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Karen Hudes Interview

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Global Reset

“We don’t know if Greece’s new government can turn around the country’s economy during the loan extension period, but it is most unlikely. The severity of that economic situation and other nations’ similar woes are a necessary prelude to ushering in a new global economic system. The current rampantly corrupt system, designed and manipulated by Illuminati, has to collapse to make way for the new that is based on precious metals. Behind-the-scenes progress is being made to bring this to fruition in a transitional process that will minimise the likelihood of chaos.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 26 March 2015,


 Secret History Revealed

Money for Free

"While the European-American-Japanese economic model continues to go bust in real time, the BRICS Alliance is at the very least setting itself up for a future boom. Clearly the trajectories of the BRICS nations are poised to shoot toward the stars, as the Western powers are precariously plunging toward an unprecedented 'crash and burn.' Ironically, it is only through the cooperation and collaboration with the BRICS allied nations, and especially Russia, that the Eurozone and American sphere of influence can be saved from almost certain economic collapse and financial breakdown." (Secret History Revealed,' 5 November 2014,


Karen Hudes Interview

With Ron Van Dyke, 14 November 2013

“There is a German lawyer [and banker with UBS], Wolfgang Struck, who has been living in the Philippines and he is the person who is the authorised signatory over the collateral account. It was put together by Ferdinand Marcos and it is a conglomeration of the world’s gold and jewels and art treasures. It’s been collected since the colonial times. It’s got roughly four times more precious metals in it than the World Gold Council reports. It’s about 6-700,000 metric tons. Yes, you heard me correctly. And I can tell you that 170,500 metric tons is on deposit in the Bank of Hawaii. That is intended for the United States. It’s to underpin the currency that the United States Treasury Department should issue U.S. dollars. This is what John F. Kennedy was trying to do. And he had signed an agreement called the Green Hilton Agreement and was killed ten days after that. And the reason that people were not happy – when I say people, I don’t mean the world’s people; the world’s people would have wanted this very much. By the way, Lincoln was also doing the same exact thing which is to say have the Treasury Department issue the currency for the United States Government [the U.S. Debt]. And that means that you don’t have to pay interest on the country’s debt. That’s just an arrangement that the bankers have put in place, that started in 1913. Wilson put that in place for us. And he realised on his deathbed what a terrible thing he had done to the United States people for that. And the people behind that…put a lot of blame on the bankers.

What you have in the Constitution is that the States are allowed to recognise gold and silver precious metals as legal tender…The current currency system was invented by bankers who wanted to control people. The current bankers [the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others who own the Federal Reserve Bank]…are Knights of Malta accountants of the Jesuits. It’s the Jesuits who are behind this money system and have put it in place for the world’s people. And it is the Jesuits who are trying to prevent people from taking the gold of which they are the beneficiaries.

This trust was put together by Ferdinand Marcos [she says royalty have been putting their gold into this collateral account]…Queen Victoria had a twin brother. And this twin brother was autistic or something. In any event, the Court thought he would not make a good king. And so they sent him off to the Philippines. And he then went around the world having illegitimate children, one after the other. And these illegitimate children have played very large roles including one of them who was called Yamashita. This man collected gold. And it all ended up in one collateral account. And much of this gold, about 400,000 metric tons, is on deposit in banks all over the world. Including 12,000 metric tons which is in Japan.

And what we are doing today is we are trying to get the Japanese Government to take possession in the bank of Tokyo of this gold and to use that for their currency. And what happened was when Yamashita and the other people were collecting the gold [from Asia and South Asia], they didn’t just steal the gold, they gave bonds. Ad these bonds, some of them carried interest, they’re now due. And so all of these bankers that have been charging countries interest on their debt, they’ve given huge I.O.U.s that they owe. So you can just change the outstanding money that the countries owe on their debt for these bonds. So, it cancels it out. And what I’ve said to the Japanese Government is whatever’s left over, after we’ve cancelled out what the bankers owe you – for what you owe the bankers – whatever’s left, we can talk about rescheduling across the world. You know, we’re going to have a mass rescheduling. People talk about debt forgiveness. We don’t have to have debt forgiveness. We can have debt cancellation. And don’t forget there’s been interest that’s been due. So there’s a huge accounting exercise which needs to take place. People need to know about it and people need to demand it. That’s all. It’s really very simple. It’s not a huge, insoluble problem. People are not allowed to get their social security because we’re in such debt. That’s not the case at all. It’s really very simple. It’s good news that the bankers don’t want you to know about – or the Vatican, or the Jesuits.

