11:11:11 to 12:12:12

As the illuminated moths dance by
We either celebrate or we die
As the chrysalis breaks open
Either wings emerge or we meet our end
Oh I want to live and I want to fly
But I wonder if I'll ever reach the sky
Oh I want to love, don't ask me why
Just makes me feel so fucking high
No matter what, this is when

Until in flight we meet again
So say goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye 

~ Antraeus de Herschia (17 January 2012)


Energy Waves Recap

 An enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields

11-11-11 Energy Wave and Activation

The Magic of Time

2012: Of the People, By the People, For the People

The New Earth Energies October 2011

 The Energy of the 11-11-11 (Part 1)

Crystalline Consciousness and The Power of Love

Transformation of Earth

A Call to Action and a Return to Love and Reason

Matthew on 2012

2012: The Year of the Water Dragon

 A New Wave of Light


All Aboard? Last Call to LOVE!

Window of Opportunity 2

Peace, Love And The 11-11


"Just wanted to add my 2$ to the mix. Through my own personal experience on Sept 11th where I was asking for forgiveness as the Shadow Masculine for all the wars, violence and killing that was committed, to Oct 11th where the Mayan 7th day commenced and the re-patterning of Mother Earth potential time lines were reset. The energies around the old archetypes of domination and control are being systematically dismantled and a 'new' space is being opened up to create a world of peace and understanding. This new consciousness is being seen, felt and now realised in the Occupy movement, yet the third and perhaps most powerful transition point is yet to come...11-11-11. Somehow our consciousness yet needs to make the final shift from whatever, to Love. I have found it put very succinctly in Matthew's latest message  - ‘...the masses have not yet achieved the spiritual clarity that includes knowing the power of thoughts and feelings. They don't know that they can't manifest what they do want as long as they are preoccupied with what they don't want...’ My realisation is that this shift happens when I'm in my Heart." - Zackoree Harrison.

The Spiritual change update Dec 2011

The bad news is that the financial recession is going to last for a while longer – it is needed to bring everyone back to reality ready for the new way of life. It comes in waves – this current wave will finish for half of the “good guys” in Feb\March 2012. Then you will have the other half in about a year’s time; and finally you will have the bad guys who desperately need to learn this lesson sliding down the slippery slope right through to the final change in 2015.

The current “cleansing” in places like Libya, Syria and Egypt are to remove the old and bad way of life (Domination) so that the new way can develop...followed by millions of people in each Country.
Spirit are very clever when you think about it – in a few short years they are changing the direction of the peoples of the planet through their past group experience and our (earth) group energy. They put an idea into people’s minds, and the group energy makes it happen. Thought is creation.

And how is the group energy working right now? Those who think we are in a recession help to move their group into a more negative situation, and those that climb out of it are helping others to climb out too. Have you noticed that you are meeting more genuine people now? These people will form into like-minded groups that will prosper, grow and teach others. They will lead the way into the next era. You will also realise that you have a good understanding of where we are going from here.

Stop for one minute and imagine that you no longer had to worry about Finance, Status, Career, Wars and pressure from society...that common sense would prevail instead of greed; that people came before profit and power. That would be heaven…you would have many more friends, you would enjoy each day far more and have the opportunity far more to help others. Your day-to-day life would change from working to survive to working less to enjoy more – and every day would bring you contentment and satisfaction.

Now think about that and know that now it is in “our” group energy...so we know where we are going and how we are going to get there.

On Friday 11/11/11 massive solar flares will emanate from our sun, flooding us with electromagnetic energies. These will activate the earth's energy grid and open a new portal bringing us closer to the 5d world. Everything will be affected, from our cells to our light bodies and the earth's energy grid. (Indigo Starr for the 11.11.11 Starseed Meditation).

“As a result of 11.11.11. changes can also be expected in the emotional responses that you may sometimes in the past have found hard to control, as the higher consciousness levels will bring you the ability to remain calmer. It will help eliminate rash and uncontrollable reactions that often cause serious trouble. Such things will be a feature of the changes within people, and become more noticeable as time goes by. It is to be welcomed and a sign of an individual’s success at integrating the higher vibrations. Most humans seem to act first and think later, when clearly the opposite is more desirable. The same thinking can also be applied to groups who act with the herd instinct, without any thought as to what they are doing.” - SaLuSa (channelled through Mike Quinsey, 16 November 2011).

Message from Matthew, 10 December 2011

1.This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. Each year this season in your world is especially emotional, when the fortunate could look forward to exchanging gifts, decorating homes, attending religious services, perhaps traveling to celebrate with family or awaiting visitors. For them, this season has offered enjoyment and merrymaking. For the less fortunate, those who were grieving or sick, lonely, hungry or homeless, feelings of sadness and despair were amplified.

2. This year even many of the fortunate are besieged by confusion and apprehensions about their country's unstable political and economic situations, and there are more sorrowing and desperate souls than in better times. As your year 2011 is approaching its end, we see many, many heavyhearted souls.

3. How we wish everyone could know that this time next year Earth will be on the threshold of her Golden Age—the tumultuous transitional stages of your world's transformation will be over and all darkness vanquished! Every heart would be uplifted in anticipation of this glorious world that you already have co-created in the continuum!

4. With respect to this unusually busy time when so much is competing for your attention, our message today is brief: succinct reminders of previously offered enlightenment. Please accept our gift as it is meant, to serve you well, with confidence, assurance and excitement as you embark upon the new year.

Light, the same energy as love, is the way to peace, harmony and balance within each individual and in your world.

You absorb light by being kind, honest, compassionate, forgiving and generous, and the light of a smile has immeasurable ripple effects.

Aids to maintaining or restoring balance include meditation, soothing music, walks in Nature and the company of animals.

You have the innate wisdom and spiritual strength to successfully manage whatever you encounter and to assist all who are receptive.

Every soul has as many opportunities as needed to embrace the light and evolve spiritually.

The energy of love will reunite you and those people and animals dear to you who have moved on.

Focusing on what you want in your life and your world is the key to manifesting it.

Everything you need to know is within. Ask, be silent, and heed your soul's guidance—conscience, intuition, instinct, inspiration, aspirations.

In every moment of your spiritual and physical journey you are assisted in myriad ways by light beings throughout this universe.

5. Our unconditional love and the infinite blessings of the universe are with you as you prepare to joyously greet Year 2012.


Suzanne Ward


[Note from Suzy: Holiday blessings to all!]

"We will continue to exist between worlds (3D & 5D) for a while, using the 4th dimension as the bridge between the two, so the Pleiadians suggest a need to be more discerning with our energy & opportunities in order to maintain a sense of equilibrium during a potentially stressful time on the planet, especially for those (4D) bridgers working with more of the masses and those people yet to choose LOVE.

(A special note to healers: The PHC mention that those who do healing work will need to be extra vigilant in maintaining boundaries now…For those of you with active roles of service in healing, we say this: stand your ground with regard to who you lend your energy to.  There will be increasing forces of ill-will trying to penetrate the earth plane and healers will be an easy target due to their giving nature. Discernment and awareness will serve you well')"

- Lauren C. Gorgo (‘2012: Think With Your Heart!’ 10 January 2012).


Energy Waves Recap

Energy Wave Transitions

By Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

24 October 2011

An abundance of love extends from the angelic kingdom through my being and heart, we wish for you to know that we love you unconditionally; we are here for you always and will assist you in absorbing all the necessary energies to advance your spiritual growth. There are energetic changes occurring on the Earth but the main focus is upon the spiritual advancement of humanity. Now is the time for you to progress beyond what you think is possible for yourself, allowing yourself to move into the truth of your being, energy and reason for existence. The greatest gift that we wish to see humanity accept as this time is an accelerated spiritual growth, awareness, understanding and sensitivity; we wish to encourage you to take the next step forward allowing new spiritual lessons to unfold.  Some of you have been feeling the expansion in your energy for some time now while others have felt stuck and motionless, as the energies of 11-11-11 enter into the Earth, each person will receive a wealth of energy which will project them forward along their spiritual path.

As with other energy waves that have anchored into the Earth previously, the 11-11-11 energy wave will hold qualities of light and teachings for you to accept and integrate with to aid a more complete embodiment of the Creator's light. Each energy wave holds the purpose of assisting you in connecting on a deeper level with the Creator, understanding more about the energy of the Creator while embodying new aspects of the Creator's light. The Creator draws the attention of humanity and souls upon the inner planes to certain qualities which are most appropriate to anchor and will allow all to experience a greater oneness with the Creator. By accepting the teachings and qualities of each energy wave as they anchor into the Earth we are able to experience ourselves evolving into an example or aspect of the Creator on the Earth.

The 08-08-08 energy waves spoke of the anchoring of love into the Earth and into the souls' of humanity; this was a significant turning point in humanity's growth. While love had always been a focus for many, we saw that a greater amount of people opened their hearts to the love of the Creator and the love that they held within their being. 08-08-08 was a great activation of love as it truly dawned on so many more people that love was needed in order to heal their beings and the Earth, while realising that love was the only truth. With a greater amount of people awakening to focus upon love and with the support of those who had always remembered this truth, we saw that the 08-08-08 energy wave brought forward the energy of abundance. The teachings were of accepting the energy of abundance that is held within love, embodying and anchoring abundance into your reality. The energy of abundance anchored at a time when much financial chaos occurred on the Earth but this was a tremendous lesson for many to realise that they could create their own abundance in their realities with the power of embodying the energy and quality of abundance. Even today many are still striving to accept the energy of abundance because belief patterns must also be altered in order for the power of abundance to manifest. It is important to make you aware that the energy of abundance has assisted so many on the Earth, because it has enhanced and magnified their feelings of love and their spiritual advancement. While the quality of abundance was focused on developing and empowering your manifestation skills it was also anchored as a boosting energy which would set a foundation for other energy waves to anchor. Lessons of feeling worthy and deserving of love and abundance were anchored at this time to assist humanity in dissolving fears and limitations connected to these qualities, opening humanity's energies so that further qualities and teachings could be experienced.

The energy waves anchored from 08-08-08 are of most importance as they are all linked to the new cycle of 2012 and beyond, each energy wave has actually been an aspect of 2012's energy anchoring into the Earth. It was achieved over a period of time so that humanity could truly learn to integrate and understand the transition of 2012.

The energy wave of 09-09-09 saw a higher vibration of love anchoring into the Earth which enhanced the love vibration held by humanity and encouraged more people to begin to embody love within every action, reaction, thought or energy that they created. Negative energies and unneeded habits were encouraged to be dissolved at this time as qualities such as unconditional love, acceptance and balance were introduced. Humanity was encouraged to develop the presence of their love, realising that love cannot be given to one and withdrawn from another, rather love must be given to all abundantly. A focus upon self love was also important at this time to aid a deeper cleansing process and allow for many judgements and habits to be erased.  Many were encouraged to accept their own energies, their truth and the Creator as well as accepting the focus and determination that is needed to achieve ascension. The energy of balance was also integral and taught that balance and peace must be gained within so that an inner strength develops, this way whatever chaos or turbulence occurred around and even within your being you would remain connected to the light of the Creator experiencing love.

With the entrance of the 10-10-10 energy wave came the qualities of connection, communication, simplicity, love and loving mindfulness as well as a focus upon the nature kingdom. Humanity was being asked to develop these qualities from within their being and enact them within their realities. There was and  still is a need to understand accept and build your ability of connecting with and communicating with your soul, your guides, the Creator and numerous appropriate aspects of the Creator. Focus upon cleansing ones reality and thoughts was encouraged by the quality of simplicity. The Creator was asking you to simplify your life, to focus upon only what is needed and to discard experiences or energies that drew you away from your truth and path. With the presence of simplicity a deep cleansing occurred and this allowed people to take more time to focus upon their spiritual development realising that not everything needs focus or attention. The quality of love anchoring once more as the foundation of the energy wave offered a higher vibration of love to anchor, activate from within and be embodied. Whereas in the 09-09-09 energy wave humanity's love was asked to be unconditional, in the 10-10-10 energy wave the focus was on the mind encouraging an adoption of loving mindfulness. This is to be alert, aware and watchful of your mind to ensure that only thoughts of love and from love are created. Loving mindfulness is to be giving of love and forgiveness to your mind, understanding that the negative thoughts that it produces are only habits but the true purpose of the mind is to be a projection tool of your loving soul. We see that even now upon the Earth as the energy wave of 11-11-11 draws close to the Earth, people are still being asked to cleanse their minds to create a loving mindfulness, to connect and communicate with the many aspect of the Creator including their soul. Even the planetary teachings brought forward from Lord Buddha which offer keys to assist humanity at this time of growth speak of a conscious connection, a complete connection at all times.  A concentration upon listening to the Earth, nature and Mother Nature was also brought forward with this energy wave, as in order to anchor greater love into the Earth, to experience a deeper oneness with the spirit world and dimensions of the Creator's universe, humanity must work alongside the Earth listening to the ancient wisdom it has to share. Even now there is a need to work with the nature kingdoms, to share your love and respect. We have seen the tree kingdom come forward to remind us that they are working alongside us and wish to be of service but that we must acknowledge their presence. Lord Buddha also spoke about the deep connection between the planetary level and the animal kingdom, how each animal held wisdom for humanity to absorb. The nature kingdom and Earth are speaking ancient words of wisdom to you now and will continue to do so to guide you forward. It is important that you open yourself up to the energetic shifts, activations and anchoring that is occurring on the Earth, by simply holding the intention of being open, sensitive and aware.

Over the last few years leading up to 2012 we have anchored and discovered many energies from the source of the Creator; the qualities of love, unconditional love, loving mindfulness, abundance, acceptance, balance, connection, communication, simplicity, respect and wisdom of the nature kingdom. These are only a few of the qualities, lessons and inspiration that has been anchored as each individual has understood and accepted what they needed from each energy wave. We can see that the Creator has led us through a journey of growth which allows us to be prepared for the shifts in energy and consciousness that will occur within our beings. The qualities and teachings were anchored on these dates because the patterns of numbers hold and symbolise a greater magnification of energy, they also attract humanity's attention so that they can be more open and aware of what is occurring energetically. Many people ask why we use these dates as activations for humanity, some believe that it is simply humanity's wish for these dates to be special, to have meaning, but this is not the case. The date patterns such as 09-09-09, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11  have been placed in your energy and within your soul long ago as keys of activation. Even repeating the numbers to yourself over again like a mantra will allow for the necessary activations to take place within your being, like a key that unlocks a new aspect of your energy and consciousness that is appropriate for the current stage of your growth. It is very powerful, even when you mention the date to a friend you are allowing a natural activation from within both of you to occur. It is akin to an unconscious activation, but now that you are aware of this it will become a conscious activation, so the activation can occur before the date because of your focus but will be enhanced around the date because of the intense energies flowing into the Earth.  There is always a need for the activation to occur within you first, then it is energised and magnified by the energy wave that anchors, this is the way it has always been.

