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12-Strand DNA


 “Light transforms bodies’ carbon-based cells into the crystalline structure that can survive in vibratory levels that eventually Earth would reach; and by dissolving the ‘veil’ between third density consciousness and soul-level knowledge, the light opens hearts and minds to the spiritual enlightenment that engenders soul growth.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 19 October 2014, www.matthewbooks.com).


DNA & the Indigo Factor

Ascension Re-Defined

Want to upgrade your DNA?

Love more

Breathe deep

Practice gratitude

“As of December 2012, the polarity magnetic grid has been replaced by the 144-Crystalline Grid. The grid has allowed for humans of higher light quotient to operate in higher dimension. These higher levels are naturally very different than 3d. We tell you that the 5th thru 12th dimensions are available to you in the New Earth, but to function effectively in these non-polarity levels, involves activating your expanded chakric system. You must become crystalline in frequency. This is the reason that 'Law of One Atlantean' knowledge of the benevolent and responsible use of Crystals as spiritual allies & frequencial amplifiers has been resurfacing the past 5 decades. All timing is in perfection, you see. Phi Crystals and specific gems enhance the auric field and allow for the movement into coherency.” - Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn (‘The Crystal Codes 2014 & Beyond. A Clarion Call to the Law of One,’ 5 December 2014).


12-Strand DNA

By Kathy Wilson

The Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation 12 strand DNA activation

It's time. The energy on the planet is calling for us all to raise our vibration.

It's time. After eons of being disconnected from the spiritual portion of your DNA, you can once again experience being your Divine Self.

It's time. Step up to the next level of your spiritual evolution with the activation of your 12 DNA strands, the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround them, and your Akashic Record.

    "For those who carry the activated DNA, love will lead. For those who are still undergoing the changeover, love will be easier to attain. For those who have yet to awaken, fear will be amplified until a higher way is entertained."

     - Seven Sisters from Lauren Gorgo

About Your DNA...

As scientific research has now proven, our DNA, shown on this page in the familiar double helix configuration, holds the genetic codes for your physical and emotional evolution. Still to be discovered by science is the fact that your DNA has a much greater purpose than simply being a blueprint for your body.

The Genome Project decoded approximately 3% of the total physical DNA. The remaining 97% was then termed "junk", inferring it has no purpose. The truth is that the human body is extremely efficient and anything that is of no use becomes atrophied and is evolved out of existence within a few generations.

If 97% of our DNA is junk, why do we still have it?

That so-called "junk DNA" in your body contains all your history since you first incarnated onto this planet, many lifetimes ago. It's where your akashic record, the record of your Soul, resides. Our DNA has been called a living library because of the wealth of information stored on it.

    "Hard to believe, but lurking in your DNA are many energies that are quantum. They're interdimensional attributes of biology clearly given to you by the Pleiadians over 50,000 years ago."

     - Kryon, September 26, 2008

There are ten additional strands of DNA, or five double helix strands, which were disconnected or de-activated eons ago. Science has yet to discover these strands, although they have seen the shadows of them on their electronic microscopes. They call them "shadow DNA".


Who Are The Twelve That Make Our 12dna?

By Crystalai

Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Point One: 12 DNA- what is it? Where did it come from?
How did we get it back?

12 DNA is the Divine Blue Print of the Human Angelic Race line. That race line began as Oraphims who created the Turaunesiums - of Tara. That was 550 million years ago. Since then, our race line was completely destroyed three times and re-created three times. This is the fourth time. This time our race line is being re-made by bringing one of each of the DNA strands back at a time.

There were twelve parts of the original Star called Tara that was created by Sun Alcyone. Tara is not from the Milky Way. She is from Sun Alcyone. When Tara broke into 12 pieces and became 12 planets in the Milky Way, the plan began to put Tara back together again. So, when the question is asked whether we are from Earth or Tara or Sirius B, or if we are Arcturians or Pleiadians, the answer is always yes. We are all one. We all came from Sun Alcyone. If we didn't come from Sun Alcyone, we came from Ra. If we didn't come from Ra we came from Ka. We all came from the same place. We came from the Breath of Source creating the Idea of the Perfect Divine Blue Print.

That creation began 250 billion years ago when the idea began at the PreSound Level and the then the Light Level, Cosmic Level, Universal Level, Galactic Level and Solar Level. We are always that one original IDEA. We always return to that original Idea when we are transformmed into our Ascension Body of 12 DNA subharmonics that carry the codes or our original creation. We can't ascend until the 12 subharmonics are replaced because that is what makes our templates compatible with the original IDEA that we came from.