US Economy to be cleaned up

“There’s a whole group of sheriffs who want our constitution back. And one of them is a Marshall of environment. And he’s willing to be a counter party. It’s a very gutsy thing to do. but he’s willing to do that so I’m in the process of preparing the paperwork and having him sign it and I’ve told all of the Congress that’s refused to give the citizens their constitutional convention. You know, I think everybody in this country is going to be given a fait accompli because this guy – his name is Tom Murphy – is willing to sign this paper. And the man who’s got the authority over the collateral accounts – Wolfgang Struck – is willing to sign it. So we will have three – I’ll prepare the documents, they will sign it and we will have a clean currency. And then it’s going to be up to the people in your audience, your listeners, to say, ’Yes, we back that. We like that agreement. There’s no reason why we’re not entitled to that agreement. We are entitled to that agreement. That’s where we are. So, in a day, it’s going to really happen. And you people had better really back us up. We’re counting on you…

Yes it is! It is [going to happen overnight], I’m telling you. I have the legal authority to write that agreement. The person who’s got the legal authority to commit those funds is signing it and the Marshall of Environment, Tom Murphy, is countersigning it on our behalf. And it is as legal as it gets. And the only way to enforce that is if you people believe that we are authorised. And I’m telling you we are. If you doubt it, I’ll show you the paperwork. It’s just a matter of believing it. It’s absolutely ironclad. It is.”

World Trusts

Hudes says that she has been hearing about the global trust account, the St. Germain world trust and other world trusts “that were put in place a few centuries ago to bless the world” being released since 2001 and it still hasn’t happened. She adds that she thinks St. Germain and Swiss Indo are misinformation there to make it hard to verify what’s concretely there and available [or she doesn’t know anything about them].

Interest is added to Federal Reserve notes, transferred to the City of London and then forwarded onto the Vatican, says Karen Hudes, Acting General Council, World Bank.

Updates 2015

Updates 2016

BRICS Update 30 April 2016. Benjamin Fulford: White Dragon Society Facebook group

“That return is currently in the works when the BRICS Asian International Investment Bank goes full throttle at the end of May. By October, all Rothschild bank holdings in the west are scheduled to be zeroed out. The US Fed Res Note will die too, but at least we get our republic back and money supply will be US Treasury controlled again...and all debt we owe is to China and Japan. Putin and the Chinese elders are tired of fooling with them...Yep. But Putin has turned his back on them. Russia has not owed the Rothschilds anything since 2006 after Russia rebuilding. Soros is a Rot agent too. Russia established bilateral agreements with China to exchange oil for gold to be converted to the value of their national money system. China chooses what they accept or reject because they will control the financial component of the AIIB. The US res note will be toilet paper and the US will turn to the gold backed financial market.” – Joe Dukes.

6 May 2016

Is it Swiss Indo 5D or Swiss Cheese Endo 4D?

9 July 2016

Apparently, when the UK became the first major Western country to join China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) last March, we actually joined BRICS as well. This is not the official line of course and the public are still generally unaware of BRICS, not to mention the fact that the network is really comprised of more than 180 countries. I have been told that David Cameron and Boris Johnson were told to step down because their job's done. As members of the old Establishment they were required to participate in the transition. The rug has been pulled from under their feet. The EU Referendum in the UK would have been rigged if it were not for the fact the Light has now taken the helm. England voted strongly for Brexit, by 53.4% to 46.6%, as did Wales, with Leave getting 52.5% of the vote and Remain 47.5%. So Brexit was allowed to go ahead as planned. France, Germany and Italy will all follow suit. And that's that. The Zionist Corporate Elite who continue to control the United States are being shoved aside. Their turn will come.

Channeller Bill Ballard explains Brexit in relation to the global awakening


FINALLY! First Senior Bankers on the Planet Responsible for 2008 Collapse Jailed

'Beijing Opera' by Yuehui Tang of Shenzhen, China

Global Reset

Excerpt from a message by Matthew

Channelled through Suzanne Ward, 20 April 2016

We begin by addressing the issue that most of your expressed concerns pertain to, global reset. What is its purpose, who is behind it, and how will it affect your bank accounts and investments? While we have not used the more recently-coined term, ‘global reset,’ several years ago we started talking about what it is - the changeover from your current monetary system, which has no foundation whatsoever, to a system based on precious metals. The transition process will be handled as smoothly as possible to minimize disruption in financial services and anyone whose money has been honestly earned and invested need have no concerns.   

