I understand that this universe is biased towards masculine energies, that courage is the key here and that humanity, having borrowed conflicts from elsewhere in order to further resolve the issue of power imbalances, and as a platform for individual and group experience and growth, descended into extreme duality through emphasis on the lower masculine, the separate ego-mind. Now, with the Return of Light, of divine unity and wholeness, feminine energies are reemerging, including the transformative power of the Kundalini which the patriarchy always feared and therefore suppressed (because it destroys the limited and illusory identity of the physical ego). Neither gender has yet sufficiently tapped into the feminine and the Divine Feminine (the higher feminine) - the Goddess - is the key to Ascension and restoring balanced consciousness. As we thus become lighter, more blissful, blessed and at peace, we assist the Earth's Ascension by collectively anchoring these finer vibrations. This enables us to integrate the higher masculine, or higher Will, which always gives consideration to the collective whole and is aligned with Divine Law and the Divine Plan.

According to AFW, the entire universe is shifting to the way of the Divine Feminine.




Alchemy of the Goddess The Divine Feminine of the Platinum Ray

Following The Way Of The Sacred Heart

Goddess Consciousness

Mary Magdalene on Compassion and the Goddess Light

God and Goddess

Special Message from God - The Divine Feminine

Female Empowerment

The Venus Transits & The Return of the Divine Feminine


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Integrating Mellanika

“The significance of rescuing Chile’s trapped miners extends beyond the courage, endurance, perseverance and cooperation that gave rise to deep emotional investment throughout your world during that suspenseful time prior to the triumphant outcome and the exultation that followed. By raising the bar for Earth humankind in those respects, the rescue stunningly shows the effects of the higher vibrations Earth has reached in her ascension pathway. The collective efforts and emotional reactions from the moment of the mine’s collapse until the last man reached the surface could not have occurred a few years ago, before the feminine, or goddess, energies started coming in to balance the masculine energies that for long ages dominated life on your planet.” - Matthew (channelled through Suzanne Ward, 6 November 2010,

The Awakening of the Feminine

The feminine energy has awakened within every human being on the Planet
Men and women of the world:
The time has come to celebrate the mother in all of us
Time to balance in each and every one
The masculine mind and the feminine heart
Let us merge and bring peace and love back to life

 ~ Manu Martin

"The return of the Goddess is the return of all that we have forgotten beyond the physical world. For me the Goddess is a powerful level of consciousness as an expression of Source but also the whole of consciousness, manifest and unmanifest, but especially unmanifest, beyond the illusion of physical form at least. The Child Christ is probably also the Child Horus, which is another level of consciousness into which all must be initiated as a bridge to Source upon return to Source. And this Child is part of the Mother Goddess. We are here to achieve Christed status or express the Christed Self if we have already attained this in other galaxies." - Antraeus de Herschia.

Alchemy of the Goddess The Divine Feminine of the Platinum Ray

"This next passage is thru the heart which means a great internal restructuring has occurred and many may find themselves in unfamiliar territory."  - Seven Sisters.

We are restoring the balance of Shakti/Shiva…and tho the divine feminine (Shakti) must take her rightful place as the leader of creation in the world of form, this is in no way hierarchal or femininely monotheistic…because without the masculine principle (Shiva), the goddess energy is a raw, unsculpted, unmanifest force of potential that cannot fulfill its vocation.

Conversely, when the two polarities meet in the middle (heart), divine love is restored and rebirth (ascension) happens.  It is time.

Are you ready to know your greatness?

- Lauren C. Gorgo (LOVE takes the Lead: the return of feminine power, 11 July 2011).

Alchemy of the Goddess: The Divine Feminine of the Platinum Ray

By Metatron

Channelled through James Tyberonn, 14 December 2008

"Indeed! I Am Metatron, Lord of Light and I welcome each of you here to this special space, to this very special vector in the unified field that you know as the Vortex of Sedona.

We take a moment to adjust the energy in this room, and urge you to open your hearts and feel the energy of violet-silvertine light that is emerging, for it is an aspect of the light that you refer to as ultraviolet. A light that comes within the consciousness, a light that is within you all, within that part of your mind that you refer to as subconscious and super-subconscious. This room is being filled now with the frequential harmonics that allow the multi-dimensionality within you all. It especially opens the true aspect of who you are. And allows you to step outside of the ego consciousness, outside of the personality, to step outside of the linear sequence of your present life for a brief, yet prolific time to glimpse your true nature.

We have spoken this week about love, and the fact that love is far more than you realize. Most of the time when you humans feel love what you are actually feeling is simply the intonations of the heart chakra. Indeed you are feeling the emotional aspect of love, the physical aspect of love, the mental aspect of love. Masters, that feeling is only the tip of the iceberg. Love is everything. Love is the highest frequencial essence of the Universe, of the Cosmos. It is the frequency key, the frequencial doorway that each of you must enter to move higher in dimension. Love is so much more than you realize.

And know this Dear Ones. Love heals. We tell you that Love is a sacred science that ties all things together. Love is Truth that yields only to Greater Truth, Universal Truth. Love is Celestial music that flows in and out of each of you. And just as divine music is filling the spaces of this room through the beautiful efforts of this gifted musician playing now, love also flows through the Cosmos. Love is fluid and is ever circumfluent, rippling continuously through all places, all aspects.


And so there is a very special entourage forming around you, NOW. And Dear Ones, you know them, you know each one of them and they you. They are true family, your Soul Family, and they are holding your hands. Take a moment to feel them, to squeeze their hand in recognition. They are surrounding each of you in this room with a resonate silveresque light, and that healing Light is feminine, it is of the Goddess Divine and is called the Platinum Ray.


And so we call forth the Divine Feminine Healer, that of the Starseed Goddess, Guardian of the Sacred Platinum Ray. Feel the amazing nurturing of her energy. Take a moment, Dear Ones, and allow this healing, this love, this joy. (Pause)

Now, there is an amazing man that we have asked to come forward, and he is sitting in front of the channel now. There is an angel touching his shoulder. And so this man, Darwin, has come forward to take a lead in a great transformation that all of you are part of.

You see, there is a release that will soon begin taking place that you all agreed to be part of. And for this purpose, the veils of time are being pulled back. Being opened. And so we are taking you back in an era now that all of you, every single one of you, have experienced many many times. It is called Atlantis, home of the original red race, the Golden tall race, of the Atla Ra. Of the Law of One, of which most of you are a part. But we also come into the energy of Aryan, and the Sons of Belial. Some of you know that only too well, and indeed, it is as part of the balance. For in the Fall of Atlantis, began the imbalance of the overage of masculine force. And while both the masculine and feminine are required for the balance, it is the Feminine that is needed on the Earth now to regain and obtain sacred balance.

You see, the obtrusive control of other humans began with the misuse of genetic engineering by the Sons of Belial in Aryan. Five of you in this room now, were stuck in lifetimes in Atlantis in which you had horrific genetic limitations placed upon you. And with these implanted limitations your soul was not allowed to express itself in those sojourns. You were sequestered with hundreds of thousands to lifetimes of servitude without the ability to express love.

And so in this vector, now comes that balance for which you have waited. You see there are certain vectors, certain vortex portals that have an axialtonal frequency that connects to certain aspects within the linear circle of time and one of those has been opened now here in Sedona. You are in it, and we have stepped into a doorway that has just opened for us.

So now there is a specific Earth-Gate, not a Stargate, but a special Earth-Gate in time connecting you in this room now to the island of Aryan, to the area of the Belial within Atlantis.

Four of you, in addition to this beautiful soul, (Channel walks to front chair) were sequestered in Atlantean lifetimes where your soul could not express love or feeling. You could not express life! Four more of you, in addition to this one, had what could be termed genetic implants. ( Several begin crying...) It is time to steop that lifetime from bleeding over into others.

Dear Ones, you can change that past, these barriers, these blocks can be removed now. If you wait a moment for the adjustment, give us a moment to bring the energy into greater resonance in the time grid.

Now this moment, those of you who feel, who know, you were part of this, and you do know who you are, have an experience in Atlantis you would like to have changed, something you would like to be removed. We tell you to prepare for it. This coded energy will be offered to you, will be applied to you.

There were those in Atlantis who were referred to as the "others", those who were essentially slaves to the system. The 'others' as they were called, were genetically engineered, manipulated into physical forms of purposely lessened capacity and born into lifetimes of confinement and work. They experienced energetic confinement and spiritual sadness, experienced tremendous traumatic blockage. Emotions could not be felt. Love was not allowed to be experienced.

We tell you Dear Ones, no one is meant to exist, on this planet, within this Earth, within this sentience, without experiencing love. Can you imagine the excruciating pain, the horrible frustration of being here and not being able to express who you are? It is like what the Yeti (Sasquatch) experience now, as they were also genetically engineered implanted in Atlantis to become beast of burden. Oh yes, it is true!

