, "the 'Wu‑Wu's' are at it again. They have invented a new wrinkle to make more money." This was almost a colossal mistake on my part, but Spirit had its way and notified me that it was real. Spirit also said I must understand the phenomenon and go forward to inform the world of the true realities of the Photon Belt.

At this point, I began to take this phenomenon seriously, and after considerable research and study, I was ready to step forward and begin speaking about the Photon Belt. I first introduced it to the public in Columbus, Ohio in October 1994, followed immediately by an extensive speaking tour in Europe. Much to my surprise, the subject was enthusiastically received everywhere I went. The following is a discussion of the subject for you, the reader.

The Photon Belt and the manasic radiation have a greater impact than one might imagine. From the scientific point of view, it is the procession of our Solar System and its accompanying planets around the Central Sun, called Alcione, located in the constellation of Pleiades. This counter‑clockwise cyclic procession around Alcione requires 25,860 years to make one complete orbit. Our present‑day sun, moon, and planets must twice pass through the Photon Belt during this time, that is, once to the North and once to the South. (See diagram, below.) During this cycle, there are two periods of darkness and two periods of light. The periods of darkness, which constitute the vast majority of the rotation around the Central Sun, consist of two periods of 10,500 years each, plus an additional, seemingly optional 430 years for both of the 10,500‑year periods. (i.e., 10,500+430 = 10,930 years, times 2=21,860 years).

Following each period of 10,500 years of darkness, we then emerge into 2000 years of total light, which actually constitutes the Photon Belt. In review, we then have 21,860 years of darkness and 4,000 years of light (21,860 + 4,000 = 25,860 years, or one complete cycle/orbit). Another way of viewing this phenomenon is that in one complete orbit, we have five sixths darkness and approximately one‑sixth light, or a 5:1 ratio, with darkness being predominant. Surprisingly enough, we are now, as a Solar System and planet, once again emerging from 10,500+ years of darkness and preparing to merge into 2000 years of light, which we will begin to experience in the year 2000. The foregoing is a general scientific understanding of the Photon Belt phenomenon, but what about its spiritual significance? A question in your mind might be, "Why does the darkness, or negative aspect, of our 26,OOO‑year journey around the Central Sun predominate? Why not more light?" As in all things in the Creators omni‑universes, everything has divine purpose and reason. All aspects are in synchronicity with one another: the higher with the lower, the lower with the higher; or, to quote Kabalistic law, "as it is above, so shall it be below; as it is below, so shall it be above." It is important to understand that divine law has intent and purpose. What I am about to relate spiritually will lend greater individual understanding and acceptance of what would otherwise appear to be punitive and unreasonable.

The reason we experience five‑sixths more darkness in our journey around the Central Sun is because the divine powers, in concert with those of us who were chosen, agreed to create and experience a world of negativity (darkness), polarities, and illusion encrusted with fear, judgments, control, hate, greed, death, and much more. This was a contrived plan which facilitated the Creator's desire to better understand the true nature of negativity, or its shadow self This explosive and unpredictable world, likened to a veritable mine field, is designed to test the mettle of all associated with this special planet, Planet Earth. We are the vehicle through which the divine can experience itself; and through our individual and collective experiences, can master the intricacies and dangers of darkness. We have been selectively chosen to come here.

Many, upon hearing this, would venture to say this is insane, but nonetheless, it is true. We are unique, one of a kind. We are the chosen vehicle (planet) to collect, assimilate, and transform all negativity for our entire Solar System. We are the dumping ground and refuse holding area for the whole Solar System. Through our thoughts, actions, and reactions, we serve as transformers for all negativity being thrust upon us. What a task! So you see that what might be adjudged as something totally negative and uncalled for is, in truth, endowed with Spirit and its divine mission here on Earth. That mission is to experience through us the negativity for self and in the process, learn how to dispense with it more expeditiously and permanently, making all else a better place to live and work. So, you see, we and our planet are unique and special.

Undoubtedly, the next question is, "How does this relate to the Photon Belt?" This is a complex question, but before getting into the intricacies of it, let us first establish that the Photon Belt and accompanying manasic radiation are in and of themselves vehicles of transformation and transmutation. They are the guardian barrier and vehicle to see that none of the negativity of Earth escapes and contaminates the higher levels of consciousness. Presiding over all of this is the Christ, and upon knowing this, we can quickly see that the Photon Belt and the manasic radiation are the eminence of the Christ and its christed energies. Unless we are in accord with these energies, as we approach and enter the Photon Belt, we cannot hope to be a part of it and escape the negative influences of Planet Earth.

In that sense, we would have to return to the third dimension and do it all over again. Ironic as it may seem, before each of us came to Planet Earth, we were fully aware of the inherent dangers of coming to Earth and living and experiencing its gross negativities. We were also informed that we could not escape the influence of negativity until we had mastered it, which, of course, was the divine intent all along, for how can the divine learn and experience self other than through us? Unfortunately some are slower learners than others, and it takes repeated turns around the wheel (the Central Sun) before the lesson is learned. Usually about one‑third of the planet's then total population is successful in each 10,500‑year period.

Reflect on some of what I have said, such as "you are chosen; you could not be here this time around without approval; and you cannot leave, even though you volunteered, until you have completely mastered negativity." Indeed, that is a big task but you will do it sooner or later. When you have accomplished this, the rewards on the other side are inestimable; and because you have mastered and graduated from this toughest of learning schools in the Creator's domain, you will jump grades ahead of your contemporaries on the other side. So don't despair for you are Gods in amnesia, and you are not destined to fail for long! Let's return to the subject of the Christ and its relationship to the Photon Belt. The Christ and its energies are repeatedly mentioned in ancient texts, indicating that unless we can become one with these christed energies, we cannot hope to survive the coming calamities and pass through the Photon Belt. The Mayan prophecies clearly signal this in a profound statement which says, "government, science and religion will collapse unless they are prepared to accept and facilitate the incoming Christ consciousness." Once again, this is an oblique reference to the Photon Belt and its christed energies (the manasic radiation). All things obsolete, archaic, and negative, including YOU, will break down in the face of the incoming Christ energies unless you and it will accept and live these sacred truths. The great avatar, Jesus, while on Earth made this abundantly clear when he said, "I, through the Christ, shall separate the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats." Implied was that humanity, as it approaches the end days and the Photon Belt, will be divided into two camps, that is, those who can and will accept the incoming Christ consciousness (the wheat and the sheep), and those who will not or cannot (the tares and the goats). As we near the entrance into the Photon Belt, which will take place in or about the year 2000, all of this will become abundantly clear. Note that the year 2000 also marks our entrance into the fourth dimension as a peoples, planet, and consciousness. Be reminded that it is destined that our planet be assured safe passage into and through the Photon Belt. The only question is, will you and I receive the same accord? The answer is yes, only if we, too, can accept, accommodate, and act out the incoming Christ consciousness.

In quick review, I hope that I have impressed upon your mind that the Photon Belt is something far greater than astronomical or scientific postulates as to how the Solar System and its planets rotate around Alcione, our Central Sun, and how, in this process, our Solar System and planets experience 21,860 years of darkness and 4,000 years of light. I trust I have convinced you that the whole process is a profound sequential spiritual experience, dealing directly with the Christ consciousness.

Let us now go into this spiritual experience more deeply. To begin with, the Photon Belt really is nothing new. In ancient history there are many references, particularly by the Greeks and Romans, to a Golden Age wherein there was nothing but light, love, peace and tranquillity, a place where death, war, famine, disease, and poverty were unknown. These ancient philosophers were obviously alluding to the Photon Belt, that 2000‑year period of light. Once again we are at that point where we are about to enter into this phenomenal period of light, the Golden Age of the past and the future. We are emerging from our oppressive cocoon of darkness and, like the butterfly, can emerge as something extremely beautiful, that is, our light bodies and our total communion with the Christ. That cocoon of darkness, despite its oppressiveness and negativity, has been our teaching and learning vehicle to qualify us once again to return from whence we came, the Photon Belt. We are again being offered the opportunity to break the fetters of this world of illusion to turn the mirror around, and in its place perceive our true reality.

With this, the restraints of negativity, illusion, polarities, judgments, control, hate, avarice and greed, jealously, killings and war will all fall away. Our special Earth assignment, which has been to experience and master negativity and illusion, will be fulfilled, and we can go home where we rightly belong. As we approach the Photon Belt and its eminence, the manasic radiation, we will become aware of the Christ consciousness and the call to arms. The call to arms is a declaration by the Christ that we have been in darkness long enough and now it is time to go home into the light. In the final analysis, however, the choice is ours though our free will. The going‑home process is not as simple as it would first seem, for we must first experience a tremendous transformational process which will enable us to eliminate our negativity and assume our bodies of light. This, in turn, will catapult us out of the enslaving energies of the third dimension into the fourth and fifth dimensions B the Photon Belt.