Please also note, that in reality there is no time. We need to stop thinking of 550 million years or 250 billion years ago being such a long time ago. In the Mind of God that was just a nano second ago. However, the linear time was needed for our involution down through all of these levels of density and our preparation for our perfect evolution up the ladder from the Planet, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic. This climb back up the ladder has already begun and will complete very rapidly for some of us on the planet.

We will first re-unite with our families in Inner Earth who have maintained their 12 DNA coded templates. When we reunite with Inner Earth in 2017, we will begin to regain a long lost history of who we were as Higher Earth, the Cloud Cities, the original stargates, and many interesting tales will emerge. I have already been given all of that information by my families from Mu and Ur who will soon meet us from Inner Earth.

When our Raceline was almost ready to be remade about 22,000 years ago, our 12 DNA encryption lattice was left in our bodies within the double helix of the visible 3D body. Scientists know that there is something there. They call it junk DNA because they can't actually see it in 3D terms.

The Taran Race was living in the Aquari Matrix in Harmonic Universe two. The Elohim Angels of Gaia live in Harmonic Universe Three through the Universal Consciousness of Harmonic Universe Four.

Angelic Humans are the race line created from the 12 Coded Divine Blue Print or the 12 DNA structure. The Elohim Angels stored that 12 Coded DNA until it would be safe to restore it to our bodies. The original scheduled time  of the Star Gate Activation Cycle that would allow the return of the 12 Coded DNA was 22, 346 BC.

The last Star Gate Activation Cycle before that possible date was 208,216. December 21 ,2012 was the date chosen by the Elohim and other Guardian Races for beginning the Stargate Activation Cycle. The Star Gates were already opened. They were opening about one per year for the past 12 years - approximately. The Activation Cycle is the activation of that potential. The Elohim Angels had placed Seals on each of the 12 stargates back in 22,346. Those Seals were blocking the Source Flows called Eiron Flows of Electromagnetic Energy into our Chakras.

On that divine date, the Seals that have been blocking the Eiron Flows of all of the stardust from all 12 stargates were removed. That scheduled date by the Elohim Angels was a promise that they made to us about 22, 346 BC,  when they froze our 12 DNA , which would  be returned to us at  a time that was most appropriate to our spiritual growth. If they had activated our 12 DNA back in 22, 346 BC , we would had ended up as a completely removed species of the universe - that is another very long story. That would had been the result of overloading the Earth with more frequencies than she was able to hold at that time. Since then there have been countless problems added to the original reason for putting our scheduled 12 DNA return on hold. The most recent one has been the Zeta's presence and inner control through sound wave barriers, and the Nibiru Electromagnetic Technology that has created a NET around the very Encryption Lattice that holds the 12 Coded DNA in our bodies.

As a result of 3D scientific understanding, most people think DNA is something that will be regained over centuries of consciousness development. That 3D reasoning comes from the exact same Inner government control that has allowed the Zeta and the NET to remain on the Earth. That Government has done everything to lock the Human Angelic Consciousness in a 3D prison. Everyone thinks the government is here to take care of them when in fact most of them are the representatives of the Fallen Angelics who are here to take our Souls.

The holders of our 12 DNA are our Soul Matrix. They are our family, creators and guardians. They are the Elohim Angelis of HU3. They have been creating the plan, the organizations, and connecting with race lines who could help us overcome the dilemma that their race line has become entangled within.

They have always had a scheduled plan for the return of the 12 DNA template. In fact, the 12 DNA template has always existed within our Soul Matrix, which is who we actually are. It is the return to the enlightenment that will allow us to return our Consciousness into the Soul Matrix that we are a part of that will turn our 12 DNA on the moment that we do this.

We are all created from the Idea of Source. That idea is beyond the matrix of the idea being created. So, let's say this Earth Matrix is a 15th dimensional matrix containing 15 spheres of Consciousness. All of those spheres are a part of the Idea created beyond those 15 spheres, in the Source Field of Consciousness. We are a part of that complete Divine Idea. Within that complete idea, the Universal Consciousness of the 12th Dimension contains the Consciousness Field that connects us to the Electromagnetic Energy Flow of Source.

