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I did a little research on the Raelian Movement (a UFO religion aka - by the mainsteam media - alien sex cult!) because Rael's experience seems genuine even though he also seems to be posing as some kind of guru for some bizarre reason! If he is a lying shark then I believe that the Illuminati may be behind him!




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 “You know, I love comedy, and I love playing jokes - and one day, maybe when I take my last breath, I will share with you the greatest joke of all." - Claude Vorilhon Rael at a Canadian Seminar many years ago.


“My physical contact with the Elohim and their message are pure truth and this, I will never cease to repeat until my last breath.” - Claude Vorilhon Rael in 2010, after the revelation of all these information.




The Reaelian Movement Part I

By Antraeus de Herschia, 12 August 2013

“At the age of 27, on the morning of December 13, 1973, while he was still leading his successful racing-car magazine, RAEL had a dramatic encounter with a human being from another planet, at a volcano park in the centre of France, known as ‘Puy de Lassolas.’ This extra-terrestrial gave him a new detailed explanation of our origins and information on how to organize our future, as recorded in the book: Intelligent Design. After six consecutive meetings in the same location, Rael accepted the mission given to him, to inform humanity of this revolutionary message and to prepare the population to welcome their Creators, the Elohim, without any mysticism or fear, but as conscious and grateful human beings. After a few months considering this huge task, Rael almost developed a stomach ulcer before finally deciding to give up his much loved career as a sports-car journalist and devote himself fully to the task assigned to him by Yahweh - the extra-terrestrial whom he met…

On October 7th, 1975, he had a second encounter and was given additional information recorded on his second book, also part of Intelligent Design. Since that time, Rael has been touring the World, giving conferences and seminars on every continent, gathering those who share the desire to welcome our Creators.

He also authored several other books like Sensual Meditation which is a central part of his teachings, Geniocracy advocating for a more intelligent management of the planet and Yes To Human Cloning explaining the possibility of becoming eternal and the beautiful future one can expect thanks to Science. [Other books include Space Aliens Took Me to Their Planet, 1978, and Welcome Our Fathers from Space: They Created Humanity in Their Laboratories, 1988]

Over the years, Rael has inspired several public actions from the promotion of the use of condoms in schools to the promotion of masturbation; from worldwide campaigns in support of minorities with the slogan ‘to tolerate differences is not enough, one should love differences’ to the disturbing request to have all Religious books censured where they don't respect Human Rights; from the support of Human Cloning through the founding of Clonaid, to the promotion of GMO as the only chance for all human beings on Earth to have food; from the creation of Clitoraid, an association to help women who have been circumcised to have their clitoris repaired so that they can experience pleasure again to the call for the gathering of all African traditional chiefs to create the United States of Africa.”


“…and I saw this light in the sky. A brilliant, blinding light. Then there was this machine, silver and shaped like a bell, with a convex bottom. It came down very slowly and stopped about 30 metres from me…then a trap door opened at the bottom and I saw two feet and then two legs. And then a small man, about 1.4 metres, came out slowly and walked towards me. That was the most intense moment.” Claude Vorilhon, aka Raël, tells us that this man’s face was “so full of love, so peaceful,” and that he himself felt love. After explaining who he was and declaring that his kind had created human beings, the ‘alien’ went on to say that he was Claude’s true father and gave him a new name (Ra-el). His father was called Yahweh.

On an Irish chat show, Raël was asked why the space people only appear to certain people. Here is his reply:

Raël: On this planet there are 50 million people who saw UFOs. So it’s a lot of people.”

Host: But we don’t believe them.

Raël: Yes, but it’s not a question of believing them. Now, scientists say it’s not possible we are alone in the universe. So, we have to understand, when we look at the sky on a summer night, we can see so many stars. And, when we know every star is a sun and there are planets [in orbit] around them, it’s crazy to believe we are alone. And they choose only one messenger [for] every epoch. Why? To have only one message and who doesn’t change the message.

I do not really know that much about the Raelian Movement but it seems reminiscent of Christian ‘franchises’ founded by cult leaders in America during the 70s and 80s. It is simply a symptom of the pioneering era in which he has been living that he believes himself to be the sole messenger that there is life beyond Earth instead of being one of many adult Indigos who are here to prepare the way for the Second Coming: that is, the awakening of all humanity. Figures like Raël have had access to a part of the elephant and have been waving it around for decades in order to wake people up gradually rather than overwhelm them all at once. They may not be aware of this but that’s part of the fun. They also do not know that they are forerunners in a starseed movement, a garden of Indigo flowers that are showing other seeds how to grow and blossom but waking up from the illusion of physical existence.

Raël tells us that the original version of the Bible says that on the first day, the second day, and so forth, the Elohim, not God, did this and that. And, he says, in Hebrew, Elohim means ‘those who came from the sky.’ They told him that they had created all life on Earth, 22,000 years ago in laboratories; first unicellular animals and then, later, in their own image. Together, the millions of different species create a balance. “It’s wonderful. Every animal is important in this creation…And, finally, like the Bible explains, they created man to be happy on this beautiful planet which can be a kind of Garden of Eden if we are together.”

Prophets like Moses, Jesus and Buddha were their messengers, he says. He himself was, he claims, was told: “You (Raël) are the last of the prophets before the Judgement. You are the prophet of the religion of religions, the demystifier and the shepherd of shepherds.” (Intelligent Design, p160). Raël assures that although we re living in the time of the Apocalypse this does not mean the end of the world but it is a time of Revelation. The Elohim asked him to spread the message, to bring the light of revelation to all men that we were created by people like us by genetic manipulation just as we are able to do now, and build an embassy (with diplomatic immunity) near Jerusalem where we can welcome them. They love us, he says, and there are lots of people from Earth on the planet to which he was taken because, when we die we can go there (although it seems short-sighted to claim that the Elohim's Eternal-Life Planet is the only heavenly realm unless he is really referring to a sphere, a dimension or something rather than an actual planet). “With the genetic code they can give eternal life to everybody,” he claims. “Not for everybody. Only for people who work for peace, love and intelligence on the Earth. And that is a fantastic hope because they ask for a World Government, for a world language, and they give us this message now because it is a very dangerous period because atomic war is possible.” Meanwhile, the reason they gave for not coming to Earth at this time is that there would be an indescribable panic.

