An account of my interaction with

The George Adamski Foundation


Information is the currency of democracy." - Thomas Jefferson.

"During my tour I had succeeded in alerting too many people to the truth. The overlords cannot tolerate people who think for themselves. That is why suppression of knowledge is necessary to the success of a dictatorship. People who think for themselves are difficult to control because, the minute they realise they are being exploited, they begin to search for truth and freedom. The only way the 'Silence Group' could combat me was to discredit me before the public. If it had not been for the assistance of my friends from other planets, the 'Silence Group' would have achieved its aim." - George Adamski (Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery, 1961, p.142).

“You see my dear friend, I am 100% for the truth and therefore the many chaffs must be cast away before the heart of the kernel can be found. One thing to remember, there could never be a counterfeit without the real being first." - George Adamski (Letter to Emma Martinelli, March 13, 1950).

“Yes, we are in a transitional period and some of it might not be too pleasing to some, but to those who understand, it will be pleasing. The veil between us and the universe is gradually being pushed apart and those of us who have patience as well as vision will witness things which were undreamt of at one time." - George Adamski (Letter to Emma Martinelli, November 24, 1951).

"There has been a very large disinformation and misinformation effort around this whole area. And one must wonder, how better to hide something out in the open than just to say, 'It isn't there. You're deceiving yourself if you think this is true.' And yet, there it is right in front of you. So it's a disinformation effort that's concerning here, not the fact that they have kept the secret. They haven't kept it. It's been getting out into the public for fifty years or more." - Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

20 November 1952 UFO contactee George Adamski meets the the blond Venusian, Orthon. Adamski's book Flying Saucers Have Landed launched the UFO contactee craze. Well, life imitates art: Adamski's scenario brust into the world one year after the sci-fi film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Fact and fiction are not only mixed in the ET/UFO phenomenon. What can psychonautic vision and research do to help us resolve this problem?

- From John Lamb Lash's website (

The Adamski Blues

By Antraeus de Herschia, 27 May 2013

Brothers and sisters, a spiritual messenger once walked this Earth sharing his experiences of going aboard spaceships and communicating with beings from Venus. 1

His name was George Adamski (pronounced ‘Amski,’ apparently) and his parents took him from Poland to America when he was two years old. Of this man, Desmond Leslie, with whom he co-wrote the book Flying Saucers Have Landed, wrote, “Anyone who knew him grew to love him immensely.” In his first book on Adamski, Gerard Aartsen says that he “brought together evidence that Adamski studied with some of the Masters in Tibet as a teenager.” Elsewhere, I have read that Adamski is said to have spent six years in Tibet during the 1930s and that, following this, he taught some of the spiritual practices he learned there. This begs the question, how and why did George Adamski end up studying in a ‘special location’ in a country that was receiving much attention from the German Reich at the time? Surely he must have been sent there in an official capacity?

He has been referred to as ‘the first ambassador to outer space.’ He “was the first person to go public with his experience of having met a man from space, on 20 November 1952,” says Aartsen. "There were six witnesses who all signed affidavits before notaries public confirming his story.” (

If you have not heard of this great man it is, I believe, because the criminal Elite controlling this world did everything they could to silence him within his lifetime and to suppress his writings after his departure from this world. Only a handful of copies of his books remain available through Amazon and they are therefore pricey. To my knowledge, they have not been republished since the fifties and sixties. The reason for this is that an organisation called The Adamski Foundation was set up as the sole authority on anything relating to Mr Adamski’s life and work.

I contacted the foundation on 4 February 2013 seeking permission to include a short excerpt from Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery (totalling 836 words) as an appendix in one of my books. I received a reply from the foundation’s director, one Glenn Steckling, who informed me that they did indeed control the copyright for Mr Adamski’s writing (in his words, “the only place to acquire usage of Adamski materials”) and that permission could only be granted via a signed declaration. He told me “actually some form of acknowledgement is legally required. I am sure you are familiar that a signature attests to the fact that you have read and agreed to the stipulations.”

I should sign the ‘limited copyright extension form’ and fax it to him. After taking my proposal to the board for review, he would then sign it himself and send me a copy. In addition, along with a copy of the excerpt, I was told that they “require a brief synopsis of how these Adamski materials will be referred to.” I did not have access to a fax machine so I opted to send these items by snail mail to America (from the UK). On 8 March 2013, I received an email from Mr Steckling acknowledging receipt of the material. However, I received no further communication. Consequently, after about 5 weeks, I wrote to say that I had not heard from him again and had waited because I was expecting to receive the signed doc through the post. Finally, on 25 April, I received a formal statement prohibiting me from quoting from any writings by George Adamski (1891-1965: he departed this plane of life the year I was born). The email was introduced with an apology for the long delay but Mr Steckling had “been unavailable for communication these last weeks due to surgery and recovery.”

I barely understood what the statement was saying at first and had to read through the legal jargon a few times before I realised that they were telling me the extent of permission being granted to me was (severely) restricted to reference PAGE NUMBERS and in their specified format. Here is a copy of that comical statement:

“I have submitted your request to our panel & copyright holders and after review it is by combined consensus that you are free to "reference" the Adamski materials and pages as in any book or publication's normal reference section however, and not directly paraphrase it.  In short, for anything further, limited copyright cannot be extended.