That 12 Coded Field contains the same Consciousness that is supposed to be flowing through us now. That is what the 12 DNA or the 12 Coded Divine Blue Print is. It is the coded field that all Star seeds originate from.

The star seeds of the Oraphim Race were destroyed, so a new race line was created to replace them - that was the Tarans. The Tarans were almost completely destroyed, so the Elohim Angels stored away their 12 DNA to be returned at a later time.

All Fallen Angelics in the Fallen Milky Way System knew that the return would happen when the Star Gate Activation Cycle began on December 21, 2012. That is the reason they created the NET that would engage the frequencies of Nibiru on that date to set off a series of crystals on the planet that would entrap the entire population in the brainwave fields of the Fallen Angelics for a complete brainwash of the race. That brain washing would include the third world war and massive destruction through what we already saw in small amounts of climatic and earthquake activity.

What really happened on December 21, 2012? This date had been known to all Fallen Angelic Races who wanted a piece of Earth's Stargates since 22, 346 BC. The Fallen Angelics had been making plans for our take over for that period of time, as were the Guardian Races making plans to save our race line, that was to be reactivated on that date. There have been war games played in our Universe as well as all 12 Universes involving the Mass Ascension that would be activated on that date.. We were moved through a time portal to a safe place. We were originally aligned with the parallel two matrix and then the parallel four matrix, and then five and finally six. Each time the angels realigned our time portals so that we would not be blasted with the Nibiru frequencies, the Fallen Angelics rearranged their war games of take over.

We have been in a Cosmic Chess Game for twelve years. Everything that was scheduled to happen in the Fallen Milky Way Galaxy that would had caused the tidal waves on the California Coast Line, massive destruction of the Planet, etc. actually did happen. It just didn't happen to us because we were moved. The Parallel Two Earth did experience those cataclysms described by Nostradamus. That was the Probable Future of that time. It was the Fallen Zetas (called the Greys) who were creating an interdimensional time link between Earth and parallel Earth, which would be our future selves with a very dismal future. Most of the channeled readings of our future were coming from that sonic wave implant between the two realities. There were many Probable Futures. Those futures changed into Heroic Futures day by day over the past 12 years. They happened because of the help we were given by our friends the Ranthians and the Zionites who are experts in time portal manipulation.

The Star Gate Activation Cycle began on December 21, 2012 as planned. That was also the date of the scheduled return of our 12 DNA. The reason that there is a window of opportunity between December 21, 2012 and January 31, 2013, is because that is the time it takes to translate what happened at the Cosmic Level of our Rebirth into the Planetary and Solar Level of the rebirth. The rebirth is the realignment into our 12 DNA coded divine Blue Print. All Star seeds came to Earth with 12 DNA potential. They were upgraded to 24 DNA in 2006. Those Indigo 2's were upgraded to 48 DNA capacity. So what is about to happen is much more than just regaining our 5 DNA over a period of time.

It is a revelation of remembering who we are. We are a part of the Divine Matrix. We are a part of the Soul Matrix that is already made of 12 codes or 12 DNA format. We are always the entirety of that Soul Matrix. We already are that Soul Matrix. We already have 5 DNA. We already have a blue body. I know this is true because I've seen it. We each must engage in the activation and we must work on seeing it.

The easiest way to understand this process is to realize that we are a part of the complete light spectrum- all the way up to the gamma or the plasma. If we focus our consciousness into the Sun we have placed ourselves within the entire Plasma Consciousness of our creation light. The blue light is a result of going into the allness of the light spectrum and then coming back out the center where the invisible light and the visible light spectrums intersect. When we are engaged with that point, we see a blue sphere. That blue sphere is our Soul Matrix. It is our Blue Body self. That doesn't mean that we are only 5 DNA. That means that we are the 12 DNA of the Invisible light who is coming down into the visible light spectrum in order to EXPERIENCE the SELF.

We can't be 5th dimensional without being all of our entire 12 coded DNA. We are the complete Soul Matrix. We were just turned off for a while in order to protect our race to become reactivated at this time.

The activation process is taking place now. I've already experienced it because I have been working on the Star Gate Activation as each star gate opened over the past 12 years. Each time a star gate opened we were able to activate one more strand of DNA. Most of the stargates were activated before December, but several more activated on December 21, 2012. It takes about two weeks for the activations to catch up with our hormones, and about five years for the activations to take place in our chakras. Of course this can be done instantly through the use of  alignment techniques given by the Guardians.