So we come to the moment and fulcrum of power that is opened in this room now. We come to a window that will allow you to put out a reverse wave to change the past. And you can change the past! You see within the eternal NOW, there is no past, there is no future, there is only this moment, right NOW. And in the eternal NOW is Universal Truth, and it is expanding into even Greater Truth, and that Greater Truth is within this moment. This Sacred Truth grows linearly, vertically, dimensionally and that Greater Truth is Unconditional Love.

You see, when love isn't allowed to flow there is the short circuitry within the body. There is a semblance of a symptom referred to as chronic polar reversal but it is in truth more accurately described as auric short circuitry, its then becomes an energetic-emotional blockage that leads to auric bleeding. It is something that you all need to be aware of; you all need to maintain the integrity and flow of your auric field. It is part of the movement into the Ascension, into the crystalline energy.

And so we will ask Darwin, here and now. Do you want to remove this pain? Do we have your permission?

(Channeled Healing work done on Darwin for several minutes with Phi Vogel-Crystals.)

So as we continue with this healing, we tell you that many of you in Atlantis experienced this pain, of being trapped, of being not able to express who you are. Some of you carry this over now and it expresses itself in many ways. We spoke earlier today about Warriors of Light. Dear ones, the dark is just as much a part of the picture as the light. Dear ones, without the dark there could not be light, without the light there could not be dark. That is the nature of polarity, of duality, you see? Within that context both must be embraced, both must be released, they are part of the lesson of life in duality.

The term 'Warrior of Light' means having the strength to complete the task that was given you within duality. In the energy in this room now there are some magnificent healers present; there are some shamans present that carry tremendous ability to heal.

All of you in this room now can release whatever does not serve you. In so doing you are doing it for your planet. We have spoken of the Enochian, Alton Kamadoneon work, and indeed he is present now! We have spoken about the about the Ashtar work, about the work of St Germain who are also here now! We are ready then for the Healing that must take place. About the feminine balance that must occur. So bring that in now within you all. Bring in the Platinum Ray, to the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Of balancing the inner duality of your male and female.

Many of you speak of the true need for the energy of the Divine Feminine on the planet. Indeed Dear Ones, it has been patriarchal far too long. And the Feminine energy IS truly needed to balance the planet. But in this process masters, take note, it is NOT the just feminine energy that is the ultimate desired energy for the Earth. No! Rather, it is the balance of male and female that is the optimal.

It is the female energetic that is now required to achieve the balance. For the Earth remains overly masculine in resonance and that must be brought into equilibrium, into Divine Balance! And balance is that is what is desired, that is what is needed within ALL of you. Balance! Truly, you are neither male nor female in your spirit form. In Spirit, you are the balance of both.

Your biblical metaphor of Adam and Eve tells you of Adams rib taken out of his side to form the other half, the female. The real message is that before you come into the earth plane you are WHOLE, with integral component harmonics of male and female. You only split into duality because this is the planet of polarity, of duality.

You see, the earth is a plane for growth. This is the planet of lesson. Of exploration of duality, so one aspect is male, one is female, both with specific purposes and lessons. All of you have been both many many times.

But NOW, is now the time to return to the balance. It is no mistake that when you look around the room that 80% of the people present are in female form. That is the energy that is required, it is the female energy needed to balance. Most of the males in this room are balanced in their male/female equilibrium. Many of the females in this room have been male in many lifetimes and have brought the energy back this time to be female in sequence, to be female in expression, to be female within the electromagnetic pattern yet carrying a tremendous strength not confined to one sex or another. In fact it is the female that is by far the strongest. Ask any woman and she will tell you (laughter). Oh yes, we have humor in the Angelic realm! (Laughter). It is one attribute that you humans will carry forward into Spirit.

The Divine Feminine, it is the nurturing, it is the strength. And that is what is needed on the planet now. The planet is in a cycle. Many of you think of it as evolution. It has also been in a cycle that is involution. Many of you think that the Harmonic Convergence is what has brought in this new age. Dear ones, the 13th century played a key role in bringing in this age of enlightenment. A period you have called dark ages. The fall of Atlantis played a major role in the enlightenment age you are feeling now. It was the dark that birthed the light.

Let me repeat that. The dark that birthed the light. When you feel these releases it's because there is an axialtonal connection, there is a harmonic oscillation occurring. From the dark springs the light, from the light springs the dark. It is the cycle. It is (was) the seven centuries ,7th thru 13th century in a period called the Dark Ages that created the polar opposite of the Light, called the Fall of Orion. It is the cyclic down spiral initiated with the sad final Fall of Atlantis and culminated in the Dark Ages that brought about this renewed purpose, called the New Age. The earth has cycles. The earth renews its cycle every 26,000 years. It is a graduation of consciousness. A recentering, a recalibration. The birth of a new world.

So it was a lesser Truth that yielded, that fell to Greater Truth.

Tomorrow you will be going to a most incredible stargate and I will be there. And you will send another wave back that will change the past. It will change the future. You will be going to bit of space outside the linear sequence. The place you call Shamans Cave is an Infinity point. It is not just a Stargate, it is an Infinity gate. And when you go there tomorrow, go there in reverence, go there in strength. Go there in a serious focus. Go there in sacred pilgrimage, in ceremony. It's not a picnic, it is not a hike. It's a mission you have contracted to take part in. A sacred oath you have agreed long ago to complete.

Your world is going through some changes now. Recently the economic system in the world appeared to crash. And Dear Ones, as we have told you there are more systems yet to fall. To reboot. It is the time now in which you must find balance. In macro and micro. Those who have manipulated, just as in Atlantis, just as in the US, just as in the major centers of the world, must be changed. The system of money must be changed. Spirit is not short of cash. Spirit has energy. You will find that the systems will again work, sooner than you imagine, but your interpretation of money is going to change. The vision of the monetary system is going to change. Do you understand?

Humanity can no longer stand on the planet in places that you refer to as the 1st world and silently allow what is termed the 3rd world to wreathe in hunger and destitution. The new paradigm cannot abide in a world where a small handful of people have everything and the great masses of people are born into indentured servitude, just as occured in Atlantis. It can't work in the new paradigm, it's got to fall. It must change, and it is!

Even now in South America there are changes that are meant to happen, that are taking place.

Changes have to come to North America. You in America chose hope or fear in your last election. You think of the United States as a country and you think of yourselves as a citizens. In truth Masters, the United States became a corporation based on profit and power after your World War II. In truth, the United States of America is a corporation, not a country. And in that unfortunate transitional process the masses of 'citizens' became employees. Americans are enslaved in debt, manipulated by the media, and intoxicated by quantity. It is not just America but most of your countries to varying degrees. Not those of you on the true path, but indeed the manipulated masses. And that has to change. It is enclaves like this that will allow it to change. You are here for that purpose. To put out that highest good. And allow these positive, necessary changes to happen. Allow the highest good to occur. Allow the healing to take place.

The reason these crises are occuring is because you are uniquely capable of rising to the challenge, and growing, learning in the process!

Dear ones, I want you all now to send a tone and this tone will be amplified. It will be carried by the entourage of the angelic realm that's in this room with you now. There many, many here now, walking in the aisles and between the chairs. So with that tone, send the highest good around the planet.

(Toning for several minutes.)

We share with you these precious moments. What you are doing this weekend is very important. You are keeping your end of the contract you made long, long ago. You had a very special man yesterday who spoke about crystal skulls, and their imprint. And imprint of perfection is an important piece of what you have contracted to achieve. The energy of the crystal skulls is the perfect human model, the perfect paradigm, exuding the model of the 12 strand DNA. You see that resonance is within it, within the Unified Crystalline Field. It is the perfect paradigm of the 12 aspects of the 144, the 12 squared. And of that termed the Phi, the Golden Spiral. You are forming the golden spiral in this spot, in this location. It is no mistake that certain people were drawn here, that YOU were called to be here at this time! It was no mistake that this particular spot opened a Time Gate and Earth-Gate. It is no mistake that you are going to the infinity point tomorrow to project the PHI into multidimensionality. And that is your purpose. To put out intent, the energy to draw in the crystalline field, the perfect paradigm. The highest good, the impeccability. The language of love.

On December 21st, 2012 will be the event that you think of as the Ascension. The end of one world, the beginning of another. But we tell you, for many of you, Dear Ones that date is not written in stone. The Ascension is not an astrological confluence. For some of you the Ascension is occurring now. For some of you it will occur next year. For some of you it has already occured. It is not written in stone. The Ascension is determined by what we would term as the Light Quotient of humanity. Approximately 10% of the human beings on the earth carry sufficient light to ensure that the Ascension will occur. And it is that light quotient that makes it take place. Such is the power of Light, that 10% of Light energy can change the reality of Earth experience for the entire planet! The Ascension is an energy fulcrum, a momentum...It is not a specific date on the calendar.