As a comparative for instance, upon a section you are composing, trying to make a point or comparing to Mr. Adamski's writings, thus the standard format, " (your words) ........ ; as in comparison to Mr. Adamski's statements in; Meeting with a Master, Inside the Space Ships, George Adamski pages xxx to yyy. This standard format is approved by publishers and editors in countless publications and should provide you with no difficulties as well.

This format also appeases the protectionism of copyright and thus requires no contract.

I am afraid that is the very best I can offer you.”

And here is my reply:

“Your email would be interesting I'm sure if I understood it! Am I right in thinking that your statement is denying me the right either to duplicate a straight excerpt or to paraphrase it and that you even want to control the way in which I might allude to paragraphs contained in one of Adamski's books using the exact format provided (which is ridiculous btw) thus denying the entire population of the planet from ever becoming even vaguely acquainted with the man's wisdom and concealing his greatness from future generations?

Please let me know if this is correct or I have misunderstood. Thank you.”

The only response to my last email was that, two days later, I received an email from YouTube informing me that, due to copyright infringement, the first in a series of videos showing an episode of Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone had been removed (I uploaded the videos at least a year ago , by the way. Perhaps copyright control is the new anti-semitism in that those with the power can use the slightest reference as justification to go after someone whose knowledge and expression they wish to suppress). I was warned that my account could be deleted if I repeated this mistake and I now cannot access it until I complete a questionnaire after watching a 5-minute video about copyright law! This was no coincidence, I assure you. The Illuminati already started a karmic relationship with me when they traced my email address and deleted the contents of the inbox and contacts list after I had joined a yahoo group that was evidently an information hotspot (The Galactic Roundtable) that they wanted to erase from the internet. They are demolition experts when it comes to human beings. What they did not realise was that this situation itself had been initiated by the Ascended Masters who could foresee what would happen when I requested permission for the Adamski quote. Had I not had that experience I might not have seen the connection between the denial of my request and part-suspension of my YouTube account. And I would not be sharing this story!

I did, at some point, warn Mr Steckling, an airline pilot, that I already had my suspicions about his ‘foundation.’ Here is that interesting little exchange:

A: God, you want a signature? I don't have a fax machine or access to one here in the English countryside. I can try to set the flatbed scanner up again but that's always touch and go. This may take time, if indeed it works. As for the context, this quote is just an appendix by itself. But I will briefly explain how it is referred to in the text. I can but hope that all this formal control was established as a means of protecting Adamski's work from those who sought to destroy him. Otherwise, it just looks like more of the same patriarchal control that suppresses everything. And we're entering a new world now.

G: Place yourself in my shoes and I extend authorization without it, you decided to make changes or ignore the stipulations, then what proof do would I have that you ever agreed to comply, or better yet, that you reverse your references and in fact attempt to destroy GA? We live in a real world, and unfortunately, I have learned the hard way just such lessons, and because of such, have had many experiences both good and bad in this field. I must admit that you are not the first to complain that some sort of control inhibits others intent. That is exactly what it is there for. A new world where one takes whatever one wants or feels entitled too is exactly what got us into this mess we are in now.

The formal control is exactly that, a means by which to provide a protective hand in order to maintain authenticity of GAs materials and information. Anyone who types Adamski into any search engine can see what a full time job that truly has become. The misinformation and purposeful deceit is astonishing. Therefore, we have established normal protocols, and loose ones at that, which I believe anyone with prudence would agree with.

Well, well, well…So I was right all along!

It appears that Mr Steckling inherited his status and responsibility in The Adamski Foundation from his parents, Fred and Ingrid Steckling, who befriended George Adamski during the last couple of years of his life. This couple from Germany emigrated to the United States in 1960, says Glenn on the website, and all three of them witnessed several UFO sightings on their travels. They “spent considerable time with him in the last two years of his life,” and Ingrid Steckling reflected on that amazing period: “I can’t even tell you how many scout craft or spacecraft we have seen…because I don’t think anybody would believe it.” (George Adamski. The toughest job in the world by Tony Brunt, Vailima Press, Auckland, NZ., 2010, which is available online as a free PDF download here:

Glenn Steckling says that his parents witnessed both saucer and cigar-shaped UFOs during the war years. Then, later, in 1963, they saw a bell-shaped saucer in Downtown Washington D.C. It was research into this type of craft that led Fred Steckling to contact George Adamski who had photographed exactly the same type of craft himself. Could it be that the US military made sure that this family (over whom the elite may have had a hold in one form or another) observed their own secret craft, such as the cigar-shaped ones, in order to prime them for bonding with George Adamski? Could it be that the US military made sure that this family (over whom the elite may have had a hold in one form or another) observed their own secret craft, such as the cigar-shaped UFO in order to prime them for bonding with George Adamski? Fred Steckling’s books on lunar anomalies contain countless mistakes that are easily refuted, according to one disgusted researcher who challenged him on Open Mind Radio Show in 1983. He even goes as far as saying that he “would like to put a stop to the continued publishing of his book.” Another interesting book, by Gerard Aartsen, is called George Adamski - A Herald for the Space Brothers (2012) which includes some of Adamski’s ‘lesser-known writings.’ Aartsen, who is from the Netherlands, is a keen promoter of the experience and wisdom shared by George Adamski and Benjamin Crème.