I cannot comment on Raël’s character behind the scenes but I can imagine that, as an early Indigo, he has his human foibles, moods and conceit. That is neither here nor there really because an Indigo’s mission is to be dedicated to truth and to share it with others. Presumably, he is still working through his personal human baggage whilst upholding the potential for intergalactic exchange in the collective mind. His presence, whether people thought he was a nut or not, was a reminder that the question of extraterrestrial life remains open.

It does not look like he or his movement are harmful but there is a vast difference between a prophet and a spiritual master like Osho, upon whom Raël appears to have modelled both his costume and sensual meditation practise albeit purely for effect. OK, the sexual permissiveness is for real; but, like, suddenly he is a meditator or realises that the very promise of divine nectre - love and spirituality - a great way to attract more interest (and justify more intimacy with sexy girls!). Sounds like a plan! It’s not as if humanity has outgrown the need for beliefs and sensual indulgence. The Raelian Movement is a way for people to be part of a collective movement that represents progress as well as belonging to a religion if that floats your boat and yet still be yourself – and not feel guilty about enjoying sex, whether you are heterosexual or gay.

If Raël shifted from being a humble messenger to slightly arrogant cult leader it was probably a response to the love he received from members of the Raelian Movement and adopted the father figured they wanted him to be in a subconsciously reciprocal arrangement. Don’t forget, we have also been learning about freedom and community again for the first time in several millennia. It goes without saying that this has been an experimental period containing many mistakes but that is the challenge, to inch our way towards Oneness from a position of radical individualism.

It is possible that we made contracts aeons ago but that, as we are called to carry them out, we may find ourselves more attached to the physical realm than we had originally anticipated. We got ourselves well and truly trapped in the illusion, having turned our backs on the Source, on Love and Light. This is all part of the experience, the initiation. We have contracts and we also have free will and live in a universe where everything is allowed. I believe that Raël’s original experience and mission were authentic and that he has stayed true to them all this time which is a feat in itself. The rest is comparatively unimportant. The star people just left him with the information to see what he would do with it because he possessed the necessary DNA and faculties, the personal power and charisma, will and courage. He is also a man who knows great love even if he is still working on shifting from manipulative, conditional love to universal love. His initiation was to follow his inner, intuitive wisdom, his in-tuition. And it did not really matter too much if he cocked it up because the message would still be relayed to a great many people and get people thinking or, at least, responding subliminally!

All publicity is good publicity providing it is based on a genuine, positive experience of contact with our space family.  So, the message remains, the message that comes from beyond Mr. Vorilhon which he received  at the age of 27 in the volcanic creator in the central plane of France to which he had been drawn intuitively by a strong feeling that he had to go to there even though he had a lot of work to get on with. But the Orders and Structure and becoming ‘God’s gift to women’ - le français moyen - and so forth in the Raelian Movement are his own inventions (or shall we say ‘trials’). Assuming, that is, that he has not received support and guidance from the Illuminati in some capacity! I had initially assumed that he was given interviews on TV because someone in power wanted this. Placing himself at the top of a hierarchy has allowed his ego to find a comfortable niche and be expressed through the role of spiritual leader. Indeed, he was, like all Indigos, to share his knowledge and live as a prophet on Earth, just not as the sole Prophet on a par with Buddha and Jeshua who were masters rather than messengers. This is something he has perhaps failed to grasp. Like the majority of Indigos, he has been distracted somewhat and become embroiled in glamour, personal desires and power yet, surprisingly, holding steadfast to the mission he was charged with. He wears a huge medallion bearing the symbol that he observed on the side of the UFO he travelled in that day in 1973 (a Star of David with extra lines added to form a – right-handed *phew* - swastika in the centre). In fact, the movement sells a medal that gives a psychic link to the Elohim, who made us, from Yahee the God Spirit.

Seeds were being sown as more and more birds/messengers/angels came onto the scene. A lot of Indigos (or ‘semi-Indigos’) from the 60s and 70s went back to sleep; that is they joined the System, climbing up the career ladder and raising families. At least this one was opportunistic enough to build himself an empire-cum-playground and, consequently, keep this subject in the public eye, which was really all that his mission amounted to, to help prepare the way for their return. Moreover, regardless of his personal ego getting in the way, here is a man who has continued to swim against the tide and speak the truth courageously thus challenging the status quo. He has stood by his convictions, shrugged off ridicule and endured widespread criticism. Thus, it seems to fair to conclude that Raël certainly did get the message and passed it on. As I said, the friendly aliens left him to figure out lot of it alone and he could only grasp so much. But, then, perhaps his belief that he is the prophet of this epoch rather than one of many has served as a failsafe mechanism to ensure that the movement did not expand to uncontrollable, or unmanageable, proportions. Although could he be considered the Prophet in the French-speaking world, I wonder?

The Reaelian Movement Part II

“Clonaid is a private company and the Raelian Movement has nothing to do with the cloning business. The Raelian Movement is a philosophical movement whose mission is to demystify God and inform humanity about our true extraterrestrial origin.” - Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, head of the company Clonaid and spokesperson of the Raelian Movement (2009).

