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 All of the world's wealth was confiscated by the Federal Reserve earlier in the last century and now there is a network of 188+ countries that are backing the movement to remove the Elite from power and implement a new global economy which promises that all peoples shall prosper through cooperation even though some 'truthers' continue to claim that the plot for a one-world government of control is succeeding



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"Yeah I appreciate the skepticism. That's fine. Just be open to the possibility is all I'm saying. It's agenda-based attacks I don't trust. They are motivated by fear. You have to have followed what these channelled messages and people like Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, Dr. Steven Greer and Rayelan Allen have been reporting and implying over the months and years to catch glimpses of what's been happening behind the scenes, which the corporate-controlled media don't want people to see and which needed to be kept secret for the most part to stay ahead in the game. All people like me are saying is, 'Look, this other world of information and prosperity is surfacing and starting to go online now so get ready for the changes. Or at least don't be shocked if the mainstream media turns your world upside down when those who control it are removed and these kinds of truths which are outside the box become the staple diet for everyone across the globe because this is REAL news.'" - Antraeus (a comment I posted in a group regarding the video I posted, 2 January 2012). 

"The Federal Reserve confiscated all the Asian gold and outlawed other gold in the 30s so they could create dollars out of thin air and be even richer than they were so that humanity would simply exist to feed their wealth and power hence this planet is little more than a prison system at the moment but only someone who loves their freedom could really see that. Getting rid of the Fed Reserve would mean a new global economy would come online which is based on gold. Instead of serving the interests of 300 families and a bunch of corporations (cartel) wealth would be distributed more fairly and abundantly with emphasis initially on raising the standard of living in Third World countries whose gold has been rendered worthless by the Fed. Gaddafi wanted an African gold dinar and to share the wealth (gold) in Libya with the people hence one reason he was 'put out of business.' There are factions that have been working towards this change for decades and now our space family is overseeing this and ensuring that the new system serves humanity and not those in power whose job is to serve the whole because we are now entering (or have just entered) the community of Light, the Galactic Federation. The old world is no more. Our space family have met with government leaders around the world since the 50s or 60s and none of them agreed to give up power and serve the people, redistribute wealth, supply free energy and advanced technologies, disband the CIA etc, release UFO docs and announce Disclosure. Except those that were assassinated like JFK. And the faction(s) that did listen and have been working as the Galactic Fed's allies on Earth. Truth is not stranger than fiction for those with an open mind. It makes a lot more sense. Lol." - Antraeus (another comment I posted in a group regarding the same video, 10 January 2012).

Q: What might we expect as far as the economic conditions of the planet are to be?

H: You can find a significant change in the first few months, possibly two. There will be a major shifting of that energy. Once the downfall, if you want to call it that, begins it will have no recourse but to complete. However that does not mean that the world would be in chaos that means one door closes and another one is ready to open. When you look at the ending of, or the resolution of anything that is not in harmony with love, peace and joy then you know that it is inevitable that that which is based in fear cannot survive in these rising energies. It will be the most peaceful, possible way of resolving that energy based in fear. It depends on how much resistance is garnered by those who insist on staying in that comfort zone of fear. However it cannot overcome the peacefulness that is being created by so many on this planet right now.

- Horus (channelled through Nancy Tate, 21 December 2011,


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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

SaLuSa 18 April 2011

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The G5′s new fake dollars and Euros are not being accepted as legal tender outside the G5

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“In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats.” (English Proverb).

Miscellaneous Quotes

"The first major step towards achieving true world peace, and one of the most important pinnacles in the evolution of mankind, is to shift peoples’ perception of how they view wealth. If we can change the way consumers place value on material versus spiritual wealth, we can demolish the media. We can make the government work for us. We can have Big Business serving the vested interests of the people and we can put a halt to advertising puffery, toxic chemicals in our medicines and foods, wars, violence, and corruption. Peacemakers come from all trades. We can be and will be self-sufficient. It starts now. We far outweigh those setting the rules and limitations." - Suzy Kassem (

“Mother, thank you, and now moving on: In what can we invest our time and money to help bring about a new economy and financial system? The global economy is like everything else in your world, a product of the myriad thought forms about it. Just as positive thoughts and actions beneficially affect the outcome of any other situation, they also are effective in helping to bring about economic reforms.

Spiritually and pragmatically, the best way to invest your money is helping those who are struggling due to loss of employment, income or homes, or to illness or other dire hardship. The universal law of attraction will bring back to you tenfold what you give from the heart.

As for investing time, along with actively assisting people in need, we offer two suggestions for energy direction. Trust that today's situation will be resolved by people with wisdom and spiritual integrity will be rewarded by the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to create the solution. Abundance is commonly considered as a lot of money and possessions. Those false measurements of a person's worth will be changing and so will your concept of abundance. To help create a world of true abundance for all, visualize crowds of people radiating health and happiness, and your world with clear skies and pure water in rivers, ponds, oceans; expanses of golden grain; trees laden with ripening fruit; vast gardens filled with vegetables, verdant pastures, and parks with vibrant flowers; all kinds of animals grazing and meandering among the people. And KNOW that the wondrous world of abundance in your visions already IS!”

– Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 11 January 2010,


“A frequently questioned topic can be summed up as one reader wrote: "What will happen to my money under a new system?" Honestly earned income in bank accounts and various investments will not be adversely affected when the global monetary system based on precious metals is implemented. However, even with widely publicized explanations preceding the changeover, probably a brief period of confusion will ensue until all commercial activity is operating smoothly within the new system. The only people who will be affected severely are those in the top ranks of the Illuminati, who have amassed unimaginably vast fortunes by illegal, immoral or tyrannical means. Their holdings—dollar amounts in your "multi-quadrillions"—include banks and other lending institutions; caches of gold, silver, platinum and gems; multinational corporations; land and natural resources; their industry of "illegal" drugs; and art treasures, primarily in the bowels of the Vatican. It is funds from those profit-generating holdings and the gold they have garnered and hoarded that will be brought back into circulation and distributed to eliminate impoverishment worldwide. The drugs will be destroyed and the trove of art treasures, which has been stolen or otherwise unethically accumulated, will be put into national museums and galleries.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 1 February 2012,

“Is the economy really stabilizing or are the Illuminati manipulating that illusion? The global economy, which is a product of smoke and mirrors, to use your term, is irreparable. The foundation of the new system has been slid under the old so that when its collapse comes, the new foundation will be well established. That will enable the transition from the old system to the new to come about without the dam breaking, so to say.
            Customized changes in currency, banking, lending, taxes, commerce and investing will be instituted at a pace to minimize confusion, but debt forgiveness in the case of IMF loans to countries where the money never reached the impoverished masses is an economic priority and so is providing the essentials those many millions require. Remedying your bleak employment, homelessness and refugee situations also are priorities.”

            - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 1 November 2012,


 “When the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service are exposed as wholly-owned Illuminati agencies that have been manipulating economies worldwide, their operations will cease. Then you shall see that the United States’ debt is as fictitious as is your global economy. Long ago the entire economic system became only a whir of wire or computer transactions - trading in stock markets, buying and selling currencies, mortgages from lending institutions, credit card accounts with usurious interest rates. All of that financial activity was designed to keep enriching the wealthy and none of it has had a solid foundation. Ending the Illuminati-devised and controlled network and returning to a monetary basis of precious metals will be handled as smoothly as possible to prevent confusion.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 1 November 2013,

Metatron on the New Economy

Channelled through Tyberonn

‘The Nation of Humanity’


13 September 2011

1st World Nations

Now, there are some that will say that the prominent nations of what you term the 1st world, the financially dominant and powerful, are more like corporations than countries. Corporations based on profits whose residents are treated more as employees than citizens, especially within the United States.

That the gap between the ' haves & have-nots' is growing increasingly wider. There are some that would say that the overall masses of the United States are controlled and manipulated by media, intoxicated by quantity and enslaved by debt. That sovereignty of the individual has been lost. Yet a light still shines, and it is growing brighter. A new generation across the planet are coming into power, and they will quicken the change.

We tell you the time is nearing in which people will awaken to the knowledge that it is not their encumbering debt that ties them to their beliefs, rather their beliefs that manacle them to the repressing burden of debt.

The global economic system will change, but it will not free-fall & crash irreparably in planetary chaos.  To do so in utter chaos would not serve what is to come. Rather it will be forced into change, drastic change, and positive elements will come forward to enable a better way.

The New Earth, the New Humans cannot and will not create a better future by simply discarding the past. The change will come by learning from the past and adjusting in the present, one step at a time. The new Humans in the generations that are coming into power in the next decade will choose a new pattern as a work in progress. A new system of accounting will be established and an innovative economic shift will occur.

And what of the economy?

Look at what has happened in the past 5 years. Dear Ones, spirit is not short of cash. There is a means for all to have abundance. There is requisite for each soul to have the opportunity of life.

And truth cannot be hidden, the shadow is being removed. Manipulation is manipulation, and corruption is corruption even if it is for the short term hidden in shadowed legalities and sham. The current economic system will morph into a different one in time.

A New Economy

White Winged Consciousness of Nine

Channelled through Magenta Pixie

Can you tell me, is there such a thing as a fair economy? An honest money making system where everyone benefits and can this ever be put into action looking at the way the economic situation is today?

There is most definitely such a thing as a fair economy for every type of collective, every type of joint venture, community or structure exists within the multi dimensional quantum field of possibility. Can this actual existence manifest within the physical universe that you exist within in Human form? That which you know as Earth?

We see that this can manifest and indeed the timeline where this manifestation actualises is indeed within your Earth's future. We can see the seeds of this new economy being put into place now. There are those on your planet that have incarnated with the exact mission you speak of B to bring a new economy, a fair money making system into your reality. Many of those with this blueprinted mission have incarnated within the Indigo vibration and have awakened to the reality of this mission in childhood. There are those on your planet who have waited years to put into practise a system they knew could work. Their cellular memories hold the knowing of this working for entire civilisations within other planetary systems.

In order to put this understanding to your perspective we would say to you that there are civilisations living on what you would class as 'other planets' who exist within this exact economy that you describe. An economy where abundance flows in all its of those forms being currency. As everything Ascends to higher frequencies then the need for currency lessens B to the point where manifestation shall bring all you desire. Prior to that point the currency itself changes and the form it takes moves in line with the collective consciousness of the planet.