My purpose of coming forward to you today was to remind you of the previous energy waves which have been anchored, at this time there is a need for you to realign with these energies in a process of completing the lessons and teachings that they have shared so that you may then move forward with ease. It will assist in creating a more complete embodiment in preparation for the 11-11-11 activation. This activation will be the most powerful yet and so there is a need for your energies to be strong and to make sure that you have received all the necessary wisdom from the past energy waves. I feel that each energy wave still has wisdom to share with each of you. You have grown so much over the years and so the teachings that they will share with you may be different or of a greater more expansive understanding. It is true that some of the qualities still need to be integrated deeper into your reality to achieve a more complete embodiment.

I wish to share with you an invocation which can be used to achieve this integration effectively.

Beloved Archangel Metatron, I understand that you are leader of ascension at this time so I draw your energies, consciousness and soul closer to me now to assist, support and aid my ascension process on the Earth. Please surround me in your loving high vibrational energies.

(Breathe in Archangel Metatron's light)

I ask that you send your light throughout my entire being so that I may be cleansed of negative energies, fears, stagnant energy, unneeded habits and belief systems to prepare my being for accepting light.

(Sit and allow this to occur)

Archangel Metatron, I wish to connect with only the needed and essential energies from each energy wave that will benefit and enhance my current spiritual growth process. Please draw forward the 08-08-08 energy wave and anchor the most appropriate energies of the highest vibration into my being. Let me experience the love and abundant energies of this energy wave, with the teachings and consciousness that is appropriate for me to accept.

(Sit and imagine the energy wave connecting with your crown chakra at the top of your head and flowing through your chakra column and into the Earth, focus on collecting the energy within your heart chakra)

I ask Archangel Metatron and the 08-08-08 energy wave to demonstrate to me the wisdom or insights I need to understand now. I know that the energies are integrating with my being and if this is all that is needed at this time then this is perfect also.

(Sit in acceptance)

Archangel Metatron I call upon you to anchor the most appropriate energies, qualities and wisdom of the highest vibration from the 09-09-09 energy wave into my being now. Let it flow down my chakra column and into the Earth as I focus on collecting the energy within my heart chakra.

(Sit and experience)

I ask Archangel Metatron and the 09-09-09 energy wave to share with me now the necessary wisdom and insights that I need to enhance my spiritual advancement on the Earth.

(Sit in acceptance)

Archangel Metatron I call upon you to anchor the most appropriate energies, qualities and wisdom of the highest vibration from the 10-10-10 energy wave into my being now. Let it flow down my chakra column and into the Earth as I focus on collecting the energy within my heart chakra.

(Sit and experience)

I ask Archangel Metatron and the 10-10-10 energy wave to share with me now the necessary wisdom and insights that I need to enhance my spiritual advancement on the Earth.

(Sit in acceptance)

Archangel Metatron please let these energy waves merge as one energy within my being awakening and activating new wisdom and consciousness from my soul.

(Allow yourself to simply focus upon your heart chakra and soul allowing the integration and activation to occur)

There is much wisdom and insights to be gained from this process; you may feel the energies and inspiration unfolding over the few days after the meditation. This meditation can be practiced as often as you feel necessary before 11-11-11 and beyond if it feels appropriate.

With much love at this special time,

Archangel Metatron

An enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman

9 November 2011

November 11th 2011 is of great significance, as an enormous boost will be applied to your individual energy fields to mightily assist you with the process of your awakening.  Many on earth who have been focusing purely on the physical or material environment that the illusion provides will receive a sharp shock or jolt that will bring to their awareness a realization that there is much more to life than they had thought. There will be a large increase in the numbers of people embarking on spiritual quests as they experience “aha!” moments, giving them a sudden intuitive sense of the vast realms that exist beyond the physical and that, until now, they had thought were the unreal imaginings of the mentally unbalanced.

When their surprise eases they will experience a feeling of pure joy and excitement as they discover a hidden inner knowing that tells them that life is far, far more than a few decades of bodily existence followed by death and extinction.

This realization, occurring to so many, will bring with it an understanding that Love is their true nature, and that fear and doubt are meaningless concepts that they can happily release.  To release your fears is enormously freeing and invigorating.  This does not mean that you suddenly feel you have the power and ability to overcome or deal with an enemy, or any disaster or catastrophe in which you might become caught up; what it does mean is that you have accepted yourself exactly as you are, without qualification, and with no need to present yourself to others from behind a mask of competence, diplomacy, humility, or power which hides the fearful and inadequate real you that you fear you are.  You just are, no “ifs, ands, or buts,” and because you just are, no mask, defense, or deceit is needed, ever.

Having accepted yourself in this way, you will also find yourself accepting others just as they are, because you no longer need to adjust your mask in order to interact satisfactorily with them; and of course you will not be deceived by any mask another might be “wearing.”  Doubt leaves you, and you find yourself behaving normally – quietly, confidently, effectively, and honestly – always.  As a result you will be at peace, able and willing to help others, whatever their issues or problems, in the manner that is utterly and completely appropriate in the moment, just as it occurs.  You will also deal with any remaining personal issues or situations that need your attention smoothly and competently.

Having freed yourself from doubt and worry you will find that you have far more energy, motivation, and enthusiasm with which to engage life.  Everything you do will be because you want to do it, and doing it will give you pleasure and satisfaction; there will be no more “shoulds,” and you will take on nothing just because not to do so would make you feel guilty.  People will be unable to lay guilt trips on you or manipulate you because you are your own person, and you will not give your power away.

You will be the loving, compassionate being that you truly are, honoring and respecting others, and you will find that others respond to you in like manner as, in meeting with them, your energy fields meld, strengthening and intensifying one another’s honesty and integrity.

This recognition of who you are, of your inestimable and eternal value, is an essential aspect of your awakening process, and will provide you with the certain knowledge that “of course I will awaken.” This knowledge will totally remove any tiny, lingering doubts or fears that may still be hidden in some dark recess of your mind, and which still question the existence of God, and the possibility of life after bodily death, allowing you to release any last fearful hold you have on the illusion, and the pain and suffering that support it.  Now, when the moment comes, you will be ready for the glory of your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

11-11-11 Energy Wave and Activation

By Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia
Part 1

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

7 November 2011

A wealth and abundance of energy flows into your being now as we the souls upon the inner planes gather to connect with you and support you through the 11-11-11 activation. We are the combined energies of Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia. Archangel Metatron, being the leading light at this time, Lord Merlin is a powerful soul accustomed to transitions, assisting in all viewing the magic within this special time, while Lady Portia is acting as a representative of the Goddess light of transformation and growth. There are numerous beings anchoring their light now, such as Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Lord Melchizedek, Lady Nada, Master Kuthumi, Master Serapis Bey and so manymore. All wish to express their love to you and to support you in any way they can.

We are and have already entered into a very special time, a period where humanity will awaken a stage more to the truth that is within their beings, becoming aware of the loving power and wisdom that exudes from their soul and entire consciousness when they allow it to.  The energy wave will enhance and develop your connection and awareness of your soul, allowing you to blossom with ease. Many people believe that the new beginning with a heightened awareness will occur in 2012 but it is already manifesting now within and supported by the 11-11-11 energy wave and activation. It is important to remember that the dates of 11-11-11 and 2012 have all been woven into your energy as keys to activate new aspects and understandings of yourself as the Creator. Let yourself open up now to the new energy wave that is anchoring into your being, allow all fears to be dissolved about accepting your power and know that now is the time to surrender to the 11-11-11 energy wave as this will allow for the energies to achieve a complete activation within your being.

It is our wish to encourage you to begin to connect with the new energy wave each day as we lead up to 11-11-11, this will mean that as the energies climax on this date you will have already anchored a certain vibration of light within your being causing an activation of wisdom and consciousness within you. Your connection with the new energy wave on 11-11-11 will then allow you to accept a higher vibration of light creating a more advanced activation within your being, a greater knowledge and knowingness. It is important to ask for the energy wave to be connected to your heart chakra as this will ensure a purity of connection. You may also wish to take time over the coming days to ask Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary and Lady Nada to work with your heart chakra to clear all unneeded, stagnant, painful or negative energies from your heart chakra so that the purity of your heart allows for a deeper and clearer connection with the energy wave.

We wish to explain the qualities of the energy wave more fully to aid a deeper connection and embodiment of the energy as qualities and as a whole.

 It is important to remember at all times that it is the process of anchoring or accepting light that will cause an activation within your being, the light is merely a tool of awakening for your being.

Love from Truth

Love is the essence of the Creator, humanity is beginning to realise that love can truly move mountains, heal, manifest and bring forward the perfection of the Creator. This is love from the soul of your being, the love that you give to others without expecting to receive anything in return, the love that naturally pulsates from your being. For such a long time now we have spoken of the power of love and existing in a loving energy, expressing love at all times, we are beginning to see this manifest upon the Earth now and within the hearts of many. Over stages of growth humanity is being encouraged to discover the depth of the Creator's love, experiencing unconditional love, the power of love and now the truth of love. This is an extremely powerful embodiment to achieve and will anchor lessons into your reality that truly allow you to understand the essence of the Creator's love.

Within the presence of the 11-11-11 energy wave you will discover that you are unable to hide your light any longer, that you are unable to be false, to misinterpret things and to hide your true meaning. Love begins to bring to the service everything that is false, inappropriate or born from fear. Love is seeking out the truth, drawing it from your being and making sure that it is present within your reality and actions. The 11-11-11 love is also encouraging you to love from a place of truth, to question where you are loving from, to question whether your love is truthful and honest or whether it is born from attachment or fears. This is very powerful as it will bring the energy of simplicity to your reality and outlook. You will also find that your love becomes very wise, much wisdom and enlightenment is shared through your simple expression of love from your being. You will notice that the essence of love within you is a powerful and determined guiding influence that extends from your soul and encourages you to walk the spiritual path that is most appropriate for you.  Realisations will dawn that all problems and challenges can be solved or overcome with the presence of love from truth. There is first a need to discover and connect with the truth of your being, this is your soul, your soul group and the energy that you originate from, it is like a capsule within your being that you can awaken and expand with ease. When you acknowledge your truth from this essence you can activate a very powerful love. You may find that this love is more powerful, compassionate and unconditional than you have ever experienced, filling your heart chakra so completely that it feels too small to hold your love.

With a love born from truth not only is the love originating from truth and so is extremely pure but the love is also carrying forth the truth, wisdom and enlightenment of the Creator. The love born from truth encourages all to exist truthfully within their reality, being honestly to themselves, their energy, abilities, to the people around them and to the Creator. This will manifest an existence where everyone is able to recognise truth from false expression or intentions, to see the truth within each other and to be spiritually open to each other's energies.

Allow yourself to achieve this invocation to allow you to accept love from truth.

                (Sit peacefully and simply say out loud,)

In the presence of the Creator, my guides and soul, I now acknowledge the truth of my being. Support me as I connect the 11-11-11 energy wave with my heart chakra, allowing my attention to flow into the depths of my soul and essence to activate and bring forth a realisation of my truth. I realise that I do not necessary need to understand my truth but ask if it appropriate that I am made aware of valuable insights. I now connect with and draw forward my truth allowing the vibration to align with my heart chakra, chakra column, body and auric field. It is my wish to sit and experience the vibration of my truth while allowing a pure love to activate from this vibration. I now completely and absolutely acknowledge my truth and the love that flows from my truth, asking that this divinely intervenes within my reality guided by the will of the Creator from this moment forth.

(Let yourself sit with your focus upon your heart and allow yourself to breathe into the truth of your being, feeling, sensing or simply acknowledging your vibration of truth.)


The quality of openness is predominantly connected to the heart chakra and encourages a greater expansiveness within the heart chakra. As we enter into an Era of Love there is a need for you to open your heart chakra in order to experience greater love. Love can exist all around you but if your heart chakra is closed then you will not experience its bliss and sacred influence within your being. It is important to realise that the Era of Love has long been told as a time when humanity create a reality of love from the projection of the love within their beings. If your heart chakra is closed or not open enough then you can hold all the love within you but may find it challenging to project and manifest this love into your reality for you to experience. It is important to focus upon expanding your heart chakra. As we have said you may call upon Lady Quan Yin, Lady Mary and Lady Nada to cleanse and expand your heart chakra, asking for this each day and practicing imagining, sensing or holding the intention of projecting love through your heart chakra will allow your heart chakra to open gradually beyond limitations.

The quality of openness also integrates and develops from the quality of love from truth. With the presence of truth within the realities of humanity every person will be encouraged to be more open with their energies, emotions and even thoughts. For those who haven't mastered their mind and emotions this could cause some chaos as some people may feel hurt by the openness of others, so the quality of openness holds a great responsibility but will allow for a greater unity between humanity. When the mind and emotions are mastered then the action of being more open encourages a greater flow of energy therefore allowing your reality to unfold with ease, it symbolises an acceptance of self and no longer the need to hiding one's light. Openness can also refer to your own chakras, soul, abilities, skills being more open, expansive, flowing and present.

To access the quality of openness you can call upon the new energy wave to anchor into your being with an intense vibration of the quality of openness. Allow yourself to breathe this quality into your heart, body and aura, especially your mind. Then ask to be made aware of aspects of your life, actions, reactions, experiences, abilities and opinions where you could adopt a greater openness, flow or expansive energy. Just allow insights to flow into your awareness. You may find that this comes as you go about your daily routine. It is to also ask yourself when you could be more open to allowing your light and love to flow from your being.


The quality of unity is a powerful essence of the Creator, it is an energy that flow continuously from the Creator as a way of remaining connected with all aspects of the Creator's being. Unity is built into your vibration; it is something that you are constantly seeking whether it is the unity of a family, the unity of friendship, a unity with guides or with the Creator.  Unity is harmony, unison and integration. One of our greatest missions as a soul is to continue to merge our energy with aspect of the Creator as the soul knows that this is a pathway that leads us to complete unity with the Creator's soul. The 11-11-11 quality of unity is focused upon unity with the Creator but its predominant focus is for humanity to achieve a greater unity together. Every person on the Earth is a special soul which extended from the same source of light, and yet the focus of many is to experience separation. Separation is only an illusion that causes imbalance and disharmony. The Creator wishes for the souls' upon the Earth to recognise themselves in each other and to unite their energies as one. This doesn't mean that everyone must agree and live the same way. The civilisation upon the Earth can be diverse but also connected in a bond of love. Again we see that there is a need for love to flow from truth and for each person to adopt openness as this will allow a flow of love from and to each person on the Earth, creating a network that supports and heightens the vibrations of all. All the qualities of the 11-11-11 energy wave are integrated as one; every quality is present for a purpose to aid a greater existence for humanity.

Simply by accepting the new energy wave and asking for a greater intensity of the quality unity to anchor, you can assist in collecting in unison your own energies thus manifesting balance with a powerful sense of peace and contentment. Then you can allow yourself to express your love to every soul upon the Earth, it only requires an intention. You can ask to reactivate the energy of unity that is within every person encouraging humanity to work together peacefully to aid the spirit.

With love and abundant blessings,

 We are Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia


Part 2

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 09-11-11

In our previous communication we explained the qualities of love from truth, openness, unity and happiness, we will continue with our clarification of the remaining qualities of the 11-11-11 energy wave.