The Guardians planned the Star fires to occur far enough in advance that everyone would have 5 DNA strands fully activated by now. However, the Indigos or Star Seeds already had the 12 DNA capacity when they arrived on Earth. That is the reason only other Star seeds are capable of understanding what I am talking about. Those who do not have the coding within them will not be interested and will not be able to understand. Those are the Earth Seeds who will be activated by the Star Seeds.

The activation of the MIRACLE is all about PARTAKING in the Opportunity. Only Star seeds will partake in it because they are the only ones who have the codes in their genes that are awaiting the activation at this time. Each individual will be guided by their Soul to partake in whatever activity is needed at the time it is needed. That reality will begin now that the NET is no longer attached to our consciousness.

 For instance:

'I have always been aligned into the stardust of my 48DNA template. I am aligned into the stardust of my 48 DNA template. I will always be aligned into the stardust of my 48 DNA template.'

We must create this reality by stating it and confirming it day after day until we flip our consciousness into that NOW reality.

If we do not make the continuous conscious effort to translate our reality of NOW, we will remain in the old 3D world of the illusions that were created through the NET. The Nibiru Electromagnetic Time displacement template has displaced our reality into the consciousness of dark, fallen angelics and demons who have only one use for us - their new source of energy. They would continue to use us as the replacement to the energy they could have if they had remained connected to Source Consciousness. Since we are created as the Human Angelic Race with the 12 DNA potential of Source Consciousness Energy, we are very sought after by Fallen Angelic Races.

Aligning Frequencies into Harmonic Universe Three to activate 6DNA.

Stardust flow comes from Aquari-HU3 Christ Consciousness Elohim Angels. That flow can be engaged from 12 inches above head - Christ consciousness Rasha self or 36 inches to Jada Body. Bring flow of Stardust or Star light and sound into Pineal gland and create a flow from right ear up to Elohim and down into left ear or use the Rasha Body and increase frequency by using crystal star merkaba spin at speed of light. Fill mid brain with white light sparks and then fill head and down into medulla oblongata now exhale down into crystal heart and increase the sphere of stardust out around crystal heart all the way up to Jada orb field Bring in luminary body to ignite ephemeral body. Fill with stardust flow and connect into Earth's Christic grid by attaching into cosmic earth's core and out into Urtha field of silver star dust frequencies. Create the silver stardust frequencies throughout omnions of quarks in body and connect silver seed frequencies into Earth’s grids. Attach to aurora field to create and blend zone into rainbow bridge. Watch the carbon, inorganic chemical substance, melt into organic spiritual substance. The silver seeds of stardust as the silver seed awakening begins. This is the Highest potential for Orbing.


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DNA Sacred Tree Pine Cone Fertilization Anunnaki Reptilian Hybrid DNA 12-Strand Genetic Mesopotamia

Ishnah on DNA Ascension

Excerpts from

What is the Ascension Process?

By Ishnah

The DNA of most people on this planet has already been mutated. That is why only 3-5 DNA strands are active instead of the 12-48 DNA strands (which used to be the norm for angelic human race).

The 2012 to 2017 higher Earth frequencies will allow beings on this planet with higher frequencies activated in their system to ascend to Dimension 12 and higher Universal Time Matrix systems......THIS IS TRUE ASCENSION. Not the religious belief system of merging with GOD through worship. We (AND EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS) is already inside THE ABSOLUTE GOD SOURCE. The journey is about us individually reuniting with our original GOD SEED (THROUGH LAYERS OF OUR HIGHER ASPECTS => SOUL - OVERSOUL - AVATAR - RISHI - MONAD) after being trapped in this system for thousands of years....(disconnected from our higher layers) its the journey home. It is in knowing the higher Universal Truth that will help us go forward in the ascension process. Seeking the highest level of Universal Truth in our distorted and manipulated system is the biggest challenge as this information has purposely been hidden to stop beings from ascending.

The distortion of this planetary grid system thousands of years ago caused a mutation in our DNA structure. The original human had minimum of 12 DNA strands, 12 fully activated higher senses (5 lower and 7 higher),  full access to the higher divine mind and memories of life experiences in all time lines. The average human being today has only 3 to 4 DNA stands active, 5 functional senses and no memories of who they are and why they are on Earth. Those that are awakening are seeking higher level answers and processes to activate their higher DNA strands and raise their frequency.