The Prophet

“Rael himself claims he was conceived December 25, 1945, by a French mother and an alien. However, Prof. Alain Bouchard, from Laval University, said that Rael's father is believed to have been a Jewish refugee who was hidden by Rael's mother in France during the Second World War. Today, both Rael and his mother believe that his father was an alien.” ( 

An ex-Raelian named Dominique Saint-Hilaire stated in an interview on TVA in 2002 (Quebec) that the reason for her leaving was that the Structure had be tightened up in order to sell more books. It had, she said, taken over with the result that the movement had become more of an enterprise. She no longer saw her spirituality in it, she explained. It was a swindle, in other words, she told Paul Arcand. In her observation, when a woman in the movement referred to Raël as their beloved prophet he accepted the status in contradiction to his own books in which he has claimed that he would never allow people to give him a title that echoed the Catholic Church which he apparently despises. It was, according to Saint-Hilaire, only in Raël’s third book that he suddenly presented himself as Jesus’ half-brother (with a different mother). So it would seem that there was a marked shift to newfound confidence and doors opened up for Raël’s ego which has perhaps been hitherto suppressed. In other words, perhaps this opportunity was  perfectly in keeping with his growth and he needed to go through a cycle of delusional self-aggrandisement in order to work through his human limitations. You know, like some people have not really incarnated as royalty or such lives may have been cut short. Perhaps he finally got stuck in a comfortable identity having found that all of his desires could be satisfied, as Saint-Hilaire implies. Either way, it when the eventual realisation that we have devoted all or part of our lives to beliefs that are false can propel us into a bright and glorious awakening through the power of contrast. And, being a clown, I am positive that he will get the joke and much will be released when he has a big hearty laugh at himself. He loves the applause, she said. He gives a lot, but he also receives a lot and likes to be in the hot seat, the centre of attention and adores that the Raelians serve him and talk about him. He places himself above everyone else and is entitled to the best, she went on.

In other words, he has found his niche which is as self-serving as it is altruistic. He has not been working on himself with the dedication of someone who is determined to attain an ascended state at any price, but then who is? He has not expanded his consciousness much beyond where he started out because he is not a sage or a scholar but someone who was able to embrace the truth of extraterrestrial life and hold true to the message which did not include a clause warning him, ‘by the way, do not take advantage of the power and popularity you may experience as a result of your mission or have yourself a good time’! A messenger. A ‘prophet,’ yes, a person who has agreed to hold a mirror up to humanity to show them one particular aspect of universal truth, but not someone in whom they find their own true Self. Yet, since we are all t different stages of development, his level of attainment (which he brought with him to this world) may be very helpful to some people, for a while at least.

Even Friedrich Nietzsche apparently went mad in the end, perhaps as a result of investing everything into plumbing the depths of his mind and sharing what he found. And I would say that is preferable to choosing a life of mediocrity or escaping into a permanent stupor fuelled by drugs or alcohol. But our paths in life are unique and they accommodate various excursions and even allow for diversions. Thus, the one who is sleeping may awaken and the one who is semi-awake may fall back to sleep, yet may awaken fully at the end of their nap. Awakening from a slumber that has lasted for aeons is naturally a gradual process. The butterfly may live only for one day but it is not born in a day. Depending on the species, as well as climate and environmental factors, it can take anything from five days to a year.

Copying Osho lol

Rael Pleasure

Interviewer: Do they have sex at all?

Raël: Of course.

Interviewer: Why?

Raël: Because it is the wonderful, most beautiful thing in life.

Raël does not deprive himself of the company of beautiful women, said Dominique Saint-Hilaire, and the women in the movement accept this. Well, as a man, I feel it would be somewhat hypocritical if I condemned him for that! We all have our weaknesses. It appears, however, that he has created a veritable harem in the form of two ‘orders,’ the first of which he claims to have resulted from a message form Yahweh in 1998. The Order of Angels had to be created only for women of course and they are to serve the prophet and, above all, the Elohim when they arrive. Since Raël is the only prophet on Earth at this time as recognised by the Raelian Movement, he is the only one to be served by the Order of Angels. Perfect! This is the whole premise of the Church: in the absence of Christ, the Catholic hierarchy assumes absolute spiritual authority for the entire planet until he returns. Sucked in! Haha.

Raël apparently found it difficult to turn down any of the applications from women and resolved the issue by creating a second order, the Elected of the Elohim. The women refrain from sexual relations with anyone except each other and, of course, the Elohim’s messenger on Earth in their absence! Every man’s dream! Who could resist? It’s hilairious! These are, we are told, women who wish to serve and have decided to live in a more elevated state of consciousness. When he found that almost all of the women were asking to be in the Order of Angels (they don white feathers) instead of the Order of the Elected (pink feathers) he created a third order for those ‘pretty young women who were allowed to approach him.’ This basically means that when he notices that a young female is pretty he puts a golden ribbon on her and she then jumps the levels (of which there are seven) and no one but she is able to serve him.

So, you see, once a young lady bears a couple of feathers she can serve him more closely. It is strictly forbidden to reveal anything about his intimate life, however, which must remain a secret, for obvious reasons. According to Saint-Hilaire, some members have left the movement after witnessing abuses of sexual freedom which included underage sex. They had been shocked, she said, and when they talked too much they were excluded by the disciplinary committee which, she said, is trained by some Guides that are Bishops and a Committee of the Wise – oh, yes, “the group’s structure with priests and bishops is based along the lines of the catholic church.” Source: Wikileaks. “The committee is used when we don’t obey or when we are a little rebellious,” she added. The Wikileaks report from the U.S. Government also states: “There have not been any stories of former members complaining about being conned out of their money or physically abused or seduced, and no involvement with minors – except one case in France.”