“He made himself totally 100% available for GA’s instructions without any preconditions or stipulations and proved it over and over again. He recognized GA for what he was, stood for, and the immense work and responsibilities which burdened him. Thus his unprecedented loyalty, in fact eventually delivered upon him all of those things he never sought, which humbled him beyond words. And my father carried that ever-present cognition and responsibility all his life as well. At Adamski’s last birthday, weeks before his passing, he celebrated that in our house and told my parents he was leaving soon, and handed him his briefcase of materials, instructing him to take the program forward, and it would require the fortitude of a man, in a man made world. Astonished, my father gave it back to him, saying no person could fill his shoes. After Adamski’s passing, my father once again delivered the materials to Alice Wells, his legally assigned heir, prior to the funeral in Arlington, and giving the same loyalty and conviction to her and the Foundation, he was once again given totally authority over the materials – which has passed to my mother and myself.” - Glen Steckling (Facebook, 19 October 2012).

Mr Adamski is reported to have died of a heart attack whilst visiting Washington D.C. for a lecture but there are rumours that he was seen later that day (alternatively, I have also read that he was buried there on the same day that he died which suggests foul play to me!). At the end of his book, Tony Brunt includes eye-witness account of his final days. He was buried there at Arlington National Cemetery. The Steckling story is that he handed all his material to them after declaring that he only had three days left on Earth. These people, so it seems, managed to get close to Adamski and set up this conservative foundation to suppress his knowledge and wisdom. Perhaps they themselves were pawns in the game, working for the Illuminati network. In any event, they were not the people who were and still are really behind this foundation whose director claims to defer to a ‘board,’ which itself could, in reality, be just one individual who represents the dark cabal, although Glenn says he works alongside his mother and a handful of dedicated volunteers. Clever, huh? So it looks like trusted friends of Professor George Adamski of Palomar are looking after his legacy and keeping it in the family. The son, meanwhile, believes he is some kind of authority on ET contact and discusses the subject on radio shows. The Foundation and his role in it is all kosher and authentic as far as he is concerned. He may well be Jewish and feels that it his duty to honour his parents’ request to serve the cause of ‘protecting’ George Adamski’s legacy in the way laid out for him. Since the man knows nothing and has a purely rational view of the situation (except for having seen some of the UFOs which could easily have been the secret government ships, although he claims to have met these same ETs on occasion in various parts of the world over the years, a story which I find unlikely with a view to his lack of updated information concerning their involvement and communication with us), the likelihood is that he is not open to what is really happening. This is also in the interests of the Illuminati since he is perpetuating a limited, immature view. He implied that Dr Stephen Greer (Facebook, 3 May 2013) is in collaboration with the military and that he is therefore partial to “misinformation and media participation.” He writes, “Far too many have succumbed to the notion, ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’ concept.”

At first I thought it could be the case that ‘someone’ is merely out to suppress this one book from which I wished to quote, that they may not hold the copyright for this book (however, I found out through an interview with Carol Honey that they claim the rights to it) or that they have been warned not to. However, in an interview, Glenn Steckling stated that they intended to release book called Beyond the Flying Saucer Mystery in 2011. This is to include more photos and articles. The book is not yet being promoted on the Adamski Foundation website. They also plan to write a biography based on writings by some of Adamski’s co-workers. The two books Flying Saucers Have Landed and Inside the Spaceships are already available in one volume there though. By the way, the first title is available online for free here: Perhaps Steckling and co hope to erase the original title and pull its contents further away from the public by replacing it with this ‘Beyond’ book. As I said, they may not even have the rights to it. And the Illuminati might go to great lengths to keep it in their possession or keep it out of print. One thing is for sure, in my mind, and that is that there is a keen link between them and The Adamski Foundation. It probably isn’t Glenn but either his mother or one of the other ‘volunteers.’ Well, why is the ‘Behind’ book not in print?

In a radio interview on 19 March 2011 (Ohio Exopolitics Radio) Glenn said that because he was there from childhood, knew the man and experienced the same things, he is proactively against any misinformation that is being projected about Adamski regardless of the source. “These misinterpretations, suppositions and inaccurate facts are extremely harmful,” he says, adding that he will do all in his power to make sure that the truth is available to the public regardless.