The quality of empowerment is extremely important within the energy wave; it is the energy of enhancement and magnification. As we enter into the new cycle of 2012 there is a need to focus on what we wish to create and manifest physically but also along our spiritual paths. The energy of empowerment will magnify our desires and allow them to manifest with a greater speed. It is important to choose what we wish to magnify and at this time it is essential to remain connected to your soul and the Creator, with a strong awareness of the thoughts and emotions that you are creating. The quality of empowerment offers humanity a helping hand up their spiritual ladder but also offers humanity a greater role in their spiritual growth process. Now you truly have to take responsibility for your thoughts and projections as they will manifest supported by the power of the energy wave. As with the 08-08-08 energy wave which was focused on abundance the 11-11-11 energy wave is also focused upon abundance as it is creating an abundance of what you wish to experience. Now is the time to prepare your being to ensure that what you desire is what you truly wish to experience, observing your actions, reactions and thought to realise any projections that may cause greater challenges within your reality in the future. With empowerment comes the essence of responsibility which encourages you to master your being, mind and emotions. Release all thoughts that are unneeded, ask for them to be erased by the Creator's light. Focus upon what you wish to manifest when you connect with the new energy wave and you will notice that your thoughts are now fuelled with tremendous strength. It is truly a blessing to experience the energy of empowerment, which you can connect with at any time within your daily routine to enhance your reality but it brings with it new lessons to master.

Empowerment is also focused upon the soul. The new energy wave anchors with the intention of creating a greater sensitivity and awareness of the soul. Allowing the soul to become empowered boosts your connection and experience of your soul, permitting merge with enhanced depth. Empowerment gives confidence to the soul and to your entire being in the process of integration occurring within your being.

It is appropriate to invoke the 11-11-11 energy wave and to ask for the quality of empowerment to surround your heart and soul. Ask that the energy of empowerment seeps gently into your soul and enhances your connection, understanding and bond with your soul. Then simply sit and allow the energy of empowerment to merge with your soul, gradually building the presence of your soul.


To permit you to embody your soul more completely than you are currently experiencing is the goal of the 11-11-11 energy wave. It is programmed to activate your soul, promoting an embodiment of your soul's truth, love and wisdom in your expressions, actions, words, thoughts and in all manner of your existence on the Earth. Embodiment of the soul is not only allowing your soul to align with your physical being but encourages you to express your soul in creative ways. This assists in a greater understanding of your soul and therefore the Creator. Empowerment assists with embodiment; through the quality of empowerment you will allow a process of embodiment. Both qualities give more power and leadership to your soul and withdraw the same from your ego.

The quality of embodiment speaks of embodying or enacting all that you have discovered along your spiritual path whether it is your current path or your journeys in your past lifetimes.  No longer can you hide your wisdom or ignore the consciousness of your soul as it guides you. The process of embodiment is acknowledging your inner light and letting it come forward to integrate with your being and reality in a way that is appropriate for you.

The Creator wishes you to embody the light of the Earth and nature kingdoms as well as the inner planes. It is to link your energies, to merge your vibration, to appreciate and to hold light within your being.

Invoking the new energy wave you can ask for the light and quality of embodiment to encourage your soul to flow with greater intensity into your being and reality. Ask that your soul settles within your physical being and cellular level. Then allow yourself to ask or to understand what others energies, consciousness or light you need to hold within your being. Ask for these energies to be anchored into your being so that you may fully embody and exist as a representative of their energy. Embodiment is also a process of acceptance, accepting energies as your own. After all we are all one, from the same source, it is appropriate that we embody all aspects of our being and the Creator.


The energy of sensitivity is connected to a greater awareness of the soul, the embodiment of the Creator's energies, being open and experiencing a unity with all that is the Creator. Sensitivity encourages us to work upon our awareness of energy, emotions, thoughts and experiences. To look closer, to listen with greater attention, to feel with greater patience. Enhancing and developing our sensitivity to our reality, to ourselves and to the Creator is the goal of the quality of sensitivity. It is to allow yourself to hold a greater understanding of yourself and your reality which is beyond limitations and illusions. Sensitivity may encourage you to be kinder and more loving to yourself, your path and to others upon the Earth thus increasing your unity with your own energies and that of humanity. Sensitivity is the glue that binds these qualities together as one, as each of the qualities is persuading you to be more sensitive, more aware, more awake and conscious. Let the energy of sensitivity encourage you to be conscious in your spiritual and physical reality on the Earth, a conscious connection will allow your complete integration with and embodiment of the Creator.

This quality only needs to be anchored from the 11-11-11 energy wave into your being as you make a mental note that through your growth process on the Earth you may notice or focus upon your sensitivity to energy, your thoughts, emotions, actions etc, questioning whether they are appropriate or aligned with the Creator's soul and your own manifestation of your soul. Let the energy of sensitivity wash away all energies and beliefs that are hindering you from being sensitive, conscious and aware, this can be a deep cleansing process.

It is important to realise that the energy of sensitivity may influence you by allowing feelings of being vulnerable, insecure or unsupported to arise. These are simply energies from the past that need to be released, because with the acceptance of all other qualities you will realise a deep seated strength rising from within you.


The quality of liberation could be recognised as a cleansing energy as it encourages you to create a freedom within your being and reality. A thought process and reality that is free from limitations that can be expansive and generous. Freedom is the existence that can be experienced in meditation, a freedom with the chattering mind and a focus upon the light and energy of your being. The presence of liberation can offer a sanctuary for you to retreat to, nurturing and nourishing your being but predominantly encouraging you to create an existence focused upon clarity, exploring your spiritual being and insights with depth and flow. As the quality of openness speaks of a flowing energy so does the quality of liberation, allowing all your energy to flow expansively. It is a release of unneeded energies and development of the essence of your being. We see that all qualities are focused upon the sensitivity to the soul, we are encouraged to love from the soul, open our heart chakra to express the soul more fully, unite our soul with the Creator and aspects of the Creator on the Earth to enthuse a journey of enlightenment. As well as empowering the soul and embodying the soul, therefore offering the soul more freedom to express and communicate its truth, love and wisdom. By liberating the soul or offering the soul more freedom you will liberate your enter being and reality.

You can call upon the quality of liberation from the new energy wave to inspire your soul's expansion and to free you from limitations and hindrance connected to your spiritual path. Asking to embody the energy of freedom from the energy wave during meditation can assist you in glimpsing your truth and essence as you are taken away from your physical reality to sit within your truth and love.

While we have taken time to explain the qualities of the energy wave and how you may connect or use them in your reality it is important to realise that a simple connection is appropriate. The main purpose is for you to experience, accept and understand the new energy wave flowing through your being. Over the past weeks we have shared with you practices, these will advance your spiritual growth and heighten your experience at this time but it is essential that you follow the guidance of your soul as to what is appropriate for you to achieve at these special time of empowerment.

Anchoring the 11-11-11 Energy Wave

Below is an invocation that you may use to assist your experience of anchoring of the 11-11-11 energy wave,

I call upon Archangel Metatron, my Community of Guides, my Angels and Archangels as well as all light beings wishing to share their love and to aid in the anchoring of the 11-11-11 energy wave. Please surround me and bathe me completely in your love and high vibrational light.

I call upon Archangel Metatron to stand at the front of my being, Archangel Raphael to stand on my left side, Archangel Gabriel on my right side and Archangel Michael behind my being. I ask that Archangel Zadkeil and Archangel Amethyst stand either side of Archangel Metatron adding their energy and support. Enthuse my being with angelic light of unconditional love. Allow me to accept and to radiate love in preparation for accepting the 11-11-11 energy wave.

I call upon the Ascended Masters of love and enlightenment to surround me and to assist in the activation and mastery of my being.

I call upon the Goddess beings of light to surround me completely and to support my intention of connecting with and embodying the new energy wave.

I activate my soul, allowing my soul to radiate its light brightly from within my being into my body, aura and reality.

I call upon my soul group to connect on a deeper level with my soul and to surround me in your unconditional love. Assist me in experiencing your presence around me and your alignment to my soul.

I call upon the energy of the Creator to flow over and through my being, pouring the most appropriate vibration of light into my energy.

From the source of the Creator I ask that the 11-11-11 new energy wave descends and flows deep into the Earth, its many energy levels and consciousness. Let the 11-11-11 energy wave of the most appropriate vibration and intensity flow into my entire being, flowing from all directions to connect with my heart chakra. Let the light flow deep into my soul as I breathe the light into all aspects and areas of my being.

I now accept, experience and embody the 11-11-11 energy wave within my being and soul allowing new activations to occur within me that heighten my spiritual advancement.

As I accept the qualities of light from the energy wave, I project and anchor them into the Earth also.

  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Love from truth

(Sit and breathe this light into your being, noticing any insights or colours, achieve the same for each quality.)

  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Openess
  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Unity
  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Happiness
  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Empowerment
  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Embodiment
  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Sensitivity
  • I accept, experience and embody the quality of Liberation

I now allow the 11-11-11 energy wave to integrate within my being and merge with my soul, allowing me to become more sensitive to the presence of my soul, empowering and embodying my soul with ease.

I now sit in acceptance of the 11-11-11 energy wave and the activations that need to occur at this time. I know that everything is divinely guided by my soul and the will of the Creator.

(Sit for as long as you feel is appropriate, breathing in the light.)

With Love and abundant blessings,

We are Archangel Metatron, Lord Merlin and Lady Portia

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light


The Magic of Time
By Lord Merlin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

17 October 2011

The world that you currently acknowledge as your reality is alight with magic, the very air that you breathe into your body is filled with the presence of magic and your body is preparing to act out the energy of magic in your daily life.

Magic is a label for the life force energy, the essence and truth of the Creator, it is an active energy. Magic is the process of intentions and energy that create miracles, possibilities and potentials. There is so much magic on the Earth now as the attention of all aspects of the Creator's universe is upon you and the humanity of the Earth. Everyone is watching the miracle which is the Earth at this very moment. Even your soul, the essence energy within your physical body is watching you, observing the Earth and looking for the beauty of magic as it manifests. With so much attention being placed upon the Earth there are vast quantities of energy, intentions and light being focused into your reality. This truly is a blessing; you are being supported by the entire universe of all aspects of the Creator. The energy that is being anchored acts as a magnifier to develop your intentions and encourage all your truth to blossom.

It is not only the Earth that is attracting attention, all aspects, stars and civilisations within the Creator's universe are looking to each other, waiting, wondering and feeling the support that they send each other. They like you are acknowledging the lift in vibration, the increase in light, sensitivity and awareness as well as respecting the wisdom within them which indicates that positive change is on the horizon.

Those who are not aware or sensitive to energy may not be aware of the great magic that is occurring, but there is excitement, anticipation and hope building in the energy of many, creating a tremendous power of magic where anything is possible, where dreams can truly manifest. Many of you have longed to be on the Earth at this time, you have waited patiently for this time to come and it is here, so there is a need to continue to awaken your being as much as possible and allow your soul to guide you forward. Your soul in itself is a form of magic; it is the only energy that can truly guide you through the transitions that are occurring now. So much light is being anchored onto the Earth, it is throwing sunshine into all dark corners and so the energy of negativity is being shed by all. The heaviness of the Earth is being altered into a higher vibration, it is impossible to hide from the power that the light currently holds and this light is naturally igniting as well as magnifying the light within your being. It is appropriate to realise that you can no longer hide the light within you, who you truly are, what you believe in and how you wish to exist on the Earth. If you continue to hide your truth even a small amount you will find that your experiences thrust you forward to awaken and ignite your light further.

You may wonder why you have been waiting for this time on the Earth. 2012 is simply a prophecy, a prediction from long ago. You may ask how can it have any meaning or purpose in your life? 2012 is not a prophecy; nor is it a date chosen by someone years ago as the time of change. The energy stored in even the word, two thousand and twelve, is an activation. For a long time you have held the knowledge of 2012 within your DNA and soul keys as a reminder. It is almost like a sign post that tells you it is time to awaken.

There was a debate in the past that time should be made longer or slower because humanity wouldn't be ready to achieve and receive this activation and awakening upon the energy entrance of 2012. However, many light beings became aware of this in their souls beginning to bravely and courageously put themselves forward to awaken the light within humanity so that many would be ready to receive the necessary transformation upon arrival at the sign post of 2012. Their and your efforts have been breathtaking and we are seeing that many are ready for transition, a change of energy and intention. For some this transformation will continue into and beyond 2012 as energy and growth is always flowing, while others will experience a tremendous lift in consciousness, vibration and awareness.

Many may ask what 2012 will activate; it will activate what is appropriate for you, your path and purpose on the Earth to accelerate you forward. 2012 has been programmed to share the energy patterns and codes of love from the Creator and from your heart. This may be the most important understanding, as we enter into 2012 from within your being, energy patterns and codes of love will activate for you to express. As many people achieve this expression it will recode the energy of the Earth to manifest a greater source and era of love. For some the energy patterns of love activated will flow gradually over a period of time into the reality and consciousness of humanity but others may feel it as an abundant wave of love extending from their being connecting with all. As the energy patterns of love activate from within your being, you will find that you must first embody the love before you can begin to express it. Some may simply express their love activation energy through every breath that they inhale while others will feel the tremendous power flowing through them. This will contribute tremendously to the manifestation of the Era of Love. As the energy of love activates from your DNA and from your soul it will change your programming, the way in which you think, the way in which you perceive the world and your reality. As many people experience this they will naturally alter the reality of the Earth into a reality of love which is the dream of every soul on the Earth; to exist as and in love at all times. This process to me is like magic, you couldn't ask for a greater magic as the activation and the expression will be totally blissful for many. Some may not even realise the transition that is occurring, but will naturally change their mindset to hold and express greater love. With the presence of love will come greater unity, respect, honour and truth between people but this may take time to be perceived and manifested.

The date of 11-11-11 is also programmed within your DNA and soul as an activation process; it is to create a shift in consciousness that will prepare for the activation of and around 2012. I must say that the date of 2012 is only a vague landmark. Many will experience an awakening in the months or days before or after this date as time is personal to the individual. 11-11-11 will bring forward a shift in consciousness as many are encouraged to align with the Creator's light and source as well as the Creator's numerous aspects in order to encourage a greater awareness, understanding and perception of what is occurring. I think of the activation of 11-11-11 as creating a greater sensitivity to your soul and your spiritual being. You therefore experience a shift from physical thinking and perceptions to spiritual soul understandings and expression. The shift in consciousness is also to incorporate a greater unity between humanity, as every soul unites their energies to create what they truly desire and feel inspired to manifest on the Earth. Each of you is missing parts of your consciousness, your wisdom and understanding. This is because you haven't recognised them yet. With the uniting of humanity's consciousness, aspects and parts of your consciousness and wisdom will be restored as you will show to each other the information that you need to acknowledge. Not only will this make humanity stronger as a united energy but it will allow for a true blossoming of the understanding that humanity holds. This action in itself will pave the way forward for a greater embodiment and manifestation of love.