There are those on your planet that wish for a change in the economic system B a change in the way currency is generated and used B that is based on a power structure of fear frequency emotions such as control & greed. These are the frequencies that are transmuting, changing, crumbling and falling to make way for the new honest economic change that shall be empowered and engineered by those within the Indigo frequency. The Indigo collective has always resisted the power model of corporate control from their very childhood. Their warrior spirits have moved them to a place of searching their cellular memories to find the economic system they know exists B yet from the perspective within your reality they created and designed this system themselves.

Whilst this New Economy is within Earth's nearest future point within the timelines around you B indeed it shall also be created by you. There are those that shall lead others into this New Economy and if you are moving with Ascension frequencies of love, fairness, integrity, honour, trust, truth and creativity you shall naturally be guided into this economy. You are in contact with the higher self structure that is the multi dimensional aspect of you B and that aspect of you, your guides, your Angels, your higher self B shall lead you into synchronistic situations and systems and structures that are in alignment with the frequency you exist within. One of those structures is the New Economy.

Those Indigo individuals that have created this, whilst on one level remain in a position of leader B this is better to be interpreted as Wayshower ‑ for this system is not hierarchical but empowers every individual that steps into that energy.

There is work to be done, collectively, to bring this about. The timeline is there B on one level you flow effortlessly into that timeline & the New Economy manifests with ease. Guided B as if by magic. This is truth. On another level each sovereign individual that walks with the desire for change shall take action to create that change B on that level there is work to be done as you add your energies into the New System and watch the old system of darkness and power fall. This reality exists B this reality is to be created by you B both are true. One can go with the flow and allow it to happen B one takes action and creates it. One does both. In answer to your question is there such a thing as a fair economy? We reply to this in all truth yes there is most definitely such a thing. Can this ever be put into action within your reality? We reply to this in all truth yes it can and it is being put into action. To be part of this New Economy you shall be guided by higher dimensional forces B you shall align with the matching frequency to your own. You shall also take action upon the physical level of existence to create this New Economy and we, the higher dimensional consciousness, the guides of light, shall match your action with guidance, protection and an abundance of love.


The World's Wealth

Excerpt from ‘9/11: The Shocking Truth Laid Bare'

By Lasha Darkmoon

7 September 2004

LASHA  DARKMOON: Forbes magazine, which supplies us regularly with lists of the richest people in the world, makes a point of excluding the very richest: those whose wealth is either beyond computation or public scrutiny. These include the Queen of the Netherlands (the world’s richest woman), the Queen of England, the Queen of Denmark, the Queen of Spain, the Sultan of Brunei, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and the kings of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

Though the wealth of these few individuals, all of them non-Jewish, is enough to feed the starving planet, it is a mere fraction of the wealth of the Jews.

Most of the world’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of the House of Rothschild, with lesser but still vast (undisclosed) amounts in the secret vaults of a few elite Jewish families: the Schiffs, the Wallenbergs, the Oppenheimers, the Morgenthaus, the Goldman-Sachs, the Lehmans and the Guggenheims. The entire wealth of the world has been estimated as $990 trillion. Of this, the lion’s share, roughly $500 trillion, is reported to belong to one dynastic family alone: the Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers (the latter family rumoured to be worth $100 trillion) own between them all the world’s major banks, big corporations, conglomerates and oil companies, apart from huge real estate holdings such as castles, palaces, stately mansions, luxury hotels,  race courses, casinos, exotic holiday resorts and vast tracts of farm land and virgin forest.

Staggering amounts of gold bullion, diamonds, jewellery, rare art, antiquarian books, coins, precious metals and stones clog up their underground vaults. These people have never sight eyes on most of the things they possess. They have never set foot on the land they own. In spite of all their fantastic wealth, they feel desperately poor and insecure; nor can they rest easy in their beds until they own everything — and the rest of mankind is reduced to a condition of abject slavery.

9/11 was a catalysing event for these emperors of opulence. It ushered in a new world order and precipitated a series of catastrophic new wars that would help to create new starving refugees, new impoverished immigrants, and new opportunities for endless exploitation by an essentially hostile Jewish elite.

Wings Post

By Karen Bishop

14 February 2009

As always, we are right on track. Being 'in between' is a natural part of this process, as we have really and truly let go of the old reality and our old rolesYand again, June will be the big moment when everything will come together completely and manifestations will fly around us so easily that we will wonder why it had to take so long to get to this space.

Within the mainstream reality, things are progressing as well. The new planet that is emerging can no longer represent any of the old. Thus, the old has to be tried again and again, or rather, changes proposed need to fail, so that the message can be clear that something very new needs to occur. VERY NEW. Very similar to our President Bush here in the US, fulfilling his role so beautifully by igniting in the masses the desire for something very new, the stumbling around occurring now in an attempt to prop up the old will not at higher levels it was not intended to.

The masses need to receive the message that there is no going back. No saving the old, no holding up the old, and no returning to an older reality of security. Thus, any attempts in this regard will need to fail in order to place the masses in a position where it is accepted that a VERY NEW reality needs to arise, in all ways. A preparation for change that will be severe enough so that this VERY NEW will be the only possible outcome. If the VERY NEW were to arrive first, then many would say that we should have done this or that in order to preserve the old familiar reality. So then, it has been set up this way so that the masses will be able to see, to support, and to get on board will ways very new indeed. This is a preparation period for the masses to be more open to allowing for something very different.