This quantum leap into the future is not customary but is usually sequential in nature, encompassing one dimension at a time. However, due to our unexplained unwillingness to grow and mature with the dictates of the divine scenario, in contrast to the other planets, we must now play catch‑up and attain the level of the other planets in order for the Solar System to remain in keeping with divine intent and scheduled advancement. We must finally be brought to terms in order to insure safe passage by the entire federation of planets into the Photon Belt. We have just a few years until the year 2000 to do this. This is not only the entrance into the Photon Belt but also the fourth dimension. By the year 2005, five years into the Photon Belt, we will have reached our ultimate objective, the fifth dimension! An interesting fact: the Lost Books of the Bible, that is, the original and unabridged version of our current Bible, states that "The second coming of the Christ will occur in the year 2005." This then implies that we will witness and experience the second coming of the Christ only after we have attained the fifth dimension of consciousness. We will by then have long abandoned our bodies of density and will be wearing our garments of light, just as the Christ always has.

Before any of this can happen, we must first experience a complete transformational process here on Earth. Our planet, our bodies, and our consciousness all must achieve and resonate at a much higher and intense frequency in order to accommodate the incoming Christ consciousness. Let's begin with one aspect of our planet's transformation. Our present speed as we as a planet fly through space is estimated to be about 18,000 miles per hour. Consider then the speculation that upon entering the Photon Belt, we will have reached a speed of 208,000 miles per hour, or an increase of 190,000 miles per hour.

One does not have to speculate very long to realize this tremendous acceleration will compress time and space into realms of realizations, incomprehensible at this time. What can be assumed is that all things mundane and corporeal in nature will undergo tremendous transformation in order to be in harmony with the compression and accelerated speed. Every cell in our body, every molecule, every atom will be rearranged so as to (hopefully) transform our current bodies of density and morality into a vehicle of transformational light, capable of facilitating the incoming Christ consciousness and its immortality. It is also said that in the transformational process, our DNA system will be rearranged from a system of 2 strands to a system of 12 or 13 strands. Our chakras will also be rearranged and increased, going from 7 to 12 or 13. Our atoms will be increased and rearranged in order to facilitate the incoming light (Christ consciousness).

Following through with the transformational theory, it seems reasonable that our beloved planet, a living organism, must also transform to receive the Christ consciousness. This procedure will emerge in the much heralded Earth changes, representing dissolution of the old and archaic illusionary concepts. Today there is much discussion and conjecture about the Earth changes and how they will affect us individually and collectively. For your information, the Earth changes have already begun in the form of recent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and unpredictable and devastating weather patterns. To be honest, this is only the beginning and will become more intense and deadly, for how else can the purgation of the old and archaic be accomplished, whether it be the planet or the body? In the process nothing, I repeat, nothing will remain untouched. We can expect total chaos, dissolution, rearrangement and total destruction. Nothing, unless they or it are in harmony with the divine Christ consciousness, will be spared. Sadly enough, the Illuminati (secret government) as well as the world frontal governments, have discovered too late that their displacement to the Moon and Mars and inner Earth in order to avoid the coming Earth changes has been for naught because the Moon and Mars, as well as the other planets, must also reform in order to survive.

This escapism policy, which says, "to hell with the multitudes and hurrah for us," must bear a heavy price, and I wish them well. In summary, I can only say that their celebrated egos have been dealt a mortal blow. I am sure, too, that this august body has alternatives in mind, such as riding out the catastrophic changes in their advanced space ships, but this will not succeed because the universal laws of retribution will prevail, and all things, large and small, must be held accountable. To explain further, unless all things mundane and physical are in harmony with the incoming Christ energies (fourth and fifth dimensions), they will, despite their most zealous attempts to escape the reality of these super energies, be consigned to failure. Hovering in space to escape the physical is no exception.

Perhaps, in the dialog above, I have created an element of fear among you readers. This, of course, was not my intention, but it does serve a point. Mass chaos and destruction, although present for the many, need not affect you personally. Repeatedly throughout these writings I have ventured that all will be spared if they will acknowledge the incoming Christ energies and strive to walk and talk in love, light, balance, and forgiveness. In the process you will be creating your new and wondrous body of light. As you, "through the above," build your body of light' you will be resistant and ultimately impervious to all physical and archaic laws. Remember that when you have a body of light, you are one with the Christ and the fourth dimension. Therefore, your physical being is not of density and matter, so how can you get hurt? Fear is food for the darker and negative forces and is the vehicle through which they have controlled Us over the millennia.

Without fear, they have no way to control us and so are impotent. Remember this when you most need it. With this as an overview, I would now like to present in general some experiences which will occur upon entering the Photon Belt. Keep in mind that these are some of what may be expected. Many more will arise of which we are as yet unaware. Some of these have already been mentioned but are equally important with the rest.


The Photon Belt Part II

1. The Photon Belt and the manasic radiation are vehicles of transformation. The Photon Belt is the  home of the Christ; the radiation is the emerging eminence of the Christ. Through these spiritual vehicles, provided we work with them, we are being given the opportunity to break the current restraintsof bondage and go home from whence we originally came.

However, the choice is ours. Free will will prevail.

2. The new moon solar eclipse on November 3, 1994, along with its predecessor, the lunar eclipse of the sun in 1991, amplified the love of our Mother God. Along with everything else, our consciousness is being restructured to a state of balance wherein we will become equal parts of the feminine and masculine energies, just as Jesus did; we will become androgynous, that is, 50% male and 50% female. The emphasis is being placed on the feminine because the male energies are now discordant, archaic, and too fixed. Take a look around your world and see the insanity of man in Yugoslavia, Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, Russia, and yes, even the United States. The feminine must transcend and transform these old male patterns before the christed energies can be balanced here on Earth. If we are to survive, look for the emergence of the soft male and the strong woman. Women, remember this! Your greatest and most sacred strength on Earth is your femininity; it is the future and the way. Encompass and enjoy your newly found masculinity but keep it in balance with your femininity for it is the real power.

In this 'transformational process' all of us will become bluntly aware of problems in our self‑esteem, our relationships, finances' health, jobs, and in every facet of our physical reality. No longer are we able to suppress or hide our old patterns of denial. The subjective (feminine) will surface, bringing with it the hidden and useless to be dealt with in the now, which is the cause of the great percentage of malcontent at this time. Pretending and illusion are over. The feminine ray is a transforming ray, offering love and acceptance of all things godly.

3. Twelve major events will occur here on Earth between now and the time we enter the Photon Belt. They are designed to destroy or reform the old and archaic third‑dimensional energies, which include you and me. Logic would indicate that one of these events would be the prosecution of the last and final war, most probably in the Middle East. This war will have a twofold objective: (1) to annihilate the old' archaic male energies to make ready for the new and peaceful male, and (2) to facilitate into a position of leadership the new female energies. Following this, there will be an integration of these two energies to give birth to the new male and female consciousness which will be attendant to the incoming Christ energies, that is, the new embodiment of man and womankind.

4. In order to cope with the speeding up and compression of time and space, our physical bodies must be rearranged and realigned in order to facilitate the incoming Christ consciousness. Some of these rearrangements will have to do with the key elements of the physical and etheric bodies. Expected are realignment of our current consciousness; realignment of the chakras (now seven) to twelve or thirteen; increasing the DNA strands from the current two to twelve or thirteen; balancing out the male and female energies in order to reach a state of androgyny; and acceleration of our atoms in consistency with the degree of the incoming light and consciousness. In addition, our pineal gland, now about the size of a pea, will return to its original size, about the size of a quarter. All receptors will be reawakened.

All persons experiencing this will become clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and more. Just as Jesus did, we will become great seers, healers, and prophets. This will serve us well in the near future. Now, of all times, we must turn our will over to the divine. In this statement there is a profound truth but also an inherent danger. Now, of all times, we must unequivocally qualify our intentions, making sure that our arrow of intention goes to the target intended. The divine must be couched in certainty with such statements as, for example, "to the one and only creator God": "to my higher consciousness"; "to Mother Mary"; or, "to the one and only Christ." Otherwise, any statement issued in the form of an affirmation will be immediately picked up by the darker forces and used against us and mankind. Remember: QUALIFY. Leave no doubts or uncertainties. Note that thoughts are energy, more real than our physical bodies; therefore they must be controlled and specifically directed.

5. As our bodies and consciousness reform into the light, thought, not physical action, will become our menu of the day. In this new mode, "etheric in reality" thoughts are more real than physical action ‑ what you think is what you are for that moment. Since we are in the consciousness of the fourth dimension, we are etheric and exposed to all. Each of us will be like a television screen, projecting our thoughts for all to see and hear. No longer can you hide malice' avarice and greed, hate, lust, deceit, or dishonesty.

The minute you think it, you become it. You become an open book, free of letters other than those you create for the moment which must be rectified instantaneously with love, light, and forgiveness if you are not to be  subject to the inherent penalties and possible expulsion from the fourth dimension reality back to the third dimension. Third‑dimensional frailties unequivocally will not be tolerated. Conversely, if we are truly and firmly ensconced in the light of the Christ and its Golden Age, then none of these aberrations should arise, and if they do, they must be dealt with quickly lest they become real and, as a result, banish us back to the third dimension. I wonder how many of us on the planet now have experienced this in the past.