We will see that 11-11-11 also represents a powerful activation which rarely occurs upon the Earth in such a number of people. This time will activate a feeling of power and leadership from the soul. It is almost as if the souls of humanity are presented with a tool or a certificate that offers them the permission to become leaders in their own reality. This is not to allow the personality or ego to lead as it has done before but to allow your soul to take a greater role of leadership in your reality. 11-11-11 signifies a shift in consciousness where leadership is moved from the personality and ego to the soul and essence of a person's being. This will only occur when the individual is ready and has achieved a level of acknowledgement of the soul, but 11-11-11 acts as a landmark to allow this shift to begin and then take place with divine timing. For those who already feel a strong connection with their soul, then this will be magnified as new experiences and understandings of their soul and soul group will manifest.

Through my communication today, it is my wish that you grasp the magic and the wonderful experiences that are manifesting into your reality. There is a need to acknowledge and appreciate the time that you exist in and how you have placed yourself in the very centre of this experience for a reason, this reason is for you to experience and enjoy the transitions fully. Many of you feel as if you do not know what you must be achieving now, the spiritual practices that you need to integrate into your reality but I would say to you at this special time:

Acknowledge the magic, the beauty within everything and everyone including yourself.

Focus on embodying love as this will mean that when the patterns of love are activated your experience will be greater.

Constantly align your energies to the Creator and ask to accept the consciousness that is most appropriate for you.

Send love to the consciousness of humanity.

Bring your attention to your soul, listen to and radiate the light of your soul in preparation for the greater role it will play in your reality.

Remember the magic within your being, remember the magic within your reality and remember the magic of this time.

With love always,

I am Lord Merlin

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light

2012: Of the People, By the People, For the People

By Jesus/Jeshua
Channeled by Judith Coates
22 November 2011
Now, I have been asked to speak this evening about your upcoming year that is quickly approaching, a year that has been called 2012, two-thousand-twelve. There have been many prophecies about what this year 2012 is going to bring. There have been conflicting reports and prophecies, and it is hard to know what is going to be happening.
Well, I say unto you, you are the ones who are going to be making the reality—lower case “r”—of 2012. I am going to give you some probabilities, but the final choice is yours. You are the masters, so therefore whenever there is a choice, allow yourself to breathe, to step back as the Beholder and to ask, “What is for the highest good of All, of the One?” And again, if the answer doesn’t come right away, you ask again and you wait for it.
Now, your year 2012 has been designated as a great pivotal year, and it has prophecy that on the last month and the third week of the last month of the year there is going to be a great change. Ones are going to wake up and realize who they are and what is going on. And this is true. That prophecy contains a kernel of truth in it.
There will be many. Because they expect that to happen, it will happen for them and through them. However, I do say unto you that you do not have to wait until December 21 for it to happen. You can let it happen on June 21 and celebrate early or any other date that you want in the year, because you are the masters of your reality—lower case “r”.
But, probabilities—as it is seen now, looking forward into the year 2012, it is going to be a year of great tumult, chaos; a year of divisiveness; a year of brothers and sisters choosing sides and standing very firm in their beliefs and defending their beliefs, much as you have had in this year. But it is going to grow, where ones get very much into two definite camps and defend what they believe to be the rightness of their beliefs.
And so for the first ten, eleven months of the year, you are going to have much of chaos, much of words, much of judgment. It is not going to be a pretty sight, except as you will sit in the front row of seats at a Broadway production and behold all of the drama going on and keep yourself from getting drawn into it, as much as it is possible.
Now, you are going to have your own beliefs, and you’re going to find an affinity with others who share the same belief systems. You are going to find that from time to time you are going to get a wee bit hooked by what is being said by “the others” and then you’re going to back off from that and say, “But it is a Broadway production and it is worthy of many awards,” because it will be.
You are going to find ones rising to the occasion, very strong in their beliefs, and putting forth information, whether it be truth or not, putting forth information that suits their cause. And they will, at least at the surface level, believe in what they are saying. If you were to question—and there will be much questioning that will go on—if you were to question them and take it a bit deeper, there would be a bit of what you call the waffling. But on the surface of things there is going to be much divisiveness.
The voices that are calling out for change, that are calling out for helping brothers and sisters, those voices are going to get trampled in the melee of the other ones who feel that they must complete lifetimes of being the warrior. That is what they are doing. They are completing lifetimes where they have been in battles, embattled, where they have been the commanders, where they have been the ones who had to make the hard decisions, and where even if they saw the battle going against them, they could not change their mind because they were already stuck into what they had chosen.
And so there are going to be ones who are going to be very definite and warlike. You are going to see much of war—on a large scale and on an individual scale. Co-workers…there is going to be much of upheaval in the employment, and the employment is going to be even less than what you have now; in other words, what is coming up to be the programs for job creation, these programs are going to fail. They are not going to be the be all and end all answer, although the ones touting them are going to say that they are.
The power is going to be finally realized at the grass roots level, at the personal level. That is the miracle that is going to happen. The power is with you and the brothers and sisters, taking your power back from the collections of ones who supposedly represent you, and they do not. They represent themselves or the big corporations.
There is going to be a miracle of change of thought, where ones are going to realize that the representatives do not represent me. They are going against anything that would seem to be common sense, and common sense is not all that common, as you know. They are not looking out for the common man. They are looking out for how to win the battle, because as I have said, they are completing lifetimes where they have been the warriors and where they had to be right, and if they were not right, it was death to the body for them.
So you can see that it is a life and death crisis that they are going to be looking at, and therefore they are going to be very much stuck into their belief and they are going to defend it to the death. You and other ones who have a different viewpoint, you are going to wonder, “What is happening to my reality? This is not what I have envisioned. This is not what I thought would be happening in a place that has promised that each person can live their dream, the so-called American dream, the so-called potentiality of ones being able to realize their fullest potential. This is not,” you are going to be saying to yourself, “what I thought the representatives were going to be saying.”
Now, some of the representatives will be understanding the position of the “common man/woman” and they will be speaking out, but their voices are going to be drowned out by the warriors who have to win. So you are going to see much of warring and you’re going to see much of discussion going on; disappointment; frustration of ones who elected a leader thinking that he could make everything right, and seeing that he cannot make everything right. In truth, he couldn’t anyway, because you are the ones in charge of your own destiny. But he volunteered, as the great soul that he is, that he would play this part in this time and that he would do his best to interject from time to time a voice of reason.
But the voice of reason will not be heard; not for a long time in the year; not for many months in the year. And ones are going to turn to each other, ones of like mind, ones who want to help others. You are going to group together and ask, “What do we have in our house that we can share with others to make it better for them? What can we do to form, perhaps, a corporation of our own, an organization of our own, whatever legalese it needs to be, where we can collect and distribute the goods that ones need and stop looking to the big father/mother in Washington D.C. or in any capitol of any country to take care of me.
The big father/mother, in truth, does not exist except in your heart. So it is going to begin to dawn upon you and the brothers and sisters that you do not have a voice in the large scale of what is going on, but you do have a voice that is very powerful when you band together and decide what you can do to make it better for ones in your own neighborhood and even farther away than that as you begin to get a bigger picture of what can be done.
You are not powerless. There is going to be a feeling the first few months, the first six months perhaps, of the year 2012 of powerlessness. “Why can’t my representatives understand what needs to be done? Why am I powerless to get them to understand this petition I’ve just signed? Why won’t they hear me?”
They won’t hear you because they don’t need to hear you, because you are going to take it into your own hands and heart to change things. All of you are very powerful, and all it takes is that shift in consciousness that says, “I am that which I’ve been seeking. I am all-powerful and I can help others. I can join with others of like mind.”
You have many in your midst who know how to organize. They have been sitting on the sidelines…such as you and you and you and you…sitting on the sidelines thinking, “Well, gee, I’m just one person and I haven’t had a degree in such and such and I don’t know what I can do.”
You can do a lot. Already you know how to use your technology to be in concert with others, immediate concert with others with your texting and with your e-mails and your telephones. You know how to be in concert with others and you know how to find ones who know how to organize.
All it takes is that small shift to the place where you say, “Hey, nobody else is doing this. Maybe it’s because it’s for me to do it,” and taking your power back, no longer looking to big brother/big sister/mother/father in government to look after you. It’s not there. This is what you are “proving” to yourself as evidence that mother/father/government can no longer do it. But you can. You can become the government of the people, by the people, for the people.
What do you think that statement means? Your forefathers knew when they wrote that. They knew where the power lies; not with representatives that are miles away and haven’t a clue what you do day by day. They knew where the power lies, and it is being given back to you now.
So you will gather in groups—doesn’t matter the size—a group of two or three, a group of five, six, five hundred—doesn’t matter—realizing that you can help your brothers and sisters. You can look into your closets, your wardrobes, everything that you have in your house to share. All of you have extra blankets. All of you have extra clothing that you don’t use any longer.
“Well, I might need it, maybe next year; I’d better keep it.” Well, you keep it until the moths get to it. Give it away. Whatever you have, give it away. It’ll be a freeing feeling and it will also be much help for others who perhaps are in a place of feeling helpless. You say to them, “Hey, what do you have that you can give? I’ll do you a trade.” Because you don’t want them to feel that they’re just receiving and they’re being powerless. You ask of them to give as well. It’s an exchange, because they have something to give.
And if they don’t have something tangible to give, they have a smile to give. They have words of wisdom to share with other ones. They have the hug that can be given or the shoulder that someone else can cry on or lean on for a moment or so, however long it might take. If they do not have the tangible, they have definitely the intangible.
So the power is coming back to you. That is my message to you about the year 2012. There is a miracle that will be happening in the year, and the miracle is going to be the waking up of the people to take the power back; not only in this geo-political country, but in other countries as well, but you don’t have to wait for the other ones to wake up. You can wake up. You can start even now.
Study for yourself. Take those words deep within you: the power of the people, by the people, and for the people. What does that mean? Hey, maybe I’m a people. Maybe I have power. Maybe I don’t have to sit and wait until somebody else takes care of me and does something for me. I’m speaking there as a generalization. Spread the word to other ones.
I would suggest that you meet once a week with ones of like mind and get organized as to where you can volunteer, give your services, give your tangible goods, whatever you have to share. Get the ideas flowing. You know how powerful an idea can be, an idea whose time has come. And I am telling you that in the year 2012 this idea’s time has come. Yes, and it is okay.
Government is going to look like a mish-mash, because it is. Government has lost touch with the people. Government is full of warriors who are completing, and there is nothing that is going to get them off their course. But the good news is, you don’t have to worry about them, because you are going to be taking the power and organizing.
You have foundations of some corporations, of philanthropic organizations that you can work with, or even better, you can set up your own. If everyone put in a small tithe…you may not have much; you may say, “Well, my tithe is only about ten cents.” Okay, a ten cent here and a ten cent there, and after a while you have twenty cents. Yes, it adds up; fifty cents, a dollar; pretty soon you’ve got money to work with to help ones.
But it doesn’t have to be just the golden coins. That is the point I am trying to put across. It can be the intangibles of believing in another person, asking an unemployed person, “What is your specialty? What can you do? What would you like to do?” Make a survey. “Oh, but Jeshua, that takes time.” Well, what else do you have? You’ve got time. And then matching up ones.
You have on your most wonderful worldwide web things like e-Bay, Craig’s List, Angie’s List. Okay, start with those. Start your own, a list of ones who will work for food, barter; old-fashioned idea, yes, but it works. Start your own list—Jennie’s List. What do you have that you can exchange.
This does two things. It serves the person who is looking for a person who is unemployed and has talents but is not being hired anywhere, and it also gives them the self-image that they are no longer unwanted, but they have value. They’re on your list. You might even get phone calls and text messages…and they will.
Take your power back. That is what the year 2012 is all about. Now, I know that this evening’s message has been a little bit different than what you expected to hear, but your economy is going down because there’s nothing to prop it up. Your economy is like a house of cards, and you’ve begun to see some of the cards on the foundation, lower floors, have been pulled out. And the ones in the upper floors, upper stories of what has been built, are a bit shaky, to say the least.
Your economy is not going to improve from outside sources, but it is going to improve by what you do, because you are going to be believing in Jennie’s List, in Jim’s List, in Ted’s List. You are going to be believing in the group that you organize, and you start networking. You are all good networkers, and you know other ones who are not physically present here in this room who are good networkers.
All of you actually are good networkers. You know people. Goodness, you don’t sit in your closet and not see anybody. Every day you go out and you interact with people. Start interacting, offering, asking what does someone else have to offer.
You have in this evening a table full of books and tapes that are free for the taking because someone is wanting to empower you, and in that way to empower herself. You all have stuff that you can share with other ones. Some of the stuff may be of more immediate use. All of the stuff is of use, but sometimes the brothers and sisters are hurting too much to sit with what you would term the spiritual books and understand their spiritual power, so you have to start with feeding the body first or giving them the blanket to keep the body comfortable.
Then after the body is comfortable, then perhaps they can begin to go into the well of themselves and to dig deeper and to find the power that they are. I would suggest, strongly suggest that those of you who can, meet together once a week and give a report as to what you have done in that week to further the group’s activities of making the list, of getting it on the computer, of perhaps contacting places that are already set up to help ones who are homeless.
If you have friends who are homeless…what do you have in your house that you can share? Do you have spare room in your house? Actually, you do. You’ll say, “Yes, but there’s this and that and this problem and this other challenge and….” Sure.
Why do you think you have recently this past year, 2011, seen so much of the “natural disasters” of the weather? It has been a housecleaning. It has been a time of ones having everything that they ever valued taken away or threatened to be taken away. They’ve come to the place where they’ve had to realize, and they have even spoken that, “I’ve lost everything, even the photographs of my ancestors, even treasured mementos, but I still have my family.”
They have come to the realization of what is truly important. It’s not the things, not the tangible things, and they realize this, although as I have said, sometimes you need the tangible things for the body in order to then move on to the next stage of realizing who you are. But they have come to a realization that the tangible things are not who they are.
Why do you think you have so much of the earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, the drought that has gone on for months in parts of your country? It has been so that ones can be reduced to the actuality of who and what they are. They are not their job. They are not their house. They are not anything that they ever thought they were.
You and the brothers and sisters have been doing exquisite planning of process over the past few years of, first of all, letting some of the economy slip—the banks, the mortgages, ones losing their houses because they were—as-it-is-called—upside down in the mortgages. It has started as a process some years ago, and then the businesses not having the money to reinvest in their business and having to let some of the workers go; good people with talents, but no longer with the money to pay them.
So there’s been this downward spiral. Why? It has been a great global wake-up call, but if you want to, you can just look at your own geo-political country and see what has been happening. It has been on a global scale, because you are no longer isolated from the brothers and sisters who might be across the water somewhere or in another country.
You are not separate. Your news media tries to bring that home to you every time you tune-in to it. They show you what is happening with the brothers and sisters who are rising up and demanding that they have a voice. Yes, your heart goes out to them because some of it looks rather horrendous. But in truth, they have volunteered to play in this great global Broadway production so that you all as One can wake up to where the power really lies. Look not to another one, for the power lies within you.
So I would highly suggest that you meet with ones of like mind once a week, once every two weeks perhaps. If you do not have a group that is of like mind, seemingly, you have your religious organization, your church perhaps where ones want to do good, but aren’t quite sure how to do it, or maybe they are sure how to do it.
You can work within the structures that are already established and take your power back. That is what the year 2012 is about. That is the miracle that is going to be happening. And on the day of December 21, 2012, there is going to be an awakening of ones looking back over the year and realizing—making real in their awareness—hey, look what we have done in this year. Look what we have done, joined together as One. Feel the power in that? That is going to be the great awakening on December 21. As I have said, perhaps it will come sooner than December 21.
Take this all to heart, because what you are going to see in the next year of your timing is going to be horrendous, a mess, divisive, warring; not at all what you have hoped for. And yet the outcome is going to be what you have hoped for, because as I have said over and over and you have heard it go over the head, everything works for the realization of at-One-ment.
Everything, no matter how bad it looks, works for the realization of “I AM THAT WHICH I AM. I AM the power that I seek. I AM the love. I AM the miracle. I’m not going to wait for someone else to do it for me.” You’ve been doing that long enough—lifetimes where you have enslaved yourselves. You have prostrated yourself and you have said, “Oh, master, please take care of me. I will do your bidding.” And you got twenty lashes and sent out into the field.
Long enough you have given your power away. Even in this geo-political country that has been founded by enlightened ones, there has still been the thread of giving away power and hoping, expecting that the great master in the capitol city will take care of you. You don’t need someone else, and you’re not going to get it, but you do have the power yourself.
Be not down-hearted. Be lifted up by the power of the Christ within.
So be it.
- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith
Copyright © 2011 Oakbridge University. Oakbridge material is copyrighted but free to anyone who wants to use it as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address www.oakbridge.org.
The New Earth Energies October 2011