And so within the vector of this place now, within the vector of the stargate, the infinity gate you will go to tomorrow, the ascension will have already occured. Many of you have actually come back from the future. Some of you are envoys of light from the future that came back into this specific time to help navigate through these waters because you know where the twists and turns are. Some of you are what we call walk-in's, that came in specifically to bring a very potent and very powerful energy to help heal because you have been here before. And there are two types of walk-in's. There is the walk-in that is actually a merger with a more evolved part of the soul that is within the same root complex of the soul. And then there are the ones that are a complete contractual switch of the original inhabiting soul with a different soul within a particular body , by agreement. And that 'new soul' reforms the original body. For just as your earth reconstructs itself every 12,000 years, your body reconstructs itself every 7 years. There are 8 walk-ins present in this room now. Do you know who you ae?

The sequence of time is moving faster on your planet because of the 26,000 year cycle. The speed of light is moving faster now and that changes your perception of time. Your clocks no longer accurately measure the pulsing flash-unit of time. The inner core of the earth is spinning faster. The outer core of the earth still rotates around the sun at the same rate. The ratio has changed. Light is moving faster although it will be decades before your mainstream academia recognize it. And in the future, in the lifetimes of the Crystal Children, the rotation around the sun will shift, it will move faster. Instead of 365.25 days around the sun, it will accelerate the solar cycle by almost 7 days, relatve to your present cycle. Yet the flash of time is what will change. Consider that. The days will still be measured by astronomical cycles, but those cycles will occur faster, you see.

Indeed there are myriad changes that are going to happen on your planet. They are in initial irreversible process, and they are necessary. Let go of the fear. They have to happen. It's a rebooting. A new program is coming around. Your economic system being rebooted and the paradigm of your planet is being reformed. The polar ice caps will melt. And that crystalline water needs to be dissolved because it holds vibrations that no longer serve you. There are microbes and enzymes within those frozen centuries of millennia of water in the polar ice caps that will become necessary in the years to come. The changes need not be globally catastrophic. There will be regional changes but it need not be a global catastrophe as you saw in Atlantis. It will be regional in ways that you have seen around the ring of fire. It can be gradual over a period of 80-200 years. Your own reaction to it will, to some degree, determine how it happens. Will you react in fear and amplify it? Or will you understand it and act in love and let it take its course?

Coronal mass injections, tsunamis, the super hurricanes, super tornadoes all create frequential change that is necessary to the planet. The perfect storm, a cocktail of harmonics that balance the planet. Were these not occurring, we assure you, that global cataclysm would occur on a major level. These are allowing it to be stepped down. Don't fear them, don't reject them, and don't amplify them. Allow the highest good to come. They carry the perfect acupuncture of the earth that injects perfect frequencies that are required. Do not attempt to stop them. Do not fear them.

And you humans are so ready to assume the guilt for global warming. Dear Ones it is the cycle of change! We tell you that your polar ice caps would be melting even if you were a campestral society. Much as you like to blame yourselves, you are not to blame for global warming. Cycling requires the event. The primary cause is the speedup of the inner core rotation of the earth. The changes will come, they are requisite. It is for you to release and allow the highest good. Fear not! Stop fighting. It is already occurring.

And so dear ones, we close this session and we tell you how important it is for you to love one another. How important it is for you to nurture yourself. How important it is to nurture each other. Treat one another with respect, with caring. You are all family. You all came here for this purpose. And your time here will be over so quickly. You are caught in a linear sequence, congealed thought in time.

It seems to you in duality that your lifetimes are long. Dear Ones they are but a flash. A fleeting flash. You are so much more than this one aspect. Spiritual life is eternal, but physical life is not. Every single one of you, dear ones, every single one of you in this room right now has an unseen counterpart in multidimensionality, standing behind the veil helping you through this. That counterparts is telling you everything will be fine. That counterpart is your own HIGHER SELF. The real you! All of you have guides that are aspects of your higher yourself. All of you are here with me, Ascended Masters, looking back through the veil. You have been here before, you will be here again. The beautifully composed symphony plays and then it decomposes. And then you play again. There is purpose in it. Purpose that through the filters of consciousness and duality that make it difficult for you to see. But there is myriad benefit, complex, profound purpose for your being here. And dear ones, your guidance comes from you. Not from this channel, not from Metatron, but from you. You are a spark of god, you are a co creator of this universe. You are a powerful soul anchored in divinity. Take your guidance from inside, not from outside. Don't give your power away. You cannot go into the crystal field if you do not love yourself. You cannot go into the crystal field if you do not empower self. Take control. That is how you are a warrior of light. Not by fighting people but by overcoming doubt, overcoming weakness. The struggle is against the self. The snake that eats its own tail. Love yourself, see yourself as who you really are.

Celebrate the time you have remaining today and tomorrow. Honor this beautiful earth. And it is beautiful. And it will be changing. Honor this magnificent consciousness of this area. Some of you talk about the energy shifting from Sedona. Dear ones, the matrix of this energy is the very rock in this ground. This Red Rock is 400 million years old. Do you think 40-50 years of people living in its midst deeply affects this ancient vortex ? It's like less than a second in your lifetime. The vortexial energy is truly not mal-affected. Yes, Sedona is a Cathedral, it is sacred, and yes the commercial aspects are a detriment, but you can and are rebooting it. Put your energy into it. Love this place, love one another.

It is time to bring in the Alchemy of the Goddess, the balancing Feminine Energy of the Platinum Ray.

We ask this very talented musician who is of my legion of Metatron, to play again that beautiful music from his flute.

And so as I leave this gathering, this moment in the NOW, know that you are Beloved! I Am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. "

... And so it is.

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Following The Way Of The Sacred Heart

By Archangel Michael

Channelled through Ronna Herman, 31 January 2008

Beloved Masters, as more and more of your old reality fades away and you move deeper into uncharted territory, you must learn to trust and have faith that the future is unfolding perfectly no matter how chaotic and disruptive it may seem at times. First, you must learn to trust yourself and this can be the most difficult step, for you have been taught that others are wiser than you, and they know what is best for you. This may have been true when you were a child; however, you are now adults with a golden opportunity before you: the wisdom of the cosmos is now available, and we of the higher realms are here in great force to assist you to attain Self‑Mastery and to reclaim your rightful state as a spiritual human‑Being. All of you have given your power away in some form in most of your incarnations on the Earth. You became conditioned and accustomed to what has been called the >herd‑state,= whereby others in positions of authority set the rules, told you what to do and, like it or not, you followed, for it felt safer than to resist and try to chart your own course.

We have often said that moving out of your comfort zone and the collective conscious belief structure is a very courageous thing to do. Bravely going forth to seek and live your own truth is the first step in taking back your personal power. As you release the shackles of the past and come to the understanding that you are in control of your future, you begin the process of awakening to your potential as a master cocreator. As you gain wisdom and begin to enjoy the positive results of your endeavors, you begin to trust yourself and your judgment. Your multi‑sensory perception expands and becomes stronger, and you learn to view both the positive and negative results of your choices from a higher vantage point, thereby gradually learning to make decisions from a heart‑centered point of view.

Faith is an intrinsic facet of trust: faith in yourself and your judgment, faith in those around you who have proven themselves trustworthy and honorable, faith in our Father/Mother God, the universal laws, and the Divine Blueprint for the future of humanity. We are not speaking of blind faith, for that is another way of giving your power away to someone else, their teachings or rules. In your material world, faith is built through actions and positive outcome, a function of the mind filtered through the heart. The heart is both a magnetic and radiating vortex and is the true source of human power. Your Sacred Mind holds the seed thoughts of your past and the future, and it is your personal source of the Divine will and power from our heavenly Father. Your seed thoughts for the future must be incubated within the Sacred Heart and the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light ignited by your love, and through your pure intention and actions they are manifested in the world of form. Abundance of all kinds is a natural manifestation when you are in harmonious attunement with Spirit and the Divine Plan for the greatest good of all.

You must learn to function through the intellect of the Sacred Heart. As you strengthen the connection between your Sacred Mind and your Sacred Heart, you will begin to access the wisdom of the Soul, your Higher Self and the multidimensional facets of your Self. Your Soul, your Higher Self, your guides, guardians and angelic helpers communicate with you through your Soul Self and your Sacred Heart. The whispers of Spirit in the unawakened become a mighty voice of loving wisdom and comfort as you awaken to the strength and majesty of your own divinity.

Many dear souls have asked, "How can we access more of the loving attributes of the Divine Mother and the feminine Archangels?" Your Sacred Hearts are beginning to blaze forth and you are aware that it is the loving energy of the Divine Mother that has been missing for so very long. The Divine Mother God and all the radiant facets of her Being have always been available to you no matter what other Divine mission and task she may be involved in. She, as our Father God, is omnipotent and omnipresent.