6. Our world of illusion and polarities will collapse. In due time, as we approach the null zone of the Photon Belt, these make‑believe realities which have been thrust upon Us by those who put us here, will disintegrate, leaving us naked, vulnerable and exposed. This will represent the turning around of the mirror causing you and me to look at the true side of reality. For a moment, we are totally vulnerable, defenceless and confused. Nonetheless, it is at this moment that we must decide, do I want to give up the old and archaic, or do I want to step boldly into the light and regain that which has always been rightly mine, my Christhood? If we should choose the continuation of the old and archaic ways, we can expect another 10,500+ years of darkness.

7. In the past our planet has flipped its solar axis more than 330 times. This was not happenstance but contrived by those who put us here as an ultimate control. Despite the intention of the forces of darkness to do it again, the Wormwood people will not succeed this time around.

However, there will be a reversal of the magnetic poles from a clockwise rotation to a counter clockwise rotation which will speed up the rotation of the planet to degrees unimaginable at this time. As an explanation for this change in rotation, one will recall my stating earlier that our planet had been chosen to be the collector and transformer of all negative energies in our Solar System. To do this, our  magnetic poles were rearranged in order to rotate in a clockwise direction, which was counter to its true and desired rotation.

Nonetheless, this alteration was necessary for us and our planet to serve as a collector vehicle for negativity. For 10,500 years we have performed in this extremely unstable reality, serving both individually and collectively as vehicles of transformation. Although extremely hazardous, we as the gods we are, chose to come here and master these volatile and suppressive energies. Without a doubt, our assignment is one of; if not the toughest in the Creators' universe. Since we are nearing the Photon Belt and need to be in harmony with the rest of the Solar System, our magnetic pole reversal is a must.

The question sometimes arises as to whether or not we as a planet will come back and do it again. Undoubtedly, we have in the past, but this time we will receive special dispensation and will not be requested to do so, for it would seem our planet has more than fulfilled its requirements for graduation into the higher realms. The planet will graduate, but will we individually? That, of course, is up to each one of us. Only in time will we know.

Following this question is another most often asked: "If our planet leaves our Solar System, what then happens to those souls who cannot make it at this time?" For these unfortunates, there is another planet, a new planet Earth, currently residing in the fourth dimension (etheric); and it is to this planet that the unfortunates will go in disembodiment to experience a deep sleep and rest before being prepared and reconditioned to come to Earth again to experience another 10,500 years of darkness. It should be noted that as our current planet ascends into the fourth dimension, the alternate planet correspondingly will descend into the third dimension, thus replacing us as the new planet Earth.. (Please see drawing.)

8. As all of this phenomena associated with entering the Photon Belt increases and precipitates dramatic physical, emotional and spiritual changes among us, look for mass landings of friendly extraterrestrials who will arrive to assist the needy and the worthy to survive the apocalyptic changes ahead. Look for their arrival from late 1995 and early 1996 on. The year 1996 is predicted to be a horrendous year, expunging mass humanity consisting of those who will not or cannot accept the incoming Christ consciousness. This incoming consciousness will tolerate no nonsense or measure of resistance for the old and archaic must go to make room for the new. This includes government, science and religion. All aspects of our third‑dimensional life must return to the light and divinity if it is to survive.

Another aspect of the mass landings has to do with a declaration to World Government that "we are here; we are in charge. We invite you to join us in the brotherhood of Man. If you do not, then you must suffer the ultimate consequences." One more adjunct to the foregoing: it is speculated that as we near the Photon Belt, tremendous radiation will be experienced. This radiation, which lies near the null zone, will be so disruptive that it undoubtedly will adversely affect the worldwide nuclear stockpiles and reactors. Should this happen, our planet would be totally annihilated and in the process derail the successfulgraduation of our planet and Solar System into the fourth dimension. Therefore, the mass landings, with their superior intelligence, will neutralize and/or dematerialise this monumental threat.

9. As we approach the Photon Belt, look for frequent encounters with the angelic host. Perception of these exalted beings will become common for those who are in concert with the incoming Christ consciousness. Among these mighty angelic forces look for Lord Michael, our mentor and guardian, to make an appearance. He will, with dispatch and clarity, excise all that must be removed to create a new world and a new order.

10. Look for the animal kingdom to assume near‑human qualities and understanding, and well it should, for as we vacate our realms of previous understanding and assume our God ship, the animals will venture forth to fill the void, elevating them to near humanness.

Concurrent with this, expect the nether world of the elementals and nature spirits to develop into humanness. They are at this time near human and entitled to assume their full humanness.

11. Expect massive decreases in our magnetic fields (our gravity and our density). As we become light, these elements will hold little or no sway over us for they lose the quality of constraint.

12. As Sheldon Nidlel stated in his book, Becoming a Galactic Human Being, we will in the near future be expected to become fully conscious beings working with interdimensional energies and beings. Not only will this consciousness allow us to be integrated into the fourth dimension but will also afford us the opportunity to access parallel dimensions which lie 90 degrees from our present reality. How exciting! Maybe then those things that go "bumpity bump" in the night will take on form and shape.

13. Expect to see avant‑garde colours, shapes and sacred geometry configurations as we near the Photon Belt. Look for the skies to appear to be totally consumed by fire. Do not worry, however, as this phenomenon is a cold fire and will not harm you. It is  merely a signal that we are approaching our final destiny, the Photon Belt and the consummate Christ consciousness!

4. As our personal and earthly realms of reality and understanding are transformed, so will the higher realms adjacent to us be transformed.

Remember the Kabalistic axiom, "as it is above, so shall it be below," and vice versa. One of the most spectacular and heralded events is the possible changing of our current Central Sun from its birth in the Pleiadian constellation to the constellation of Sirius. It would appear that the Sirian peoples are much more kindly disposed toward us than the Pleiadians. This portends colossal changes in the future of our Solar System.

To return to the Pleiadians and a personal comment: in 1988 I had occasion to personally regress myself back to look at the ultimate sinking of that ancient continent, Atlantis. Much to my dismay, I discovered an element of Pleiadian origin, and the then rulers of Atlantis were responsible for the catastrophic nuclear  explosions which ultimately sank the great Atlantis. Therefore, it does not surprise me that considerations of Sirius as the new location of our current Central Sun are in the making.


Clearly the gauntlet has been thrown down and the message is clear.

Indecisiveness is over. You must declare where you and your consciousness are. The admonition of the great teachers, "I shall separate the wheat from the tares," is coming to pass. The honeymoon is over. The old and archaic must now bow to and facilitate the incoming Christ consciousness, or it will break like a dry twig in the wind, to be no more. The transformational changes on all levels are irrevocable. Nothing can escape the ceaseless and uncompromising cleansing of the Earth, mind, body and soul. Spirit will have its way; its day has come. You and I are divine and as such have the great privilege to choose where we wish to be, with or without Spirit or the Christ consciousness.

The ancients untiringly spoke of days gone by where man and beast dwelt in eternal love, light and peace; a place where war, pestilence and disease were unknown and man was in constant communion with the divine. We are approaching that great era again, that is, the Photon Belt. Preliminary energies of change are already among Us. Note the disharmony in relationships, governments, science and religion. Look at the consistent failure and breakdown of financial institutions, the latest being the Bank of England wherein even the monarchy, particularly the Queen Mother, lost $500,000 US. There is more to come as Spirit transforms the illusion into spiritual reality. Conclude in your own mind that planet Earth is also in line for dramatic and reformational changes (the coming Earth calamities), all in divine order, to ready planet Earth for ascension into the higher realms of consciousness known as the fourth and fifth dimensions. For those of us who cannot accept the incoming christed energies, our planet, a living organism, will shake us off as a dog does water.

A false conclusion which I often hear in Europe and sometimes in America is that during the Earth changes, Earth's humanity will be lifted off the planet by UFOs to safety. This conclusion is false and dangerous! The "good" ETs will not interfere with our free will and will not lift us off the planet unless it is a dire emergency, and then only temporarily until the emergency is over, at which time we will be returned to finish out our destiny. Moreover, everybody will not be lifted off; only those who have earned it. Does that include you? Graduation from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions is simple if we follow God's rules: walk and talk your life in love and forgiveness, and acknowledge that Supreme Being, the Creator, Infinite Intelligence, or whomsoever you deem it. Divest yourself of fear for it is food for the forces of darkness and will continue to hold you captive if you do not. As we get nearer and nearer to the Photon Belt and the incoming Christ consciousness, our bodies will undergo major transformational changes, "hopefully with our cooperation," changing our bodies of physicality into bodies of light which can facilitate the Photon Belt and the incoming Christ consciousness. Love and forgiveness, ceasing to judge, and eliminating fear are the keys for doing this.