DNA Ascension to 12D 2012 to 2017

By Ishnah


Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet?

This is the mystery. For over 25,000 years the Universal truth was not available to the people of this planetary system.  It is now finally being received on this planet. Those that are open will receive it. This is what the energies of 2012 is about. We have been stuck in a Universal Time Matrix System that has been disconnected from the higher dimension frequencies for thousands of years. The 2012 to 2017 higher Earth frequencies will allow beings on this planet with higher frequencies activated in their system to ascend to Dimension 12 and higher Universal Time Matrix systems......THIS IS ASCENSION. Not the religious belief system of merging with GOD through worship. We (AND EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS) is already inside THE ABSOLUTE GOD SOURCE. The journey is about us individually reuniting with our original GOD SEED (our 13th Dimensional MONAD) after being lost in this system for thousands of years....its the journey home. It is in knowing the truth that will help us go forward in the ascension process. Seeking the highest level of Truth in our distorted system is the biggest challenge.

The distortion of this planetary grid system thousands of years ago caused a mutation in our DNA structure. The original human had minimum of 12 DNA strands, 12 fully activated higher senses (5 lower and 7 higher),  full access to the higher divine mind and memories of life experiences in all time lines. The average human being today has only 3 to 4 DNA stands active, 5 functional senses and no memories of who they are and why they are on Earth. Those that are awakening are seeking higher level answers and are brought to websites like this.

How can we raise our frequency and increase our DNA strands?

We need to clear all past issues, forgive ourselves and others, release all negative energy patterns in our system, generate loving thoughts for ourselves and others....this initiates the basic process to open ourselves to receive our full power.  Activating and opening the higher heart center (sacred heart) with clearing of Chakra seals speeds up the process, raises our frequency levels and opens us up to the higher love consciousness (GOD Consciousness realms). Meditation processes without full deep inner miasmic cleansing does not open you up to the higher layers.

The programs offered here are hands-on, experiential processes that help you release your old negative patterns (old degenerative energy), clear blockages and  past issues  at the cellular level and replenish it with new vibrant higher frequency energies which brings you clarity, focus, heart opening with more  love, joy, passion, prosperity and enthusiasm to live your life to its full potential.

The Accelerated  Creative Life Force energy activation process empowers and activates your ability to manifest your desires faster. Your creative life force energies activated through The law of Attraction (introduced in detail in the movie The Secret) are enhanced and speeded up with this activation.

The higher Soul Awakening programs with clearing of chakra seals and resetting of your original blueprint infuse and expand your inner light, stimulate and activate higher DNA codes, develop your light bodies, open you up to the 5th-12th Dimension frequencies and opens your connection with your Oversoul-Monad (I AM Presence) and The GOD Source (complete At-One-Ment with Source). There is no quick fix. All methods and techniques have to be practiced daily to build your frequencies.

Our Soul Awakening Programs prepare you for the 2012 - 2017 Earth Ascension Frequencies. The objective of these programs is to fully open ourselves up to 12D frequencies before 2017. People with fully assembled fifth dimensional and higher frequencies activated in their DNA will be able to ride this ascension wave.  The next ascension cycle after this is estimated to be around year 4230.....Many of us have waited a long time (at the soul level) for this opportunity to ascend to the higher dimension time matrix systems....The classes show the personal and universal grid systems, their interconnections at various frequency levels (6D Soul layer/ 8D Monadic layer/13D GOD seed Monadic Layer) and how we can raise ourselves to these layers through the intensive sound/light induction processes. All creation is manifest through Source frequencies of Sound and Light.


Event Horizon by Geoffrey Chandler

Children Born With Advanced DNA

This is an incredible story of children being born with advanced DNA. Many of today’s parents are awake enough to be witnessing miracles in their children and then exposing them to information to help prevent suppression and/or the depression that is inflicted on many of these beautiful beings due to lack of understanding.

Children of the New Dream

Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek by Diane Cooper

Diane: So Drunvalo…who are these “Children of the New Dream” that you are so excited about?

Drunvalo: Well there are 3 different kinds of children emerging in the world today that I have been able to identify. The first are called the “Super Psychic Children of China.” The second are called the “Indigo Children” and the third are called the “Children of AIDS.”