All of Adamski’s material was bequeathed to them and they have been in control of it since 1965. The Adamski Foundation appears to have kept the first two books in circulation “exactly as they were produced.” These titles are: Flying Saucers Have Landed (with Desmond Leslie), 1953, and Inside the Spaceships (originally titled Inside the Flying Saucers), 1955. Back in 2011, Glenn Steckling said he was hoping to publish the third and final book by George Adamski, Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery (originally published by Abelard-Schumann as Flying Saucers Farewell), 1961. As I said, the title is to be changed to Beyond the Flying Saucer Mystery and will include other writings and some photos. It remains to be seen whether or not they include Book II which documents the trials he endured during his world tour. Anyway, I wonder what or whom is preventing this book from seeing the light of day.

Adamski did exactly what I would have done in his position: he took notes during his trip in order to write a detailed account of his ordeal, revealing the bizarre events for which the ‘Silence Group,’ as he calls them, were responsible (silence because that is what they were intent on doing to him). Friedrich Schiller’s statement, ‘Great souls suffer in silence,’ is applicable on a personal level but, collectively, we have a right to know how individuals are being actively suppressed in our world by insanely wealthy criminals who think they own the place.

It seems very unlikely that Glenn or other members of the foundation have been relentlessly targeted as were the likes of George Adamski and Alex Collier unless perhaps his parents were working for the Elite all along or they were forced to make an agreement with the FBI. When Adamski went aboard the ships there were other officials and scientists whom he recognised sitting there. According to Glenn, the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, was going to prosecute Adamski but he called them out, saying that he would name everybody he had seen aboard the ships, along with dates, times and places. They dropped the case immediately, says Steckling.

Glenn likes to refer to anything that is not ‘scientific’ as “leaps of irrational supposition that come from such ignorance.” Although he has inherited a belief in reincarnation and knows there is life on other planets, he does not really do transcendental. He refutes the idea that human beings live beneath the surface of Venus (it’s too hot inside a planet, he reasons). I doubt very much if he realises that there is life inhabiting subtler bodies than the physical or that they can communicate with each other and ourselves through telepathy. I believe, personally, that, as a pioneer in the fifties and sixties, Adamski received physical visitations and were granted physical boardings upon the spaceships (whose energy can evidently be slowed to a visible frequency for our benefit) because no one the Western world was ready to accept a higher level of truth at the time. I mean, even if Adamski himself had been open to experiencing non-physical realities, even fewer people would have taken him seriously. Since this appears to have been Adamski’s understanding too the intellectual shutter refuses to open and let in more light. The Adamski Foundation is, in other words, a stale institution that refuses to move with the times.

On 4 November 2010, Glenn Steckling wrote: “Actually, there will ‘never’ be full disclosure of the actual truth concerning UFOs and ET life. Those in power on this planet have worked too hard to allow any significant changes to the predetermined and measured events.” Well, he should know! And, on, 22 November 2011, on Facebook, he said, “Today we sadly remember the tragic, barbaric, calculated and deliberate taking of John Kennedy’s life. With this act, the entire momentum and future of our country and world changed and has degraded ever since.” His English is so bad though, one wonders how he got to be an airline pilot. Family connections?

Then, again, it could also be that The Adamski Foundation refuses to allow people to quote from his writings if their experience and beliefs differ from those garnered from Adamski’s. On 28 September 2012 (again on Facebook), Mr Steckling wrote:

“An email recently received said, 'I know Gerard Aartsen's book, which I have read, has helped a new generation learn who Adamski is, but the book is also tied to the teachings of Benjamin Creme. Adamski states over and over again that the Space People are not ethereal beings, but flesh and blood humans living on other planets within our solar system. While Aartsen's book may promote interest in Adamski - it also distorts in some ways what he actually taught’…Sentiments of the Adamski Foundation as well.”

Steckling doesn’t like Aarten’s book and yet he and his cohorts appear to have found it harmless enough to grant permission for the inclusion of excerpts from Adamski’s writings. I actually wrote to Aartsen myself and he agreed to share his experience of the Adamski Foundation with me. However, he was not comfortable with my first name for some reason and when he asked who I am I revealed my full name and told him what it meant. I also said that he could learn more about me on my website. I never heard from him again! He did, however, inform me that his experience was positive except for the fact that they think he is misguided. In a surreal twist, then, it appears that Aartsen himself finds me too much of an oddball to trust! [Update: it turns out that he was busy at the time and simply mislaid our convo]. He informs us that George Adamski once said that, "Knowledge is useless unless it is combined with action." It just seems a shame that whenever men take action division is never far behind. Well, I guess we all just need to be more open and allowing yet without giving our power away to control freaks, sinister or not. 2

"Since we are part of this world, we must differentiate between the acts in our lives. We are allowed to analyse for the purpose of understanding, but must not divide or condemn. We have not the right to sit in judgement on our brother. He has come this way to learn his own lessons. Just as we cannot attend school for our children and expect them to receive an education, so we cannot attend the School of Life for another. We can offer a helping hand or a guiding word, but at no time should we try to force our will upon him. Remember, he may be struggling to learn the lessons we have already mastered, but he must master them himself." – George Adamski (1959).