And much change needs to occur. 'Housecleanings' are occurring with regularity now as well. Thus, the old is leaving rapidly indeed. Intolerance for things of a lower vibrating nature are manifesting in the mainstream, as should be. Great change is on the way, as the old is finally being ushered out.

During this time, and it will take a few more years, those who have left the old reality, as their roles of bringing up the vibration are now very over, will find themselves with all needs being met, safe and secure, in a wonderfully happy space of our own individual versions of heaven. This will indeed occur.

Also during this time, we may experience loved ones and animal companions departing, as there has been a big shift and they are then ready to move on. Some may choose to stay and adjust, and others will choose to part. There will be so much new, we will wonder who we are and where we are now residing.

I know of many who are now receiving abundance like never before, even if in strange ways or perhaps because of a service we will soon cease to be providing. We are indeed being protected and sustained. Some souls have volunteered to experience great losses in income and such, in order to be the 'poster children' or proof that there is enough suffering to warrant a change, while others are doing just fine. Everything is right where it needs to be for this very massive transition. We are all doing our part, whatever that part may be.

At times we may feel that we have suffered enoughY(that especially) the past two years have been nearly intolerable and stretched us far too far. And we may even be getting cynical as well. Whenever I have these thoughts, I remember the very young children in Africa who have had limbs severed, been raped, and experienced countless other tragedies and I wonder why I am such a whiner. I really have nothing to whine about, but at times I can really complain. My daughter continually reminds me that things for me are a much bigger ordeal than for others. It is because of the heightened sensitivities and the knowingness of the higher ways of being and reality that are not taking place .I know this is true for many of you as well. And as we evolve higher and higher, it can be increasingly difficult to even go anywhere, as the lower vibrations are near impossible to tolerate.

For sensitives, being hit with a lower vibrating energy can feel downright awful, and those who are not as sensitive may never quite understand. Even with a knowingness and understanding of the whys and necessities, the sensitivities are still there and the feelings and pain can never really be ignored completely.

But as we evolve, we find that we are able to shoulder them more easily, as we fulfill our soul shoes like never before. With the new grounding now occurring for us, we need to be very here now, and especially with our new roles as Earth Angels. Part of our new roles now include an ability to handle and shoulder tragedies for ourselves and others, and still maintain the light and responsibility that we came to provide.

And with more of our ego selves having departed through the natural process of ascension, we are much more able to 'not take things as personally,' to not feel slighted and disrespected, and to move oh more fully into these higher vibrating roles of our souls. We eventually come to know that we no longer belong in realities where individuals are not noticed for whom they are, or are simply not noticed! It is then that we begin finding our own communities of loveYand these communities simply begin with one, then two individuals, and will not grow until the right individuals show up at just the right time.

Yes, we are still in the process of connecting to our new roles and new foundations, but we will all be taken care of, as we are the ones creating this massive shift in the first place. It is not outside of us and we are not victims. This plan and process came from our souls, and we are moving along just fine, even though it may not appear so at times.

This re-connection process is slow as it runs so deep. It runs so deep because we have existed in the higher planes for so long, and now we are very here with all of our being. We are no longer pulling in higher energies from somewhere else (a somewhere else where we were existing much of the time), as we are the higher energies now, embodying them more than ever before. This is simply an indicator that much has progressed. Yay! The planet Earth is now much more poised to accept a very new reality.

This WINGS message is a bit shorter than normal as I currently have the flu. After I completed enough of my new foundation to let me exhale a bit, within minutes I came down with the flu! My brain is a bit foggy in between sneezes and coughs, so this will have to be it for this time. As always, thank you for your patience, understanding, and your continued support. I am continually baffled as to why so many of you return to read these posts (as I know you are also very aware of what is occurring), but I would not be able to fulfill my purpose without you! I am eternally grateful for your loyalty and support.

Much love and continued gratitude. Until next time,


What Will Be Involved in the New Monetary System

By Whistleblower

21 May 2010

17 May 2010


I was talking to the Whistleblower on the comments of a new monetary system and he graciously provided his input for us to see what is involved. I hope this will clarify many misconceptions of the Global financial system.


Dear Victor,

Thanks for your communication. My response is below, but I would suggest that same is publicised on the main AH board so that the public can read it.

Dear Member of the AH organisation,

Your comments (telepathic gained) are very interesting, for which I would like the opportunity to respond and qualify same.

a). OITC through Whistleblower has talked about them having one ready to go that is based on metal backed assets, but he hasn't been specific. I would suspect they will oversee what happens.

This is correct, but I should point out that what we have designed is a Basic Platform which is based upon a new Independent International Financial System and a New Asset Backed International Monetary System.

Above I have utilised the phrase "Basic Platform" for which there is a good reason, being, that the World's systems are so inter-twined and complex it is almost impossible to design a full and elaborate new system without reference and input by many other persons or parties. Consultations are still in progress so no one as yet can actually design the full system, or complete the design of even part of the system until the consultations have been completed and all facets of the proposed new system can be brought together in the correct manner. This, unfortunately, is not as easy as it appears because each facets does affect others facets because of how the present system has evolved over decades. To put it in simple terms, one has to unravel the complexity, piece by piece, and then attend to each piece in a manner that is comparable to the proposed new financial system and currency.

