The Eyes of Wisdom

By St Germain and Lord Metatron

Channelled through James Tyberonn

Within the Intensities & Magnificence of 2012

Greetings Human Angels ! I Am That I Am. I Am the Keeper of the Violet Flame. I, Saint Germaine greet you warmly !

It is my grand pleasure and honour to be with you this moment of our 2012. I acknowledge the great presence of Lord Metatron within this field, and offer my deepest gratitude for this invitation to speak with you. For I along with the Family of the Beloved  Ascended Masters of the  Crystalline Light Council are anxiously awaiting the OM-Wave. It will be directed from our Mt Shasta retreat on June 25th. We encourage and invite all of you, wherever you are to tune in, for it is a gifted celebration of LOVE ! It is a re-charging and re-balancing. For indeed the very tone of OM creates a coded sound that balances every nuance of your Beingness. Reforms every atom of your physical body and every unit of your consciousness field.

Such excitement , we are packing our etheric bags, and will soon be boarding the Train of Love ! So much to share. Joy is in the air !

The Eyes of Wisdom are yours Dear Friends, and in this amazing time, wisdom is received, for it has been earned…by you. You have come so far, and the lights of your true home are shining.

What follows is a message from Lord Metatron and I, a melange of beautiful and meaningful information we wish to share….

A Magnificent Year is unfolding ! So many wonderful occurrences are sparking in radiance ! You are now ready for the Ascension… and Human Angels, you will see many changes from within and without! Clarity is the prize. Sure it has taken effort, but what a noble aspiration you have achieved.

2012 will begin to pull the rug out from under those hidden & rigid beliefs have been the most cumbersome to release, and difficult to discover. Obstruction knows no prejudice, it moves across all divides.  Humanity will soon begin to rediscover its clarity as a prerequisite to full consciousness before it can begin to remove fear and cynicism.  Be willing to travel through the places in your interior belief-scape that are strewn with the debris of old energies and tired obstacles that no longer serve you. This year of 2012 is designed for such release, for some reservoirs are dug deeper than others and you will need to stretch a bit further to get to the clear waters of true wisdom.

In 2012 the inner self releases into the New Mer-Ka-Na by moving through intensities. Each  coronal mass ejection, solar wind and astrological gravity opens up a new pulsation fervency. These  extremes within the potent crysto-electrical field in 2012 may feel like taking one step backward before taking two steps forward. But understand that there is great purpose in these difficult phases of resonate up-shift. Within these are unique apertures to discover & recreate the New Human on the New Earth. That in shadow will be revealed and afforded release. The energy Triad facilitates such lucidities of clarity on the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and June Solstice.

The Om Wave

The OM Wave brings the Pleiadean Opening, and the opening of enlightenment. Dimensionality will shift.  The end of ignorance and innocence will mark the beginning of the end of the third dimension, but only in terms of the third dimension being the exterior boundary of dimensional access on the New Earth. The first three dimensions will not disappear, how could they? Rather they will be reformatted as the base of the new dimensions 4-12.

Consider these words a gentle nudge from Spirit. Look deeply within and without, and permit this loving reminder a place in your thoughts and heart. Reflect upon the compassion and comprehension within your life, and measure how far it reaches. Do you find that you have traveled so very far, tried so very hard only to find yourself in the same place from whence you started?

Ascension Symptoms

The energy as we have said of 2012 is extremely intense. Every week, every month between now and the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 is engineered with such up-shifts that you can become overwhelmed. 2012 is exponentially more so than 2011. For what is happening on the 2012 Triad is a great and greater influx of non-physical awareness, awareness in the full 33 Chakra Mer-Ka-Na. Remaining grounded , with an intact Aura is essential, but you have the knowledge of how to manage the new frequencies. The old-energy myth that all perception and knowledge must come to you through your physical senses is well past, now you must coordinate the full 33 chakra influx…and you can.