As I have implied, it could simply be the case that the Stecklings of this world, with their mechanical Germanic intellects, call a spade and spade and do not budge from concrete appearances and so-called factual, scientific definitions. Rather than deepen their understanding by developing greater intuition and loving the truth, they cling to what they ‘know’ and rationalise their position, thus creating a stronghold of insanity. They do not realise that rigid control weakens rather than strengthens, and that as the wind of truth gathers momentum, such a brittle branch of information may easily snap. R.I.P. the Adamski Mausoleum!

Anyway, I, for one, am convinced that those who now control Adamski’s work are hiding something, namely the truth about Adamski’s history, his involvement with US Intelligence forces, the ball of string that connects him to JFK and the whole UFO cover-up shebang.

J.F. Kennedy by Irving Penn

There appear to be a few theories floating around by sceptics who have tried to figure out who Adamski was working for and why he made up such ‘stories’ about communicating with aliens and going aboard their spaceships. They point out that the backdrop of these experiences was the Cold War and that he may have been working for the CIA. Who knows: perhaps he was involved in some top secret project which he outgrew and went public with what he knew. And that is the reason he was hounded during his world tour and ended up doing a deal to disappear and hand all of his writings and photos to the Steckling family. According to Tony Brunt, the CIA were certainly keeping an eye on him and intercepting his mail. It is possible that, acting as a go-between on behalf of his space, George Adamski It is possible that George Adamski had been secretly working with John F. Kennedy who had plans to disband the CIA and release all documentation on UF sightings; hence, he was assassinated. Thus, it may well be that, towards the end of his life, Adamski was protected by the good guys in the intelligence services and targeted as Kennedy himself was as a threat to the criminal cabal who, to this day, remain bent on suppressing valuable information of this nature.

“Certainly, late in his life Adamski was the bearer of official passes that indicated a close relationship with officialdom,” writes Brunt, stating that, according to Glenn Steckling, he had several secret meetings with President Kennedy. Brunt also related that Adamski “not only passed on messages from the space people, he passed on messages to the space people.”

It could be, then, that George Adamski, was working covertly with the good guys in American Intelligence to prepare the public for making the acquaintance of their space family, but he was effectively silenced after this mission was derailed with JFK’s death. There are claims that he worked as a spook for the CIA who wanted to gauge the public's reaction to news of this kind: how they felt about the possibility of meeting people from other planets. As part of the hoax, they gave him the picture of the 'Venusian' man posing in front of his 'saucer' craft for the book about his trip to Venus.

In the foreword of his book, Why are they here?: Spaceships from other worlds (Vantage Press, 1969), Fred Steckling writes:

“Another means by which some people may have obtained their information pertaining to the ‘saucer field’ could be so-called ‘mystic’ or ‘psychic’ channels. There have been many, many books written by individuals who claim to be in ‘mental contact’ with our space brothers. There are many groups in the world today which claim this same type of contact; and they use these claims to attempt to influence the people who come upon them with their supposed great ‘power’ or ‘authority’ in this field. All groups or persons who claim privileges such as this, and through these means, are making false claims and are delivering fraudulent information to unalerted people.

The brothers and sisters from our neighbour planets know well enough the instability of human minds on our world, and will never make, or even attempt to make, contact through such means as the ‘mystics’ or ‘spiritualists’ may claim. Any so-called ‘mental contact’ is a certain product of wishful thinking and exaggeration! The space people know of our egotistical desires for self-glorification in many cases, and must be cautious about whom they meet with in this world.”

Then, on page 48 of his book, the author, recalling the dialogue between himself and a ‘brother’ whom he met in Washington DC a year after Adamski’s departure from this world, writes:

“He paused, and I thought, ‘This shield probably cuts down the radioactivity level to a minimum on Venus.’
‘This is true,’ he said, confirming my thought, ‘for that is the purpose of the shield.’”

This excerpt indicates a clear contradiction at play. The ‘brothers’ have the ability to read our thoughts but are unable to communicate with us telepathically? Spiritualism itself was established by the Great White Brotherhood as a forerunner for mass communication from other dimensions which is beginning flower now. Since, humanity clearly was not ready for this stage until the 70s, it must be difficult for people whose experiences belong to the stem that was leading to this time, to shift to the new modus operandi. Some evidently decline the invitation to open themselves to the love, light and laughter that these higher truths invoke within the human heart as it, too, begins to bloom. But, in view of my YouTube account’s current status, it is ultimately the Illuminati themselves who wish to hold everything back and deter people from taking an interest in channelled messages from far off worlds.