Saint-Hilaire sums the situation us thus, saying that in the Raelian Movement, which she agrees is a ‘sect,’ man is free while “woman is free but often solicited.” She left, she said, because the actions did not correspond to the values of the movement. Raël, who has two children with his first wife (who complained about the orgies taking place in her home in front of them!), even meted out punishment to his own daughter, who was involved in the Structure. Saint-Hilaire explained that she must have said something serious in disagreement with her father because he subsequently excluded her from participating in it and cancelled her cellular plan (baptism). This means, if what she said is true, that he has “removed her right to be cloned, the advantage of having an eternal life.” So, he is playing God, with power over life and death!

A further order was founded within the Raelian Movement called the Light Templar Order. This order comprises “Raelians who wish to contribute to Maitreya's comfort, making sure He always has a house where He can stay wherever He needs to be for His mission.” So, now he is the Avatar, the Maitreya, and is venerated as a demi-god by Raelians which, of course, he accepts!

It is no wonder that ‘Raël’ seems happy! The guy is having fun, living like a millionaire playboy, charging all of his ‘expenses’ to the International Raelian Movement! Buying into it is simply a choice resulting either from a desire for such a life, whether conscious or subconscious, or from a lack of objective clarity, or both. Since working as a journalist, Raël has engaged in professional racing as a driver on several occasions (he may have started his career as a racing-car driver – one source refers to him as a “failed singer, radio commentator and avid stock car racer”). What he loves most of all now though is to play racing car video games! Apart from that and reading his emails, said Saint-Hilaire, he just “writes a few press releases that are full of hate."

Note: Having watched several interviews and searched for all the images you see on this page, Raël comes across as being a very charming, friendly and sincere individual and there is no evidence whatsoever that sex is given any special emphasis, only that the philosophy of free love is embraced. But, as he says, with a gentle, knowing smile, journalists tend to be obsessed with sex. That's not to say that he does not sleep with his 'devotees'of course!

 "'He is a very cynical, manipulative and charismatic man. I just did not have the strength to leave. Looking back, it is extraordinary what I tolerated. 'He was only at home for about half of our marriage. The rest of the time he was travelling the world preaching and gathering disciples. When he was at home he slept with hundreds of women - a new one every day, all pretty young devotees who thought he was some kind of god. He wouldn't stop having sex even if I walked into the room. He made me cook for them and clean up after them. 'I never attended sect meetings and never believed in his mad ideas, but found myself sucked into his lifestyle none the less. 'When I finally left him in 1985 we were living in Spain, where we had moved after France banned his sect. He had turned the children against me and one day he simply said he had no more use for me.'" - Rael's ex-wife Marie-Paul Cristini.

Keeping it Rael

There are rumours that the Raelians use sex as a recruitment tool. When asked why the Elohim did not five him the money to build an embassy, Raël replied that they are not invaders but, rather, they love and respect us and will only come if we want to welcome them. They decided to share this message through Raël when the atomic bomb exploded in Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 because they were afraid for mankind. “For the first time in history we had the energy to destroy all life on Earth.” When he asked them if they would give him some proof to back up these assertions they said, “No, nothing. we just want you to spread the message and the people who are ready will help you. We don’t need to convince all mankind. We cannot convince all mankind. And you cannot. Jesus could not. Moses could not. Mohammed could not. So you have just to find the right people, in the right place, to bring them together and they will help you.” When  asked why there is evidence of stone age man but not laboratories form an earlier time Raël answered that they used biodegradable materials and correctly predicted that we will use these kinds of materials more and more.

Raël moved to Canada in 1976 following legal problems he was facing in his homeland, France (Saint-Hilaire believes that the tax office was after him as a result of fiscal control). He is reported to have a shit load of money (donated by Raelians) stashed in Swiss bank accounts. In the 1990's, the movement build a centre called ‘Le Jardin du Prophete’ (The Garden of the Prophet) and a theme park called ‘UFO Land’ in Quebec. Raelians were also encouraged to buy condos there so they could be close to the ‘Prophet.’ After losing a lawsuit in Canada, Raël moved to a million dollar home in Las Vegas, although he is said to have moved his personal headquarters to Florida in the early nineties. Once the US Raelians discovered the truth about him and his lifestyle (funded by generous and dedicated Raelians, naturally), however, they started leaving the Raelian Movement, so Raël moved to a beautiful home provided for him in Japan.

In her interview, Dominique Saint-Hilaire explained that Raelians are meant to pay 10% of their income (after tax) to the movement but that few actually do. “There is no control but there is a minimum subscription,” she said. The Raelian movement appears to be facing some financial problems now but, no doubt, Raël continues to live in a million dollar home somewhere. The Raelian Movement now boasts 85,000 members around the world. However, according to a document revealed by Wikileaks the US Government has discovered that the movement inflates their figures with past and occasional members. The active membership is more like a few thousand worldwide, it says. According to their website, the Prophet RAEL (putting on a great performance with his Libran charm) tours the world, “spending time on each continent each year in order to train the hundreds of Guides who are leading our activities.” There is no mention of him eating gourmet food, travelling first class and and staying in 4-star hotels but wealth and luxury are simply expressions of the abundance that is our natural birthright as co-creators. OK, so, according to some of the Raelian Guides, Raël also loves to gamble in casinos. But, hey, there is no rush to collect money for the embassy to welcome our Creators since the Elohim requested that it be completed by the year 2035. And, besides, finding a suitable location near Jerusalem is no mean feat, particularly when one’s symbol is a combination of the Star of David and the Swastika!