As such, your creatorship is going into high gear. The manifestation of your beliefs will be exponentially amplified. That is why the remaining time before the 12-12-12 is especially geared for yourself examination and programming. The old adage of “be careful what you wish for is going into over-drive.  As we have told you before, you are given the gifts of gods. Your beliefs become reality. What you believe becomes real in your experience. There is no area in your life to which this does not apply, especially in 33 chakra field of 2012! Thus the obstacle course before you in the months ahead. The ‘Ascension Symptoms’ are there for you to polish the preparation and are the final exam.

The intensities of 2012 are real, but these pressures are benevolent in purpose. Do not be discouraged, the Ascension is at hand.

Dear Human Angel, you need NOT be mired or discouraged  in these energies, in fact the opposite will occur in the OM Wave. Yu can indeed receive an influx support, of renewed charging, courage and resolve. If you remove your human mask within this moment of clarity termed the Ring of Fire and OM Wave.  you will sense  a new light, a light of crystalline clarity is touching you, re-energizing you in preparation for the remainder of 2012. It is final transformation, for you have indeed come far! We honor you and say well done, we encourage you to keep moving ahead. You are closer to a quantum leap, a magnificent Transformation than you may realize. Far closer.

Belief Changes the Paradigm

Masters, the work of transformation springs from a commitment to a particular context  of belief, this kind of belief allows for well-being, and well being opens the door to happiness.

The astrological pattern of 2012 is designed to allow you final releases. The easier changes have been made, what remains requires a deeper dig.

What you think upon, what you believe is projected more powerfully in 2012. Therefore in this year, you will find that all untoward beliefs will bubble to the top for you to deal with.

This is why we are dedicating the remainder of this channel to the importance of self examination, and the importance of being the Master of your thoughts. Many of you, in the intensities of 2012 may experience emotional despair, worry and depression. This can be dealt with, and in fact is being shown to you in order to let it go.

We tell you that your human emotions are to a large degree directed by your personal beliefs. By being fully aware of your fundamental life beliefs, and recognizing  that you are ever at the effect of core belief you can and will form a new world. And that is exactly what you are here to do.

At this Triad conjunction, you must consciously and intentionally, select the direction and purpose for your lives. If you mundanely extend your­selves from the past, from what you unconsciously accept through default, there is no trans­formation, only more of the same. You see, not everyone will choose to Ascend. But those of you that are the Pathfinders must shine the light. Do not become discouraged or mired in the intensities of 2012.


Reminders of Requisite Understandings

Let us tap your shoulder, in the weeks before the Triad, and remind you of certain requisite understandings.

Many of you humans have based your happiness on achieving a certain goal, on having certain things. Yet in such objective orientated achievement, you often find a time line in which you discover happiness that comes from these things is only temporary, and soon fades….and you still sense something is lacking, something is missing. You are not experiencing joy.

Many of you humans feel that life is successful   only when you get what you want. But many of your life set-ups deliberately place you outside your ‘comfort zone’ in order for you to grow.

Such ‘life-contract challenges’ or ‘ set ups’ are chosen by the higher self and cannot be wished away or ignored. That is why it is important to face your circumstances as a selected set up, and take responsibility for it. Then and only then can you transcend it.  There is no situation you are in that you have not created, have not chosen. To deny that truth does not serve you. In saying that, we are not saying you surrender to them, rather that you face them.

The Happiness Paradox

So here is the happiness paradox. Do you live without joy until you meet the challenge?

Masters, there is joy in being ‘fully present and fully engaged in the present and fully accepting the challenges before you in the ‘Now’. That is a great truth.

Happiness, in wide terms, can be understood in 3 aspects. : pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Pleasure is the “feel good” part of happiness. Engagement refers to living a “good life” of interactive harmonics, in balancing work, family, friends, and hobbies. Meaning refers to using our strengths to contribute to a larger spiritual or philanthropic purpose. And keep in mind, that of the three, engagement and meaning make the most difference to living a happy life. We will also add that many who chose lives of service and focal spiritual development do achieve happiness, in the sense of this vernacular and aspect, in lives solely devoted to achieving Mastery.