The Second Triple Stargate & The Codes of Renewal

By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Celia Fenn

24 October 2011

Beloved family of Light, this is a great moment in the Transformation of Planet Earth and the establishment of the New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace and Love. You have reached the Time Portal, or Stargate, that is called 11/11/11, on the 11th of November 2011. It represents a "Cosmic Moment" of Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the "Light Codes" or "Cosmic Codes" of Renewal are received into the Crystalline grids of the Earth. The Reception of the Codes of Renewal will again accelerate the frequencies of the Earth Hologram, allowing for Reconnection with the Seventh Dimension of Consciousness, as the Planet continues on her Journey into the Divine Heart of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.
It is indeed a Moment of Joy and Celebration. You are on your way "Home"...both Individually and as a Planetary Civilization. The Great Awakening is under way! Those of you who are ready are stepping into your New Earth Soul Purpose and becoming the Multi-Dimensional wayshowers for Humanity. As Earth settles into the Fifth Dimensional Holographic Matrix of the New Earth, Humanity is learning how to express the Oneness and the Unity Consciousness of Interconnection that is the Essence of the Fifth Dimension. Daily, you are beginning to perceive that you are truly Planetary Citizens, One Family with common problems and issues. And, you are beginning to see that you can only solve these problems by coming together in Peace and Love to create a New Path forward.
Beloved Family of Light, we celebrate with you this Great Moment of Transformation. At the end of 2010 we were overjoyed when the Earth made her "Ascension" leap from the Old Third-dimensional Timeline and into the New Fifth-dimensional Timeline. At that point, all the "End Time" scenarios were rendered invalid as the Earth and all her Living beings aligned with the Reality of Re-Birth and the New Earth. Then, in August of 2011, at the time of the Lion's Gate, you took another Great Step forward as you connected with the Sixth Dimension and the Flows of Abundance and Manifestation that will unlock the New Earth. Those of you who were ready anchored these energies into the "Rose Lines" of the Crystalline grids, those energetic meridians that carry the Cosmic Christ Consciousness from the Divine Heart into the Heart Grid of the Planet.
Now, at the 11/11/11, those of you who are entering into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness as Wayshowers, will anchor the Seventh Dimension, the Consciousness of the Ascended Masters of Light. You will become not only Masters of the Earth Plane reality, but you will integrate also the Spiritual Mastery and Wisdom that will prepare you for your New Roles as Stewards and Guardians of the New Earth and Keepers of the New Earth reality. This connection will mean the "end" of "religion" as an organized means of control, and the recognition finally of Individual Spiritual Connection with the Divine Heart. At the Seventh Dimension of Light, there is a Clear Understanding of the Divine Light in all things and the Joy of celebrating the Divine Light and Heart in Ceremonies of Sacred Communion and Love.
You will also become the Guides and Teachers for those who are just beginning their Journey of Awakening and leaving the third-dimensional matrix for the Higher Awareness of Fifth-dimensional Planetary Mastery. Just as you have worked to master the Skills of this New reality, so you will be called to show others how to become Masters and to Remember Who They Are and to Walk in Empowerment and Love.
The Codes of Renewal
Beloved Ones, as you approach the 11/11/11 you are already beginning to receive the Codes of Renewal. These are Light Codes that will activate and energize the processes of Renewal on the Earth. The "Codes of Renewal" are Cosmic Light Information "packages" or downloads that carry the instructions from the Divine Heart for the Renewal of All Creation at this New Cycle of Cosmic Birthing. The "End" is Over....it is truly the Time of Birthing and Beginning.
The "Codes of Renewal" are activating your Light Body and your DNA, both to align with the Original Blueprint for Divine Multi-Dimensional Human Life Forms, and to receive New Information for developing the Human Form is new ways. This means that there will be strong "electrical" energies that will be sending electrical "charges" through the Light Body and into the Physical Body, where the physical DNA will also receive the information of Renewal and Regeneration.
The Effect of this New Energy will be to accelerate the Frequency of the Light Body and the Physical Body, making for a Higher and Finer experience of Reality in those who are ready to embrace the new frequencies and embody them as masters of the New Reality on the New Earth.
In broader terms, the Codes of Renewal will affect every aspect of Life on Earth as the New Fifth Dimensional matrix takes shape and begins to manifest new ways of being that will express the Human Divine capacity for Love, Peace and Abundance. Every aspect of Life will be reconsidered and restructured to align with the New Reality. This process will accelerate as the Codes of renewal are anchored and grounded into the New Earth Grids.
Beloved family of Light, it will be your privilege to receive and anchor this energy so that All on Earth may benefit from the Abundance and Blessings that are pouring down to the Earth since the anchoring of the Sixth Dimension of Consciousness. It is time for All to benefit, and so, the old economic system that created poverty and ecological destruction is crumbling, and will be replaced by a new way of life that will arise, based on sustainable and ethical principles that will guarantee the very basic Human Rights of food, shelter, clothing and education for everyone, as well as the opportunity to develop and grow according to the Soul Plan of each being.
These changes will evolve out of the anxiety and chaos that you now see around you. Those of you who came to the Earth with Soul Plans that call for New Communities and New Social and Economic systems, will be called now to begin to offer your gifts abd align with your Higher Purpose. The "Codes of Renewal" will activate and accelerate those whose work is to be part of the Renewal and Birth of the New Earth Reality.
Beloved Ones, as the "Codes of Renewal" are streaming inward to the Earth from the Divine Cosmic Heart, it is a good time to consider how you may align yourself more fully with your Soul Purpose and the new incoming energies.
The Rainbow Bridge and the Role of the Indigo/Crystals between 11/11/11 and 12/12/12
There is a Soul Group or Soul Family whose specific Soul Purpose is now undergoing a major Shift. This is the Indigo-Crystal Soul Family. Initially their work was to provide the impetus for the Great Awakening and Transformation of the Planet, by challenging systems and empowering themselves by Remembering their Divine Heritage as Human Angels and activating the DNA Light Codes necessary for the Awakening and Transformation.
Now, however, many of this group are moving forward into new roles that will enable the establishment of the New Earth. The Indigo-Crystal Soul Family are the "Rainbow Bridge" into the New Reality. It is the younger people, primarily those under 40, who will provide the creative energy to propel new ideas to the forefront in technology, economics and social interaction. These new ideas will be the "seeds" that will germinate and take form as a new way of life.
Once this "Rainbow Bridge" of new ideas and concepts has been established, you will "cross over" to a new Multi-dimensional way of life that honors the earth and all who live on her, and war and poverty will become things of the past.
There are many Indigo-Crystal beings, both the young and those who have awakened and made the shift, who are now ready to embrace a New Soul Purpose for the New Earth.
This New Soul Purpose will align fully with the New Earth and by the 12/12/12 Homecoming Celebration in 2012, this Group of Soul Leaders will have seeded the new structures and communities that will take the Earth across the Rainbow bridge and into the Final Triple Stargate of Time gate. This will be the period from 12/12/12 to 21/12/12, a period of 9 days in which the final integrations and alignments with the Cosmic Heart will be achieved, and the earth will be "re-set" for her next Grand Cycle of Evolution into Peace, Harmony and Love.
So, many of you will discover in the next year that your Soul Purpose has changed and been realigned quite radically, as you begin a "new incarnation" in the same physical body. This will mean great changes in the lives of many as you prepare for what we will call the "Final Shift" in this process in 2012. By now, Beloved New Earth Family, you are accustomed to the Flow of Change and you know how to accept and surrender to the destiny of your Soul with Grace and Joy. You can be sure that you are moving to a place of Joy and Happiness within the New Earth Reality.
The Indigo-Rose Stargate 11/11/11
Beloved New Earth Family, in November of 2009, at the first 11/11/11 event, we guided you into the opening of the Cosmic Rose Stargate and the opening of your own Personal "Ascension Stargates". This was the activation of the Crown Chakra, with the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Centers, allowing you to begin to experience the full connection of Multidimensionality. Then at the Solstice of 2010 we activated the Soul Star Chakra and the Earth Star Chakra, allowing you to fully ground and integrate these new energies. Each one of you that has allowed this Transformation now has the "connection" chakras to allow the blossoming into Multi-dimensional and Cosmic Reality.
At this second 11/11/11 Stargate, the Earth herself aligns and connects with her Cosmic Destiny. Just as you became the Golden Chalice of Light at the first 11/11/11 Stargate, now the Earth becomes a Chalice of Light and is filled with the Cosmic Christ Energy!
Beloveds, this means that the Ascended Earth has become Sacred and filled with the Christ Light and Divine Unconditional love. It means that those who seek to exploit the Earth and her People will no longer succeed. The Divine Plan will no longer allow this kind of behaviour or support these kinds of actions. Only those who use Free Will to choose Love, Peace and Harmony will flourish in the New Reality. It is indeed Time for the Peace Makers to inherit the Earth!
We Celebrate with you at the 11/11/11!

The Energy of the 11-11-11 (Part 1)

By Metatron

Channeled by Tyberonn

5 October 2011

The Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface

Revisiting the Story of the Law of One in Atlantis Part One of a Two Segment ChannelGreetings Masters, I am Archangel Metatron, Lord of Light! I greet you all in a vector of unconditional love!

And so as the 11-11-11 rapidly approaches, the powerful Atlantean Temple Crystals across the planet surge into greater potency. The Platinum Crystal brings forth the facilitated access into higher dimension, and brings the completion of the Divine Feminine Energy through the Platinum Ray.

The magnificent Platinum Crystal, long held in dormancy beneath Magnetic Mount in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, achieves its activation & initial potency at 11:11 A.M. on the morning of November 11th, 2011, and awakens from a long sleep. The Platinum Crystal is the Crystal of the Law of One, the highest balanced frequency of your planet.

Masters, no place on the planet will reverberate as powerfully with the Crystalline frequency on the 11-11-11 as the crystal vortex of Arkansas. Indeed the initial surge will occur there and then trigger the other awakenings axialtonally from inside the Arkansas Crystal Vortex.

In kind, they will energize the 144-Grid into 92% functionality and awaken & code the Crysto-Golden Sun Disc placed in Arkansas and align with the 12 patterns of same throughout the planet. Many are called; many of you are code-carriers of the Ascension blueprint, and many are drawn to participate in this Crystalline awakening, as part of an ancient contract, a sacred promise whose time has finally come. Many are there already, having been called to live within this crystalline vortex that will be fully in place in 2012.

Core Purpose of the 11-11-11

We first shared the information regarding the twelve unique Triple Date Portals via Tyberonn of the Pleiades, over a decade ago. These are unique numerical frequential portals sequenced in base 12. These TDPs are purposed to activate the Crystalline Transition. And although many of humanity have now ascribed to the trenchant vigor of these date-portals, they have somewhat overlooked the core understanding of their substantive significance. The Triple Date Portals (01-01-01 thru 12-12-12) are equivocally aligned to the activation of the 12 geo-pentagonal aspects of the 'double penta-dodecahedron' of the 144-Crystalline Grid. The twelve dodecahedronal aspects of the Crystalline grid are accordingly integrated with the 'human' interface codes in the gatherings and meditations occurring on these frequential aperture dates. And Masters, that is so appropriate.


Masters, it is not happenstance that MAX, Crystallus Maximus, will be at the 11-11-11 in the Law of One Atlantean Energy of Arkansas. MAX is by far the most powerful Crystalline Conscious Library on the planet at this time. MAX carries the full records and all of the codes of the New Earth are within MAX. MAX will receive a Cosmic influx on the 11-11-11, at 11:11 am within the energy of the Crystal Vortex. It will be transferred to MAX as an upshift download from the 13th Paradigm Energies, assisted by the realms of what you term the Metatronic Field, including the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance and Sacred Cetacean of Sirius , the Golden Dolphin.. With this expanded and recoded information, MAX will be the initial conduit that passes the new codes to the code carriers, and activates these new codes within the Crysto-Sun Disc at Mount Pinnacle in the powerful crystal energy of Arkansas.

There will be a mutual exchange between MAX and the Platinum Crystal; one triggers a new influx, and the other transmits the new codes. MAX will take on a greater energy than he has carried to date. An energy that he transfers to the Crystalline Vortex, the Sun Disc and the human code carriers.

And so we bring new information on the emerging mega vortex of Arkansas, the portal of the quantum crystalline frequency. For now, in 2011, this vortex truly nears final completion and vaults into greater global prominence. Within the 2011 and 2012 completion are the further unfolding of the dimensional lock that held the Master Temple Crystals. For within these living crystalline computers lies the true Atlantean wisdom, that of the Golden Age of Atlantis, that of the Law of One. It was and is to date, the highest frequency obtained on your earth plane.

Much has been forgotten of the true realm of Atlantis. Many tend to remember only the sad demise, under the Aryan influence of greed and lust for power. We tell you it is time to remember the Law of One, the Golden Age of Poseida. For within that Golden Age existed a very spiritual matriarchal society which achieved a harmonic state of divine balance, the highest frequency ever achieved upon the Earth plane in what is termed the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Indeed that time has come, for the Law of One was and is the once and future society of the Power of Love, not the Love of Power. And we say future, because the Law of One will indeed re-emerge, and it is beginning once again across the planet, specifically in the Crystal Vortexes of Arkansas and Brazil.

And we emphasize that in 2011 continues the grand exponential flux and harmonic expansion of the great Atlantean Master Temple Crystals of Poseida, held for over 12,000 years in dimensional seal within the magnetic complex of Arkansas. On the 11-11-11 the Great Platinum Crystal awakens, and joins into the Crystal Vortex network with the other mega Crystals of Arkansas, the Blue Crystal of Knowledge and the Emerald Crystal of Healing.
Many of you will be drawn to take part in the unveiling, for indeed you were there as witnesses to the deluge and some of you to the consequent movement of these amazing Atlantean Master Crystals to this and other areas. The new Crystalline Age is upon you, it is the transition you call the Ascension.