In the near future, we can conclude that we terrestrials will bear witness to the conclusion of the control the forces of darkness have exercised over us for the past 10,500 years. This will come about by open confrontations between the "good" UFOs (forces of light), and the "bad" UFOs (forces of darkness). We personally will observe this final struggle in the heavens.

Following this, the forces of light, appearing as UFOs, will put in mass appearances here on Earth, to be followed later by mass landings. Monumental secrecy and control of the masses by world and local governments will be over, and they, like us, will be evaluated accordingly.

One last item of interest is that the purpose of the Hubble telescope is not what we have been led to believe, that is, to detect and deflect incoming nuclear missiles, or the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI). Instead, it is an early warning System for extraterrestrial incursion of a bad kind.

Repeatedly, world leaders, beginning with the early Secretary General of the United Nations, Dag Harnmerskîld, and moving through retired General Douglas McArthur; President Reagan; General Nathan Twining, former commanding general of the U.S. Air Force, and Mikhail Gorbachov, have obliquely warned the world of possible extraterrestrial intervention.

Most direct was Gen. McArthur who, in his retirement and farewell speech before the United States Congress, declared: "Gentlemen, the next great war will not be terrestrial but extraterrestrial in nature." What did the general, even then in the 1950s, know that we did not? Of note also was President Ronald Reagan's comment before the General Assembly of the United Nations when he stated (paraphrased), "I often wonder, if we as a global community were faced with the prospect of an invasion, extraterrestrial in nature, would we not, as a family of nations, put aside our differences and come together in solidarity to deter this ominous extraterrestrial threat?" This then brings us back to the Hubble Telescope which, as I have already stated, is an early warning system for that implied extraterrestrial intervention. The object of the ET invasion is the Wormwood Planet, sometimes called Niburnal, Nibim, Murdok, or Phaeton. The Wormwood planet put us here and has considered our planet to be their personal real estate and we their personal property. They have controlled and manipulated us for millennia. This planet of great magnitude is already in our Solar System and is being observed through the Hubble Telescope.

World government, of course, is aware of its presence but dares not to tell us for fear of mass panic. Other than our greatest enemy (ourselves and fear of the unknown), the Wormwood planet presents our last and greatest challenge before we as a people and planet can graduate into the higher realms and successfully enter into the Photon Belt and the Christ consciousness.

Inevitably, this nemesis returns approximately every 3,600 years to terrorize us and bring us back under its control. To do this, they have in the past consistently caused the flipping of our polar axis, thus rendering us totally impotent and reducing us to total but repairable amnesia. This then leads us once again back to the mass UFO sightings and landings that will begin in mid‑ or late 1995. Make note once again that world governments are fully aware of this phenomenon called the Wormwood Planet and its deadly intent and are prepared as best they can be to discourage or obviate its intended deleterious effects upon our planet.

These defensive measures, however, would be inconsequential since the technology and capacity of the Wormwood peoples is far superior to our most advanced technological inventions. Again, there will be massive friendly extraterrestrial UFO intervention on our behalf since this time around, the forces of darkness cannot and will not be permitted to render us obsolete.

If this were to happen this time around, the whole retinue of planets and our Solar System would be prohibited from successfully entering the Photon Belt. Entering into the Photon Belt (Christ consciousness) as a planet is our unmitigated cause and objective.

The only ponderable is whether you and I will be successful in doing so. Our free will and individual choices will prevail. As previously stated, it is predicted that only about one‑third of the world's population will successfully choose to advance into the realms of the Photon Belt. These two billion souls will once again enjoy, endure, and live in that Golden Age mentioned so often by the ancients. Will you be among them?


1. In the year 2,000, we enter the Photon Belt and the Fourth Dimension.

2. The photon Belt is what the ancient Greeks and Romans referred to as the Golden Age ‑the era of Peace. There were no wars, famine, pestilence, etc., only Light.

3. Spiritually the Photon Belt is the abode of the Christ, the manasic radiation (the radiation and eminence of the Christ).

4. The Null Zone is the pre‑transformational area where the old and archaic will be transmuted or destroyed. It is the separation of the wheat from the tares. There is a progressive intensity of light.

5. (See Diagram, above) The upper right‑hand corner represents the new planet Earth for those souls who will not go into the Light. As we ascend, they descend and become the new planet Earth. New life forms repeat another 10,500 years of negativity and darkness.

Grand Cycles & the Photon Belt

I have mislaid the source of this article‑if anyone knows post a comment in the guestbook.

There is a pulse coming from the centre of the galaxy (galactic core), which has now been measured and discovered by astronomers to and is known as the Photon Belt. There are also other sources of energies entering our Solar System such as Cosmic and Gamma rays. The Solar system itself follows a 26,000 year orbit around the galactic core and we enter this "Photon Belt" of energies every 13,500 years. Scientists are now measuring Pk readings that have increased six fold and we are also experiencing massively increased solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection Activity.

This pulse, cosmic events and the entrance into a place of higher consciousness and energy, is causing our Sun to expand and become unstable. The increased solar emissions are absorbed by the Earth creating severe weather; an increase in hurricanes, tornadoes, heat and pressure through induction which is released later as an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. These alluvial energies are actually levitating the plates and the change on all levels, often referred to as "The Quickening" is HERE.

The vulcanism beneath the oceans was the source of El Nino. The fires in Mexico, Guatamala, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil are not only due to weather conditions and drought caused by El Nino, but also due to magma rising to the surface in these areas. Mexico is experiencing ground temperatures of over 200 degrees and Indonesia has had ground temperatures of 350 degrees in some areas. (Mexico has been measuring ground temperatures above 350, there are reports of trees exploding into flames. Popo has errupted as predicted and people are being warned to get ready to evacuate at any time. (Popo will have a tremendous explosion according to Native American prophecy.)

These areas will undergo massive earth changes in the near future. The smoke from these fires will be seen throughout much of the world. The increase in UV rays is also causing the mutation in frogs, salamanders, fish and the overall transmutation of all life. (Scientists have discovered massive evidence in the Cascade Mountain Range of UV damage to frogs, salamanders and fish breeding in shallow water. There is also evidence coming in from around the world concerning this event.) La Nina is the Earth's attempt to balance herself with the cold water from the melting of the poles. (10,000 miles of iceshelf have disappeared last year alone, more than the last 15 years). This, by any means, does not mean the changes are over. More severe weather and massive flooding in areas which once had drought will be caused by a change in the jetstream. These changes will continue.

These Grand cycles are well known throughout ancient history and are recorded in India, Native American, Tibetan, Mayan, Egyptian, and other cultures as well. These higher orbital energies creating the CMEs and solar flares have a direct impact on Earth not only physically but socially and economically. According to research published by the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, sunspot activity is directly related to historical events such as wars, epidemics and mass changes in consciousness. (Latest discoveries have shown more virulent airborne virus and bacteria on the rise.)

Soviet scientist's research and Kirilian photography shows the electromagnetic fields of the human aura flare in conjunction with the solar flares and CMEs. This influx of energy creates a vibrational lifting, excitability and jump in frequency. The Earth has its electromagnetic fields as well and the base resonate frequency of Earth has nearly doubled from 7 to 9 and jumped to 14 occasionally in recent years. Just like resistance in a wire under electrical current creates heat, the denser aspects of our self and the Earth are heating up, vibrating faster, creating a release and change.

The stormy personal relationships, business relationships and our relationship to Earth and the Creator are also going through immense change. There is a polarity created where some move into more exalted states of Love, Joy and Bliss, a reunion with the creator, and others take the downward spiral into fear, anger, separation and control often blaming and projecting in emotional outbursts. In the latest tests at Stanford, monkeys, when exposed to magnetic field fluctuations, showed behaviour from comatose to self mutilation. Our magnetic fields have been undergoing fluctuations as well. Do we have to behave like monkeys? Well if we choose the monkey mind often referred to as reactionary mind or the ego, yes. If we align ourselves with love and compassion, divine mind, the answer is an emphatic NO.

On a scale of 1 to 10 in field strength the Earth's magnetic fields are now at around 1.5. This also increases the possibility of meteor impacts with two large meteor showers scheduled in the near future. This drop in field strength is often a precursor to a magnetic pole shift. If we match the higher consciousness and energy flowing with it releasing the lower vibrational attitudes and emotions, our frequency will rise beyond the effects on the lower mental and emotional levels.

But what of the physical? There is a lot of discussion in these areas. Some say consciousness creates reality and if I believe it will not affect me, it won't. This is indeed ultimately true, yet spiritual ego, attachment and denial sometimes elevate us far beyond our present abilities. There are many teachers caught in this trap. Although the raising of the Earth's frequency will lesson the severity of upcoming social, economic and physical Earth changes, the key word is CHANGE. There must be a change in consciousness and action according to universal law for divine intervention to be granted. Who is to say the Earth Changes are not divine intervention and an answer to the prayer of millions? There is a little flaw in this theory as far as physicality many teachers seem to miss. You have a physical body which is subject to the physical changes and the laws of nature unless you have mastered levitation or turned yourself into a light principle. A good test of where you are at is to take a few steps back from a great tree. Meditate and wish it away, say it doesn't exist, it is an illusion. Now run real fast straight at it. This will show a slight flaw in this theory and Nature, the tree, just delivered a powerful lesson in humility. NOTE: "We are not to be held liable or responsible for anyone foolish enough to attempt this experiment. Trees, although they are 90% water, are quite solid to the human body." Another easier test is to go to the ocean and tell the waves to stop or the wind to cease.