Dr. Boisselier

 Cloning for Rael

“Clonaid, was founded by the Raelians shortly after a sheep nicknamed "Dolly" was cloned in Scotland in 1997. It calls itself the world's first human cloning company and is based in Las Vegas. The Raelians believe that space creatures chose Mr. Claude Vorilhon, a one-time French journalist and auto racer as their leader, who advocates nude meditation, free love and eternal life through cloning...’His Holiness' Rael had written a book in 2001 entitled, YES! Human Cloning! He promised to open cloning clinics on every continent to help people.” ( 

Oh, yes, and, finally, on 28 March 2001, Raël testified in front of a Senate committee in Congress after the Raelian Movement’s genetic laboratory, Clonaid, announced that it had produced the world's first cloned human, a seven-pound baby girl nicknamed eve! Together,

Raël and French chemist Dr. Boisselier, who is now the spokesperson for the Raelian Movement, defended their cloning projects. Wikileaks again: “Rael has publicly distanced himself from Dr. Boisselier, a Raelian Bishop, and her cloning work, saying he had gotten rid of Clonaid two years ago. However, Kropveld believes that cloning is by far the group’s most dangerous work. Kropfeld even doubts Rael really believes in cloning human beings beyond its marketing possibilities for himself as sect leader…One likely result of the Boisselier announcement is that such legislation could contain stricter restrictions.” Raël has much respect for scientists and other patriarchal authorities and was proud to announce that the man who was in charge of the movement in England was a neurologist and the man in charge of operations in France was a very famous scientist. Canada fell into the hands of a Catholic priest and theologian: “He read my book. He stopped being a Catholic priest. Now he helps me.” Apparently, the vast majority of people who have changed their religion were originally brought up as Catholics. In fact, three of Raël‘s books are meant to have been dictated to him: Let's Welcome Our Fathers From Space, Geniocracy, and Sensual Meditation.

The space people whom Raël met can live for 1,000 years because, as they start to die, they use the genetic code (map) form one cell o create a new body which is what they did with Jesus: they created a new body for him.

Another type of clone, or parasite

A few people have attempted to follow suit and cash in on this idea of claiming to have met the Elohim. The most notable, a black guy named Ramon Watkins aka Prophet Yahweh or The Seer of Yahweh, is also based in Las Vegas. He has a website on which he used to charge people to watch his amateur hoax videos in which he would summon UFOs (silver balloons). According to Watkins, the Elohim are extraterrestrials, but of course they are "superhuman black men [who] are travelling around the universe in actual spaceships, and are preparing to be seen by the world. The Original and True Biblical Israelites were Dark Black Skinned People, Who Lived on the North East Corner of Africa."

Jean Sendy Comparison

"Thanks to Noah and to Moses, the successive generations of 'chosen' people doing chain, we have created Occidental Judeo-Christian, from ensemble of law and teachings attribute to the Elohim. And the observation shows that these teachings confer a blatant superiority to individuals and to communities who are impregnated." - Jean Sendy (Les Temps Messiahnique (The Messiahnic Times), 1975: the last chapter titled, 'Chapter 21: La Jerusalem Celeste,' page 296).
Main characters in both books: Elohim, Yahweh, Serpent, Lucifer and Adam

Jean Sendy's

Those gods who made heaven & earth (1969)
When we read the Bible in that way, we must first note that the Hebrew word Elohim, usually translated as "God," is a plural. If we read "Those who came from the sky," or "the Celestials," [...] (page 13)
Claude Vorilhon Rael's

The book which tells the truth (1974)
"Elohim", translated without justification in some Bibles by the word "God" means in Hebrew "those who came from the sky" and furthermore the word is a plural. It means that the scientists [...] (page 20)

La Lune, cle de la Bible (1968)
But Yahweh "boss of the Elohim?" [...] when he speaks and acts, from beginning of reciting until his farewell to Noah, Yahweh speaks and acts as "boss of the Elohim." (page 78)
Yahweh, boss of the Elohim, is not mentioned by name until Chapter II, 4b... (page 158)
Yahweh like the god of the gods. (page 173)

The Moon: Outpost of the Gods (1968)
So it seems best to stick with the text taken literally: when he "speaks to Moses" in Exodus, Yahweh "speaks" as a professor may make Carnot "speak" ; when he speaks and acts from the beginning of the story to Noah's farewell, Yahweh speaks and acts as the "leader of the Elohim." (page 63)
Yahweh, the leader of the Elohim, is not mentioned by name until Chapter 2, Verse 5. He appears there both as the leader of the Elohim and as the Celestial who is personally in charge [...] (page 130)
Extra-Terrestrials Took Me To Their Planet (1975)
This residence is, in fact, very large, since it is an entire planet where the members of the Council of the Eternals live as well. My name is Yahweh, and I am the president of that Council of the Eternals. (page 149)
If Israel ultimately declines to allow a grant of extra-territoriality, as already indicated, we will most likely establish the embassy on Palestinian or Egyptian territory or in another neighboring state. In fact the lower slopes of Mount Sinai would make an excellent alternative choice, since that is where Yahweh, the leader of the Elohim, first appeared to Moses. (page 208, Author's Postscript)

Note: Jean Sendy's French books used the informal word "patron" which means "boss." Claude Vorilhon Rael used the formal word "president" in his first French book.
However, while translating to English, both translators chose the same word "leader."