Reading some of the other Community Sites and Blogs on the Web, I really do find it incredible and astonishing that many people in the world today are so naïve as to how things work and how complexity has clouded many factors. Such people actually believe that a new system, whether designed by us or not, can be introduced overnight, or at least in a short space of time. This is definitely not the real situation whereby it could be some years yet before the world can make such changes, and that depends upon the Politicians who currently make the decisions, who are, as appears to be very usual, dragging their feet and sticking their heads in the clouds. The possible reason for this is the fact that the proposed new financial system does actually take the power away from Politicians who we have all seen appear to be totally incapable of managing the finances of any country for and on behalf of the populous.

The proposed new financial system will be controlled mainly by the independent Regional Bodies and the International Body, with oversight by the International Treasury Controller. We do not believe that one organisation has the Mandate to control a system that affects everyone in the World, hence the Regional and International Bodies. However, there does need to be oversight to ensure that these Regional and International Bodies do not go totally out of control, or, become infiltrated by less desirous parts of society.

We have released all of the information on this yet because there are still decisions to make whereby some parts may have to be restructured. However, two (2) Video Presentations have been prepared and approved for Public Release, which describe the Basic Reasons for the current problems and a Possible Solution.

These should be added to our website in the coming weeks, so please watch out for them as these will give a far better understanding of what is proposed. In fact we will, at the time, notify the AH Administrator when these are actually available on our website.

b). The old NESARA system as I understood it would have revalued existing money coming into in bank accounts so that people wouldn't have been  without any means of exchange.

People need to be very careful here when referring to the NESARA system. This is a system that was proposed by an independent group pushing for NESARA to be implemented. It applies only to America and was never approved or ratified into law. In fact it was a devious scheme initiated in Bill Clinton's time, whereby the basis of it hinged upon the illegal use of assets of the Collateral Accounts. The latter of course would never be allowed and therefore NESARA is a White Elephant which is impossible to implement.

If any new system is to be implemented it cannot be allowed to be focused on one Nation. It must be implemented taking into account every single Nation of the World, otherwise we will all, or our children and grandchildren will, end up in one hell of a mess further down the future road.

No one in this World can afford to ignore the current situation, or even past situations. At the same time, none of us have the right to encumber our Children or Grandchildren with our debts or problems. These must be sorted out and resolved now so that our Children and Grandchildren do not have to face the same, or even worse problems, that we now face as a result of what happened a few decades ago. It is our problem and we must resolve it as quickly as we can otherwise we are irresponsible and as such deserve to suffer and be humiliated by future generations.

c).  Ultimately the idea is to go into a barter system without currency, but I don't imagine that the people  left on Earth would be able to switch immediately. There has to be some workable plan for the interim to move toward that.

I always advocate to anyone to look deeper into such issues because what you see, hear, or read, is only what the Powerful elite want you to see, hear, or read.

One can run around from pillar to post and get nowhere unless someone confronts the real truth and the real situation. Currently, the ones in control are not confronting the real truth or situation and until they do, we will all be running around like "chickens with no heads" wondering what to do and what's going to happen.

If anyone thinks, or even believes that the powerful elite groups, including the Bankers and Politicians, are going to resolve the problem, please think again, because they will do what they have to do to retain their power base and control over the masses. This is why we designed a system that is controlled generally by Regional Committees and an International Committee made up of people (on short terms) from all the countries of the world and overseen by the International Treasury Controller as an independent party.

The Bank of England Act (1998) advocates passing the issuance and control of money to the Central Bank. Other Acts in other Countries do the same, or similar. This in my opinion is passing additional power to the already disgraced Banking Fraternity, which is privately owned and has vested interests, by placing the issuance and control of the monetary systems in the hands of, what we all now are aware of, crooks who have never been brought to justice for their crimes against the human race.

The real problem, of which all the other International Financial issues surround, is the fact that the world ran, at full speed, into Globalization, but there were no foundations (International Rules and Regulations) beneath it all. Every Country was reliant on its own laws and those of the ineffective WTO (World Trade Organisation). There are other side issues as well, all of which need to be seriously reviewed and amended, adjusted, in line with everything else. There must be strong Foundations to any system, which is no different to a house, or multi storey office block when it is being built. In simple terms, just remember the fairytale of the Three Little Pigs (One could say here: Reagan, Thatcher, and Mitterand) and their houses. It only took the Wolf / Fox (The Bankers) to destroy everything, except for one of the Little Pigs homes (China) which was built more solidly on reasonable foundations. That is the mess we are in today, and it is not going to go away very quickly.

On that note, I will end this response and allow everyone to think about it all.


Gun battle rages over control of codes to new financial system

By Benjamin Fulford

14 June 2011

There was an 8-minute highly intense gun-fight last week as Khazarian agents attempted to steal codes for the new financial system from a White Dragon Society representative. The attack was repelled at which point the Khazarians contacted the Japanese Prime Minister’s office saying their agents had infiltrated security at nuclear plants in Japan and threatened a nuclear holocaust if they were not given control over the new financial system. Their patently false cover story for the threatened sabotage was that Japan was “selling plutonium to Iran.” They were told instead to quickly cut a deal with the Palestinians or else find themselves with no friends anywhere on the planet.