If it is your desire to experience more of the Divine Mother's love, attributes and qualities, we offer you the following suggestions. In a meditative state, see a beautiful crystal pyramid forming in the fifth dimension (your Higher Self will determine the appropriate sub‑level for your special Goddess Pyramid of Light). Envision the crystal table in the center with the Violet Flame blazing up from beneath the table. There is also a sparkling double‑terminated quartz crystal hanging over the table with the uppermost point extending out of the top of the Pyramid. Place a number of crystal chairs around the table and then add any other items that you would like to have there. This is your personal creation, and you may envision anything you would like to have there, for this will be your sanctuary where you will come to commune with the Divine Mother and all her beautiful representatives. Indeed, it is time to integrate to the fullest the aspects and qualities of the Divine Mother: Divine love, compassion, illumination, nurturance, gratitude, faith, hope and charity. These beautiful Ladies of Light will join you in your Pyramid, and they will leave a facet of their Essence there with you so that you may commune with them at any time you wish. Know that they will also radiate into the Etheric Replica of yourself that you will leave there on the crystal table the qualities and attributes that you desire to incorporate. Just remember, whatever you are given, you must use for the good of all in order to receive more. That is an immutable universal law.

We gave you some of these affirmations a number of years ago; however, it is appropriate that we give them to you again at this time. While in your Pyramid of Light dedicated to the Divine Mother and her entourage, affirm in your own words or as follows:

BELOVED DIVINE MOTHER, I ask you to join me in my Pyramid of Light and to gift me with your blessed loving energy so that I may be filled with the glory and power of your Divine Essence. I seek to integrate and portray your gentleness and your strength of Spirit, and to express your sweet, pure love in my daily life to any and all I meet. Open the portals of my Sacred Heart so that your pure love may blaze forth through me now and forever more.

I CALL FORTH THE BLESSED LADY MARY, ARCHANGEL OF THE FIFTH RAY, for whom I feel such great affinity, to guide and sustain me in my quest for truth and creative power. I claim all the gifts that have been imprinted on my soul and within my brain structure and I gratefully manifest them in their highest form for the blessing of all. I am continually inspired to give birth to things of great beauty to delight and encourage others to do the same. I draw upon the laws of Creation and dedicate my life in service to humanity.

I CALL UPON THE BEAUTIFUL LADY FAITH, ARCHANGEL OF THE FIRST RAY, to inspire me and lead me through the unknown territory onto the path that leads to enlightenment. I will go forth in full faith, trust and knowledge that I am being led by my God Self, and I will be a shining example for all to see. I will show others that with courage and faith the impossible becomes possible, and by releasing that which may seem safe and secure when I am nudged to do so, I attain comfort and am blessed with riches untold. I will show the weak of heart that we can step off the cliff and soar among the stars.

I CALL UPON THE LADY CONSTANCE, ARCHANGEL OF JUSTICE/TRUTH, THE SECOND RAY, to fill me with the desire to know and experience the hidden wisdom of the ages. As I gain true knowledge and wisdom, and manifest it in my life, may I become an example and disseminator of higher truth, sharing it with all seekers of the Light. I will give comfort to those who are discouraged and inspire those who feel defeated. I will be a courageous example for the faint of heart and give loving succor to those who do not feel worthy of love. I will honor and listen to the nudgings of my Spirit and walk the way of truth and love.

I CALL UPON LADY CHARITY, ARCHANGEL OF THE THIRD RAY. I, who have known ignorance, bigotry and injustice, will be a shining example of unconditional love and pure intention. I will always endeavor to understand and forgive, knowing that each person is on their own sacred journey and must learn their lessons in their own way and in their own time. I claim the purity of my Divine Self and it shines radiantly for all to see and share in its warmth. I will share my gifts of abundance and I will be charitable in thoughts, action and deeds. I will personify the qualities of understanding, clear perception and Divine wisdom.

I CALL UPON THE COMPASSIONATE LADY HOPE, ARCHANGEL OF THE FOURTH RAY. I will portray hope and inspiration in my manner, speech and actions. I will give loving assistance where needed. I will gently inspire and encourage where there is despair; I will speak words of hope so all may hear. By my very presence, I will bring comfort and leave in my wake an aura of peace and beauty.

I CALL UPON LADY GRACE, ARCHANGEL OF THE SIXTH RAY , to fill me and infuse me with her glorious radiance. Make me a beacon for all to see so that they will know whom I serve as I use the Light of Spirit to heal, comfort and inspire. I will bask in the glow of her radiance and create such a brilliant aura of love that all whom I come in contact with will be blessed, and seeds of transformation will be planted and will come to fruition at the appropriate time. My Spirit rejoices as I spread wide my influence of Loving Light.

I CALL UPON LADY AMETHYST, ARCHANGEL OF THE SEVENTH RAY, to be my inspiration. I claim the gift of the Violet Transmuting Flame, the Divine alchemical energy of transformation and transmutation. I will accept the challenge to be the full embodiment of the perfected masculine and feminine energy, showing all what it means to walk in power and strength while personifying love and compassion. I claim and pronounce my MASTERHOOD NOW!

I CALL UPON THE BELOVED LADY MASTER KWAN YIN to infuse me with the healing energy, love and compassion of her wondrous nature. Assist me to be a nurturer for all those who seek comfort, hope and inspiration. Allow me to be a Bearer of healing Light by which they attain wholeness in body, mind and Spirit. May all whom I meet and serve be infused with balance, peace and harmony.

I CALL UPON THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY to liberate me from any limitation that is keeping me from fulfilling my highest destiny. I assume the mantel of an inspired cocreator under the guidance of my Divine Self, and go forth in constant assurance of success. I know I am a teacher of the new, emerging wisdom and truth. May I never hesitate to speak my truth and share my wisdom when my Spirit leads me to do so. I accept the role of a gentle guide to all those who are led to me.

I CALL UPON THE LOVING GODDESSES OF THE DEVIC AND ELEMENTAL KINGDOMS to shower their radiant loving energy down upon the Earth, calming all the elements of nature and to join us in our efforts to heal our wounded Mother Earth. I petition them to work in unison with us once more to reclaim the beauty and perfection of the Earth. May we remember that we are stewards of the Earth and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms were put under our care. May we walk in peace and harmony, honoring all our Mother/Father God=s creations, from the lowest to the highest.


Beloved ones, we ask you to love yourselves as we love you. We ask you to trust yourselves to make the right decisions with Spirit as your guide. We ask you to have faith in the future, and assure that it unfolds in perfect order by staying heart‑centred and soul‑focussed. Many of you who have agreed to integrate the maximum amount of the higher frequency patterns of Creator Light are, at times, experiencing uncomfortable symptoms and mood swings, but this too will pass as your physical vessel releases more and more of the impacted or negative energies from within. It was a very brave and unselfish thing that you agreed to and, as time passes, you will refine the physical vessel while you integrate more of your Divine Self. It is something that has never been done on Earth before and we honour you for being among the forerunners of this process. You and those like you are making it much easier for those who follow behind you. May the radiance of our Mother/Father God=s Light pour down upon you. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael and I joyously bring you these truths.‑quest/following‑the‑way‑of‑the‑sacred‑heart

Goddess Consciousness

By Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 11 July 2011 

Beloved ones upon the Earth, it is a great delight for us to connect with your energies and bring our light forth to you, we shine the light of our souls upon you. Like the sun touches your skin with rays of light we touch your soul with high vibrational cosmic rays of light. We come forward with ancient wisdom for you to collect as your breath our light into your being but we also wish to enhance your connection with the Goddess consciousness and vibrations of light. As we enter into the Era of Love upon the Earth in 2012 we will also feel a greater connection with and presence of the Goddess light. There is a need for the Goddess light to be anchored in order to support and develop the Era of Love upon the Earth; this is to promote a creative expression of love and a concentrated focus upon nurturing love. Love will manifest through the process of humanity acknowledging, empowering and nurturing love from within their beings and soul, the Goddess light will guide many in how to truly aid love in anchoring with strength.

On the 9th July 2011, we, Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor, conducted a workshop in Cardiff, Wales, UK which was entitled Empowering Your Goddess Self. We were guided by the Creator to manifest this workshop and to gather many souls who are connected to the Goddess Consciousness and who had contracted to be of service at this time. Our purpose was to lead the participants on a journey of reactivating their Goddess energy within while connecting with the Goddess consciousness and ashram at a cosmic level of the Creator's universe. Once we had reactivated the Goddess energies and qualities within each person they were then able to take part in a ceremony which is essential to the ascension process of the Earth. We had been asked by the Creator to anchor a complete consciousness and light from the Goddess vibration and Creator into the Earth. Our purpose was to reactivate the wisdom that many civilisations upon the Earth have accessed from the Goddess Consciousness. Merging these together and anchoring it into the Earth to create one disk of Goddess light that holds the complete Goddess consciousness appropriate for humanity and the Earth to begin to accept and remember. We are pleased to say that the group of divine and wise souls were able to anchor the Goddess disk into the Earth as an abundant beacon of light near the centre of the Earth. We, Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor knew how important this process was for all of humanity as it will awaken the Goddess energies within many upon the Earth allowing people to empower the qualities of love, harmony, beauty or appreciation, unity, nurturing or kindness from the soul, purity and creative expression.