Those gods who made heaven & earth (1969)
Was the "serpent" a mutant, a man intended to produce descendants who would equal the Celestials, and was he cursed by being condemned to "crawl," to remain attached to the earth, in bondage to it, like ordinary men? I believe he was. [...] The mutant, the "serpent," had proved to be incapable of keeping the secret of the "tree of knowledge." [...] (page 145-146)
The book which tells the truth (1974)
The serpent was this small group of creators who had wished to tell the truth to Adam and Eve and as a result they were condemned by the government of their own planet to live in exile on Earth (page 24)

Those gods who made heaven & earth (1969)
The Celestials did not intend to turn over the management of the planet to the control group, symbolized by Adam, but to the more intelligent mutants, symbolized by Lucifer. Would Lucifer have been more successful in managing the planet if, instead of trying to impress Adam, he had held his tongue and let the Celestials continue their experiments on him and his lineage? (page 152)
Let's welcome the Extraterrestrials (1979)
Lucifer is one of the Elohim who created life on Earth, thus created Man. Lucifer was heading a small group of scientists working in one of the genetic engineering laboratories which studied the behaviour of the first synthetic men. [...] Lucifer and his group of Elohim felt love and affection for their syntetically created humans. (page 84)

[See more comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Rael's]
L'Ere du Verseau (The Age of Aquarius)
by Jean Sendy (1970)


Original French Quote:
Un des enseignements essentiels d'Hermes etait que ce qui est en haut [dans les cieux] est comme ce qui est en bas [sur terre]. (page 331)

Exact English Translation:
One of the essential teachings of Hermes was that which is above [in the sky] is like that which is below [on Earth].

The book which tells the truth
by Claude Vorilhon Rael (1974)


First French version book:
"Il en est en haut comme il en est en bas" et en son centre le "svastika" qui veut dire que tout est cyclique, le haut devenant bas et le bas devenant haut. (page 59)

English version book:
That which is above is like that which is below and in its center is the swastika which means that everything is cyclic, the top becoming the bottom, and the bottom in turn becoming the top. (page 58)

[Rael's plagiarism: Copy, Paste, Modify and Add some...]

Note: Whoever Raelian translated Rael's first French book to English version, didn't consider that Rael had plagiarised, and fixed French awkward sentence to natural which in result became the exact same sentence as Jean Sendy's in English.

[See more comparison between Jean Sendy's books and those of Rael's]

Honorary Guides

 Rael also bestowed the title of Honorary Guide upon Michael Jackson in 1992 which I think is cool "Considering all the good things Michael did on Earth for peace and love," as Rael puts it. He has also awarded the title 'Honorary Guide of Humanity' to Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the controversial Nation of Islam, with a IRM press statement astutely describing Farrakhan as “a peaceful revolutionary, well known in the United States for his controversial positions on social and political matters.”

“After Minister Farrakhan exposed U.S. and NATO criminal war actions in Libya and Africa in a recent press conference at the U.N. Plaza Hotel in New York, Rael decided to award him the Honorary Guide title,” said Brigitte Boisselier, IRM spokesperson, adding that Rael bestows this distinction “only upon those who place humanity’s interest before their own and their own lives.”

Boisselier said Farrakhan’s facts and comments are in perfect agreement with many statements made by Rael, who regards today’s conflicts in Afghanistan, Iran and Libya as “obvious failures of the United Nations (see” And she mentioned another recent statement in which Rael said international aggression against Libya “has been covered up under the pretext of protecting the civilian population,” and that “the real reason is to hoard the oil and combat Kadhafi’s idea of creating a currency based on gold, which could be used instead of the dollar for oil transactions.’’

Boisselier said Farrakhan’s address identified another important fact.

“When he addressed the U.N. members, especially those now attacking Libya, he pointed out that NATO is in direct conflict with their own resolution of 1973, which is supposed to protect the civilians now being killed by NATO’s bombs,” Boisselier explained. “In addition, his letter of support to President Kadhafi has a lot in common with those sent [to Kadhafi] by our spiritual leader, Rael.”

Boisselier said the 21st century’s real world revolution is not where most people think.

“It’s not in the streets of Libya as the media would like us to believe,” she concluded. “It’s in the Western countries, in the actions of those like Minister Farrakhan and other true Guides of Humanity, those who can no longer tolerate wars and are now gathering to end centuries of colonialism and hopefully stop the dictatorship of the few and place the people’s interest – humanity’s interest – in command instead.”

("The title of Honorary Guide is bestowed by Rael himself to a few individuals who have accomplished extraordinary actions and who deserve to be recognized for the way they put the welfare of humanity before their own personal fate."- Dr. Boisselier).


Honey and Cinnamon

The song "Le Miel et la Cannelle (Honey and Cinnamon) (1967) by Claude Vorilhon Rael.

The order that Claude Vorilhon saw some biological female models on Elohim's planet is perfectly matches to his own song.

Another coincidence? Or he got the idea from his own mind of female preferences?

Honey and Cinnamon (1967)

I smell honey and cinnamon
I smell vanilla and love
I smell honey and cinnamon
Girls I'll always adore.

The first was a brunette, Margot was her name
We played the pipes as the moon lit the night
I took the road to her eyes
And followed the way to her hair.

The second was a blonde, her name was Marielle
The path around her curves I remember well
I took the road to her eyes
And followed the way to her hair.

The third was a redhead, Marion she was called
For her lovely little face and her frothy underslip
I took the road to her eyes
And followed the way to her hair.

Don't cry, my friend, for tomorrow will be spring
They are so lovely and you're not twenty yet
I took the road to her eyes
And you can travel the path to her hair.

E.T Took Me To Their Planet (1975)

I put my belt on again and found myself transported back in front of the machine used for making robots. A luminous cube appeared in front of me. I was shown to an armchair facing the cube and given a helmet. When I had settled down, a magnificent young brunette with marvelously harmonious proportions appeared three-dimensionally within the luminous cube. [...]

At my refusal to change anything whatsoever about that magnificent creature, a second woman, this time blonde and alluring, appeared in the luminous cube. She was different but just as perfect as the first one. With her I could not find anything to alter, either.

Finally, a third young female, this one a redhead more sensual than the first two, appeared in the strange cube. The robot asked me if I cared to see other models, or if these three ideal types of my race would be enough for me. I answered quite naturally that I thought these three people were extraordinary. At that moment, a magnificent black woman appeared in the cube, then a very fine slender Chinese female, and then finally another voluptuous young Asian woman. (page 156-157)

Time Always Tells The Truth

Message to all the posters of insults and defamations by Rael

(Excerpt from Rael's facebook Rael fan page managed/posted by himself).