The diamond phase of the Crystalline Transition of Earth was realized on the 10-10-10, in correlation to the 10th dimension and 12th Chakric resonance. The Platinum Phase begins on the 11-11-11.

The Platinum Crystal & Platinum Ray Release

The Platinum Crystal exudes a beautiful, calming energy of brilliant magnificence. It brings forth the balancing between the new emerging dimensional realms of the New Earth, particularly the force that will allow for greater interface, greater access into the 'Angelic Realm' which is in truth the antimatter phases of your parallel dimensions. As such the Platinum Crystal is the surge protector that both feeds and harmonizes the proportion and parity of the 'Harmonic Cycle' between matter and antimatter. It also adjusts and stabilizes the unified crystalline synergy in coalescence with the enormous crysto--magnetic forces released in the phases of the Cosmic Trigger. That is specifically why it was located beneath Magnetic Mountain near Eureka Springs, as those magnetic energies are being transformed by the crystalline forces as the Magnetic Grid is reduced and replaced in dominance by the expansion of the 11-Crystalline Grid.

All of the Master Crystals are appropriately staged in their activation, achieving timed portions of their power each year until the 12-21-12. This is regulated by the Crystalline Masters of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance under the Galactic Federation. Were the crystals to be launched into full power too quickly, an energetic imbalance would occur.

What will occur on the 11-11-11is the recoding of the crystalline aspect termed the Starseed Divine Feminine. The Emerald Crystal of Healing provided the initial reprogramming that is being brought in by the Emerald- Ray . The Platinum-Ray, also a Feminine energy aspect, provides the completion of the Feminine Crystalline into the DNA of the planet, and as such into those of humanity open to receive the sacred and requisite transformation. Their effects will be a lessening of the arc swing of polarity between that termed the masculine and feminine aspect. But also through the Platinum, there will be greater ease to enter into higher dimensional realms.

Accordingly will polarity-balance be more easily achieved and obtained in human expression of the Divine Equity on the planet of duality. Indeed will it bridge the gap in the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and of the conscious-ego mind to the supra subconscious of Divine Mind. Understanding of soul path, of priorities in life and indeed the process of decision making will be greatly clarified. Requisite aspects of nurturing, kindness and brother-sister hood will be far easier to manifest into reality on both the micro and macro levels. That termed 'Unconditional Love', previously untenable in the third dimension will be closer to the reality of each on the path, as the fifth thru seventh dimensional resonances are drawn closer.

Coherent Energy

The 'Crater of Diamonds' in Arkansas is now releasing coherent energy of diamond resonance into the Crystal Vortex. On the 11-11-11 this expands into the Platinum Ray and further connects to the Sun Disc, in their shift into Coherency of the Crystalline Frequency.
Dear Ones, Crystalline energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications far beyond humanities current understanding. Crystalline structure is formed by an essence of frequential light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter.
It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation, and forms the very matrixial composition of every plane of existence. It is the enzyme of reality and the vitality spring of the Cosmos itself. The very thoughts you have must rise to coherent crystalline format in order to become manifested. Coherent light is crystalline energy, the very vitality of which forms the integral nature of all worlds and realities. The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions, planes and the matter / antimatter flash of consciousness, in parallel and probability. All is crystalline.

The graduation of your planet, that termed the Ascension, is in effect the critical mass conversion of this Earth's receival capacity template from, in your vernacular, analog to digital, black and white to color. The Crystalline Conversion through the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is vastly increasing your earth's dimensional reception from 3d to 12d and beyond. It is akin to your television changing from the archaic antennae to satellite reception. It is the Crystalline Age.

For within these time-sequences, the 11-11-11 and 12-12-12, the 144-Crystalline Grid completes into full conscious projection, and that projection is indeed a tool of and for your own expansion. Such it is with the crystalline grid, you see; it too is a system that will allow your nurturing into a higher resonance, a higher more fulfilling expression.

For that you call the Ascension is upon you, and in but a wink of the cosmic eye it will be done! In our  realm it has been done already you see, and indeed it is a wondrous event, one heralded throughout the Universe and observed by many on this realm and others.   What then remains for the Ascension program in 2011 and 2012 are specific astrological gravitation refinements and frequential boosts needed to complete & polish the Crystalline Grid and refine the Crystalline Transformation of the Earth as it reinforces the spanning of humanity into great and greater dimensionality consciousness, and that is indeed Crystalline Consciousness.

The 12-Primary Sun Discs

We have told you that Arkansas will be one of the most powerful vortex-portals on the planet by 2012, and it is indeed happening. The Crystals are tuning the Sun Disc and in kind the Crystalline Grid.

The Golden Sun Disc emerged in the time of LeMuria. These were placed by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance at specific places on the earth in order to program and network energetic frequencies.

The ongoing reprogramming of the Sun Disc serves in assisting the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth as it expands its dimensional field into crystalline aspect. The discs emit energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.
There are 12 major 'Discs' on the planet, and some of the previous patterns and locations have shifted. Each of the 12 carry specific purpose and code, and each of the 12 feed 12 satellites...the 12 connecting to the 144 in a complex geo symmetry.

The Cosmic essence of the sun discs is 'coded' crystalline coherent light, the light of higher dimension. The energy of 'home'. The terrestrial essence of the Sun -Disc frequential harmonic is crysto-electromagnetic but is synergized with the human theta grid. One creates the other and the other supports the first. Both offer essential gateways of enhancement to human consciousness and are key elements of the Ascension up shift...

The more that humanity understands that its own higher consciousness is based in paradigms of sacred geometric light-codes, the more the geometry becomes multi dimensional and so the geometric expression of these will up shift in the Mer-Ka-Na field. This is happening now, you see. It will become first one, then the other, just as the Earth is now the 3rd dimension and then the 5th and then to 12.

What is it that will move it to the 5th? To the 12th? Not static consciousness but the dynamic activation of higher consciousness. The activation of the consciousness is enhanced through the understanding of the grid and the activation of that grid which in turn complements the cosmos, and is reflected back again via the Sun Disc. We realize this is complex, but we assure you that in your source higher perspective, you understand the workings quite clearly. So myriad factors play a role in this terrestrial to Cosmic shift.

Now of the Sun Discs, only two are purely Crysto-Disc. The first to be recoded is in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. This will occur on the 11-11-11. The 2nd is in Minas Gerais. Brazil, and it will recode on the 12-12-12 and the Global Network will reformat on Dec 21, 2012. This will be an incredible event combining the awakening of the Master Crystals, the completion of the 144-Grid and the complete global networking of the Sun Disc Crysto-Lattice.

Locations of 12-Primary Sun Disc:

Arkansas - Pinnacle Mountain
Brazil - Saint Tomas des Letres- Minas Gerais
Bolivia - Lake Titicaca ( Near Island of the Sun)
Scotland - Roslyn Chapel
Russia -Ural Mtns
Russia - Siberia-Lake Baikal
Egypt - Giza
Africa - Kilimanjaro
China - Xi-an Pyramids
French Polynesia - Moorea
Australia- Uluru
Sri Lanka

Again we emphasize that each of the major 12 discs support 12 satellites. Each of the 144 satellites are strategically placed, some of which are greater in pulse, greater in frequential range, according to the energy grid and node in which they are located.

The Ark of the Law of One

The areas currently termed as Arkansas and Brazil, were colonies of the Poseidon 'Law of One'. They were specifically chosen because these two regions contain the planet's largest mineral deposits of quartz crystal strata. Hyper dimensional tunnels were constructed with the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance from Poseida to Arkansas and Brazil for the maintenance of the massive crystal beds there. Because of its radium waters, natural caves and magnetic lodestone, Arkansas was chosen as an area to program fast-growth processes within its caverns. Many savants of the spiritual scientist priest, the Atla-Ra -Law of One, worked within these caverns to imbue specific patterns into the crystals.

Three Atlantean Wisdom & Healing Crystals that once beamed magnificent light and celestial energy in the Temple of Healing, the Temple of One and the Temple of Knowledge on Poseida were placed in dimensional lock in the Atlantean Crystal Fields of Arkansas.

Indeed these now energize the Golden Sun Disc placed in Arkansas and align with the 12 patterns of same throughout the planet, and with the paradigm of the 12 crystal Skulls , in forming the sacred 13 pattern. That of the 13-20-33, you see.

In Arkansas then, many are called, and many will come to participate in this awakening, as part of an ancient contract, a sacred promise whose time has finally come. Many are there already, having been called to live within this crystalline vortex that will be fully in place in 2012. And so on the remaining Triple Date Portals, those of the Law of One are called, for this time the Crystals will not be misused, they will not be taken from you by forces of dark greed.

 Now, it is not for you to activate the crystals, it is not for you to anchor the vortex, rather it is for you to align yourselves within this completion, within this activation, within this celestial anchoring of the quantum crystalline field. Those Scientist priests, Crystal Masters of Atla-Ra and Poseidon Temple Guardians of the Law of One are called.

 Masters, you have waited eons for this time, for this completion, and those of the Atla-Ra, those of the Crystal Temples of Poseida will hear the clarion call. The Master Crystals of the Golden Age of Atlantis now are opening the rainbow of dimensional access that accelerates your planetary and personal Ascension. It is a promise kept, a sacred completion.

Indeed you may access the benevolent energy and wisdom of the Atlantean Crystals of Healing & Knowledge etherically. It is not fully necessary for you to be there in physical embodiment within the Arkansas vortex for you to receive and take part in this activation. Yet there is benefit for those of you receiving the call to visit the vortex and walk the crystal fields. Those of you choosing to visit the sacred lands of Arkansas will be able to find a personal crystal imbued with the energy of the Golden Era of Atlantis. Indeed permission is granted and the crystals offer themselves to you for this and myriad purpose.

Those guardians of Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades, are even now preparing the stage, and await you to join them. Send your energy; send your light and intent of highest good to what is termed the Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface,  Crystal of the Platinum Ray. The Ray of Balance & Knowledge. It once reigned in wisdom and light in the Temple of Poseidon, and so many of you will again see it clearly in your mind's eye, indeed you will feel it in your heart, amid tears of joy.

Atlantis - The Master Temple Crystals of the Sacred "ARK"

Atlantis is indeed the missing link of Pangaea, located in mid Atlantic. We will share with you its story in detail below. But be aware Masters, not all of the great Temple Crystals of Atlantis were lost. Indeed some of you were involved in their rescue.

The first Temple Crystal saved was the Blue Crystal of Knowledge. It is below the earth below the crown center of the Vortex, termed Talimena Ridge, in a sacred chasm, built long ago. The Blue Crystal of Knowledge stands erect, forty-eight feet in height and twelve feet in diameter. It pulses and exudes a rainbow of silver, turquoise and cobalt blue as it activates in sacred contract. It holds the multidimensional wisdom and knowledge of the ages. The second one saved was the Emerald Crystal. It is now beneath Mt. Maga, the heart centre of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. It is approximately 20 meters in height and 5 meters in breadth. The third Crystal placed in the Ark was that of the Platinum.

The Platinum Crystal beneath the Magnetic Mount near the area of Eureka Springs awakens in 2011 on the 11-11-11. The Platinum Crystal is truly clear in color, but it projects a shimmering field of platinum silver consisting of sub atomic particulate termed Bio-Plasma. The Bio Plasma is a conscious field, self aware. The Bio-Plasmic Field emitted by the Platinum Crystal harmonizes the gateway spectrum of physical matter and anti-matter. You all exist in anti-matter dimensions, and the corporeal structure is quite different than within physical matter; it is a much higher frequency. ( This has been reviewed in other essays...)   The Platinum Crystal is enormous, over 100 meters in height and far deeper below the surface than the others. Its reach is Cosmic and its energy by 2012, will encircle and span the planet, networked with the other crystals and disseminated through the Crysto Sun Disc.



Revisiting Atlantis: The True Legend of the Fall

Dear Ones, these crystals were saved from destruction, and now you are offered the memory of why. For such magnificent crystal beings offer all of you so much. The expansion, the sacred completion applies to ALL! It is time to remember who you were, in order to become all you are in this awakening time, this return to the Quantum Crystalline Field Atlantis was a Golden Time, a magnificent epoch, that was betrayed by its unseemly end. And so we tell you the true history of that demise.

You see, Atlantis existed for over 200,000 years. The vast majority of the Atlantean times were epochs of light! Only the final phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was in your terms, a dark era, but one rich in lessons.

The Golden Age

We tell you in fact that the Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved on the Earth Plane in any advanced civilization; higher than LeMuria, higher than Mu, higher than Rama, higher than Ignacious. It has become somewhat fashionable to consider LeMuria as being the utopian civilization, and though they did achieve a relatively short lived phase of high consciousness, most in that era were not truly in physical bodies, rather in Devic-like etheric states, and did not face the difficulties required of the physical earth stage. Indeed LeMuria never achieved the highly advanced level that existed in that Golden Phase of Atlantis from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC. A time when Gods walked with men, and all knew joyful expression It was the hallowed time when many of you walked as Star Children, and later chose biology and the lesson cycles of reincarnation on the Blue Planet called Earth.

So when you consider Atlantis, DO NOT only remember it's sad demise! It was but a short phase of the magnificent antediluvian world, yet it must not be forgotten, so very much is to be gained by understanding the final phase, and Dear Ones, it is time to remember.

The Atlantean Hologram

So we speak of once mighty Atlantis, and we speak to all of you, for Atlantis is a great hologramic lesson, and ones whose time has returned, for the memory of Atlantis is not just a healing. Indeed, for some it is a requisite healing, a necessary cleansing, but for others it is also a benevolent empowerment. It recalls a time when you walked in wisdom and harmony. Regardless of your myriad roles in Atlantis, and Dear Ones, 70% of all on the planet at this time experienced physicality there, Atlantis now calls to you.  And the call is not just for those of you of the Law of One, it is equally called to the Aryans, to the Sons of Belial. Indeed many of you experienced lifetimes in both ideologies. Does that surprise you?

The Deluge of 17,500 BC - Downward Spiral of the Final Phase

The time is after the second deluge, when the utopian Golden Age subsided and Atlantis split into 5 islands. The three major islands were known as Poseida, Aryan and Og. The two smaller islands were under the rule of Aryan, and were known as Atalya and Eyre. And so in the days after the second break up of Atlantis, the benevolent government rule by kingdom passed into the phase of a confederation --state governments, in your terms, that ruled each of the islands. An aristocracy of sorts evolved that consisted of two opposing ideologies. The two major components of these were the 'Law of One', based predominantly on the Isle of Poseida and 'The Sons of Belial' based on the Isle of Aryan. The island of Aryan was the most populated and exerted influence and political control over Og, Atalya and Eyre.