The pentagon and US intelligence establishment is now mostly in support of the White Dragon Society but only if certain conditions of theirs are met, a US representative told the WDS. The Pentagon wants Obama to remain as president. They also want a debt jubilee and a gold backed dollar. They also support the projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. The pentagon and the agencies also say that if their conditions are not met, they will open the “black screens” and reveal information that will lead to “thousands of arrests.” These positions will be discussed at a meeting in China later this week.

The Pentagon seems to be trying to strengthen its bargaining position by heating up disputes in places like Vietnam and Korea. They are also, of course, still keeping open the threat to close off the straits of Hormuz. This is all just for bargaining purposes.

What the Western Oligarchs need to remember, as they battle over control of the global debt facility, is that above the global debt facility is something known as the global credit facility. The ability to create new dollars and Euros out of the ether and put them into bank computers is meaningless unless these currency units are actually backed by something that exists in the real world. In other words, right now world annual GDP is worth about $60 trillion and yet these banks claim to have a 1 with 46 zeros after it amount of dollars in their accounts. Clearly a lot of those zeroes will have to be erased if the Western financial system is to return to reality.

The Chinese proposal to use a basket of 30 or so commodities, including gold and platinum, to back these currencies, makes sense. The Americans also need to realize that they will not be able to rebuild a competitive industrial structure unless they decouple their own national currency from the international currency now known as the US dollar.

The devaluation would lead to a temporary drop in international purchasing power but the boom set off by the civilian development of some of the 6,000 patents now suppressed for “national security reasons,” would make this a very quick adjustment prior to a new boom-time.

The Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and Spain probably also need to issue their own currency. Without a unified work ethic and fiscal policy, a unified currency does not work. A cheap Mediterranean currency would boost tourism and exports and lead to real economic improvements.

Endless bail outs will only kick the can down the road a bit more but result in greater ultimate pain.

Meanwhile, a bank account for the White Dragon Foundation has been approved and the WDF will solicit institutional donations to be used towards the establishment of an international economic planning agency.

The agency would carry out long term economic development projects too large for individual governments or corporations to carry out. This would be a meritocratically staffed agency. It would complement rather than replace functions now carried out by the IMF and the World Bank. These institutions, of course, will need to undergo a major audit and change in culture.

The Chinese have this Xinhua article which implies that China begun to back Agustin Carstens, the Mexican central bank governor, as the new head of the IMF. They correctly argue that since the next big IMF bailout will be to help Europe, there would be a conflict of interest if a European was put at its head at this time. Carstens also supports a reform of the voting structure at the IMF to reflect current, as opposed to post-World War 2, economic realities.

The timing for the announcement of the new financial system is still not clear. There is still some very serious horse-trading, accompanied by nuclear blackmail etc. going on in the background. However, the summer solstice and a full lunar eclipse will coincide on June 21st so that might be an auspicious day for an announcement. It is best not to get too fixated on dates though.


Bilderberger meeting cancelled halfway through as participants flee to avoid arrest

By Benjamin Fulford

20 June 2011

Sources in the BIS and CIA confirm the Bilderberger meeting held starting June 9th in St. Moritz, Switzerland was cancelled halfway through because prominent participants, including Henry (Heinz) Kissinger faced imminent arrest. Following this, two prominent Bilderbergers, Joseph Ackermann CEO of Deutschebank and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, contacted the White Dragon Society and offered to cooperate in setting up the new financial system. A negotiator for the Chinese communist government also expressed support for the new financial system at a meeting last week in China with a White Dragon Representative. However, a lot of technical work remains to be completed so it is hard to give a precise date for the changes. There is also a strong possibility the new financial system will be introduced quietly and gradually with no major public announcements.

The collapse of the Bilderberger meeting in St. Mortitz came about because the Swiss government ordered the meeting to be opened to journalists and the public, according to the CIA and BIS sources.

In addition, many participants decided to flee the country before Monday, January the 13th, when Swiss judicial officials, plotting Knights Templar revenge, were planning to arrest many of the Bilderbergers, the sources say. As a result of this fiasco, David Rockefeller, George Soros and their fellow Khazarian Satanists are now more isolated than at any time in modern history.

Following this fiasco, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel personally called Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and said Israeli linked companies controlled the security at most Japanese nuclear plants and threatened a nuclear holocaust unless the codes to the financial system were handed over to the Khazarians, according to a Japanese military intelligence source. The same blackmail has also been directed at the nuclear power plants along the Mississipi river that are now being flooded. The Isrealis were told by both the Pentagon and the Russians that nuclear blackmail was not their monopoly in a clear warning to back off or else.

The meeting in China, for its part, revealed lots of new and important information. First of all, lots of new light was shed on the incident in Chiasso, Italy where two Japanese were illegally detained by Italian customs authorities and had the $134.5 billion worth of bonds they were holding stolen.

According to one of these men, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, formerly of Merrill Lynch, he was carrying a bunch of Kennedy bonds that were supposed to be cashed in order to finance a tunnel linking South Korea and Japan.

His companion, Akihiko Yamaguchi was carrying bonds given to him by a senior Yakuza. The Yakuza said the bonds were part of a major hoard in Japan. Former US vice-president Dick Cheney recently examined the bonds, pronounced them to be real and took two boxes filled with $500 billion bonds with him. The Yakuza decided that if Cheney said they were real, he would try to cash some of them in Switzerland too.