The large Goddess disk of a golden colour is now in place but we wish to invite those who feel drawn to step forward to assist in stabilising the Goddess disk and activating it further so that it may be of positive and loving influence to humanity.  There is a need to send energy and love to the Goddess disk in order to ensure that it remains anchored into the Earth and as a protective bubble to guarantee its safety at all times. We also wish for those who feel inspired to connect with the Goddess disk and to draw its energy into your being to create a powerful connection with your soul. If the Goddess disk is connected to your soul then the Goddess light will support your spiritual development, it will also mean that you are able to accept, collect and express the Goddess light through your soul and heart into the world to aid healing and upliftment for all. The presence of the Goddess disk is to anchor or activate sacred ancient wisdom held by the Goddess beings for this time of the Earth's growth. The Goddess diskholds wisdom concerning how to tend to and heal the Earth and Mother Earth, how to be appreciative of Mother Earth's abundance in a way that only creates more abundance, as well as teachings on how to enhance the presence of love, the soul and to connect on a deeper level with the Creator's soul. The wisdom of the Goddess consciousness will work alongside the energies of love manifesting and anchoring during 2012, so it is essential for all to connect with the Goddess disk.

We wish to share with you guidelines of how to achieve this connection to aid your personal spiritual growth and the spiritual expansion of humanity.

We ask that you first gain a meditative state in a way that is appropriate for you.

Please allow or focus on the energy of love building and emanating from your soul or heart.

Send this loving source of light to completely engulf the large Goddess disk at the centre of the Earth. Imagine a pink gentle light surrounding the golden Goddess disk.

Call upon the Angels of Protection to encircle the disk and to ensure its protection at all times, allowing the vibrations emanating from the Goddess disk to be charged with purity.

Hold the intention in your mind that the Goddess disk is honoured, respected and safe guarded by all on the Earth and the inner planes.

Call upon the Goddess beings of the cosmic level to send their light down over and through your being like a pillar of Goddess light which anchors into the Earth.

The Goddess light activates the Goddess golden disk in the centre of the Earth which begins to vibrate with energy, light and consciousness.

Let the energy of the Goddess disk flow up through your being and connecting with your soul at your heart chakra.

Feel the golden Goddess consciousness build at your heart in your soul activating the Goddess qualities that you hold.

Say out loud 'I hold the highest intention for the Goddess Consciousness disk to remain permanently protected from the influences of negativity. I ask the Goddess beings to assist me in connecting eternally with the Goddess Consciousness disk that has been anchored into the Earth so that I may receive the nurturing and loving energies of the Goddess disk as well as the ancient wisdom which has been anchored into the Goddess disk. Let me express with ease the Goddess light, consciousness and ancient wisdom so that I may support and bring forth the love of the Creator into and onto the Earth. My soul is now connected to the Goddess golden disk. So it is.'

Let yourself sit for as long as you feel is necessary to allow this connection to build and be secured. You may experience light flowing from your heart or energy beneath you. Allow time for any wisdom that is appropriate for you to enter into your energy.

Then ask your guides and angels to ground you back into your being and reality, therefore manifesting all that has been experienced.

The Goddess disk is akin to a treasure chest of wisdom that is appropriate and essential for life and spiritual growth upon the Earth.

It is now truly the time for the Goddess consciousness to work intensely with humanity to assist in achieving the next level of spiritual development and unity with the Creator.

We honour the Goddess within you,

Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor

Assisting in Anchoring the Goddess Light By Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 17 July 2011

Beloved light workers upon the Earth, we send our grace, love and peace to you as we return once more to express our consciousness and wisdom. It is always such a great honour to connect in this way with light workers and we wish to address you by encouraging you to hold courage, to focus upon what you truly desire and to hold the truth and love of the Creator in your heart. Whatever your goals are now, whatever your desires and focus we lend our energy to you to assist and support you in your journey. You can call upon our support holding onto the intention of your current focus and ask us to clear all boundaries, barriers and blockages, to fill your heart with love and courage, to assist you in adopting and experiencing the energy of success. We understand that many light workers on the Earth now are experiencing difficult, strenuous or challenging times, we and the Goddess Consciousness are here for you, likea loving mother we will embrace and love you, assisting and caring for you in any way we can during these times. So much needs to be released as we approach 2012, there are so many lessons that need to be overcome and many of you are concentring so intently upon your spiritual development. We commend and honour you for this but know that we are here to take away the stress and strain bathing you in love; it is the energy of love that will assist your success. Let yourself bathe in our love and let us carry you forward.

There are many subjects that we wish to speak about as there is much wisdom and also practices to share from the Goddess Consciousness. Our first purpose was to make you aware of our eternal love and support which we offer to you with open arms. The second purpose that we wish to share with you is connected to the rise of the Goddess or feminine energy.

 When most people upon the Earth think or speak of the Creator, they usually acknowledge the Creator as a masculine energy even if they know that the Creator is both masculine and feminine but also neither, simply energy or a vibration. There are many reasons for the Creator to be acknowledged as a masculine energy, mainly due to the powerful masculine energy of the Creator that has been anchoring for many civilisations, but also because man has most commonly held a superior role to the female upon the Earth. It is also important to realise that men were thought of as being powerful, even controlling and authoritive which is how the Creator has been portrayed in some belief systems. Essentially the male form took on certain qualities of the Creator which may have been appropriate at that time. Many people have carried into this lifetime from past lifetimes a programming that the Creator is of a masculine energy, even that the Creator punishes and judges the lives of humanity. This was a seed that was planted into the minds of humanity long ago. Many people have released this mindset but some light workers still hold this seed, mindset or conditioning within their energy. It is because of this that they naturally connect with the masculine energies of the Creator when focusing upon integration with the Creator even when their focus is upon the feminine aspects of the Creator. This conditioning was placed into humanity as a controlling devices by other human beings because if humanity continues to focus upon only the masculine aspect and energy of the Creator, they will not be able to embrace the feminine energies which will further their ascension. So it is to delay the ascension process, maintain control while also continuing cycles of violence, aggression and power.  You may hear many guides speak about connecting with the feminine vibrations, but we cannot stress how important it is, without the connection with the feminine vibrations humanity will not be able to achieve a deeper integration and understanding of the Creator's light.

It is therefore essential that light workers release the programming and begin to perceive the Creator as a masculine and feminine vibration and then a source of light without form or intention, simply existing. You may not be aware of this programming in your energies but we wish to share with you a practice which you can achieve in your own time to free you from any such programming and to expand your mind and heart more fully to the Creator.

We first ask that you light a physical candle, please do this at a time when you can allow the candle to burn out. If you do not have a physical candle then ask for a flame of light to be expressed from your soul into your right hand, then imagine that you place the flame from your soul on a table or somewhere that feels appropriate. Sit in front of the flame or candle that has been lit.

Then say out loud,

'I invoke Goddess Isis and Hathor to oversee and add your energy to this process.

 I invoke the sacred cosmic Goddess beings of love to surround this flame of light and my own energy with the purest vibration of love that is appropriate. Please send the purest vibration and intentions of love from the Goddess consciousness into the flame and into its aura. Please fill this entire room in the purest vibration of love. Let your love anchor into my body and being completely as well as my home so that the love of the Goddess consciousness is truly present. Let this loving vibration extend for miles in a radius around the flame, up and down also. Together we are creating a sanctuary of love. I understand that the vibration of love will act as a cleansing, healing, dissolving and protective energy. Any negative energy entering into this sanctuary of love will be dispersed instantly and transformed into love of the purest vibration.

It is my purpose to dissolve all negative programming from my past that is connected to me acknowledging the Creator as a masculine vibration as well as expressing or connecting with the masculine qualities of the Creator.  Let the brilliant flame before me draw this negative energy from within my being or auric field into the very centre of the flame to be dispersed and nullified completely. I am open and receptive to healingand ask the Goddess Beings to assist this process.'

Rest for a moment, imagine or accept the love of the Goddess beings and the vibrant aura of the flame surrounding you. Let any energies that need to leave you, flow naturally into the flame, knowing that they have been released eternally.

'I acknowledge and accept that I now have freedom in my connection with and expression of the Creator, I am free to explore and understand the energies and qualities of the Creator in any way that I wish or feel guided. This freedom is important to my spiritual growth at this stage of my journey and will enhance my connection and expression of the Goddess light which is simply the most appropriate energy of the Creator that is needed on the Earth. I know allow myself to be bathed in Goddess love completely to continue this healing process.'

You may meditate for as long as you wish to allow the process to continue or to gain any wisdom or memories from the past.

'Thank you Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor for binging this to my attention so that my connection to the Creator could be healed.'

Please allow the candle to burn out completely as it will continue to draw negativity from your being concerned with your connection with the Creator. When the candle has burned out this symbolises that the process is complete.

Now, we have a very powerful teaching which states that first you heal yourself, and then you heal humanity or the world. We would be extremely gratefully if you could then practice this meditation once more to draw the negativity from the consciousness of humanity and the Earth connected to acknowledge the creator as a masculine energy and expressing the Creator in this way. We will share with you now the practice that will assist in this process.

To Assist the World

Please light a physical candle, or create one from your soul and place it somewhere that feels appropriate, the candle will need time to burn out. Sit in front of the flame or candle that has been lit.