Foot notes

1 Since Adamski smoked cigarettes, it is reasonable to assume that he was no ‘adept’ himself. “Major Hans Peterson, who helped organise Adamski's world tour in the late 1950s, made this remark about Adamski's charm and his popularity among women:

‘He swore, he liked to drink, he made love with any woman who approached him and whom he liked, and they were not few. And at the same time we find a man who has a deep veneration of the Creator, of Nature and of his fellow man.’" (

2 I do not wish to speculatively link Aartsen (or The Adamski Foundation) to Project Blue Beam, particularly since I have not read any of Benjamin Creme's writings. However, since I did mention in my email to him that, regardless of his message, the World Teacher is essentially Christ. I added that this title is also given to Jeshua for the Age of Aquarius and it is said that the mantle is to be transferred to St Germain, the hierarch of the Aquarian Age. On that note, just out of interest, here is an excerpt from Book 1 of my trilogy, The Monstaville Memoirs, Appendix V:

Some researchers in the truth movement claim to have evidence that the Elite has developed ‘space-based laser-generating satellites capable of projecting simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region,’ as Serge Monast explains. (NASA's Project Blue Beam, 1994, “These will be projected from satellites onto the sodium layer about 60 miles above the earth [like a cinematic screen]. We see tests every once in a while, but they are called UFOs and ‘flying saucers’ sightings. The result of these deliberately staged events will be to show the world the new 'christ,' the new messiah, Matraia (Maitreya), for the immediate implementation of the new world religion. Enough truth will be foisted upon an unsuspecting world to hook them into the lie. ‘Even the most learned will be deceived’…It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale. Monast, however, disputes the authenticity of genuine UFO sightings and channelled messages which does not do wonders for his credibility in my view. So, I do not know what truth there is in this aspect of conspiracy research, but David Icke describes it as another example of “problem-reaction-solution to create a mass acceptance of centralising power in the world to meet the threat to the planet.” He explains (on The Alex Jones Show, 14 October 2010): “When you want to change the world on a global level, you want global problems that you can give global solutions to. So you want a global economic crash – World Central Bank, etc. etc. Central control of finance. You have global warming, or climate change that they’re trying to sell as human cause. That’s a threat to the planet. It’s a world problem if you accept the nonsense that it’s a problem. And therefore you can give a global solution to it…And, of course, the old alien invasion – the extraterrestrial invasion – is a global problem if people buy it, for which they can offer a global solution. So this is what’s happening. We have a global ‘war on terror’ and all the rest of it. They’re just creating more and more global problems that they can give us solutions for. And we need not to buy it and to get informed. And, when we get informed, to communicate what we know. The whole thing expands and the game rules change and humanity takes its…collective life back and the planet back.” (Thanks to MrGlasgowtruther for uploading this interview on YouTube, accompanied by the brief description, “A fake alien agenda to forward the idea of global governance”).


Adamski’s Ghostwriter

It turns out that George Adamski’s ghostwriter has been persistently accused by The George Adamski Foundation of attempting to steal his copyrights (and with particular reference to Adamski’s third book, most of which C.A. Honey himself wrote and which appears to be a particular object of suppression).

This is from an interview with Glenn Steckling:

Q: Carol Honey claimed that he had meet the spacebrothers, what is your opinon about it?
A: Originally Honey did met the brothers through Adamski - several times for during those early years these contacts would be often visiting Adamski on the property…HOWEVER, Honey wanted more, especially a ride in a flying saucer and Adamski told him that he did not make those decisions or arrangements, only the space contacts decides who goes and who does not (This also was the wish of Desmond Leslie, however disappointed, he did not go as far as Honey… Honey was enraged and began to make Adamski all kinds of trouble, including trying to steal his copyrights. So Adamski had to take a lawyer to get Honey to stop…All these original letters and records exist in our archives. Adamski disassociated himself with both Honey and Zinstag by 1963, but both used George or many years after GAs death in order to make a name for themselves and still denounce George with their misinformation…Most despicable.


And this excerpt is from a document titled ‘False Adamski Foundation Claims’ written by C.A. Honey:

“The GAF (George Adamski Foundation) has embarked upon a new series of misrepresentations, innuendos, and the like, all apparently aimed at me, C.A. Honey. After discussing Adamski's history of books, and materials coming from him since the late 1920s, they go on to discussing his material printed approximately 40 or so years ago, then make the absurd claim that I am trying to claim authorship of all of Adamski's material.

They devote 15 pages on their Internet site to these ridiculous assumptions. While no one had the intestinal fortitude to claim authorship of the 15 pages, I can only assume it was a Mr. Steckling who probably was either a small child 40 years ago, or wasn't even born yet. He has no first hand knowledge, and only hearsay and misrepresentations or statements from others, as to the events from 40 years ago.

The former Adamski co-workers who still support me can verify all my statements…

The GAF continues on page 13 of their diatribe: The conclusions are a matter of record…Regardless of whatever else may be claimed, the bottom line is that Mr. Adamski was the sole owner of the copyrights to his materials, and as such, based upon the principles and legal statutes, was allowed to exercise his legal rights however he pleased.

I have no comment on that except to ask, "Whoever said he didn't have that right?" I certainly haven't. The fact that I was Adamski's ghostwriter for several years has never enabled anyone to claim that Adamski didn't own his own copyrights on his books. The GAF implies that I tried to claim ownership because of my publishing the statement that I ‘originated portions of Adamski's last book and was the ghostwriter for the rest of it.’"