Genuine happiness is a decision. A state of mind that is earned by living a spiritual harmonic life. It is not the satisfaction of irrational wishes for pleasure. True happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy, a joy without penalty or guilt that is experienced in well being, in peace, in understanding.

Very often the inability of advanced Souls to sense the well-being & experience happiness, even when living in impeccability is because of past life over-bleeds. Not loving the self due to lifetimes of being programmed with erroneous concepts of ‘Original Sin’. These can be dealt with, must be dealt with by, ‘changing the past’ in Mer-Ka-Na (as taught in the Metatronic Keys). At the core of this is usually a feeling of low self worth, an inability to love Self.

The Happiness Exercise

When these feeling come in, work on changing them. One exercise is to shift the perspective from living your life to being an actor playing the lead role in a play called your life. A role in  in which you are confident, happy and able to give, receive and love the Divinity within you. By ‘acting out these attributes, you can learn to pull in these frequencies. It works much in the same way, as replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. One frequency of happiness, of positive energy, will attract in the next. But you must in the process of this exercise, genuinely learn to love self and such an exercise will assist in re-programming the removal of erroneous belief from past life (or present) life. Do you understand?

Life flows more effectively when you decide to accept the challenge of what you have, because actually what you have is what you have chosen, what you created.  To move on, choose it, and be at peace and find happiness in knowing you are facing what is presented to you in this ‘Now’.  This is a powerful transformational truth that allows you to learn what you scripted by transcending, by solving the puzzle.

Being a Master does not mean you do not face challenges, it simply means you have the resolve and wisdom to resolve them. That does not mean it is easy. And this process continues beyond the Earth experience, albeit in different formats. Such is the expansion of life, of consciousness.

Dear Ones, LOVE is a frequency, a beautiful science, a divine context, a declaration…it is an aperture that allows for LIFE, for Supreme Consciousness in Cosmic Gestalt.

Living in the NOW Moment

Now, the truth itself is not found in a different set of circumstances, avoidance or a new environment. The truth is only found in the ‘now’ circumstance you are in.

There are of course certain scenarios when you are in conflict with the self, in which happiness cannot truly occur. Your life will work to the degree in which you know your mind, find wisdom and walk your talk in impeccability and grace. Make agreements and keep them.

This is a distinct way of being with life. Transformation does not merely change our actions, does not merely give you new options from which to consciously choose. Rather it uncovers the structural mechanics of being and interpretation on which you are grounded, even if you at times unaware of your purposed grounding within them.


The New Earth Begins with the New You

The nuances of transition, of scripting your life, does involve discovering your core belief – struggling to figure out “who you are” , and  in transformation, you transcend and bring forth the endless potential  of creating yourselves, so that life is a creative and meaningful expression of you in fulfillment.

But recognize the correct attitude is a journey and not a destination. Take time in 2012 to gather in group and solitary retreats for re-calibration, receiving downloads of the new codes and grounding.

In the moment of transformation, there is the presence of choice, as the phenomenon of creating new discerned possibilities. The actual choosing remains of your own making within wisdom. Yet, in the recognition and ownership of the choice appears true freedom of action – an action born solely of the courage to be, and the will to create. And 2012 is such a time.

Listen closely, for although we have shared this before, it is important to be reminded at this time, for you are on the cusp of Creating a New Earth. The new Earthy begins with the new you.

Dear Ones – YOU, Humanity in mass have created the Ascension. So often you do not credit yourself for that. So we reinforce that important Truth to you now. And we remind you there is much yet to be done. For your wisdom & creatorship is needed now more than ever.

Avoiding Depression

Dear Human, keep moving forward, do not slow down, and do not be discouraged. When emotions seem to overwhelm you without cause, or sweep over you without reason it is because you have not listened to the very feelings that upset you.

The core cause, speaking in broad terms, of depression and self pity is the base belief that you are powerless to change your circumstances or unable to face overwhelming emotional waves coming from deep within. This requires focus and effort. But by facing any challenge, and not avoiding it, you have the tools to transcend any situation, and by changing the attitudinal aspect, you fall into the law grace. True self-knowledge is indispensable.  The recognition of the truth about the self simply means that you must first discover what you think about yourself, subconsciously.