Then say out loud,

'I invoke Goddess Isis and Hathor to oversee and add your energy to this process.

I invoke the sacred cosmic Goddess beings of love to surround this flame of light and my own energy with the purest vibration of love that is appropriate. Please send the purest vibration and intentions of love from the Goddess consciousness into the flame and into its aura. Please fill this entire room in the purest vibration of love. Let your love anchor into my body and being completely as well as my home so that the love of the Goddess consciousness is truly present. Let this loving vibration extend for miles in a radius around the flame, up and down also. Let this love cover the entire world and all of humanity as if a blanket of love is resting around the world. Together we are creating a sanctuary of love. I understand that the vibration of love will act as a cleansing, healing, dissolving and protective energy. Any negative energy entering into this sanctuary of love will be dispersed instantly and transformed into love of the purest vibration.

Let the negative programming and influence of the masculine aspect of the Creator now be cleansed and healed completely. Let the consciousness of humanity as a united energy be cleared of acknowledging the Creator as a masculine energy and expressing the Creator within each person as a masculine energy. Now is the time to express the Creator as the feminine qualities of the Creator.  Let all unneeded programming from the past held with the united energy of humanity be released. Let the flame attract all negative energy and programming so that it is dissolved completely. I know that the energy doesn't even need to enter the flame as it will be dissolved as soon as it is approaches into the expansive aura of the candle. All negativity is dissolved completely. Humanity is cleansed and bathed in love.

Goddess beings, it is a great honour to be of service in this way, but please ensure that my home and energy remains of loving vibration only throughout this enter process. I know that the candle is only a symbol of the wonderful work you are achieving. I also understand that once the candle has burned out then humanity will experience a greater sense of freedom with the natural ability and devotion to connect with and express the feminine vibrations of the Creator while holding appropriate masculine vibrations of the Creator within their beings.'

Rest for a moment, imagine or accept the love of the Goddess beings and the vibrant aura of the flame surrounding you. Know that the world is gaining a deep healing.

'Thank you Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor for allowing me to be of service.'

We thank you for your time and energy; you are so greatly appreciated by us.

We will bring forth other practices next week,

With love, we honour the Goddess within you,

Goddess Isis and Goddess Hathor

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light


Mary Magdalene on Compassion and the Goddess Light

“It is my understanding that humanity needs to develop a greater compassion for their own energy and for the souls incarnate as humanity on the Earth. It is the development of a compassion that is free from attachment, pity or superiority, it is a compassion of understanding what the personality, soul and soul group are achieving and growing through with each experience and situation on the Earth. I discovered that compassion doesn't hold an opinion; it is simply the desire to share the purest vibration of love from your being. As Mary Magdalene on the Earth of course I had challenging times but I always reminded myself that whatever occurred I am always strong enough in energy, mind and emotion to overcome and move through with ease. My focus upon compassion allowed me to see the greater plan of the Creator, therefore acknowledging that everything has a purpose and a reason. With compassion and understanding I found myself beaming out love from the very essence of my being. Allow yourself to share compassion with yourself and those around you but let the compassionate energy flow from within your soul rather than an activation of your personality.” - Mary Magdalene (channelled through Natalie Glasson, 18 March 2012,

Mary Magdalene Speaks

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 18 March 2012

As a pure white rose blossoms and unfolds in magnificent high vibrational gardens upon the Earth, I allow my energies to blossom and unfold to you. There is so much that I wish to share with you, but our connection together today brings such delight to my soul. I shower you in my light, love and joy, I bathe you in cleansing and healing light and I embrace you in beauty, truth and bliss, I am here as a sister of light to reawaken a greater aspect of the divine within you. Many of you know me and so I come forward as an awakening and activation for your senses, soul, energy vibrations and natural wisdom. Love is the energy that I serve you with; it is the energy of my being and the energy that I express with each energetic vibration of my being. With love comes the process of purification and the realisation of truth. I am here to support you in any way that your soul will allow me to with the divine focus of enhancing and empowering your divinity and truth.

I, Mary Magdalene, have had many life times upon the Earth and I am known on the inner panes by a different name but I am often called forth to be of service to the ascension process as the aspect of my soul and soul group named Mary Magdalene. I have contemplated the reason for this, observing each of my lifetimes which have become individual aspects of my whole soul and soul group, I now realise that my lifetime as Mary Magdalene drew upon the great compassionate love of my soul and the powerful awakening Goddess light. These I feel are two energies which are needed upon the Earth at this time of its ascension. It is my understanding that humanity needs to develop a greater compassion for their own energy and for the souls incarnate as humanity on the Earth. It is the development of a compassion that is free from attachment, pity or superiority, it is a compassion of understanding what the personality, soul and soul group are achieving and growing through with each experience and situation on the Earth. I discovered that compassion doesn't hold an opinion, it is simply the desire to share the purest vibration of love from your being. As Mary Magdalene on the Earth of course I had challenging times but I always reminded myself that whatever occurred I am always strong enough in energy, mind and emotion to overcome and move through with ease. My focus upon compassion allowed me to see the greater plan of the Creator, therefore acknowledging that everything has a purpose and a reason. With compassion and understanding I found myself beaming out love from the very essence of my being. Allow yourself to share compassion with yourself and those around you but let the compassionate energy flow from within your soul rather than an activation of your personality.

The empowerment of the Goddess energy is of such importance at this time. I encourage you to allow the Goddess light to be a support, amongst other light vibrations, to all your spiritual practices and focuses upon the Earth. The Goddess light holds a unique power at this time which has rarely been recognised before on the Earth. The Goddess energy has the power to unlock energies and allow them to reconnect with your being. The process of unlocking dimensions, energy vibrations, connections with guides, consciousness and wisdom which may have been blocked to you because of misunderstanding, fear or control can be awakened and allowed to flow into your vibration once more with the Goddess light. In truth the Goddess light can assist in aligning and merging energies and consciousness with your being to aid further understanding of the self and the Creator.  To activate this power there is a need to embody the Goddess light, accepting and experiencing its vibration within your being. For much time I would sit connecting with the Goddess light, building the meaning and purpose of the Goddess light which was personal and appropriate to me. It was for me to hold and act as the Goddess light in all areas and manners of my reality on the Earth as Mary Magdalene and so I became a conscious student of the Goddess light and power, working on a soul personal level. Through my exploration I discovered that I was actually learning about, recognising and acknowledging my own energy and qualities through my constant connection with the Goddess light. For much time I perceived a merging process occurring between my own soul and the Goddess light but in actual fact the Goddess light was showing my truth to me. Upon this realisation I was very overwhelmed, grateful and a little bashful as I realised the great service that the Goddess light has offered me. It is now my purpose and mission to be of service to others upon the Earth to encourage them to work with the Goddess light or my manifestation of the Goddess light so that we may act as a reflection of your own energies, allowing yourself to see you in your true light and likeness.

We are all aware of the ascension process that is ever unfolding upon the Earth. It is at this time that it is appropriate to see the qualities of the Goddess light within your being; it is these qualities that will assist you the most in bringing greater love to the Earth. Please remember that the Goddess qualities are your qualities. There is no separation between you only a greater need for continuous realisation of yourself.

I will share a very special story with you that is close to my heart. Upon my ascension, I was asked to look into my soul with the purpose of simple observation, I thought that I would see and sense the energies and light explosions that I often associated with my soul but on this occasion I was surprised as my soul drew me into the depths of its energy and posed the question, 'who are you?' I had been accustomed to my soul and spiritual teachers asking me this question which often resulted in what now seemed like an automatic answer. This time however was different, I felt a deep relaxation within my being and energy as my soul began to project images into my mind. I was given the facial image of all my family, loved ones and friends on the Earth, then the facial image of every human upon the Earth. An unusual sensation came over me, a familiarity with each face that I saw even thought I had not known them on the Earth. Then I was given the facial images of all my beloved spiritual teachers on the inner planes and all beings upon the inner planes. The visions began to change from facial images to recognition of energy patterns. I was shown the energy pattern of all light beings in the heavens and the Creator's universe and the energy pattern of the purest vibration of the Creator. This was how I came to know myself from that moment forth. I recognise my soul within each of you which only enhances my connection with all aspects of the Creator. When the time is appropriate you will also be opened up to this divine experience of who you are. Everything that you are doing on the Earth will lead you graciously to that moment of recognition of self. It was my observation of the Goddess light that I felt empowered this special experience for me.