There will be places which will undergo severe change in Earth's transition, a cleansing and healing process and it is best to remove yourself without attachment and denial from these areas. The coasts, major fault lines, low elevations along rivers and flood planes are places where it would be wise to find a new location. It is time for all to re‑evaluate their lives, get their priorities and values in order and replace separation and arrogance with a strong reverence for Nature. Go out into Nature; sit upon the land and ask it if it is safe to be there. You will feel it in your body. If there is nowhere to go in your present environment to be with Nature chances are your environment is going to change.

The Hopi tradition talks about the fourth world now ending through spiritual purification and moving into the fifth where Humanity must make their spiritual connection, regain their integrity and closeness to the Earth. These ancient prophesies speak of the spider webs in the sky, "CHEMTRAILS"; how plague and disease follows, which is a direct manifestation from the chemtrails, followed by the purification.

Even the ancient legends of Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria speak of these cycles. Their demise came when the warlords and scientists took control in their lust for control and power over the individual. Technology without love and compassion almost completely destroyed the Earth, making it almost uninhabitable, forcing everyone to start over as primitives. It was a split between the Sons of Belial in their lust for power and wealth who wanted to dominate, be served, and rule over everyone and the Law of One, those who wanted to serve those less fortunate, saw the God in everyone and all life. The Sons of Belial won and look where that took their civilisation.

Sound familiar? They were polarised just as we are today and allowed the warlords and scientists to seize control. Some of the black projects today are playing with the same energies which annihilated other previous civilisations. "HAARP" and particle accelerators can open a hole in space turning the Earth into a super nova.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing." Edmund Burke

If we continue business as usual as a civilisation, we will be led blindly by Multinational Corporations, hypocritical leaders, and various institutions, like lemmings into the upcoming social, economic and environmental collapse. It is time for the individual to awaken, regain their power and find the courage to make a stand. There are the dark hearts whose unbridled greed and lust for power and wealth at the expense of Humanity and Nature is insatiable. They will not stop until they own and control everyone and everything. The light hearts serve Humanity and Nature with impeccable integrity. The grey hearts, who due to insecurity and a lack of courage and integrity, do the bidding of the dark hearts, as they turn a blind eye to their actions as willing participants in actions that are harmful to Humanity and Nature. They support the manufactured lack and dependency created and perpetuated by the dark hearts, thus living a life of hypocrisy and denial. The dark hearts are on a downward spiral into oblivion. The light hearts will be the leaders and builders of the new millennium The grey hearts have to choose.

Armageddon or Planetary Ascension are options. Cosmic Spiritual forces through Nature are going to insure that we choose one or the other. Love is the one law that supersedes all law, love of God, Humanity in all its diversity and Nature, the sacred circle of life. It will be as if the law of love is enforced in the days to come due to the nature of love, which is the ultimate power in the universe, causing all that which is not love to rise up and greet it. The action/reaction principle or karma will be accelerated and even the physical bodies will fail if we do not allow love to flow through each seal or Chakra without resistance. That is what the body was truly designed for. To be a channel of love. Now is the time to choose selflessness and service, thus ending the false belief in separation.

When asked in deep prayer and meditation, why in the past there has been so much resistance and lack of support for awakening and healing work done here at the Sanctuary, Cazekiel answered, "You present a challenge. They waiver in integrity, and find false security in the status quo. A grand floor show is coming; Nature will be the star."

This was sent to me by a newsgroup I am a member - of it related to the above and is quite interesting ‑ see also my page on the effect of the sun on human physiology:

Sun Cycles and Something Called a Photon Belt...

By Mitch Battros (ECTV)

14 May 2001

This sure came fast, but then doesn't everything seem to be speeding up. I have quickly come across some scientific data that indicates a connection to the cause of our Sun's natural cycle. It appears to be connected to SGR's (Soft Gamma Repeater) and GRB's (Gamma Ray Burst) which occur near or within our galaxy. Could this somehow be connected to what many methaphysicians call the "Photon Belt"?

The Photon Belt is a highly debated phenomenon amongst those in the field of metaphysics as well as some scientist. I must say, this idea is a bit of a stretch for me. But then again "We Are All Just Kind Of Guessing". Also to remind ourselve's, all science is subjective. So lets take a closer look at what I will describe as the "Wave Of Awakening". It is believed that a wave of charged particles, or some might say 'spiritual energy' is heading towards Earth that will change our environment and our lives forever (or at least for a long ,long time). Could it be the phenomenon showing a connection between Magnetar outburst, SGR's, and GRB's do in fact effect our Sun which in turn producers CME's, M‑Class and X‑Class Flares. This in turn affects our Magnetic Field surrounding the Earth. This in like is the cause of the increase of weather phenomenon which I call 'Earth Changes'? My vote is 'Why Not'. Is it possible the initiator of this seemingly connected chain reaction, which I believe to be in perfect order, be the result of an initiating cause? If yes, could this intiating cause be none other than a less known natural cycle called a 'Photon Belt'? Well maybe! Let's take a closer look. Ersin Gogus, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama has come up with a term called 'Power Law'. He describes a systematic reaction were he states "Subsystems self‑organize to a critical state in which a slight disturbance can cause a chain reaction, such as an avalanche, an earthquake, or a magnetar outburst," Gogus explained. While this self‑organization ‑ a theory developed in 1988 by Per Bak ‑ cannot predict the strength or time of the next event, "It does let us expect that the strongest events at high energies tend to occur less frequently than other events." In the case of earthquakes or starquakes, the distribution of strength will follow a pattern called a power law. Gogus found that the waiting time between successive bursts ranged from 0.25 to 1,421 seconds (almost 24 minutes), with a peak at 49 seconds in the middle of the bell curve formed by the burst waiting times.

This does not translate into a way of predicting when a burst will occur, but implies some underlying mechanism within the magnetar is driving events and that they are not totally random. In addition, it doesn't seem to store up energy for "the big one" since there was no correlation between the waiting time and the intensity of the next burst. The other interesting effect is called a power law energy distribution. That is, plotting discrete event energies against the number of events within discrete energy ranges produces a straight line. Could this Aunderlying mechanism@ Gogus describes be the Photon Belt? Who knows, but it is fodder for thought.

We have come a long way from the cute names like El Nino, La Nina and La Coo‑carcha. It appears we are now able to show a connection between Earth Changes and the Sun's natural cycles. Again, I believe we are in what I and others are calling a 'Mega Cycle'. As stated in my previous article, it was only natural to ask 'what causes the Sun's cycle'. I must admit I have been influenced by a few special people that have sparked my curiosity of what they call a 'Photon Belt'. This article is meant to introduce the thought of such an event that will change the earth's, as well as our own, 'vibration'. Could this be the event that lifts us into a new dimension, or what the Hopi's call the Fifth World. The Bible calls it 'Heaven on Earth'. Many eastern philosophies call it 'The Time Of Accession'. I sure hope so. I love the idea. It also rings true for me.

During these times of fast pace information and unfolding, always remember what has become my internal affirmation 'Do not follow my truth (or anyone else) follow Your Truth. Ask and you shall find.' Find what? 'Your Truth'.

Mitch Battros

Producer ‑ Earth Changes TV


Sceptical article on the Photon Belt

Exploding the myth of the Photon Belt

By Clare Williams

Originally published in UFORIC Communique, October 1992

Avid readers of Nexus Magazine may well recall an article entitled "The Photon Belt Story", which appeared in the February 1991 issue.

I read the article with amusement and laughed it off as a joke, however, I have recently become aware that many people took this article seriously and that it has been the cause of some concern.

I am sorry to say that this story, as romantic as it may be, has absolutely no basis in fact. It appears to have become part of a modern mythology, which has sprung up around the Pleiades, an open star cluster in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull, contrary to current scientific knowledge. This mythology seems to be based on a heady mixture of pseudoscience, channeled messages from alleged space entities, Biblical prophecy, ignorance and a liberal dose of naivete. It is fuelled by a general mistrust of our scientific community and misinterpretation of scientific thinking.

It is a sad reflection of the scientific education of our society that so many people can be taken in by a story that probably started life as a university student's prank.