Whoever sets the rules for the world’s banking and lending institutions and interest rates controls the economy. After individuals in Bavaria who felt superior to the masses designated themselves ‘the Illuminati’ and subsequently expanded their influence in all directions, that secret society has applied their rules worldwide. They did so with ease, as long before they came on the scene, the stage had been set by a few rich and powerful families whose greed, ingenuity and ruthlessness gave them economic control.   

Global reset is a significant step toward ending that centuries-long control. Although the term is not used, its purpose - to stabilise the global economy by putting all currencies on the gold standard - is one of several provisions in NESARA, the acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act that was written by some of Earth’s Golden Age master planners in collaboration with evolved residents of Earth. Even today relatively few people are aware of this United States legislation signed by President Bill Clinton in 2000 because those who knew about it were bound by a ‘gag order’ that he and other Illuminati members of the government imposed.

After the Act became publicized to some extent via dissemination of information transmitted by off-planet sources to their receivers, the government set up a disinformation Web site - National Economic Stabilization [later changed to Security] and Recovery Act - and incorrect information about NESARA was circulated to mislead people who had heard about it. Never has it been an investment program, nor does it include the delivery of ‘prosperity packages,’ depositing millions of dollars in bank accounts or cancelling legitimate debts.

The authentic NESARA was to be announced worldwide and go into effect 12 September 2001. To prevent that world-changing event, President George W. Bush and his Illuminati colleagues ordered the infamous betrayal of their country commonly known as ‘9/11.’ That also let them move forward on their pre-planned invasion of Iraq under the ‘war on terror’ banner.

It would be natural to wonder why a program that has monumental global ramifications began with legislation in the United States. First, NESARA’s provisions had to be framed within your laws; otherwise, it would be a matter of souls from other civilisations imposing their ideas upon the people of Earth, and universal laws prohibit that kind of interference even when it is in the people’s best interests.

Second, it was imperative that the profound changes the Act contains be implemented first in the United States because it was the most Illuminati-ridden and the most powerful nation in your world. Although the latter status now shares the spotlight, that government’s actions still heavily influence what happens in many other countries. And it was necessary to act on NESARA’s provision that changes the United States’ corporate status that had been surreptitiously set up by the Illuminati to a republic, as was intended by the colonists who waged the war for independence.

The Act’s primary economic thrust is something that could not be spelled out in any legislation: legally obtaining the vast wealth that has been illegally and immorally amassed by the Illuminati and using those funds to eliminate impoverishment, which, by and large, is of their creating. Let us cite an example that you may remember from previous messages. The hurricane that devastated Haiti was caused by the Illuminati’s weather control technology; after the storm subsided, former US presidents Bush and Clinton went there to divert into their own pockets the monies donated for aid and reconstruction. As for the people of Haiti, these six years later they still are living in unsanitary, substandard conditions just as before the hurricane hit, and many residences are makeshift hovels amidst the rubble of destroyed communities.  

The unconscionable disparity between the haves and the have-nots in your world caused an imbalance in Earth’s energy field that must be remedied, and other NESARA provisions also are designed to do that. They cancel debts incurred through IMF loans; end usurious interest rates; topple the privately-owned Federal Reserve System, whose tentacles span the globe, and its collection agency, the IRS; and end the currency trading that has enabled the Illuminati to reap fortunes, and that is where global reset fits in. 

Recently a reader wrote: ‘I remember last year, or the year before...he [Matthew] said we wouldn’t get the global money exchange till 2017.’  That is a considerable misinterpretation of what we said:  

     That said, we happily tell you that the decade of delay in your society’s advancement will end in your year 2017, a most propitious timeframe indeed with a celestial window similar to the one during the December 2012 solstice that eased Earth into fourth density. [23 September 2014]

After that message went out, numerous readers had questions about that statement, and we want to mention one: Do you mean that no important developments can happen until the end of 2017? Dear brothers and sisters, important developments have been happening ever since Earth embarked on her ascension course 80-some years ago! However, it is likely that the first development to be unmistakably obvious to your whole world will be global reset. This complex process requires the cooperation of a large number of national leaders, and, with ever-rising vibrations, their agreement to proceed could come this year. If not that soon, please don’t be disappointed - an honest, secure foundation for your global economy is on the near horizon.

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