"That being said, if you're anti-Raelians, I encourage you to be as active as possible against us and thank you in advance. Indeed, by acting against us you make us more publicity! So act more as possible! Every time you say bad things about us you're advertising. Those who bother me are those who are indifferent and never talk to us. Finally I quote the great Sacha Guitry 'If those who speak evil of me knew what I think of them they would say many advantages.' So do not limit yourself..."

Sceptical Inquirer [July-August 2002], Rise of the Raelians: flying saucers, science, sex, and religion

In 1998 Vorilhon announced to his followers that the alien creators of Earth would soon return to Earth and it was necessary to expedite preparations for this second coming. One of the essential first steps was the recruitment of a number of young women members into the Order of the Angels to serve as hostesses and sexual mates for the arriving progenitors of humans. Within this order was a select group who agreed only to sleep with the aliens and their prophets, including of course Vorilhon. Vorilhon, however, emphasizes that the angels are under no pressure to sleep with him, since the Raelians teach sexual freedom and not coercion.

Time Always Tells The Truth

After long 11 years, I decided to quit Raelian movement. I went into extensive investigation of Claude Vorilhon Rael and I found too many coincedences, hard to be ignored. On this site, as many people's requests, I try to put all the information I found. The judgment is all yours.
One thing I want to make sure. I have nothing against Rael or Raelians personally. I still think Raelians "were" one of the finest people on Earth.
It is just Claude Vorilhon Rael who is the evil being.
Raelians are just victims for their docile spirit.

- An ex-Korean Raelian (

Excerpt from Aliens Adored: Rael's UFO religion by Susan J. Palmer (2004), p.10.

(Interview with Rael by Susan J. Palmer).

I countered with, "Rael, you must have been interviewed by the the media over a thousand times. Have you ever, in all your years of experience in dealing with media, known a journalist to lie, to misquote you, or twist your words?"

Rael laughed. "Yes, of course. Journalists lie all the time. I used to be a journalist myself, so I know what they are like."

"I amused myself playing with the journalists." - Dr. Brigitte Boisselier.

 Testimony of journalist Jean-Jacques Arene

(Rael's childhood friend)

Excerpts from Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003.

"The Extra-Terrestrials, we invented them one evening in 1973 when we had good drinks with meal close to the place Gaillard in downtown of Clemont-Ferrand. We were three, and Claude Vorilhon was very impressed when Franck Messegue told him how his father made a fortune. He had just his journal Autopop, which was agony."
"At that time, I was twenty years old. We were band of fifty to go out in Clemont-Ferrand. We were hanging out to the same pubs, the same clubs connected of the moment. The evening of good drinks with meal, we had passed the night to be delirious on a hoax that we could launch. The idea of the Extra-Terrestrials came from Franck. The tranquil place close to Puy de Dome I suggested him, between Puy de la Vache and that of Lassolas, in remembering that I went out on a motocycle."

"For us, it was for laughing. Not for Claude. The next day he went to the editorial of La Montagne, to tell 'his' story. He was dismissed. When things didn't work out as planned (Des que la mayonnaise a pris), he left Clemont-Ferrand, and the people who knew. I remember that he was fascinated by the success of Maurice Messegue, who made a fortune with the herbs. His son explained, dissected the method of his father, and Vorilhon hadn't lost crumbs."

Note: La Montagne is the same journal that the conference was held by and given by Jean Sendy in Clemont-Ferrand on 4th March 1974.

[See the article in Le Progres de Lyon on 16 Jan 2003]

The true story of 'little Claudy' Vorilhon, now known as 'His Holiness Rael'

By Rick Ross, with research provided by Gildas Bourdais

March 2003

Who is "Rael," the odd, balding, middle aged man with the outlandish flight suits and silly ponytail?

During a news lull after Christmas of 2002, the bizarre French expatriate, now a resident of Canada, grabbed headlines and television coverage around the world, when his followers made fantastic and unsubstantiated claims that they had somehow produced "the first human clone."

The stories told by the funny little man from Montreal have never been proven and it seems the latest one about "clones" is just another stunt planned to gain media attention for an apparent megalomaniac and "cult leader" whose followers are called the "Raelians."

Rael has created a mythology about his birth, life and eventual realization as a worldwide "prophet," would-be "savior" and/or interplanetary "messenger."

But what is the real story behind this strange man who has become a media curiosity?

The place to start on any quest for the truth about Rael is in France. There are the people who really know him the best, which include his family and old friends.

French journalists have investigated the background of Rael. The following is his biography pieced together from various news articles recently run and/or recounted.

"Rael" was born some 57 years ago and named Claude Vorilhon.

Interviews with family members paint a vastly different portrait of the man who now insists he be addressed as "His Holiness Rael" (French "Sa Sainteté Raël"), as one precondition before granting an audience or interview.

Claude Vorilhon was born in Vichy, in the "Massif Central." An area within France famous for its old volcanoes. He spent his childhood in Ambert, a small town of only 7,500 at that time. Ambert is widely known for its very distinct cheese, the "fourme d'Ambert."

The Vorilhon family was well established and had lived within Ambert for generations. They owned a fabric factory.

But scandal surrounded Claude's birth. Colette, his mother, had a liaison during World War II with man referred to as "Marcel X." He was a married man. And from this union came Claude, born out of wedlock.

Marcel was a refugee from Alsace, an eastern part of France. Germany annexed this region during the war and Marcel's life was subsequently at risk due to his Jewish heritage. The Massif Central provided safe harbor for the Jew fleeing the horrors of the Nazi death camps.