Attitudinal Calibration

As we have said repeatedly, when you dwell on any negative thought, it magnetically attracts like thoughts. Negative attitudes expand.

That is the Law of Attraction. We tell you this indelible Truth. Your attitudes are self created, and you cannot escape them. You cannot move to avoid them, because attitudes create the nature of what you see. But you can, and eventually will, sooner or later, change them.  In the Earth experience, you see what you create, there is no other rule. And you are here to learn how to Master creation responsibly.  Your experiential landscape, your emotional horizons are the manifestations of belief projected… emotional attitudes materialized into physicality.

Masters, the thoughts you dwell on have a frequency.  Those thought resonances that you habitually think are absorbed into the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the generator of your reality. It creates what you feed it. Period. The subconscious mind is the seat of the emotions and is a creative computer program. When subconscious is programmed with an idea, it becomes a belief, and it will without fail begins to generate it, execute it into manifestation. That is how it works.

Whatever you feel & truly beleive to be true is true, your subconscious will accept and bring forth into experience.

Accordingly, negative attitudes impede your path to  Mastery. There are processes for you to protect yourself from your own negative errors and thoughts and those of others.

You must learn to erase a negative thought or picture by replacing it with its opposite. Then consciously remove what does not serve you. So when you feel the rise of negative feelings, thoughts and untoward emotions, make a concerted effort to identify their source. The answers that will be discovered will be given to you far easier than you may think. Make the effort.  Take responsibility to own such feelings and try to understand where they are coming from. Then and only then remove them and replace them with better frequencies.

We tell you that the  power of your subconscious is enormous. It is a universal truth that whatever you impress on your subconscious mind is expressed on the screen of time & space as condition, experience and event. Thought is incipient action. The reaction is a response from your subconscious mind which corresponds with the nature of your thought. As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.


Masters the time of the Guru has passed. You must discern your truth and follow it. Ye are Gods. Do not give your power away, do not choose to channel your  power through another person, channel, teacher or  Guide.

Use self discernment with our words, if they do not  resonate with you, do not accept them.

No human can be greater than or wiser than their experience, for  wisdom is only achieved through experience, it cannot be short cut or bought. Experiential wisdom does not, cannot leap-frog from novice to mastery in one leap. And indeed what has been learned in one sojourn must be recaptured, re-earned in the NOW. Edgar Cayce, who had experienced Ascended Mastery in ancient Egypt as the great Ra-Ta, shared that in his lifetime just before that of the prophet Edgar Cayce, he had a misguided sojourn as a rogue and gambler in the American West.

It takes effort and wisdom in each ‘Now’.  Did not the Master Jesua ben Josef spend years of devoted study and preparation? It is so.

The world has never had a shortage of prophets. True teachers are few and far between, there is no deficiency of charlatans making grandiose claims. The onset of what you call the New Age brought its own share of teachers and teachings. Many purchase pseudo credentials and make grandiose claims of wisdom that has not been earned . Some  who claim to be teachers have not done the requisite groundwork. They seek guruship for gain, claiming the work of others as their own, feeding off the energy of followers. Integrity is essential. It has always been so.  Wisdom and Virtue are not begat in illusion, delusion, ego imbalance or self aggrandizement. Masters, use discernment.

Laughter & Joy

Dear Friends, before we close, please allow me to remind you to balance the incredible work you are doing, with laughter, with joy. Take time to smell the flowers, and acknowledge the beauty around you.

Reminder the I Am Energy is warm and nurturing, it is unconditional Love, and it is the Eye of Wisdom.

I thank you for your time, and Lord Metatron for the field that has been so generously and powerfully opened herein. We of the Ascended Masters and Crystalline Council are ever with you. We enter your plane even more closely in the coming Celebration of the OM-Wave. It is a time of joy.

I Am that I Am. I embrace you in Violet !  I am Sainte Germaine.

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    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

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