….It is the third group that I am most interested in–the “Children of AIDS.” About 10 or 11 years ago in the US, there was a baby born with AIDS. They tested him at birth and at 6 months and he tested positive for AIDS. They tested him a year later and he still tested positive. Then they didn’t test him again until he was 6, and what was amazing is that this test showed that he was completely AIDS free! In fact, there was no trace that he ever had AIDS or HIV whatsoever! He was taken to UCLA to see what was going on and those tests showed that he didn’t have normal human DNA.

In the human DNA we have 4 nucleic acids that combine in sets of 3 producing 64 different patterns that are called codons. Human DNA all over the world always has 20 of these codons turned on and the rest of them are turned off, except for 3 which are the stop and start codes, much like a computer. Science always assumed that the ones that were turned off were old programs from our past. I’ve always seen them like application programs in a computer. Anyway…this boy had 24 codons turned on — 4 more than any other human being. Then they tested this kids to see how strong his immune system was. They took a very lethal dose of AIDS in a petri dish and mixed it with some of his cells and his cells remained completely unaffected. They kept raising the lethalness of the composition and finally went up to 3,000 times more than what was necessary to infect a human being and his cells stayed completely disease free.

Then they started testing his blood with other things like cancer and discovered that this kid was immune to everything! Then they found another kid with these codons turned on–then another one then another one–then 10,000, then 100,000, then a million of them and at this point, UCLA, by watching world-wide DNA testing, estimates that 1% of the world has this new DNA. That breaks down to approximately 60 million people who are not human by the old criteria.

Diane: Is this new codon activation found only in newborn children?

Drunvalo: Well, it’s mostly children, but now they are finding adults with it too–just like the hundredth monkey theory. Now all kinds of people are being affected by it and its spreading fast.

Remember, it started just 5 years ago with almost no one and now it’s spreading–just like a disease. It’s like an outbreak and this is only the beginning.

The other part of this concerns the new book entitled “Cracking the Bible Code”–which has to do with running the Hebrew Books of the Bible through a specialized computer program. If you go to page 164 of this book, it shows where these researchers put the word AIDS into the program to see what would happen. When they did, the program translation provided words like “HIV,” “in the blood,” “the immune system,” “death” — all the things you would think youd s’ee around the word AIDS, but down in the corner was this sentence that they didn’t understand and it said — “the end of disease,” and that is what I believe is happening here.

“Science has stated that there are so many people showing up with this new alien DNA that they now believe that a new human race is being born on the earth today and apparently they can’t get sick.”

Now what is really incredible — they believe that it is a very specific emotional, mental body response — a waveform coming off the body that is causing the DNA to mutate in a certain way. I’ve sat with Gregg Braden who was one of the first persons to write about this and what we believe is that there are 3 parts to this phenomenon.

“The first part is the mind that sees Unity.” It sees the Flower of Life. It sees everything interconnected in all ways. It doesn’t see anything as separate. And the “second part is being centered in the heart–to be Loving.” And the “third thing is to step out of polarity–to no longer judge the world.” As long as we are judging the world as good or bad, then we are inside polarity and remain in the fallen state. I believe these people (with the new DNA) have somehow stepped out of judging and are in a state where they see everything as one and feeling Love. Whatever they are doing within themselves is producing a waveform that when seen on computer screens looks almost identical to the DNA molecule. So the researchers think that by the very expression of their life that these people are mapping with the DNA — resonating it — and are changing these 4 codons and in so doing become immune to the disease. What they don’t know and this is where a lot of research gets to happen is so maybe they are immune, but is there anything else? They might be immortal, who knows. Maybe there are other characteristics that we haven’t even dreamed of. I often wonder if they are all linked together? Is there some form of telepathic connection that goes on?

Diane: Have you met any of these people? Are they accessible?

Drunvalo: Well, I’ve known about this for over two years and I have personally followed this path and I think I’ve moved into what they are doing. I have gone into the merkabah and asked my subconscious mind to change my codons in the same way and ever since I began to do this over two years ago, I haven’t been able to get sick. I don’t know if I’ve been able to change them or not. I guess the only way I’d know is with a DNA test. However, Iv’e been exposed to all kinds of things and when someone gets sick I purposely get close to them and try to get it. I’ve been trying to get sick — and I can’t feel something come on — it will last maybe an hour and then it’s gone. What is interesting is that hardly any of this new DNA is found in the Super Psychic Children of China — almost zero. It is, however, being found in Russia and the U.S. There seems to be pockets of it and if what we are thinking is right — it has to do with a very specific response which is where most people in the New Age are headed for.