Many of you have been through so much energetically, physically and spiritually in your current lifetime; do not be alarmed if you are experiencing a time of rest and rejuvenation as you exist in 2012. For many of you it has been a difficult pathway and with the vibrational change you feel the need to simply bathe and adjust yourself peacefully. Others may feel spiritual inspired knowing that now is the time of true acceleration of their spiritual path. It is interesting to observe that those who feel the need to rest now have been working towards the ascension of all for some time. Those who feel inspired in 2012 are in actual fact taking over the role of accelerating humanity’s ascension forward. The people feeling as though they must rest are being given time to reflect and gather their energies for future spiritual evolution after all their past efforts of awakening those around them. Then we will see that everyone will begin to gather the momentum of ascension allowing the energy vibration of the Earth to truly quicken. Each of you is playing your divine role in the most divine process of self-realisation. It is my feeling that the energy of compassion is needed on the Earth because it will allow for a great sense of healing to occur. Those who have been working spiritually to carry humanity to 2012 need healing and compassion to allow them time to re-establish their own energy vibration and begin to support the ascension process once more. Those who feel inspired need compassion as healing to support them as they take the baton for a moment and push the ascension process forward as they reach for and anchor higher dimensions and vibrations into their being and the Earth. Of course everything is never black and white, there are those of you who I know well who were there in ancient times to accelerate ascension and steadily remain strong in this time on the Earth and will do so until the ascension is achieved. It is these beings who I send my compassion to at this very moment as I know that it is you, who are reading my words at this time. You have remained steady and strong as an accelerator of ascension and will continue to do so.

It is the greatest experience to feel humbled by your experience and the process of ascension, to respect, honour, love and send your compassion to each person on the Earth and in the universe of the Creator for the wonderful miracles that are being achieved. I am sure that you have experienced a time in your life where you felt so lucky, so blessed and happy; you just had to shout out thank you. This is that time. From this moment forth you have the right to feel happy, lucky and to be truly thankful because you are in the most unique situation and experience. You are seeing the continuous growth and acceleration of ascension. You know all who are achieving this (your fellow humans) and you know that you are playing a vital role in this entire experience. Allow yourself to be reminded of this and on these occasions draw the compassion of your soul to the surface to be shared with love reaching every person and being of light that you are on the Earth and the inner planes.

It has been a great pleasure to talk with you,

Mary Magdalene

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light

God and Goddess

“The Great Central Sun is the Great Father, The Black Hole is The Great Cosmic Mother. It is by union of these two vast forces that all was created. Please allow yourselves to remember the Womb of the Cosmic Mother, known in the Records of RA as the Dolphin Cities. You may wish to take a few moments and allow yourself to return to the Dolphin Cities, feel unconditional love, and the peace of this root, the origin of all creation. All of this cosmic script was created in the Womb of The Cosmic Mother in the beginning or was it the end of creation?” - Laiolin (channelled through Judith Moore, Excerpts from ‘A Message from Laiolin and the History of the House of David,’ from Crop Circles Revealed, Language of Light Symbols, Published by Light Technology Publishing, 2001,

Mother and Father Creator 11th and 12th Dimensions

“The Original Act of Creation by the Infinite Being is summarized as follows:

The 12th dimension is original thought, or the Father Creator principle.

The 11th dimension is original feeling, or the Mother Creator principle.
Together, in exactly equal balance, the Father Creator and the Mother Creator manifested the 10th dimension, where the templates of consciousness exist for an infinite number of universes.

The fundamental formula of creation is, 'Thought plus feeling equals manifestation.'”

- From 'The Twelve Dimensions of Creation - PART II,' by Owen Waters (Infinite Being Newsletter, 18 September 2005, www./

Special Message from God - The Divine Feminine

Heavenletter #4147 Healing the Universe

Channelled through Gloria Wendroff, 2 April 2012

God said: 

[Dear Heavenreaders, this Heavenletter arrived in the midst of my personal Godwriting™ on March 23, 2012. God's words were a total surprise.

Every Heavenletter affects us, and every Heavenletter is meant for everyone who reads it. This unusual Heavenletter is no exception. 

In this Godwriting addressed personally to me, God speaks to the Divine Feminine, yet this is a universal message meant for the Divine within all men as well. 

I understand that this special Heavenletter will speed up desired growth in everyone, and, therefore, hasten desired growth in the whole Universe. As we rise, so rises Mother Earth and every planet known and unknown.

With love and blessings,


God said:

You are eager to be healed deeply. What you are healing is your inattention to your feminine self. Now your feminine self is deep-rooted. It goes up and down your spine. It goes from the tip of your toes beyond the top of your head. You are becoming Universal Woman. Don't fear. You will like it. All your tension is gone. It has been going. You know it has. Now you are relaxed being. All good is coming to you because of your receptivity. It has always been coming to you, yet you have resisted. Resistance is gone. You have bowed down to the Universe. You have given up struggle. You are right. There is no need for it. 

You stand at the top of the Universe. You are at My right hand. You who have been serving will have a greater role to play and a greater realization of the role you play. Gone are the past games you play. Gone is the making yourself little. Little and humble are two different things. Humility is yours. It is naturally you. I bless you. I bless you for your humility. I bless you for My sake. I remove all from you that is not useful to Me. It is gone. 

Right now your teeth ache. That is because all the tension you have kept there is leaving. Touch and love each tooth. Touch and love each fingernail and toe nail. 

Cover your eyes with your palms so that you bless your eyes and your palms. Clasp your hands to your ears that you can hear Me always. Put your hands lightly all over your head and so on all over your body so that you may embrace yourself in the love I carry for you. Feel My love tingling through your body. 

Put your etheric hands inside every muscle, tendon, and cell of the inside of your body. In your brain. In every cavity. In your ears. Behind your eyes. The inside of your mouth. Inside your throat, the esophagus and so on, every organ, every gland, and let your hands come out through the soles of your feet. 

You have gone through all your organs, all your glands, and you have given them My love through the energy of your hands. 

Your blood. Your blood is refurbished. All love and everything good is within you, in every cell, in every atom of your body, and your physical discomfort is no more, for no tension is any more within you. I am giving you the ecstasy of perfect health. Know it is yours. You and the Universe are in balance. You balance the Universe. Your arms reach far. My arms through yours reach far. 

Now reach your hands to every continent in the world and bless the whole world as One. And then put your hands into the interior of the Earth and bless it. 

And now reach your holy hands up to the sun and receive its energy, for so would I have you have it. Give your energy to the blue sky and receive the energy of the blue sky into every cell of your body. Breathe it all in. Go to every planet and take it to your bosom. Receive the love of every planet. Love be thy name. 

The entire Universe is now within your body. You are many-armed. You are the dance of Shiva. You are Lakshmi. Oh, yes, you are Radha, but that is minor compared to all else that you now know you are because I have told you so. 

I have pasted My seal of approval of every element of you. I have placed cum-cum on your forehead. It will never wash away. I have tattooed your hands with henna. I have announced you as My reigning Queen. I have more than one Queen. I have many Queens, but not all Queens know they are Mine.

Female Empowerment

"Today we are talking about the Venus Transit - the onset of the Aquarian Age, which has been on its way for 26,000 years. Whenever a Venus Transit occurs, we see the advancement of mankind in some area. The Transit of 2004 marked the awakening of the electronic age to the next level, as evidenced by iPads, iPods, and iPhones. In 2012, you will find that technology takes another great leap. I am not here to predict anything, but the Internet is already poised to take the whole world into the next level of consciousness.
In 2012, you will also find that the Goddess weave takes command of this journey. I know some of you are thinking, 'How come we don't have more female political leaders?' They have been behind the scenes until now. You will see women getting a bit restless, a bit forceful, and yet, ironically, a bit matter-of-fact as they push forward in their journey. In other words, you will see them advance, but without anger. Using anger would be a backward journey, because you are moving toward love and love is the only thing that will make sense to people..."

- Master Guide Kirael (channelled through Kahu Fred Sterling. This article is available in the Conscious Creator Library on

The Venus Transits & The Return of the Divine Feminine

"As the Divine Feminine energy interfaces with human consciousness, it awakens and expands compassion within our hearts, and emotional healing can occur for all of Humanity. Compassion awakens the ability to feel and express unconditional love. To be able to love without attachments or expectations is the highest form of love that a human being can express. This kind of love supports the healing of others and our personal evolution/ascension."

"Venus eclipsing the Sun represents an awakening of the Divine Feminine energies in our world. For thousands of years, the world has been ruled by patriarchal societies. These masculine rulers have created wars, power struggles, destruction, pollution, fear, pain, separation and famine. They have shown little or no respect for feminine wisdom or our Mother Earth."

Govinda Miller

By Govinda

Venus passed between the Earth and our Sun on June 8th, 2004, and initiated an eight-year cycle known as the “Venus Transits”. The Venus Transits cycle is a rare celestial event that occurs every 113 – 130 years, when Venus eclipses the Sun two times – at the beginning and at the end of an eight-year period. The second Venus eclipse will occur on June 6th, 2012. Astrologically, Venus represents our relationships with others. Communication is a major factor in all of our relationships. Whenever Venus eclipsed the Sun in past recorded history, there was a major breakthrough in communications. For example, at the time of the last Venus eclipse in 1874, the Transatlantic Telegraph Cable was completed that created the first intercontinental communications by wire between the East and the West. In 1761, another year of a Venus eclipse, there was a collaboration of astronomers at 77 observation points from all over the world to determine the distance from Earth to the Sun.