Instead, the bonds were seized by the Vatican linked P2 Freemason lodge and by the operatives David Sale and Daniele dal Bosco.

The subsequent fight over these bonds revealed the existence of a top secret committee that had illegally seized control over the highest peaks of global finance. That committee is also known as the steering committee of the Bilderberg group. The legitimate and rightful owners of the world’s assets (the people of the planet earth) are now in the process of regaining control over the global financial system.

However, this is easier said than done because we are entering uncharted waters. At the top of the global financial system lies a book of top-secret codes and the controllers of these codes have been able to use them to create trillions of dollars out of thin air and play god.

The code books are now under the control of the White Dragon Society. There was, as we mentioned last week, a fierce 8 minute gun battle involving dozens of men and many types of weaponry as the Khazarians attempted to seize the code books. They were repulsed.

The problem we now face, however, is how to carry out a smooth transition to the new financial system without causing the enormous chaos and suffering that would result if the computers of the global banking system were suddenly shut down. There is also the delicate geopolitical power balance that needs to be handled with extreme care.

One example of how a misstep in this direction could lead to horrific consequences is the plan of a hardline faction in the Chinese military to “get rid of India,” so that the monsoon rains would reach the desert provinces of China. Of course, rational minds have prevailed in China as well as elsewhere and such a plan would never be carried out but it is an example of the sort of power that humans now have their hands on.

Any rash moves could thus literally trigger the destruction of the planet so there is a need to proceed with extreme caution.

The basic philosophy of the new financial system, however, is expected to be as follows: You are sitting across the table from another person. You each have a gun in your hand. If the person on the other side is a beautiful woman (or handsome man) you may decide to make love. If it is a fat man coming to rape you, you may decide to fight. You may also choose to just walk away from the table.

There is also a fundamental agreement to finance projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. The new energy technology will be introduced in a manner that does not disrupt current financial and economic interests. The oil companies will be given major contracts to turn the deserts green as compensation for the gradual phase out of oil as an energy source. The commercial development of outer space will also be financed.

Part of this work will be carried out by a soon to be created meritocratically staffed International Economic Planning Agency. The non-corrupt parts of the traditional banking and financial system will be allowed to create two or more new offshore banking zones where they can carry out their own plans and projects.

Needless to say, changing how a planet is run is not an easy task and the transition needs to be handled with great care. That means it will take a bit of time. We also need to deal with the blackmail threats and power bases of the remaining Satanists and their allies.


Lauren C Gorgo on the New Economy

“You have always known that this time would come, when you could take on co-creatorship. Now, dear ones, it is time to bring the Real into the world, to hold the Love so clearly at the atomic level that you direct the atoms into the perfect expression of Love/abundance/eternal life in the symbols of the world. What I Am saying here is that all energies are conscious. Where your attention is, you multiply. The veil is parted and the Light is free to come to Earth. I need your hearts and consciousness to re-create the world." - From The Messages from God.” – The Messages from God (channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 5 September 2011,

Excerpts from ‘Changing of the Guard: failing systems of the old paradigm’

By Lauren C Gorgo

30 August 2011

“My sense is, especially from the last three posts on this blog, that we are closing in rapidly on the dissolving of the old systems, and the birth of a completely new, hue-man supportive and empowering financial system.”

Financial Governance

"As we see it, the fruits of a faltering global economy would be that financial governance systems become more transparent, accountable and overall effective in their quest to serve 'the people'."  -Seven Sisters

Because we are experiencing more of the "physical" changes now at the end of the 9th wave (the completion of
16  b i l l i o n  years of evolution) the Pleiadians want to offer us some information with regard to the dismantling world/paradigm…more specifically they mention two major impasses that a society...are soon to face.

The first impasse they would like to discuss is with regard to our financial system...

"Now we say this with great care for we understand that there is great fear that surrounds this topic, so please listen with your feeling center: There is coming a change in global financial governance.  Not in the sense that there will be a major disruption in your life affairs, but in the sense that the state of governance over your global financial affairs will be sorely tested.  We say this not to warn you, nor to elicit fear, but to simply alert you to the positive aspects of these necessary changes." 
-Seven Sisters

I hardly ever talk of the falling world...firstly, because that is not my j-o-b (and the unseens rarely go there)...secondly, because this focus tends to draw a fear-based and unpleasant crowd...thirdly, because our reality is created by what we think, and how we feel about what we think, so what would be the point in focusing on gloom?...but mostly because it doesn't serve any of us to feed the collective focus of destruction. Not that it isn't real, just that there are plenty of people lending energy to that reality and we are here specifically to focus on constructing the new earth/divine blueprint.  But just like with any new construction, the old structures must first be demolished before we can begin to build anew..and from what I am hearing, that is coming on the heels of some kind of financial crisis.

Besides, when we are fully and consciously creating our reality…the whole point to our personal ascension process... the outside world becomes so much less impacting because all of our external supports get rerouted/reconnected to our own internal Source of potential….which essentially means we create an activated forcefield of 12th dimensional consciousness and self-sustainability through resonance versus causal creation.   Many have nearly completed this reconnection phase, but because we are all at different levels of activation, and therefore some are still dependent on the outside structures for support, the Pleiadians want to allay any fears that may arise from upcoming changes with the assurance that all is well, and we are all perfectly guided in all ways to be exactly where we are supposed to be. No exceptions.