Diane: Do you think these people are creating the DNA changes

Drunvalo: I think someone has made the path — one child did it
somewhere. Then he put it into the grids and it is now in the subconscious of the earth and is accessible to anyone. Once that happened I think somehow or another other people have connected to this on a subconscious level in deep meditation and prayer and made the change. A new race is being born and it is one of the most remarkable phenomenon that has happened on the planet! It’s incredible that no one seems to know about this until now!

Well, you are the only one I’ve ever heard speak about this.

Drunvalo: Well, I’ve been tracking this for about 2 years and I’ve waited to say anything because I wanted to make sure it was real. In the book called “The Indigo Children” there has been extensive research on these children. There are websites you can go to if you’re a parent where they begin to interview you about exactly what’s going on with your child. Like I said earlier, these kids know exactly what you’re feeling and what you’re thinking.

You can’t hide anything from them. It’s really amazing! I see it as a phenomenon like the ETs except they aren’t coming here in spaceship form–they are coming here in spirit form making it personal by coming into the earth’s evolutionary cycle and joining with us. I’ve often thought that when spirits come in on the right side of the planet–Japan, China, and Tibet for instance, the incarnating being takes on the psychic characteristics (of those people), and if they come in on the western side–the logical side (i.e., physical characteristics)–then the DNA comes in changed. But that’s just speculation on my part. I’m just looking at this and trying to understand what is occurring. At the workshops I’m going to do, I’m going to bring everything I’ve learned together and teach people to actually access this and make the change. I think I know–or I’m very close.

Diane: And that has to do with putting yourself in a certain state of consciousness?

Drunvalo: Yes, a very specific state of consciousness produces a change in your DNA–and I think it’s just the beginning of much more than that. The fact that it could be the end of disease is just a tiny bit of the total picture.

Diane: How would this particular kind of work and discovery affect the DNA activation work that seems to be popping up all over?

Drunvalo: Well, if you know your light body and you know how psychic energy works and if you understand the connection of the subconscious to all life on this planet, then you can go in and ask your subconscious. “Your subconscious knows exactly which codons those kids have changed and if you ask for those things to happen through your light body and in the presence of God,” it should occur. “[/b]It also requires dropping polarity–no longer thinking in terms of good or bad but seeing the wholeness and completion and perfection of life.”

It is a very definite mind, emotional and body response. The body response is the one where your body simply does not acknowledge good or bad but sees that there is a higher purpose behind it all. We all know this stuff–everyone from Jesus to Krishna to Sai Baba has been talking about this for a long time, but this is the first I’m aware of where something actually is changing in the outer environment. People’s DNA is really changing. There have been many of us who have talked about this–but none of this had been seen by science. Now it has been seen, and it has been documented.

Diane: So, if that’s the case, then what significance does that have on our lives today?

Drunvalo: I believe that all of us have the choice to follow this particular pattern that the children have set up or not. It is said that “the children will lead the way.” If we wish to and we trust these children, as I do, one of the side effects is the immunity to disease.

Diane: There are a lot of us who are choosing immortality. However, some people would say that to be immune to disease is also to upset the life/death cycle which has supposedly helped to keep the planet in balance. How would you answer that?

Drunvalo: Well, I just don’t judge it. This is happening and if it is going to upset the cycle and it probably will in some way–everything that is occurring in life has a reason and purpose for it. Perhaps these people who don’t get sick anymoreerhaps they won’t even die anymore and maybe their consciousness is so aligned with the original purpose of earth that ultimately it would mean an earth that is whole and complete and not one that is polluted and deadly and overtaxed. We could easily live with 6 billion people or 20 billion…if…we live differently.
There is plenty of space, and it’s just that we are using our resources in ways that are killing the planet. If we were to choose to live in different ways, that might change. Maybe through these people the answers might become apparent. For someone to move into a state where they are immune to disease is a very powerful indication that they are definitely in harmony with life somehow. We can equate this process with the mutation of bacteria and viruses. We attack their systems with pollutants such as penicillin for instance, and it kills them all except for a few. Those few get stronger. Now what’s happening is that these bacteria are getting to the place where they are immune to the poisons we are giving them. And have we not done the same thing?