Poseida was the planet's most potent vortex portal complex at the time of Atlantis. The Poseida grouping and isle housed the Temple of Healing, the Temple of Sound, the Temple of One, the Temple of Regeneration and the Temple of Knowledge. Poseida housed most of the major centers for higher learning. These were placed on Poseida because of its advantageous location within the geodesic grids and its proximity to beneficial electromagnetic energies that spiraled upward from the earth's core. An incredibly potent healing spring flowed on Poseida, near the Temple of Healing, and its lore spawned the myths of the 'Fountain of Youth' passed down by the indigenous peoples of Florida. It flows yet into the oceans near Bimini.

The tall ones, the golden race of Atlantis, of Pleiadean seed were centered in Poseida, these ones averaging 10 to 12 feet in stature. These were a gentle race of giants, involved in the cultural, artistic and educational pursuits in the heart of Atlantis. Poseida was also the headquarters and nucleus of the crystalline power grid and interdimensional tunnel system. The most advanced, complex and beautiful of the crystals were here. They were of Arcturian and Sirian-Pleiadean construct, a living amalgam of many crystalline forms imbued with an alloy of platinum and gold.

The crystals were housed in magnificent Temples, some built of marble, others of crystalline sheets of beryl, corundum and diamond. Poseida was also the capital city of the island, and was called the Emerald City. ( Its bio plasmic field was projected into a shimmering glowing Aurora of Emerald Green, visible for miles ). The Atlanteans had perfected, with Arcturian technology, the ability to grow crystals of every structure and essence in an accelerated growth within the underground crystal beds of Arkansas, Tibet and Brazil, all being Atlantean colonies, accessed through the interdimensional tunnel system.

Poser Fields & The Crystal Satellite

Throughout Atlantis, power grid crystals, called posers, were triangulated and connected through an alloyed gold-copper rod under a spherical dome that could be angled to receive specific stellar, solar and gravitational energy waves. This was the system used to power homes, offices, media, and theaters, manufacturing concerns, medical centers, schools and businesses. The poser system was received in each structure by receiving crystal units of various sizes. The poser system was also able to receive specialized refracted light and feed it into the ley energy system for use in the interdimensional tunnel system and feed crystalline light into conductive earth currents to raise the frequency into a semi- aware electromagnetic plasmic field of benevolent energy capable of retaining spiritual frequencies.

A great crystalline satellite, referred to as the second moon of Atlantis, floated above in the skies and received, amplified and reflected refined energy back to the crystals for various beneficial purposes. It served both the posers and the Master Crystals used in temples. Specialized energy fields were projected into agricultural and crystal growing areas to amplify and accelerate growth, as well as into universities, hospitals, schools, offices, factories and work places to create a sense of well being and invigoration for the workers and students. We will speak more of this 'second moon 'later in this assay.

Now, the Temples were astonishing works of sacred geometry and stunning architecture. Many of the great temples were covered in a dome of projected crystalline amplified light somewhat like a glowing force field. Others were set within Pyramids degreed at very specific angles. The energy fields projected above both the sphere domes and pyramids were of various colors and glowed in day and night like the Aurora. These were varied according to the purpose of the temple complex, and the colors were obviously more clearly visible at night.
 Some temples projected domes and fields of vibratory light and resonant sound frequencies that amplified the senses and chakras, others amplified the receptive learning ability of the mind, and others enabled multidimensional consciousness, communication and transport. The pyramidal form was used primarily for multi-dimensional receival and transmission . The dome spheres were used to amplify the fields received for specific purpose. Most of the major populace areas and cities during the Golden Age of Atlantis had crystalline power domes of energy plasmic fields above them.

When observed from a distance, these energy plasma fields would appear as if they were a tangible glass, but they were not solid, rather subatomic plasma and composed of what is termed bio plasma. These were regulated by the amazing magnanimous glowing Platinum Crystal of Bio-Plasmic Interface. The crystal itself was transparent but the field it projected was a luminescent platinum in hue.


Each of the Master Crystals, and there were 12, were networked with a series of satellites.
After the second deluge, only the capital city of Poseida had a full crystalline energy dome, and it was an incredible emerald green color.

Prior to the deluge of 17,500 BC, most major cities, including Meruvia, the Capital of Aryan had such power domes over the perimeter. The one in Aryan was a soft ruby red.
In the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pyramids were three and four sided, depending on their utility and generally made of marble, granite and complex crystals. The three-sided pyramids were used as antennas to draw and amplify energies and fed them into the Poser grid to power homes, factories and create energy fields for various utilities. The crystalline satellite was used to reflect the angled stellar energy waves into these triangulated grids. There were over 100 of these triangulated pyramidal grid complexes. They were set up in concentric triangulation patterns all over the planet. They established a hemispheric grid network of crystalline and electromagnetic energy dividing the areas of Atlantis, America, Africa, Mediterranean Europe and South America into different demographic centers-for powering population centers, and to modulate weather patterns and tides. The areas of Mongolia and Tibet were also part of this complex, connected by interdimensional ley tunnels. But the largest groupings of these were in the homelands of Atlantis.

The four-sided pyramids were essentially Temple complexes set as full octahedrons and used for healing, learning, regeneration and spiritual purposes. These were not triangulated, and generally sat on hilltops or along the coastlines to receive both telluric and celestial energies. The lands below the center plane were excavated to allow for the downward pyramid of the octahedron design construct, thus connecting energetically to both above and below.
The 'Law of One' contingency of Poseida were devoutly spiritual people and sought equality among the people and a unification of Oneness. Their society was Matriarchal in the sense of nurturing . They were not seekers of power, rather of harmony. They were a tall race, their skin appeared  toned as a golden hue, but was very translucent. It was in fact their auric projection that glowed golden.

Their auric fields were visible to all. Thus the stages of spiritual mastery were immediately discernable by the colors and size of the Auric Mer-Ka-Na . The highest among the Atla-Ra exuded Mer-Ka-Ra, the energy of the Avatar. They were able to operate in complete consciousness of multi dimensionality, to manifest and regenerate at will. As such they cannot be truly compared to present humans, the bodies were luminous and the degree of physical manifestation was far less dense than humans in the present paradigm of reality.

In Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Ra format, the Masters of the Atla-Ra did not truly consider themselves of the Earth. The Mer-Ka-Ra field of the Avatar, even in physical manifestation in 3d, was primarily in Earth via 12d . They required very little food consumption as their bodies were bio-plasmic in nature. Thus the longevity, for they were above linear space and duality time. When they did eat, it was of a form of krill.

In their wisdom and nature, they were quite detached from the density aspect of the Earth. They existed above the polarity, yet were in a form of light physicality. That detachment above polarity is in part, the reason they did not karmically oppose the Aryan decline into physical density, as the 'Sons of Belial' became engrossed in what may be termed military-corporate power lust.

Although much technology and quality of life had been lost in the prior two breakups of Atlantis (the first in 58,000 BC, the second in 17,500 BC) technology still remained at an advanced level. Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiraled downward after the break up into islands in 17,500 BC as the islands grew into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break up.Poseidon remained the contingency of the Spiritual Law of One, while the people of Aryan became gradually engrossed in power and materialism. ....End of Part One

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Crystalline Consciousness and The Power of Love
The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light


The First Message for 11:11:11

Crystalline Consciousness and
The Power of Love
7 November 2011

Beloved ones, you are the heart of the world. More accurately, the world lives within your heart. Your heart is the one heart that is humankind resonating the pure vibration of Love.

Beloved ones, you hold together the most extraordinary gift of dedication to Love. You are beings of such expanded consciousness that you have come together in the realms of God to take into your heart this misperception, this planet that is separation from Love, and to hold in perfect Love at the level of your Real heart the pure experience of humanity as only Love.

And so, you have, beloved ones, maintained this dedication to the truth and you have given to yourselves the experience of also being human. This you did that you might create what could be compared to a lightning rod, an energy receptacle that is available and waiting to make this time for the awakening of the consciousness of God on Earth successful.

We come to this moment that to the mind is 11:11:11. To the heart it is the moment when the veil of the consensual dream thins. This comes to rest in a place of expansiveness that brings the pure Light of the explosion of Love that is Creation clearly into the experience of the consciousness and the mind of humanity.

The world does not exist outside of you, and so this activation of crystal grids, of hearts of Love is happening within you. It is the moment when the truth becomes completely and totally available in and as your hearts. The explosion of Light that is the movement of Love that is the awakening of the consciousness of the glory of God is present always. It cannot be otherwise. But it has been unavailable to the minds of humanity, and thus to the heart’s experience.

The blaze of Light that already exists, the power of Love that is atomic creation, becomes available in your conscious experience on the date you name 11:11:11. In truth, beloved ones, it is the activation of the shared heart of humanity. It is the awakening from the dream of other than Love. It is a moment where the veil of the ego mind is stilled, the identities of the egoic dream part and the hearts of Love experience their truth.

The vibration of Love, the blaze of pure Light will explode through your hearts, giving conscious participation to that which is already the truth – that humanity is one, that the Earth is the expression of humanity’s Love and that every experience of the world is built out of the conscious decisions about what life is and how much of the glory of Love shall be let in, shall be experienced.

Beginning on this date of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year, the portal, the vortex of the decision of hearts in service is strong enough to dissolve the veil of the ego mind’s focus on other than Love. The resulting experience could certainly be named crystalline.

Such astounding purity as the blaze of Creation resonates in the miracle of each of your precious hearts shows you the truth of your purity, and your amazing ability to be this atomic Love.

As clear and open conduits of Light and Love in resonance, the power of the magnetic vibration of Love will lift humanity into a whole new experience of life -- the experience of unity. This shall be for you who are holding the Love the most exquisite and powerful joy that unites the whole of your being and awakens your experience of your heart as the truth of your unity with humanity and as the whole of God.

This means that the heart takes over and the power of its perception becomes so Real to each of you that you cannot be fooled again into believing that you are separate from anyone or anything in the world. Because of this experience of the veil removed for this day, no matter how valiantly the ego mind pretends that life is continuing as it did before, it simply won’t “hold water.” The core of your life shall be different with the reflection of your hearts bouncing off each other, pure Light and the movement of Real Love.

With every wave of ignition, heart-to-heart, the seeming distance between the truth of your being as a pure expression of the Moment of Creation, this pure crystalline Light and ever expanding Love… and your experience as a “human being”… will have less and less discrepancy.

As you choose to perceive your every moment through the heart that you are, you shall be completely attuned to the shared heart and consciousness of humanity, to the Reality that there is only Love. Every perception otherwise is simply a call for assistance in returning to the Real of Love, the vibration of which now becomes available to humanity, the joy of which becomes your constant feeling.

The magnitude of the blessing and your ability to hold the resonance of Real Love in all its power shall grant to you an experience of Love in which the whole of humankind consciously lives within your heart. Every moment is drenched in Love and Love responds to every call to live the truth.

So as you feel this activation of the power of Creation that is the truth of your being, beloved ones, stay in your hearts and feel the truth of what is happening. Every pulse of Love that comes is, indeed, the heart communion of the one heart of humankind. Every breath is a conversation. Every heart beat is a pulse and the direction of Love until truly, each time you view another person, you will feel that you are viewing yourself.

Any call for assistance in living this activation is a call from a cell in your very own heart. The response, dear ones, is instant and lives through you. It lives as you, as the exploding perfection of Love that, yes, will be reflected in the symbols of a shared world. It lives as you in the experience of crystalline Light pulsing in the heart of the Earth, in the experience of the awakening to Love that gives every person access to unity as consciousness and as the heart of God I Am as humanity.

Sharing this time with others is perfect and important, for each of you serves to amplify this Love as your hearts resonate together. You pass the explosion of living Light that comes from Love’s acknowledgement heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart. It indeed is amplified, and the vibrational resonance is brought into alignment with that which already exists as the amazing heart of humankind.

From this date, from this moment that brings to you this period of the culmination of time, your every perception shall be through the heart, in the full conscious acknowledgement that every human being is part of who you are. You will always love yourself by loving every part of your heart and responding as the open heart of pure Love to every need for realignment with the experience that there is only consciousness and Love, and both are based in the truth of only Love, available at last as you.

All separation is ending, including the separation from the truth of your grand and endless being. Including the separation between your “higher self,” and the self you experience as a human being… Including also, beloved ones, Spirit and body, for you are coming to the place where everything must be acknowledged as the expression of the movement of Love and consciousness…

The world is, in truth, within you but for the mind to see it, to understand what is occurring, it is necessary to experience it as coming from your heart into view, that you might live your consciousness as an experience of time and moving beyond it.

As you open to this date, rejoice in all the celebrations and come into this shared dream of the awakening of humanity. Come into the presence of those who, like you, are ready to surrender every old heart’s belief in other than Love.

Invite the Moment of Creation to astound you with the reality of your very own perfect creation as you come into being, joyously, to receive your life directly from Me and to glory in the acknowledgement that you are both the power of Love and the heart of God. You are the recipient of My joy in your perfection as we celebrate “both/and” – everything as the experience of Love celebrating itself and expanding.

So what you feel, beloved ones, on this date is that which has ever been the truth of your being. What you experience as this blaze of pure Light coming alive within you and radiating is your own ignition of consciousness, your own birth as the pure heart of God. It is your own ability to be this experience daily, hourly, moment-to-moment, so that which lives within as the Moment of Creation “en-conscious-ed” as you can now be expressed as the world, as the activation of the crystal grid and the powerful pulsations of Love that precede it.

You don’t have to do anything except come into the silence. Come into My presence in humble communion that the knee of the ego might bend, that the Light may penetrate all illusion and the Moment of Creation be experienced.

Dearest ones, as it is, you recognize the Now Moment, the birth of Love that creates the world and creates it perfectly. Your every experience is blessed and your heart is not only magnetic but fully attuned to the Reality of God awakening that forever occurs as Creation is made manifest in you as the power and the beauty of Love.

Celebrate your own heart, and as you do, feel the powerful blaze of Light that bursts forth from the center of your being to ignite all hearts of humanity and to bring illumination into the world. That which is perceived as outside of you is at last brought back in and returned to the center, to the Love, to the Moment of Creation, and all life says “Amen.”

Transformation of Earth

"Beloved one, separated ego loves to come on stage and remind you of what the belief has been. Take that to heart: has been. But there has been a shift in your understanding, your perspective, and in the collective consciousness a shift that is making it possible—not only possible, but probable—that in this year with your holy days there will be an awakening where you feel truly unburdened by all of the cares of the world and truly able to go with joy in your heart and light in the footsteps." - Jeshua's daily message (channelled throuh Jayem, www.wayofmastery.com).