I am hearing that there is much that will be overturned that will directly impact the financial structures of our world and those institutions that uphold an outworn system, but that these changes will, in fact, birth a new part of the future plan and a new system of governance that will benefit the whole of humanity and not just a select few.  It has to become a consensus of all to improve the current financial system and develop a more equitable and efficient structure of governance for that system, and apparently we are about to take another major step toward that end.

More than anything, what the sisters hope for us to take from these coming changes is the deep, unwavering understanding that
true prosperity is a state of consciousness, not a state of world affairs.

Changing of the Guard

"We will say this…as the collective world consciousness inevitably cascades into greater levels of fear from the dismantling financial structures, and their overall sense of security is rocked, there will also be those of you who will be simultaneously rising to meet great success.  Those who are to meet great success will then be sought out by those who are losing their grip on convention and for this reason alone many of you will have a great opportunity, an opening, a readiness to be heard and received so that you may begin to share your wisdoms of the new way." 
-Seven Sisters

Along with the financial changes that my unseens-sources speak of, they also mention that any hindrance that the failing financial system has on our lives will quickly be replaced with new ideas, opportunities, and insights that will spur great and rapid development toward our benefit....IF we are looking for solutions and listening to our inner-voice.  These ideas are being birthed from the new earth paradigm and will be presented to those who are open to receiving them…meaning, those who are not focused on the failing systems or fear: "
if you have the wherewithal to look beyond the collective energy of chaos and crisis that will undoubtedly ensue, you will be gifted with profound realizations that will be a major boon to your earthly success."

The sisters also mention that there are those who believe that a financial downfall would crush the existence of greed, however, they say otherwise…that greed is only the symptom, the motivating force behind our financial system, but that greed can only be healed individually, and from within.  So for those who are willing to do the inner work to align with the new systems, there will be great reward.  For those who continue to live in self-gain, there will be much turmoil.  Either way, greed will be rising to the surface in many areas and for all to see and most likely it will get ugly.  No matter... all darkness must eventually return to the light.

To the Pioneers & PathPavers

The sisters would like to conclude this update with a message for those who have been fighting for years to keep yer heads above water, even thru the high tides and tumultuous waves of the end times….

"To those who have held true to their internal knowing and honored the voice of the One, we say this to you:

Be prepared not only for greatness, but in the sharing of it. The tide has turned and a new wave of energy is arriving at your shore. Nothing promises to be the same again.  For those of you who have weathered the many storms to arrive here, you are the lighted ones, those who others will seek in times of continued destruction and darkness. Redemption is at hand, but it is because you have redeemed yourselves. Be astute to your untapped potential, for there is much yet to be explored, much that will surprise and delight you.  We are the proof of your success, for we are the future of your now. 

Remain in peace through the physical changes that arise both within and around you and remember your role as a true bearer of light.  This comes in many forms, not just in moments of greatness, but in the tiniest acts of kindness.  The time to be true is now. The time to be YOU is now.  Pray tell."
-Seven Sisters

still keeping our heads above water...

“Anyone who embodies love, who proposes love-based solutions for the planet and all those beings upon her, will meet great success…success in terms of fulfilment, of freedom, of joy, of abundance and abounding radiant blessings…We say this not to suggest that those who are reading this will not have the support of the universe without these visions, just that those structures that need to be implemented will meet the forces of manifestation with great rapidity due to overwhelming collective desire.” – Pleiadian Higher Council (channelled through Lauren C. Gorgo (‘2012: Think With Your Heart!’ 10 January 2012).

The Next Generation by clarablic

Positive Money

“Jews control money creation too. Das Kapital and Wealth of Nations say nothing about how money is crated. That’s the Jewish dialectic at work: hiding the real issue. But, if they do talk about money it’s to bamboozle you…

Look, Aristotle said that money is determined by law, not by intrinsic value. Sovereign government create money by fiat backed by law. Aristotle’s word for money, nomisma, is derived form the word law (nomos). Fiat money can expand and sustain a society and the Jewish money masters know this. That’s why they promote metalism, the false idea that money must have intrinsic value in order to confuse you…

This is the Talmudic dialectic. The thesis is Capitalism. The antithesis is Communism. The synthesis is Jewish control. Like fiat money created by the Jews, leant to the government at interest. That’s the real problem. The power of fiat in the hands of the Jews. Not Aristotle’s ‘government and law.’

But here’s some good news. Last month, Ben Dyson, founder of Positive Money, succeeded in opening a debate on money creation I the U.K. Parliament [Cuts to a clip of Steven Baker, Conservative MP for Wycombe speaking in the House of Commons on 20 November 2014]:

‘The methods of money production in society today are profoundly corrupting in ways which would matter to everyone if they were clearly understood. The essence of this debate is who should be allowed to create money, how and at whose risk? Positive Moet, a British campaign group, are campaigning for the complete nationalisation of money production.’

This is a monumental break in Jewish control right smack in the face of the Rothschild-ruled City of London. The Jews don’t have everything sewn up. If we get organised, we can take the money power back.”

– Brother Nathanael (‘Real Money and the Jewish Dialectic, 2 December 2014,


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    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

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    Laughing Owl


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    (St Germain)

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    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
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    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


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