Marcel had run a wood factory in Alsace, which he returned to at the end of the war. He abandoned Colette and Claude. But Marcel continued to see Colette and they made trips together.

Raelian Women and Hugh Hefner

Colette eventually left Claude with his aunt.

The French press has extensively interviewed Claude Vorilhon's family members.

In the Sunday paper Le Journal du Dimanche January 5, 2003, reporter Emmanuelle Chantepie recounts her meeting with Claude Vorilhon's aunt Thérèse, who is now 87. She raised Vorilhon with her mother in Ambert. The elderly woman still lives there in a small apartment.

Thérèse says Vorilhon was a very gentle boy, despite all the nasty stories about him today. She is still fond of him and calls her nephew "little Claudy." Thérèse never had a child and raised Claudy as if he were her own son.

But Thérèse admits that "little Claudy" at times may go too far. She says, "For instance, when he claims that he was born from the union of his mother Colette with an Extraterrestrial." When Vorilhon makes such claims the old woman calls him a "cornichon" (pickle), which is a French word for nitwit.

Thérèse made the same statements to another reporter François Vignole, quoted within the popular French daily newspaper Le Parisien on January 15, 2002.

And what about Vorilhon's mother? What does she think of her son now?

Colette Vorilhon when interviewed chose to hide her face. She is apparently ashamed of her son.

Journalist Hervé Bouchaud on a program that aired three times on the network M6 presented by Bernard de la Villardière on April 10, 2001, April 14, 2002, and on January 14, 2003 interviewed Colette for French television.

Bouchaud prodded the woman, "Don't tell me that you have been inseminated by an Extraterrestrial!"

Colette replied laughing, "Who knows? Like the Holy Virgin? An angel came through my window. Well, I sleep with my window open!"

Aunt Thérèse does not seem to respect Colette. She made negative comments about her to both journalists Chantepie and Vignolle. Thérèse confided, "She was bad."

It seems that little Claudy's aunt feels her nephew suffered due to an unstable home. His mother sent him away at seven and they often quarreled when visiting.

When Vorilhon was 15 his father died. His mother then forced him to abandon his studies. He went to Paris hoping to become a entertainer, imitating the famous singer Jacques Brel. Vorilhon used the stage name Claude Celler. But he failed.

Not long after his singing career fizzled Claude met Christine, whom he married in 1971.

Christine Vorilhon has also been interviewed by French journalists and offered details about their troubled marriage.

In the beginning she loved Claude and would bear him two children. But in the coming years as Vorilhon's incredible ego grew, he became unbearable. The marriage ended in 1985.

Christine says she was "completely destroyed by her husband."

She left their marriage with nothing. And despite his growing income derived from the so-called Raelian movement, "He never raised a little finger for me," she said.

But long before their bitter divorce Claude Vorilhon had essentially ceased to exist. His new stage name became "Rael."

The former Mrs. "Rael" is now attempting to build a new life. She hopes to remain anonymous. "I don't want to be harassed by his supporters. This is a dangerous sect," Christine warned.

Vorilhon made one more failed attempt at a career before becoming Rael. While he lived with his wife and children in Clermont-Ferrant, the main city of Massif Central, he put together a little auto-racing magazine called Auto Pop.

According to an old friend Patrice Vergès the magazine was a "little rag" ("canard"). And after a brief run in 1973 it went under and folded.

Vorilhon now would embark on the only successful endeavor he would ever experience; little Claudy launched his career as a "cult leader."

The failed magazine publisher now began telling fantastic stories about meetings with alien beings from outer space. Vorilhon said these encounters began at a volcano called "Le Puy de Lassalas." The extraterrestrial had supposedly given little Claudy an important message for all mankind.

These sensational claims attracted some media coverage. And from this time forward Vorilhon apparently became obsessed, intoxicated with media attention, which ultimately seems to have become an addiction.

Vorilhon appeared on Le Grand Echiquier, a popular French television program in 1974. And after that appearance he received thousands of letters. Those fans were probably the beginning of what would become Vorilhon's "cult" following.

Roland, a childhood friend of little Claudy, still lives in Ambert. He was also interviewed for French television. On M6 TV Roland recalled an evening with Vorilhon some years ago, during which the two men spoke frankly.

Roland asked Claude if he had lied about his encounter with alien beings from outer space.

Vorilhon reportedly replied, "Yes, I lied, but you knew it, anyway, so I am not teaching you anything!"

Claude went on to explain that he had never seen any "little green men," but that the tale helped him achieve the attention and eventual status he wanted.

It seems that Claude Vorilhon may be misrepresenting more than his close encounters with extraterrestials.

Vorilhon and his followers have made claims about the vast membership of Raelians. But the Raelian movement in France is not really that successful. According to a French official specifically assigned the task of watching specious sects, there are less than a thousand Raelians in France.

It appears French authorities are interested in the group's finances and tax payments.

Some Raelians also have serious legal problems.

According to Christophe Dubois, reporting for The Parisien January 15, 2003, official sources say that there are no less than five cases of sexual abuse currently under investigation regarding Raelians.

Vorilhon hasn't done well in civil court either.

Rael sued French journalist Jean-Yves Cashga in 1991 for defamation. However, he lost and was ordered to pay court costs. The judgement remains uncollected.

Amidst growing legal problems Rael decided to leave France. He immigrated to Canada, where he is a resident and achieved tax-exempt religious status for his Raelian movement.

Claude Vorilhon's mother told reporters recently that she hasn't seen her son since 1996.

The last time that "little Claudy" phoned home he told his mother that he was afraid to return to France. He said that authorities there might put him in "handcuffs."

Copyright © 2003 Rick Ross.

To see more documents/articles regarding this group/organization/subject click here.

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