A statement by C.A. Honey:

“I had been present with Adamski when various representatives of the government or the military were at his residence asking for information. The government knew exactly what his authentic claims were and I'm sure when during his last years he strayed into making unsupported claims about going to a conference on Saturn, they knew that was not true also. Don't ignore the fact that he is buried in Arlington Nation Cemetery, not too far from the graves of some of our former Presidents and other American heroes. I still back up his original contact claims and was with him on one of them in 1958, in spite of the later incidents that led to my terminating our business relationship in this field of work.” (Are Adamski Type Saucers Physical Or Not Physical? Publication #205-C 6-06-2001).


Carol. A. Honey's answers to some questions

[Perhaps Adamski was cloned and killed, with his work having been confiscated and his reputation on its way out]

Carol Adin Hone's Death

17 September 2007

March 30, 1928 August 9, 2007 Carol Adin Honey went home to be with God in Heaven, Monday morning, August 6, 2007. He died of natural causes. Carol was born in Onta rio, Oregon March 30, 1928. The eldest of 5 children, he is survived by his sister, Ramona Mertz; his wife of 28 years, Ellen; her children, Diana Chasse and Daniel Chasse, whom he raised; his first wife, Darlene, and their three daughters, Carolyn Dietrich, Sandra Kinder, and Valerie Kelley (his daughter, Marilyn Kinney, died of cancer 14 years ago); 9 grandchildren,14 great-grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews. C.A. Honey retired after 26 years working with Hughes Aircraft Ground Systems as an E lectronic Designer. He held a secret clearance with the government for 25 years. Many of those years he worked on space related programs. After his retirement from Hughes Aircraft, Carol opened a TV repair shop and ran it for 18 year in the city of Ontario, California. Carol Honey was the first in the state of California to receive teacher's credentials to teach and train hypnotists. He founded and operated the first school approved by the California State Board of Education in California where he taught hypnotism theory and trained hypnotists. He wrote the first course approved for training hypnotists in California, training doctors and laymen alike. Many hypnosis centers still use his course today in training hypnotists. Carol's interest and hobbies included a wide variety of fields. He loved to read non fiction books. At home in later life he like to watch wrestling programs. It made him laugh a lot. The study of UFOs was a passion throughout his life. He published a UFO newsletter, was a ghost write r of George Adamski's publications, including his book Flying Saucers Farewell and a host of articles and pamphlets. He also published his own books: The Origin of the World Religions, The UFO Situation Today, The Great UFO Deception, and Flying Saucers-50 years Later. Carol Honey was a loving and caring man who helped many family members get through and deal with their own personal problems throughout the 28 years married to his second wife Ellen. He was a quite man with great wisdom. He will be missed b y all who knew him. There will be a graveside service on Friday, August 17.

Published in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin on 8/12/2007.


George Adamski - the untold story

By Håkan Blomqvist

This is a review of a book by Lou Zinsstag & Timothy Good

with a foreword by Lady Falkender

240 pages

Ceti Publications, January 1983

This book is no longer in print. Four used copies are available on Amazon, priced between £150 and £200!

[Note: The following book asks similar questions to my own regarding Adamski's mission]

"... a graveyard of secrets"