For the benefit of those readers who have not read the article, in brief, it goes as follows:

In 1961, satellite born instruments discovered a PHOTON BAND in outer space. This PHOTON BELT or MANASIC RING, which scientists have not been able to reproduce in the laboratory, encircles the Pleiades and extends the 400 light years to our solar system. Quoting someone called Jose Comas Sola, our Sun was said to orbit this system and all these stars were said to have planets. Our Sun was said to orbit this system in 24,000 years. During this time we spend alternately 10,000 years in the dark and 2,000 in the light of the PHOTON BELT. We were said to be about to enter the light of the PHOTON BELT, whereupon, we would all be transformed "in the wink of an eye" into Atmosphereans and night would cease to exist, amongst other things.

A diagram accompanied the article showing 6 of the Pleiadian stars, Merope, Atlas, Maya, Teygeta, Electra, Coeleno and our own Sun in orbit around Alcyone, also a member of the Pleiades, encircled by the PHOTON BELT.

Having been contacted by several members of the public with queries about this story, I determined to sort the fact from the fiction and track the story to its' origin.

The article had been reprinted with permission from Australian UFO Flying Saucer Research Magazine. A phone number had been given. The phone number proved to be that of a prominent South Australian UFO researcher, who told me that the story had originally been written by a university student who had been a member of his group at the time. This student is now apparently a physicist at a well‑known nuclear facility. The UFO researcher, however, was not clear on where the student had obtained the information and had attempted to verify aspects of it with an astronomer at Mount Stromlo Observatory. I was unable to determine which aspects had actually been verified.

Fortunately, the astronomer concerned was known to me, so I paid him a visit. He vaguely recalled talking to the researcher, but could not remember the exact details of the conversation. He assured me that he would never have verified the existence of the PHOTON BELT, but may have given him some information on the Pleiades themselves. He told me that Mount Stromlo had also received queries about the PHOTON BELT and, like me, had considered the whole thing as a cruel joke.

So, what is fact and what fiction? Well, for a start, I was unable to find any evidence for a satellite in 1961 carrying the instruments required to detect a PHOTON BAND as described. Satellites of the era were crude by today's standards and were more concerned with telecommunications, operating principally in the radio wavelengths.

Subsequent satellites and probes, with their sophisticated instrumentation, would certainly be capable of detecting the PHOTON BELT, however, no such thing has ever been reported. This is not a case of scientists keeping secrets, it is simply because it has never been detected.

According to other information I have received, this PHOTON BELT is supposed to be preceded by an ELECTROMAGNETIC NULL ZONE. This zone is said to be an energy vacuum, completely lacking in electromagnetic fields. If it existed, this NULL ZONE would certainly have shown up in the many sky surveys done over recent years on the Cosmic Microwave Background. This background radiation is remarkable because it is so evenly distributed over the entire sky. The ELECTROMAGNETIC NULL ZONE does not exist!

The PHOTON BELT was also described as a MANASIC RING, a 'phenomena which scientists have not been able to reproduce with laboratory experiments". I have been unable to determine the meaning of the word "manasic". I can only surmise that it is derived from the word MANA. It is hardly surprising that this has not been recreated in a laboratory, as no one really seems to know what MANA is, beyond its dictionary definition as a mysterious power.

And so to the Pleiades themselves. Jose Comas Sola, whoever he may be, was either quite wrong or misquoted. Our Sun is not part of the Pleiades system; neither does it orbit the Pleiades ever 24,000 years.

The Pleiades are approximately 125 parsecs or 407.5 light years from our solar system. A quick calculation shows that if our Sun were in this orbit, then its orbital velocity would be 0.107C, or a little over one tenth the speed of light. This equates to approximately 32,000km/sec. This velocity would be apparent, not only to astronomers, but to everyone, as the constellations would change dramatically in the course of a single lifetime if this were true.

The Pleiades is a loose cluster of approximately 100 stars, with an average age estimated at 78 million years. These are very young stars, much younger than our own Sun, estimated at 5 billion years old, much younger even than our own planet, Earth.

These are very hot, bright stars of spectral type B, much hotter and about 10 times more massive than our Sun, spectral type G. They have not yet moved away from the interstellar gas cloud, or nebula, from which they formed. Remnants of this nebula can readily be seen in photographs of the group. It has been suggested that this mist nebulosity, shining with the light of the stars within, is what has given rise to the myth of the PHOTON BELT.

Studies of the proper motions of these stars, or their movement through space, have shown that they are in the process of dispersion. There is no evidence that these stars orbit Alcyone, as depicted in the diagram. It must also be said that there is no evidence of planets around any of these stars. It may well be that planetary systems may evolve around some of these stars, however, it must be remembered that these are very young stars and planetary formation may well take a lot longer than stellar formation. It seems unlikely that habitable planets have had time to evolve there. 78 million years is a very short period on the cosmological or geological time scale.

It is very pleasing to think of our planet coming out of the darkness and into the light, although I do not think our nocturnal fauna would agree. It is much better for each of us to seek enlightenment within ourselves. This enlightenment cannot be imposed by external forces. A deluge of photons from the Pleiades will not save the planet, nor will it transform its inhabitants into enlightened Atmosphereans. We will have to solve our problems ourselves.

Photon Effects

By Noel Huntley, Ph.D.
[Note: this is not the original title]

By means of satellite instrumentation, astronomers in 1961 discovered what appeared to be an unusual nebula. We normally understand the nebula phenomenon as a vast cloud‑like mass of gas or dust. This one, however, appeared to have anomalous properties and was named the Golden Nebula. The public's attention was not drawn to this unusual revelation until much later, presumably when it was realised that this nebula's location was coincident with the projected orbit of our solar system. Around the early 1980s a radio announcement in the U.S. was made (heard by the author) that our solar system was, in fact, going to collide with an 'electromagnetic cloud' in the not too distant future. This incredibly important statement of astronomical and historical significance was expressed in the usual casual and indifferent manner as though of little consequence‑‑just as was, about that time, the announcement that the FDIC (bank‑depositor's insurance) was penniless! Follow‑up data was then suppressed and another government cover‑up was contrived for the typical purpose of exploiting where possible natural events to camouflage contrived chaos.

What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, sometimes referred to as the radiant nebula by ETs? Its more universal designation is 'photon belt' or 'photon band', consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognised by extraterrestrials as of great import. It is in fact referred to by more enlightened ETs as a 'planetary trouble shooter'.

Let us outline the mechanics of this anticipated encounter of our solar system with the photon belt. The whole universe is held together by means of vortices within vortices of centripetal energy‑‑with their associated electromagnetic fields‑‑like whirlpools on water, within larger whirlpools (this is the machinery behind Einstein's spacetime topology of general relativity). These spiralling energies give rise to natural spacetime orbits: satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other more major vortex centres, and so on. Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy with a period of about 24,000 years. There are many other solar (star) systems in this cyclic motion (just as there are numerous planets orbiting the Sun). The Pleiades, which is encircled by the photon belt, is about 400 light years from us, and is part of this system and in fact our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone. The belt consists of many photon bands emanating from the centre of the galaxy, and associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

Thus our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 24,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envisage overall a toroid or doughnut‑shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems. It is also described as an amoeba‑like cloud of particles but most of its frequencies are invisible. This is the photon belt, or photon band. This means our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 24,000 years (that is, every half cycle). The thickness of the photon cloud is such that technically it takes about 2000 years for our solar system to pass through, and therefore about 10,000 years between each encounter with this belt (2 x 10,000 plus 2 x 2000 = 24,000 years). Nevertheless, some sources state that the period in the band could be much less: 25 to 37 years, depending on man's resistance to change. This is difficult to relate to our fixed cyclic picture but, in addition, this same source points out that Earth was in trouble from the damage incurred by our civilisation and called for the photon belt‑‑a typical emergency call procedure for planets. The fact that the 'call' was synchronous with the orbital position merely indicates the higher plans‑‑that the big picture would already have matters organised to happen in that way. This 'call' occurred in 1947 and manifested as a signal which could have been monitored on the AM band, producing a clicking sound‑‑see Robert Shapiro's remarkable Explorer Race and Shining The Light series of books.

When will this interaction occur? Scientists around the globe in 1992 predicted that the encounter would occur within months to a year; with significant disagreements. A particular source of Pleiadian extraterrestrials indicated that it would not occur until just after 2010 and that it was difficult to predict since the belt was oscillating randomly. There have been in fact huge discrepancies in channeled material regarding the date of this revelatory occurrence, ranging from 1987 to 'definitely before the end of this century' to 2003 and finally about 2011‑2012. Other Pleiadians tell us that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in 1987, then contacted it for over a week in the following year, increasing the degree of entry each year, and then the Sun went in fully in 1998. The information indicates that Earth does not enter fully until 2012. At the present time we are being informed that the Earth is in the belt (for the period December, 1998 and June, 1999). The belt does, however, have an outer aura which we enter first, and we are not expected to experience the full‑blown effectsWhat does the photon belt consist of? What will be its effects on the life on our planet, positive or negative? Also what is its purpose, if any? The radio announcement used the term 'electromagnetic' to describe the phenomenon‑‑this is the same as photon, which is a particle of light or electromagnetic radiation.