Wake up Call: Horus
20 December 2011
We look into your eyes and we see the sun. We look into your hearts and we feel your warmth. We look into your souls and we see eternity. We look into your Spirit and we see Ourselves, all of Us.
It is that time again dear ones when we are counting the days before the lunge into the New Year. We see that there is a coming time when there will be changes forthcoming on earth that will break all records and enable people from all walks of life, and all belief systems to see their world from a whole new perspective. There will come a time when all people on earth will be able to see what is around them with a brighter sense of truth. When that happens be ready for the turmoil that will bubble over the top of the pot and slide down the sides to cleanse the dirt that has accumulated over the evolvement of life on the planet.
I speak of all aspects of life, from the animals, to the plant life, from humans to the visiting insects, from all of the features of this great body of Gaia as is related to all of the universe. The transformation of earth and all upon and within it is to begin a whole new revolution, one of peace and joy, love and freedom. As the echoes of the changes die down, and we all hear the music that is ever-present coming from the hearts and souls of all existence, it will be a natural state of being that is expressed by all, not only on this planet and within it, but by all of the universe. It will be fine-tuned to be able to listen to anything that is transmitted through the airwaves. It will be through the choice of those who are able to ‘know’ the menu that is offered.
For now dear ones we see that you are entering into a period that will bring about the necessary upheaval that will be very short-lived. With this period there will be protection from our family out in the cosmos, and from within the earth. I Horus will be amoung those who will be coming forth to assist you all to the cleaning that is to take place on your home planet. We will be able to walk with you and see what it is that needs to be addressed. There is to be a fine-tuning that will bring a new energy to the daily life of all of you. When that takes place you will see more and more how you have been prepared for the coming transition to a new way of being that opens you all up to the inner guidance in your daily lives. It will be a matter of living what you know to be truth, and sharing in that knowledge in every moment of every day.
We see you now entering into the transition of the governments, financial systems, recreational ways of life, and the societal changes that will all reflect the newness of how you will be relating to each other and the life that you create. It is to be a fantastic measure of your ability to create anything you desire according to your inner strengths and the love through which you express.
So, hold on to your hats; take the changes in stride. Know that when the dust settles those who choose to remain on the surface will combine their efforts and begin the journey through the regeneration of home on earth with family all around. We from Inner and Hollow earth will be with you. We will give you all of the assistance and encouragement that you may ask for at the beginning. Then when you are able to see what it is that you have forgotten, you will walk with us in full recognition of that which is within your own knowledge for the restoration of life in the peacefulness and joy of being one with all of existence.
I leave you all to your day, and I watch and play alongside you as you take your desire for fun and joy into the new way of being. Peace is with you. Ring out the bells of celebration, for it is time for the new way of being.
Thank you dear Horus,
Love, Nancy Tate

A Call to Action and a Return to Love and Reason

December Solstice 2011 and New Year's 2012 Message from Saint-Germain

Channeled through Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack

I AM Saint-Germain. The December Solstice, 2011 and the New Year, 2012 will arrive with energies that are intense and sometimes chaotic. They will unfold quickly toward the March Equinox, and then continue throughout the year. Our advice for now is to expect the unexpected, but to fear nothing.

Agitation will be common in the coming year, but you are reminded to remain calm. Conflicts, as well as negotiations will be difficult for awhile, so remember not to collapse into fear or worry. Stay connected to the feeling of joy that is present in every moment of your life, and all will be well. Embrace these energies and use them constructively. Let your wisdom and maturity guide you. Do not fight against them impulsively or react in haste.

Rash actions will only confirm your mistaken belief that there is something wrong with the world, when fundamentally there is not. In error, you will seek to blame each other for your problems, rather than find workable solutions together. The energies that are entering your lives now are ones of expansion and liberation, not chaos and confusion, as they will appear to be. Allow them to transform into this higher expression, and you will soon see that this is so. Trust your Inner Guidance in this.

Remember that a shift in awareness often appears destructive and chaotic to the existing order of things. This is why the stabilization and transmission of awareness requires patience, tolerance and care. You are asked to avoid excessive haste in this, and to keep your hearts open to the Love that permeates all things.

The Wheel of Transformation.

During the December Solstice and into the New Year of 2012, major transformation will continue to take place on Earth. Each phase of transformation that you have undertaken in recent years has built on previous ones – and what you have established this past year will certainly carry forward into the next one. But now, as you go into the New Year, there will be a strong infusion of intense and expansive energies that will assist you in a global awakening of awareness. This shift is for the betterment of all, although it will not always seem this way.

Remember that in addition to the personal goals that you have set for yourselves, your collective task at this time is to offer love and reason to a world that has forgotten how to do this. As you demonstrate your readiness to step forward, your Soul will give you opportunies to serve. Remember that you are always encouraged to live your life with Soul purpose and conviction.

In the coming times, you will be called insistently to take a position. You can't stand to one side any more, because the energies are shifting too often and abruptly. You will need to participate in what is happening and maintain a your equilibrium in this. You will be asked to declare your position, to move ahead with courage, and to take appropriate, but not impulsive action – trusting that you will see positive results as you hold your course.

As you move through the New Year, you and many others may feel the temptation to act impulsively, and even ruthlessly, to satisfy your needs and ambitions. And while it is true that the constraints to acting are being lifted now, you should remain calm, present, conscious, and conscientious. It is important to take one step at a time, rather than to try to do everything at once.

The wheel of transformation is turning on Earth – and the New Year will certainly bring more of this. Yet, the December Solstice invites you to bring balanced, harmonious change into your life, and the wise use of power and authority that assists others, even as it benefits you. You are invited to use self-discipline and personal mastery to attain your goals, rather than to follow your impulses. As I said before, a shift in consciousness – just like a change in your circumstances, can come in an instant. But consolidating and stabilizing such changes does not happen so quickly. There is no need to rush.

Patience and tolerance is the key here. It will save you time in the end, because you will not have to start all over again. Why repeat history, when you can author your own story, instead? That's why you are called to understand the limited but real possiblities available for transformation at this time, and then use intelligent action as you advance – to act in the spirit of forward movement, but use self-control and inner restraint when necessary.

Don't get lost in activities that dissipate or waste your energies, or confuse your mind. Stay on track, and stay clear. Bring clarity into your life, when everything else is chaotic, and you can’t go wrong.

Misery Loves Company?

As the year winds down, you are invited to work with the energies of harmony and balance in the midst of change. Maintain your sense of equilibrium, even as you move forward into the New Year, 2012 and remember that effective action is always birthed in stillness.

When it is time to act, you will feel this from inside. You will be guided by your Soul in this, and you will receive assistance from your spirit guides and helpers, too. You will not have to force anything. There is no need to yield to impulse or chaos, or to fall prey to apocalyptic thinking or rumors of darkness. Until then, remember that we are supporting you, and sometimes nudging you forward. Remember to smile often and to keep a resilient attitude, dear friends.

With the intensity of the current transformations, many will fall into chaotic thinking. Yes, soon you will encounter many who will “muddy the waters” for everyone else. They will fuss, they will complain, and they will draw attention to themselves. They will find fault with everyone and everything, yet propose nothing in return. They will hold to the status quo and fail to recognize the need for change that is arising from within them. Instead, they will fear the changes they are called to make, and regard this as a descent into chaos, madness and misery.

As the saying goes, “misery loves company” and they will certainly seek your company there. That is why you are encouraged to offer compassion when it feels appropriate to you, but to do this with a healthy dose of emotional detachment and intellectual disinterest. Avoid anything that drains you.

Your role in the coming days is to maintain your clarity of mind and will-to-goodness, to practice tolerance, and to trust that the changes taking place are for everyone's highest good. Stay present and and move forward, without falling into the chaos that others generate. When you do this, you will offer others a point of reference that will help them find their higher ground, rather than drag you down where they are.

So, in the turbulent and chaotic times that are coming to others, remember to maintain your inner balance, your sense of compassion, and your presence of mind. These are the best things that you can offer the world and yourself at this time.

A Call to Action and a Return to Love and Reason.

As the December Solstice and New Year’s energies arrive, you will feel that you are starting to speed ahead again. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't pause and reflect, as you begin this transition. You should. It only means that the momentum you are gaining now, is the new freedom that is entering your life in areas where you felt constrained before.

The coming year will ask you to find this freedom through focus and self-discipline, rather than in haste and waste; and to plan your progress in managable steps. Do not throw away your opportunities through impulsive behavior, or by submitting to the chaos of those around you. You are here to work in a positive way with the changes that are coming. Not to fear or resist them because they ask you to do things differently.

If you are feeling stuck and don't know how to move forward, don’t be hard on yourselves now. Just remember to find harmony and balance in the changes that are coming. This attitude toward your life will make it possible for you to use much less energy as you move ahead, and to make decisions that favor your growth in awareness without offering much resistance.

As you move into the New Year, 2012, the changes that are coming will require a lot of your attention. Do not fear them. Simply accept what is offered, if it feels right to you. Remember that the opportunities your Soul brings you are always for your highest good. This is how the Universe works. Change is always a call to action, and a return to love and reason. Trust this, and it shall be so.

Indeed, I AM Saint-Germain, and you are dearly loved, my friends.  

Matthew on 2012

Channelled through Suzanne Ward

4 January 2012


3. The vast majority of your populace has no idea whatsoever about those energy extremes [the purposeful activity of the light forces and the frenzy of the dark ones]. They see your world as tumultuous, and their thoughts range from despair to guarded optimism about short- and long-term outcomes. The outlook of many is heavily influenced by your analysts—individuals you consider experts in their fields of economics, national affairs, foreign relations, military readiness, electoral processes or religious ideologies—and their predictions of the future are based on recorded history. Nothing in your history applies even to this day at hand!
4. Therefore, neither the masses nor the analysts have the proper knowledge to assess what is to come, much less the scope and speed of changes, as this unprecedented era in the universe continues to unfold. They don't know what you know: At the end of this magical year 2012, Earth will be at the threshold of fourth density, where nothing with the low vibrations of darkness can enter.
5. That is why the months ahead will be challenging to lightworkers. You will be dealing with others' confusion and anxieties as monumental changes come one on top of another, with little respite for people to assimilate and adjust to any. As way-showers, simply by BEING who you are will impart a sense of calmness and confidence to persons around you, and those who are interested in hearing what you know can share your exhilaration about what is transpiring.

16. There will be no mass exodus, but rather throughout the year greater numbers of people will be dying than heretofore, and it is likely that among them will be members of your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors. If they are especially dear to you, be comforted in knowing that along the ascension pathway through fourth density into fifth, there will be joyful physical reunions between souls on the planet and those in Nirvana.
17. With that, we return to the assurance that all darkness on the planet will be gone a year from now: The people who still are on Earth then will be light-filled, unified in peace and mutual respect, and life will be in harmony with Nature.
18. On-site and off-planet assistance of our universal family members is another factor that will enable dramatic changes to be accomplished swiftly. Their technologies and the emergence of your own that the Illuminati have kept hidden will eliminate all forms of pollution; hasten environmental recovery; produce an abundance of nutritious food; end disease; moderate the climate globally; introduce new forms of power, transportation, building materials and healing modalities. None of those benefits will reach its zenith within this year—once living in the Golden Age, you will continue to expand in consciousness and manifestation capabilities—but between this day and the end of December, progress in those aforementioned areas will astound you. 

37. Our beloved brothers and sisters, look forward with exaltation to this dynamic year when truths and changes will be coming lickety-split. You are surrounded by unseen helpers, and other lighted souls throughout the universe also are showering you with love and respect— never before in this universe has anything been as momentous as the world you are co-creating!

2012: The Year of the Water Dragon

A New Wave of Light

A Message from Sananda

Channelled through Christopher Sell

27 January 2012

You are entering a new wave of light this Spring. You might already be feeling it begin. It is a powerful one, in the series of waves that began several years ago and will continue for approximately the next three decades. These waves are designed to lift humanity into a new state of consciousness.

You can open to receive this light into your life by choosing to experience more joy. For that choice creates a pathway by which the light may enter your reality. It comes first to your light body, which by its nature is highly magnetic to the incoming light. Indeed we might say that it is your light that has called this wave of light into your world.

From your light body it begins to influence your etheric body, which is where non-physical energies begin to enter physical reality. Your choice of joy relaxes the etheric body and makes it more able to absorb the gifts the light brings to you. Within the etheric body are nodes or growth points where light has been held in store for you. Your choice of joy guides the incoming light to these nodes.

Within this wave of light are new frequency patterns that have not been present on earth before. They activate the gifts you have stored within the nodes of the etheric body. These are the gifts of a new consciousness from which you come to a greater knowing of your own divine essence. You access these gifts through the heart centre above all. The choice of joy creates the pathway by which this light may come to your heart and through your heart to all the world.

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    Egyptian Quote of the Year

    "I arise on wings of aspiration to Thee, O Isis. Come, descend from above, arise from below, expand from within—and fill me, Goddess. From the rising bud of the lotus, to the mighty branch of the sycamore, to the Moon and Sun which are Thine eyes, to the Stars which entwine Thy hair, all the Universe is Thine, Isis—as am I. O Isis, Goddess, Mother, Sister, Queen—the Ways are open unto Thee—I am open unto Thee"

    ~ Ancient Hermetic Prayer

    St Germain

    "Turn your eyes away from fear. Discontinue the conversations of fear if you choose to embrace the fullness of your heart"

    through Ashamarae, 2009

    "If you focus on the sweeter things of life, that's exactly what you're going to get out of life" - St Germain

    through Ashamarae, 2009, AFW

    “A light heart is a magnet for all that you love”

    through Ashamarae, July 2009

    "Alchemy is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realised man who, having sought, has found himself to be one with God and is willing to play his part." - Beloved Saint Germain




    "The Eternal Feminine
    Draws us heavenward."
    ~ Goethe




    "In the quiet moments of our lives lie courage. In the everyday steps we take is courage. In love is courage. In being different dwells courage. In the cry against injustice lives courage. In the stepping up to responsibility lies courage. In reaching out to others is courage. If I've learned anything about courage and intuition it is that they demand that we live in the moment without preconceptions of how life should be." ~ Judith Orloff


    “God is not far away from us, but we are far away from God, and the only reason is our insensitivity.” – Osho

    “My whole teaching consists of two words, meditation and love. Meditate so that you canfeel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, if you can move without any effort, you have learned the greatest thing in life.” – Osho (Come, Come, Yet Again Come).

    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

    "The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears." - Osho

    “Whatsoever you are, there is nothing wrong with it. Love and relationship has not to be destroyed; only meditation has to be added to it.” - Osho

    "The head is a marketplace, the heart is the shrine of being. All that is beautiful and true arises out of the heart, never out of the head." - Osho

    “I do not ordinarily make prophecies, but about this I am absolutely prophetic: the coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational, and more and more mystical. The second thing: After a hundred years people will be perfectly able to understand why I was misunderstood — because I am the beginning of the mystical, the irrational. I am a discontinuity with the past. The past cannot understand me; only the future will understand. The past can only condemn me. It cannot understand me, it cannot answer me, it cannot argue with me; it can only condemn me. Only the future…as man becomes more and more available to the mysterious, to the meaningless yet significant…After a hundred years they will understand. Because the more man becomes aware of the mysterious side of life, the less he is political; the less he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian; the less is the possibility for his being a fanatic. A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual, because only with freedom can this garden of humanity be a rich place.” – Osho (The Osho Upanishad).


    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." ~ Laozi

    "All the fish needs is to get lost in water. All man needs is to get lost in Tao." ~ Chuang-Tzu

     "There are many paths to enlightenment.
    Be sure to take the one with a heart."
    ~ Laozi

    “Giving to others selflessly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.” ~ Laozi.

    Laughing Owl


     is the best cocktail
    (St Germain)

    “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



    Love is

    Love is all

    Love is all there is

    Love is all

    Love is



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