For several years I have experienced a growing frustration over the fact that so few of the old contactees have been investigated and their experiences documented. The most controversial of them all, George Adamski, has only had the tribute of one biography written by Gray Barker (1). Therefore it was with great enthusiasm I received George Adamski - the untold story by Lou Zinsstag and Timothy Good. Ms Zinsstag was the swiss representative for the Adamski movement between 1957 and 1964. Timothy Good is an independent ufo researcher who originated the idea of a book on Adamski, while wading through the extensive files of Ms Zinsstag.
George Adamski was a pioneer and a man with a mission, but a mission given by whom? The authors both refer to the brothers as space people. Ms Zinsstag observerd them on several occasions in public places. She describes them as very beautiful people with high cheekbones and deeply tanned skin. But this is also the physical appearance of our infamous men in black. And the men in black "certainly belong to our own kind", she was informed by Adamski during a conversation at Rome airport.
The issue becomes even more complicated when Adamski starts telling about his "new set of boys", which Ms Zinsstag and other co-workers identify as "an extremely clever fake organization... cunning impersonators of spacemen..." feeding him false information. Something strange did happen to Adamski during his later years. The Glendale affair and the Saturn trip were definitely not in line with earlier claims, not to mention the mediumistic work, channeling Orthon through his own vocal cords, as witnessed by Carol Honey.
Part two of the book, written by Timothy Good, is a thorough examination of the evidence, the corroborations and the contradictons in Adamski´s statements. Of great interest is a chapter devoted to the Silver Spring colour movie film. The full story published here for the first time. The original film had been stolen and replaced with a copy with important frames missing and some fake footage added. Mrs Rodeffer experienced continuing harassment after her film became well known. Telephone and mail interference and other experiences of which she only says: "they were terrible". Standard operating procedures, whoever is pulling the strings.
Much controversy has raged over Pioneers of space, a science fiction book published in 1949, ghostwritten by Lucy McGinnis. The similarity to Inside the space ships is too obvious to be dismissed, a fact often mentioned by the late ufologist Ray Palmer. In an interview Lucy McGinnis relates: "The first book was definitely written as fiction and it might have been his way of breaking into the subject... it never bothered me to the extent that I made an issue of it, because, you see, I could have made an issue of it if I hadn´t seen those ships". Adamski once remarked to Lou Zinsstag: "My heart is a graveyard of secrets".
And what about The Royal Order of Tibet, which Adamski founded in the 1930s. According to Fred Steckling, Adamski received instructions from "the highest school of cosmic law at a monastery in Tibet... after an attendance of six years". They prepared him for his mission in life. This, of course, brings us full circle again. Who are they? Madame Blavatsky, the founder of theosophy, also claimed her knowledge came from a secret brotherhood in Tibet. In a footnote Timothy Good speculates anent secret brotherhoods and a supposed unknown race living in Mount Shasta: "I have often wondered if this could have been a base for Adamski´s space people and if he might have had contact with them - even in those early days".
Personally I have investigated this particular angle for several years. I was quite surprised to find a perfect description of Adamski-type craft in a small publication from the new age community Stelle in Illinois. They claim contact with a secret brotherhood who have had such ships for thousands of years (2). The Venus and Mars origin could be the perfect front if you don´t want too much interference. Ms Zinsstag laments that the good guys are so "depressingly silent" these days. Yes, Adamski-type contacts do keep a low profile today but they are still around. I have talked to several such contactees here in Sweden.
But if we accept the possibility that behind Adamski was a secret earth-based group, then there is - as the history of ufology indicates - a group or groups with opposite aims. And how do you investigate such aspects? Science or intelligence proceedures? Where are the ufo detectives, asks Jacques Vallee in his controversial book Messengers of deception, ufo contacts and cults. The problem with this type of reasoning is of course the easy slip into paranoia. It is a peculiar psychological experience to be convinced that the history of the world is the history of wars between secret societies. But as Henry Kissinger stated in a recent speech: "Even a paranoid can have real enemies".
1. Gray Barker: Gray Barker´s book of Adamski. Saucerian Publications, Clarksburg, W.Va. 1967.
2. Håkan Blomqvist: The esoteric intervention theory - a preliminary source study. AFU newsletter, no. 19, April/Sept. 1980, pp 13-16.
(Published in AFU Newsletter #26 May-Dec. 1983)

Kolosimo Complaints

“Adamski was a strange one, guess it comes down to either you believe his story or you don't. The government must've felt they had a need or him though, in whatever capacity they believed, or they wouldn't have given him that visa [government issue diplomatic passport] reserved for diplomats that he had. Possibile disinfo agent imo, but just guessing ofc.” – Zcustosmorum, 12 May 2013, (

One explorer of the ancient mysteries, Peter Kolosimo, complained that the likes of Adamski and, thereafter, the foundation, were giving serious, ‘revolutionary research’ a bad name. His book Not of This World, written in 1969, commences with a rant against all that is not strictly ‘scientific,’ in which he attacks George Adamski and the foundation that followed his death. The author calls ‘the worlds most controversial contactee’ a charlatan and his main point of contention appears to be the report on his supposed trip to the planet Saturn which caused even Adamski’s ghostwriter to abandon him. Apparently, Adamski concluded the report with a plea for money in order to fund the distribution of their literature around the world. In this way, further suspicion was raised, as though Adamski had written about going to Saturn in order to get people’s attention to raise funds for something or someone. A year earlier, in Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery (p.76), Adamski stated that he had "never been on another planet, not even our Moon," but that he had receive sufficient information from those he had met who were from other planets to piece together a picture of life in other worlds.

I have not read his 'Report on my trip to Saturn' (26 March 1962) and therefore do not know if his claims were so outlandish or just appeared that way to people at the time, bearing in mind that his previous experiences were already seriously pushing the boat. For all I know, he had been cloned and did not write the piece himself! Equally, these later claims may have come to Kolosimo’s attention prior to his earlier writings and, moreover, via colleagues who like Kolosimo, prides themselves on their scientific approach.

He mentions some guy who converted to Christianity because of flying saucers, believing that they had been sent by angels. This, he says, is the kind of thing that some American sects at the time, “who predict the imminent end of the world,” were starting to promote. Kolosimo goes on to summarise the history of the “hostile societies of Watchers who long ago sent ruthless, living robots to subjugate Earth.” He compares the Adamski Foundation to these Sons of Jared on the grounds that they make a similar uproar with their “chauvenism and madness.” In fact, his account of this story is about the most interesting item in an otherwise tiresome work packed with academic tidbits. Furthermore, although the author has used this story as an example of illusion and lunacy on the part of The Adamski Foundation, I found that it sounded like a pretty accurate report of the Luciferian Watchers’ identities and their part in humanity’s gross and insidious infirmity.

Another observation is that here we have a distinct polarity in experiential purity versus pure intellectualism (purely intellectual or ‘scientific’), the latter setting out to prove something whereby the former is shared more to inspire which means that we are not seeking ‘factual evidence’ but peering through someone’s private porthole of prudent perspicuity.

“The only person that knows the truth about what he wrote and saw is Adamski.” - nalanda93 (12 May 2013,


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