The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high‑frequency invisible light; even including some x‑ray spectra. It is part of a magnetic flow of light throughout the galaxy. Reference has already been made through the media to huge increases in intensity of 'dangerous' radiation entering through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet. Nevertheless it appears that for mankind on this planet the photon belt encounter will be essentially a spiritual experience‑‑but this really depends on man. If we are sufficiently evolved at the time, great advancements will occur in our consciousness as we attune to the high‑frequency photon rays. If we are negative, that is, possess too many lower vibrations, the result of selfish actions, we are not expected to survive the radiation. In other words, there will be a natural spiritual selection. In the initial stages of photon‑belt encounter only sensitives will detect anything strange but when we enter fully, even the most hardened individuals will receive the full effects. Both great illumination of consciousness will occur and great resistance to new ideas. The photon belt will reduce the veil stopping us from seeing who we are. It will remove some of the barriers around cells and DNA making them more reactive or responsive to new energies. Psychological characteristics of entering the belt are the effect of uprooting hidden, secret, or withheld material, bringing it to the surface for transmutation. This means psychological and physical disease patterns will be forced to the surface, that is, the conscious mind. This will give tremendous opportunity to make advancements but also where there is too much to handle will cause illness, depressions, disease and death.

More advanced viewpoints see the photon band as a being, a consciousness, which essentially has a 'personality' for change and action. It presents opportunities for change on a planet by adding new energies. It increases the flow of energy in the magnetic grids of Earth, attracting new ideas and energies. People will feel the need to transform but those who consider this physical reality their only expression will dwindle into greater fixations, blocks and negativity. Nevertheless it aids eradication of a species' self‑destructive tendencies, which might mean wiping out the civilisation. Even the most dense person will be accelerated into a higher state of consciousness, causing possible havoc in their mind and body if they are not prepared. Channeled material from the Shining the Light books tells of a civilisation which was utilising the planet's resources to make it into a dynamo. This was killing the planet and it called on the photon belt which eradicated the race, everyone, in three days, by putting them to 'sleep'. Nothing as drastic as this will be necessary for Earth; the energy will encourage people to come into balance but where resisted will cause further imbalances.

Other information from this source has been given about the effect on animals. They will forage more widely and attempt to give birth more often to maximize their species. They will also be drawn to built‑up areas; in some cases this will be old territory for them but in general they will feel the need to be closer to humans. This would only apply to wild animals.

The effects on the Earth's body are expected to be quite dramatic. The photon belt enables the planet to repair herself. She will, for example, protect her oil. Too much is being drawn off by man and cannot all be replaced‑‑not dissimilar to drawing off man's cerebral spinal fluid. Mother Earth will harden the crust under the surface and pull in the oil, also gases, coal and ores, deeper into the centre, shifting harmlessly also benevolent races into protected regions. The photon belt will not apparently leave untilhumans utilise surface resources only, including water.

Scientists will find that sub‑atomic particles will become more evident and easier to detect. Electricity will be reduced and become less available in the next 50 years‑‑this represents an energy depletion of the planet. Earth is taking on a new energy and scientists must find new ways of working with it. They will even give more attention to how love affects life and its chemistry. New diseases will arise and abnormal heart rhythms for the descending group but expansion of the heart for the ascending group.

Other spectacular effects, some of a temporary nature, were expected prior to the recognition that Earth intended to receive the photon belt as gently as possible as our Sun system moves into it. Earth is circling the Sun, thus it is alternatively ahead of the Sun and behind in its linear translation towards the belt. Consequently, either the Sun or our planet would enter first. Scientifically it would have been impossible to predict which, since, as stated, the photon belt is expanding and contracting randomly. If the Sun reached the photon cloud before Earth it had been channeled that darkness would ensue for about three to five days. It would have been expected to be pitch dark with probable cancellation of electrical power sources. If, however, Earth went in first then the darkness would have been avoided.

We were told by one source of ETs that as our planet enters the bands, which would be at a relatively high velocity, we would experience an immediate electric shock, lasting about one tenth of a second, but not dangerous. This appears unlikely now as we are moving in very gradually. Apparently it could have been sufficiently sudden to destroy the civilisation and to heal the planet quickly, but Earth requested a very gradual repair.

Of greater concern were said to be the effects of the intense photon activity on the radiation belt around Earth and the sudden compression of the atmosphere and expansion, which was expected to be such that the radiation belt could ignite. If it did, within minutes the sky would be lit up with intense light, more powerful than from a welder's torch. If eyes were not protected it would cause blindness. This intense light was expected to last three days. These dangers appear to have been by‑passed. The photon belt encounter, thanks to Mother Earth, has been adjusted to give minimum suffering to mankind and maximum benefit.

Another spectacular feature given in earlier reports but not high‑lighted so much in the present ones, will be the effect of the intense photon activity on matter. High excitation of atoms will occur, causing fluorescence of all objects, and as a result there will be no normal night time during the period of interaction.

The photon‑belt encounter will play a significant role in the (biblical) Transformation of man. Our interaction with it has been referred to in channeling as the Christus. Moreover, the event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity. The term 'Christus' apparently expresses the Second Coming of Christ. (Christ is a state of being/consciousness ‑‑some ETs refer to it as the 'Christ office'. Jesus was not Christ but he could attune to this state‑‑which in turn then paradoxically means he was.) There will be a rebirthing of planet Earth. We are told it will divide; each part retaining wholeness though, producing a 3rd density (frequency density) Earth and a 4th density Earth. This will not be perceived physically; the planets will be in different dimensions. One will be in a parallel universe relative to the other. Earth has many parallel bodies: one around 3.0; we are about 3.5, then 4.0 and 5.0, etc. (the 4th is apparently relatively unoccupied except for some animals having left us and are waiting).

(Note that serious books on physics cover parallel‑universe theories‑‑there is nothing particular weird or new about this. It has been channeled that we sometimes move into parallel‑universe planes and back, which are sometimes virtually identical. A further example is that an advanced civilisation exists in the centre of the Earth but this particular civilisation is in a parallel plane which is reached by entering 'electromagnetic' corridors near the openings at the poles and certain other regions.)

Possibly the only sad event will be that some families will be split up by the natural spiritual selection of the photon‑belt encounter. Some individuals will go with the more evolved Earth, referred to as 4th density, and others with the 3rd density Earth, which could permanently separate their evolution by several thousands of years (in rare instances one person taking the more evolved path may suspend progress to wait for the other).

Now the photon‑belt cycle is synchronised with the end of a number of greater cycles, for example, 225 million years (the Reptilian cycle), 26,556 years (precession of the equinoxes), and 104,000 years (a prominent evolutionary peak after four cycles of 26,556 years), culminating in a harmonic convergence at about the time of the encounter, 2012. It is also recognised that this point in time coincides with the universe reaching its maximum point of expansion. Synchronisation of such nodes would be expected to open up the dimensional strata for the influx of new energy and the subsequent changes.

The photon cloud has a high density of electrons and positrons (positive, anti‑electrons). When an electron and a positron collide they are annihilated and the mass is converted into radiation‑‑photons. The presence of these positrons, however, has been predicted to interfere with electricity, of which the latter is due to the flow of electrons. It has been indicated that before this event occurs it would be possible to redesign the present polarity system, giving a reversal of our polarity to compensate for this problem (we haven't noticed any effect yet). The photon energy as a result of the collision of electrons and positrons will become a major source of free energy (and at this time the NWO will be unable to suppress its use).

According to channeled information, the Galactic Federation will be aiding our transition during this photon‑belt event. It is stated that they altered (years ago) the basic polarity of the Sun to allow it to maintain the integrity of the Sun's planetary system. At a later time, however, NASA's space probe Ulysses detected that the magnetic field of the Sun no longer has a north and south pole! The Sun's magnetic field was found to have changed dramatically into a homogeneous field. No scientific explanation was given, and of course it has been withheld from the public. Furthermore, the SOHO satellite more recently revealed that the Sun responded abnormally to the impact of cosmic bodies causing an eruption of some 30 to 35 solar flares, which is unprecedented. (Note that unknown to present physics the Sun and planetary bodies, etc. have powerful high‑frequency electromagnetic fields which would be expected to form the basis for the solar system integrity, despite interference and jeopardy from magnetic pole variations.)

The photon‑belt encounter is intended to be a positive experience but only man with sufficient discipline to improve and elevate his consciousness can ensure that the anticipated Golden Age will manifest.

The Photon Belt and the Ascension Connection


“Everyone and everything on this planet will have to evolve and be infused with light. Very soon, darkness of any kind will no longer be tolerated. Your Earth Mother has chosen to support on Her body only an enlightened civilisation, and so it will be.