We are mutating to a point where we are not affected by pollution or viruses or by disease. And you know, there is another thing that happened last year — AIDS dropped something like 47% — the largest drop of a single disease in the history of the world. I believe that it had a lot to do with this very thing we are talking about.

Diane: That’s exciting!

Drunvalo: Yes, it is. I just let the earth prompt me where to go. Of course, it is important to know our light bodies and how to use them, but the children are very carefully saying–come this way–and see where this leads.

DNA Solstice Reconnection Completion

By Lauren C. Gorgo

Galactic Times: Reporting from a new time line

19 June 2010

It has recently been brought to my attention by the Pleiadian High Council that as of the 3d week of May, the bulldozer brigade (aka path-pavers) have been undergoing an intense reconnection of their 12th strand of DNA.

I am told that the reconnection of the twelfth strand corresponds to both cosmic consciousness and earthly grounding...resulting in the full spiritual human template...and is a process of being pulled at both ends...intensely purifying on the highest and lowest levels of our dimensional existence in preparation for the next phase.

Say what?

As I understand it, each of the 12 strands of DNA represents one of the twelve aspects of multidimensional consciousness.

Three strands represent and govern the physical body, another three govern the emotional body, another three govern the mental body and the remaining three govern the spiritual body.

All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain and are connected to our endocrine system and glands. These glands work in collaboration with our chakras and when all neural pathways are open and flowing in alignment with our energy system, they provide the pathway or conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multidimensional consciousness.

As we undergo the entire biological reconnection process, we slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multi-dimensional... and when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been reconnected and activated, we are able to experience life within the consciousness of multidimensionality.

In other words... we exist in the third dimension of physical reality while retaining our connection and relationships with higher level beings/energy/consciousness and we operate consistently from a state of heart-centered love (christed consciousness).

The 12th Strand

From the information I am receiving, many way-showers are currently in the midst of, or finishing up, the reconnection of the 12th strand helix, which is the multidimensional self in physical form...the cosmic gateway or portal to living in full harmony with the soul. This is a time-encoded galactic/solar activation fired when a soul has reached the light quotient necessary to transcend the lower 3 dimensions of polarized time and space. So really...its all math and geometry.

Apparently, what happens after the reconnection of this strand is the reuniting of god-flow... and on a biological level I hear that the "body will be washed of any remaining toxins (incurred through 3d dimensional existence) through the alimentary canal as the soul's consciousness is carried to the upper echelons of spiritual/physical existence." (This apparently accounts for all that lower intestinal distress since May)

I am also told that this process takes about 4-6 weeks for the physical body to integrate and mutate to align with this new level consciousness. This particular reconnection started around the 3d week of May which brings us to right around the June Solstice for completion & activation (give or take).  As always, we will be-lie-ve it when we feel it....

Here's what the Pleiadians had to say with regard to our growing cynicism....

"We've said to you many times before that what is arriving is what you've all been waiting for, but we realize that only your direct experience will ensure your full understanding.

Because of this, we patiently wait by the sidelines to watch you experience the full lifting of the veil.

It will be a timed moment, consisting of 3 powerful solar-galactic gateways by which those who are on this side of the veil will merge energetically with those of you participating with the 12 dimensions of physical creation.

This moment is nigh, and all those theories that you have surmised in your thinking of what it could & will be like, will be washed away in the flood of actual living the christed experience.

The storms are passing. A resurrection is imminent.

All who are participating on this timeline consciously or not, will experience the shift into love. This will be a moment of great magnitude for all way-showers, yet this moment of breakthrough also marks the beginning of another cycle of downfalls for even greater structures of influence... a bitter-sweet experience in global terms.

Stay tuned to your inner light, disregard the dismantling world, and remain steadfast in the inner workings of your 12th dimensional reconnection."

What next?

Next up for all you pioneering star-people out there: the rewire of the 13th strand of DNA...which I am told is the biological reformatting phase.

The reconnection & activation of this strand of DNA will allow for the intent of consciousness to restructure the human body.

I will have more to report on this in the upcoming days... and I don't want to you to blow a circuit while trying to wrap your brain around these concepts... but I will say that we are coming up on the ability to alter our human genomes (The human genome (the genetic material of an organism) is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs, each of which set the blueprint for one Double-Helix chemical DNA Strand) to the point that we will be able to communicate and direct our cells to mutate, regenerate or alter in a way that will be beneficial to the whole organism of our physical biology.

Happy Solstice!



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    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

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    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


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