Today, we have expanded global communications for the masses through the Internet and satellite systems. Our ability to communicate with each other worldwide is continually expanding. The questions now become: What are we communicating to our world – love or fear? and, How is our media (the Internet, computer games, the movie industry, cell phones, etc.), affecting society as a whole?

A successful relationship is created through good communication, mutual respect and consideration for one another. This happens best when we recognize and honor the Oneness in all of us. When we are able to do this, we will create peace between each other, our organizations, our governments and countries. A good way to resolve conflicts with others is to recognize how we are the same, not how we are different. This creates a foundation from which we can build a positive, peaceful relationship. For example, when a mother loses a child in war, regardless of her color or faith, the pain is the same. When someone is shown respect and love, the joy is the same. If you realize that you and your perceived enemy both want peace so that suffering may end, then you can begin to talk from a place of mutual understanding, rather than from aggravation.

The Divine Feminine Awakens

Venus eclipsing the Sun represents an awakening of the Divine Feminine energies in our world. For thousands of years, the world has been ruled by patriarchal societies. These masculine rulers have created wars, power struggles, destruction, pollution, fear, pain, separation and famine. They have shown little or no respect for feminine wisdom or our Mother Earth.

The patriarchal organizations of the world have repressed most knowledge of women’s roles in world history. Recently, information has begun to be revealed that recognizes the truth of how women have affected our history. The books, The DiVinci Code, by Dan Brown and The Expected One, by Kathleen McGowan, both reveal the truth about Mary Magdalene and her relationship to Jesus, are good examples of such information. It is time for the pendulum to swing back towards the Divine Feminine and rest comfortably in the middle. To become whole, we need both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies, equally in our lives.

As the Divine Feminine energy interfaces with human consciousness, it awakens and expands compassion within our hearts, and emotional healing can occur for all of Humanity. Compassion awakens the ability to feel and express unconditional love. To be able to love without attachments or expectations is the highest form of love that a human being can express. This kind of love supports the healing of others and our personal evolution/ascension.

One of the keys to accessing Divine Feminine healing energy is through forgiveness. Only when all is forgiven will total love be available to us. We must forgive others and ourselves for all of the perceived wrongs that have ever been done. We can heal ourselves if we are willing to feel and express all of our emotions, and then to forgive ourselves and others for all that we have perceived as wrong. This process will liberate us from the bondage of our emotional pain. Forgiveness is the key to releasing ourselves from our past. When we are liberated from our past and live fully in the “now” our true happiness may be realized and our power to create is maximized.

A Question Of Balance

Venus is the planet of love. The world needs creative solutions, feminine guidance and love in order to heal. These energies will continue to increase during this period, in spite of the attempts of the fear tactics of male dominance.

Venus represents the heart and the feminine side of our being. The Sun represents our individuality and the masculine side of our being. Venus aligning with the Sun is symbolic of our Feminine (Anima) and Masculine (Animus) energies coming into unity and balance. Venus eclipsing (in front of) the Sun symbolizes our need to consider the feminine expression first, before the masculine, and to allow the feminine energies to guide and balance masculine expression.

Creativity Awakens!

Venus also represents the creative and artistic sides of our natures. The Venus Transit will catalyze previously hidden, latent, artistic talent and creative abilities. People who have never expressed an art form before will awaken their hidden talents. Artists will discover new modalities through which they can express themselves more deeply. For example, many people who have never played a musical instrument will suddenly feel a desire to learn and express themselves through music. Some will want to join the local acting clubs, and so on.

Uncovering Secrets In Relationships

Again, communication is a key factor in all of our personal, business and international relationships. This Venus Transit is calling for a deeper honesty in relationships. Since the Venus transit from 2004 - 2012 coincides with the Uranus in Pisces cycle, communications between humans will develop on intuitive levels. The combined energies of these two cycles will catalyze heightened intuitive awareness of our hidden emotions and desires, as well as awareness of our partners’ hidden emotions and desires. Eventually, we will no longer be able to, or need to, hide our true feelings from each other. In time, we will develop total trust and love for each other.

Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
The world needs a higher, altruistic, spiritual love to manifest and prevail over the lower, more selfish emotions. A world where unconditional, spiritual love prevails is our potential as human beings. Conscious and unconscious fear-based emotions are obstacles to this higher love. To discover and express this kind of love, Humanity must first expose and purge the fear-based emotions in our collective consciousness.

From an astrological perspective, Venus represents the emotional energies in our relationships with others. When Venus eclipsed the Sun, it blocked some of the Sun’s light and exposed the dark side of Venus, which represents the shadow side of our emotional natures. This began an eight-year process of uncovering the shadows in our emotional relationships. These shadows are the unresolved, repressed, fear-based psychological energies that unconsciously cause dysfunctionality and unhappiness in our relationships. They cause us to behave in ways that undermine our relationships, block intimacy, and cause breakdowns in communications. Essentially, these shadows block our ability to truly love another person. These repressed emotions usually begin during our early childhoods and/or may be carried over from past lives.

We must take responsibility for how we show up in our relationships with others. It is important to observe our feelings and our behavior with the important people in our lives, and to come to terms with our dysfunctional emotional patterns. It may be helpful and revealing for each of us to ask these questions: “Where am I not able to be truly open, honest and real in my relationships with others?”, “At what point do I shut down emotionally?”, “Where are my boundaries?” and “Are these boundaries healthy or are they blocking my intimacy?”

It is up to each of us to allow intimacy into our heart to expand our relationship with others. Intimacy can only happen when we allow others to “Into me see.” This develops when we let down our barriers and allow others to see into our hearts. To the best of our abilities, we must be honest with ourselves. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and expose our true feelings (even if they are negative emotions) to those whom we are in relationships with. This will endear ourselves to others and deepen our intimacy with them.

Expanding Love

Another result of the Venus Transit is an increase of our capacity to love others more completely, deeply and intensely. This will include heightened feelings of love and appreciation for our partners and other people in our lives. Our emotional natures are melding with our spiritual natures, which is expanding our capacity for unconditional love.

The opposite will also be true. We will become more clear and sensitive to the truth about all of our relationships. If a person is not in alignment with our higher good, we will become increasingly disillusioned with this person. Our dysfunctional relationships will become increasingly apparent, and we may feel a need to change the structure or boundaries of these relationships. We may need to end some of our relationships that are no longer serving our personal evolution.

What you Appreciate, Appreciates

In our relationships with others, it is good to let them know how much we appreciate their being in our lives. Let’s be thankful for all of the qualities that we enjoy in others and let them know how much we appreciate them. Remember that what we appreciate, appreciates.

The most effective way to accomplish self-understanding and personal mastery is through our relationships. We can monitor our process of personal mastery of our egos by observing our interrelations with others – are we experiencing conditional or unconditional love?

Compassion opens the door to unconditional love. Unconditional love is supported by seeing the Divine in others and acting in integrity with love. Our relationships with others are our greatest gifts, and integrity is vital for each relationship to work. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. It helps to ask, “What is the highest good for all concerned?” The higher good for all can be perceived in your heart from a feeling of love.

No Man is an Island

We should never underestimate our power to influence the evolution of the world. Each of us is an integral part of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. When one person evolves spiritually, the Collective Consciousness evolves as well. Whenever even one person increases compassion and opens their heart to unconditional love, he/she raises the vibrational frequency of the World. As the Collective Consciousness evolves, so too shall each individual. A quote from Bette Reese says it all: “If you think you’re too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”

Integrating Sacred Love

By the time of the second eclipse of the Sun by Venus, on June 6, 2012, Humanity will have evolved to a place of greater readiness for a higher love. Hopefully, after eight years of processing the shadows of our emotions, awakening intuition and developing compassion, we will have cleared the psychological obstacles to unconditional love. Then, Peace on Earth, and Goodwill towards all people will be possible. Sacred love expands when the Divine in one person appreciates and honors the Divine in another. Thus, the sacred wheel of love is created and Heaven on Earth will manifest for those individuals. As this happens for everyone, Peace on Earth will become a reality.



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    “My whole teaching consists of two words, meditation and love. Meditate so that you canfeel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, if you can move without any effort, you have learned the greatest thing in life.” – Osho (Come, Come, Yet Again Come).

    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

    "The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears." - Osho

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    “I do not ordinarily make prophecies, but about this I am absolutely prophetic: the coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational, and more and more mystical. The second thing: After a hundred years people will be perfectly able to understand why I was misunderstood — because I am the beginning of the mystical, the irrational. I am a discontinuity with the past. The past cannot understand me; only the future will understand. The past can only condemn me. It cannot understand me, it cannot answer me, it cannot argue with me; it can only condemn me. Only the future…as man becomes more and more available to the mysterious, to the meaningless yet significant…After a hundred years they will understand. Because the more man becomes aware of the mysterious side of life, the less he is political; the less he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian; the less is the possibility for his being a fanatic. A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual, because only with freedom can this garden of humanity be a rich place.” – Osho (The Osho Upanishad).


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    Be sure to take the one with a heart."
    ~ Laozi

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    Laughing Owl


     is the best cocktail
    (St Germain)

    “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



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