Spiritual Changes

* You are now ready for changes and for unconditional Love.
* You will all have to face your fears and learn to trust in the power within. You will have to let go of your tribal fears. They are no longer serving you. Think Love and Freedom.
* Your first priority in your life will be to get acquainted with your Divine Essence that lives within your heart, and start living from this perspective. You will be required to live from the inside out, not the other way around as you are so accustomed to do.
* What you want to do and become needs to change first in your way of thinking. Keep saying to yourself that you are blessed, and life will bless you more and more.
* It will be important that you start living your truth and honour all aspects of Life.
* Learn to manifest what you want, and it will be given to you.
* Every time the Earth is going to shift, you are going to have an influx of emotions. Do not judge those emotions or yourself for it, but be willing to feel those emotions fully and embrace the wisdom that these emotions are here to teach you.”

- Adama (channelled through Aurelia Louise Jones, 2006,

The Photon Belt and the Ascension Connection. The Wake Up Call

By Ascended Master Adama

Channelled through Aurelia Louise Jones

7 February 1999

Greetings from Telos my Beloved Brothers and Sisters

This is Adama. It is my pleasure to connect with you once again. Dear ones, many of you have various conceptions of the Photon Belt. Some of your conceptions represent a facet of the truth and others are not even close. Allow me at this time to give you another facet of it. And please remember that it is only another facet as there are many more. The Photon Belt is a subject that could fill several volumes. At this time, I want to discuss with you, one facet that is highly important for all of you personally.

There is much speculation on the surface as to what the photon belt is and when the Earth did enter or will enter this vortex. Know that the earth officially entered the Photon Belt around May 1998. The Photon Belt is composed of 12 gigantic vortexes of intense Bands of Light. Each vortex will perform its own specific action on Earth and in our solar system, and the whole process will be very closely monitored to work in harmony and balance. It is a very safe process, and there is nothing to fear. One could say that the Light of the Photon Belt possesses the high and refined frequencies and qualities of the Ascension Flame, along with many other attributes. This does not mean that the earth did not experience its influence prior to May 1998. It did for many years.

Waves of Light from the Photon Belt were released on earth at various intervals, each year for many years past, particularly at the time of the Equinox and Solstice. Each year, the Light was released in a greater and greater intensity and frequency. You needed to be acclimatised, dear ones, for the greater Light that is to come. Nevertheless, since May 1998, when the earth officially entered into the 1st vortex, there is no turning back. Within the next twelve years, the earth will be going through each one of the twelve vortexes of that Light with the intensity that is required for Her purification and preparation for Her ascension process into the 5th dimension.

Since then, the various frequencies and intensity of the Light from the Photon Belt are no longer released at intervals. They are now bombarding the earth much more intensively and constantly. There are a lot of adjustments to be made in this vortex before we can move to the next one. All of humanity, in one form or the other, is feeling the effects of the new energy of this deep cleansing. Every person on Earth is going to have to do whatever it takes to adjust their consciousness and make the necessary changes within themselves to be able to move with and be transformed by that Light.

I am repeating it again. There is no turning back at this point. You are going to have to decide for yourself now if you want to ride the ascension wave with the planet, be transformed into the new species of humans that will emerge from this transformation, gain your immortality and ascend into the consciousness of the New Earth on the 5th dimensional level, or be crushed by the wave and stay on the 3rd dimension for another round of incarnations. The choice is entirely yours. The opportunity is for all.

Those who resist that Light and the many changes It will bring, will not be able to make it through the twelve vortexes. We know that many will choose at soul level and/or at the conscious level to leave or vacate their physical bodies rather than let go of their fears, preconceived ideologies and personal agendas that are not serving the greatest good of all rather than lovingly allow themselves to go through the necessary steps of this transformation. There are also those who would be ready to come along for the ride, but because of their age, will be choosing to make the transformation from the 'other side' of the veil. For those precious ones, this option is totally acceptable, and we ask you not to worry for those loved ones and allow them that choice.

Many of you are already feeling and noticing in your physical and your emotional bodies the effects that are taking place at the cellular and genetic levels. Many of you are experiencing new, unpleasant physical symptoms you never had before, such as, headaches, heart pains, palpitations, chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, changing sleep patterns, ringing in the ears, blurring of the vision, and many more. You are also noticing changes in your emotional state. Your bodies are evolving and cleansing themselves. All outmoded, worn‑out negative emotions and ways of thinking and perceiving things are coming to the surface to be examined, purified and transformed. Many of you are emotionally confused, and many of you feel you are 'sick.' I tell you, this is only temporary. Just hang in there and remain into the frequency of 'Love' for yourself and others. It will come to pass.

NOW is the time for you to let go of ALL your fears and negative patterns because you simply cannot take them with you.

Where we are going, there will be only Love, dear ones. There will be no room for fears or negativity of any kind. What will you do at the entrance of the portal of the 5th dimension if you still have your baggage of fears and negativity with you? The vibrations of fears and other negative patterns simply cannot be admitted into the 5th dimension. Will you choose to stay behind on the 3rd dimensional level for another round of incarnations just because you have held onto them? Do you want to carry them with you all the way through the 12 vortexes to the portal only to be told that your baggage of negativity cannot come along with you? Or do you want to start working on getting rid of it now, and free yourself from this limiting burden while there is still a bit of time left?

The transformation of the human race on Earth was begun very gently about 30 years ago. It intensified more around 1987, then more again around 1994. Since Wesak 1998, these energies are creating a greater intensity of mutation in the four body systems of all humanity. This Great Cosmic Light of the Photon Belt is now upon all of us. Want it or not, none can avoid it. According to your free‑will choices, you can use it for your spiritual expansion, physical transformation and resurrection and go along with our precious Mother Earth's ascension. The Earth and humanity are ascending together 'as a big family.' We in Telos, will also be ascending with the planet. We cannot promise that the process will be totally comfortable all the way for everyone. For each one, there will be many adjustments to be made. You will be transformed into the new species of immortal, unlimited humans that will inhabit the New Earth, a place of Divine Love, Unlimited Abundance, Beauty and Eternal Peace.

You are either coming along or staying behind. You simply cannot at this time choose to stay in between two worlds.

The New Earth will manifest a glory and perfection beyond your wildest dreams. The Earth Mother is already engaged in this process. Sure, you may choose to come a few incarnations later, and you will all get there eventually. I am talking about coming NOW, not in a few hundred years from now, but at the end of this earth cycle which is finishing around 2012! What is your choice?

Most people would say they want to come now. And I say to you, 'Are you willing to prepare and do whatever it takes to make it through the transition?' It is not totally a 'free ride' you know. Although you are given at this time unprecedented assistance from the higher realms, you have to do your part if you choose to come along. If you select to stay behind, it will be honoured, and you will be incarnating again in a place that will match your level of awareness. There is no judgment on your decision. God has given you 'free will' on this planet, and it will not be taken back from you. What are your options? The 3rd and 4th dimensions are scheduled to eventually be folding up on this earth. If you choose to stay in the illusion of the so called 'familiar zone' of the old paradigm of the 3rd dimension, you will not immortalize your body. This means that sooner or later you will vacate your body and incarnate again in another 3rd dimensional planet similar to this one and continue to enjoy your fears, your violence, your control, manipulations, your wars, your limitations, your addictions and all the negativity you are not wanting to give up now.

I am saying this to you because of my love for you and the great love that God has for you. I am not trying to scare you in any way. I am trying to reason with you in the hope of helping you awaken from your lethargy, your spiritual slumber, and to the illusions of your old outmoded momentums. For all those reading this message, know that it is the desire of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet for all to be able to make an 'informed' choice. We are hoping with all our heart that you will choose to come along because we are a big family, and everyone is loved very dearly

Dear ones, you have heard of the 'Place Prepared' that your scriptures talk about. Well this very special place is no other than the 5th dimensional consciousness. Our deep concern is that we are seeing at this time, so close to the millennium, too many of the precious people on earth that could easily make it to the portal of the 5th dimension and be accepted, still living their lives on an 'automatic pilot' type of consciousness not wanting to take responsibility for creating their future reality, not wanting to hear about any changes, or having to face taking a serious look at their lives to see where they are heading. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of my next few words.

The time to live on 'automatic pilot' is over. Humanity has lived this way for thousands upon thousands of years, and it has caused you all untold sufferings, sorrows, poverty, sickness and all the social and economic problems that have been facing humanity for those thousands of years. The time of your deliverance is upon you now. You, as a soul evolving on Earth, can be 'liberated' only if you consciously choose to do so, and make it the most important priority in your life.

It will not happen by continuing to live on an 'automatic pilot' consciousness. It will happen for you ONLY IF YOU EMBRACE NOW THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS AND START THINKING AND ACTING WITH YOUR CHRIST MIND AND CHRIST LOVE.

No matter how much help you are getting from above, no one can do it all for you. You will have to allow the desire to be ignited within your heart to evolve your consciousness to the level of where you want to go.

I AM Adama, ascended master and the high priest of Telos. My brothers and sisters of Telos are joining me to send each one of you our love, our friendship and support. We are conscious of the difficulties you are facing and also aware of the wonderful progress so many of you are making; know that you are making a difference. We send you our Light and Love.


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    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

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    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

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